Chapter 23


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Summoning spirits wasn’t too difficult, since it came up everytime Valletta read a book about spirits, so she remembered.


A summoning circle was drawn on the torn fabric with her white, bleeding finger. At first glance, it looked like it would summon a demon.


Jin trembled all over. His colorless hair trembled along with him.


-I don’t want to be summoned by such a terrible summoning circle!


Valletta chuckled at Jin’s cry. She looked like she didn’t care at all.


“What should I do to summon you?”


– To summon a spirit, you must memorize the summoning spell. All you have to do is memorize a summoning spell that summons the spirit of the wind.


Jin replied with a bitter expression.


Valletta searched her memory. She had a pretty good memory, but it wasn’t enough to memorize a summoning spell. In the end, Valletta asked Jin for help and nagged him to give her the summoning spell.


-You are the only one who has asked a spirit for the spell to summon that spirit.


Valletta looked at Jin and opened her mouth.


“Riding the wind blowing in the sky, I want to summon you to this place right now. Greater spirit of the wind, Jin.”


-… No way.


The summoning circle drawn in red blood lit up, and the hawk outside the glass wall disappeared in a whirlwind.


Soon, a small wind began to blow over the summoning circle, then transformed into a whirlwind.


From within the wind, a gigantic hawk, twice the size of her, appeared, trampling her summoning circle with its feet.


-… What is all this…


“So summoning is possible.”


Valletta looked at the dazed Jin and muttered.


It won’t be difficult to summon Jin in a hurry if she draws the summoning circle on a piece of paper and carries it in her pocket.


She would at least be able to protect her body against the magicians.


At that moment, a light flashed behind the colorless and transparent Jin.


Before Valletta could even turn her gaze towards it, Jin was slammed into the wall.


Bang, Jin collided into the wall with a loud noise.




“Master, are you okay?”


Reinhardt walked straight towards Valletta with a bloody expression. No, it wasn’t even a walk.


Valletta blinked once and Reinhardt was already in front of her.


She lifted her head and looked at Jin who was hanging on the wall.


“… What is wrong with your hand, Master?”


“I don’t think it’s your concern.”


Reinhardt slowly reached out and grabbed Valletta’s wrist at her cold words.


As he lifted her hand, a stream of blood dripped down fromher index finger.


“You did it yourself, Master.”


Reinhardt said without a smile.


His eyes fell on the piece of torn cloth with a summoning circle on the floor.


As he moved his eyes to find the source of the torn fabric, it was not difficult to see that one of her legs was exposed up to her thigh.


“If you needed pen and paper, I could’ve provided you with as much as you want.”




“Hm, Master?”


Reinhardt licked Valletta’s finger up slowly. His red tongue came out of his lips, stealing a drop of blood.


The hairs on Valletta’s body stood up. Reinhardt approached right in front of her nose with eyes that shined dangerously.


“It hurts my heart.”


Reinhardt, whose eyes lit up delicately, pressed his thumb against Valletta’s wounds. Her face contorted sharply.




She groaned in pain. As he slowly wiped away the wound, the dripping blood disappeared in an instant and the wound healed.


Valletta’s eyes darkened as the short pain that suddenly hit her disappeared in an instant.


This is an ability that transcends the human realm. Reinhardt was such an existence.


A being who was born with power far beyond the realm of humans, living in solitude, and was always alone.


She slowly turned her head away from his gaze.






When Valletta did not answer, Reinhardt pushed her towards the bed. He then knelt before her as always.


He looked up at Valletta, with eyes not much different from ten years ago.




It was a sweet, seductive voice.


Reinhardt, who smiled with the corner of his eyes bent as if he was trying to prove that she was not in danger, called out to her.


It’s an unfamiliar calling. But Valletta couldn’t ignore it. She slowly turned her head to meet Reinhardt and his gaze.


“Just call me and give your order if you want anything, whatever it is.”


“It was just a test. Do not exaggerate.”


Valletta said with a sigh.


She doesn’t know what kind of emotion it is, but his eyes that were burning hot was burdensome.


“What if I go crazy if Master gets hurt like this?”




Valletta narrowed her eyes.


She wanted to ask why he’s going crazy, but since conversing with him doesn’t seem to work, she just shut her mouth.


“I can kill all of those knives-maker, right?”


Crazy people are different from ordinary people from the very beginning, and Reinhardt was just like that.


Valletta pondered over what to say and swallowed a smile.


“Then let go of Jin.”




“The wind spirit that you slammed against the wall.”


“Ah, I understand.”


At Valletta’s words, Reinhardt nodded his head meekly.


As he snapped his finger, Jin, who was fixed on the wall, fell to the floor.


-He’s like those annoying magicians..!


Jin’s anger filled voice echoed in her head. However, Jin did not attack Reinhardt carelessly.


It must be because he instinctively realized that the level of power is different.


‘Is it too much for the spirits?’


She had some hopes that Jin would be able to face Reinhardt, but it seems it was overkill.


Valletta looked into Reinhardt’s eyes. However, Reinhardt did not respond as if he did not hear Jin’s words.


“But, Master.”


“This guy, calling me master is a little…”


“Why? Do you want me to call you by your first name?”


His madness-like obsession can be felt from his glistening eyes like a bright red iron heated on a furnace.


Valletta swallowed her breath.


“How can I have you, Master?”


Reinhardt said, kissing Valletta’s finger.


“I want to have you completely. How can I do it?”


His lips eventually touched Valletta’s palm and pressed against it. It was an earnest kiss.


Valletta’s body trembled.


The deep red eyes stayed on Valletta’s face, showing no sign of falling off.


She could feel the madness in his eyes that was being barely suppressed.


Valletta simply looked at Reinhardt without a word.


“Get me out of here.”


“It’s dangerous. Or is there somewhere you want to go, Master?”


“There is.”


At Reinhardt’s words, Valletta nodded her head.


He looked up at her softly as he gently touched Valletta’s fingers. His neck was strangely tilted to the side for a moment as if he was worried about something.


“You’re not going to the Crown Prince, are you?”


“Wherever I go, it doesn’t matter to you.”


“If I don’t, then who will care for you, Master?”


Reinhardt said in a sweet whispering voice. 


Valletta’s eyebrows narrowed even more, unsure whether he was sincere or not.


“I am so curious about what Master is doing or thinking to the point where I want to cut your head open and take a look inside.”


Reinhardt smiled beautifully, wrapping her cheek with his other hand that was not touching Valletta’s fingers.


It was a smile directed only at Valletta. Her lips hardened as she looked down at his smile.


Reinhardt sat on the floor and rested his head on her thigh.


He tilted his head to the side and touched her hand without saying a word. Valletta looked down at Reinhardt quietly.


Reinhardt would sometimes sit her down and then lay on her knees like this. Not only now, but even when they were in Count Delights mansion.


Rarely at night, he would come to her room to serve her and would make Valletta sit on the bed. He would then kneel down on the floor and would alway rest his head on her knee or thighs.


‘It wasn’t serving in the first place.’


In fact, she originally should have said no and sent him away. 


However, she couldn’t, as there were times when Reinhardt’s actions felt desperate, as if he was clinging to the last remaining thin rope.


If she pushed Reinhardt out of there, she felt like he would fall off a cliff and would do something.


Reinhardt didn’t do this often, but he used to lean on Valletta only when he reached his limit.


So she would turn her head without saying a word to him, leaving Reinhardt to do his thing.




“… What?”


“Please stroke my head.”


His eyes which slowly moved, touched Valletta and bent as if melting.



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