Chapter 28


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Valletta and the child clinging to her legs, including Jin and Nereid, disappeared all together.


Reinhardt blocked Milrode who was rushing to her.


Reinhardt giggled in a low tone as Valletta completely disappeared.


Once he lifted his finger, Milrode’s body floated into the air.


“What the hell is thi… Ack!”


“Your Highness the Crown Prince!”


Milrode, who was floating in the air, drifted away.


Milrode’s body moved frantically in all directions as Reinhardt flicked his fingers with a smile.


Milrode’s face, which had been screaming ‘What is happening?!’, grew increasingly blue.


“Well, I can’t kill you, but if I let you live you will wag your tail towards my Master. What should I do? Hm?”


Reinhardt tilted his face at an angle and asked the knights who were stamping their feet helplessly.


Of course, there were also spirit summoners and priests among the knights.


Spirit users and Priests were the opposite of Magicians. They had the ability to destroy magic.


However, they were only effective if the Magician and the Priest’s level were similar to an extent, or the level of the party trying to destroy was stronger.


“How dare you do this while knowing who he is! Even if you have awakened as the Magic Tower’s master, you are still under the law!”


“Who is he? It’s only the Crown Prince.”


Reinhardt tilted his head and answered in an innocent sounding voice, as if he knew nothing.


He stopped moving his hand and clenched his fist.


Then Milrode, who had been flying in all directions in the air, stopped.


They were worried that he may have fainted due to his pale complexion and droopiness. He had stopped making weak noises anymore.


When the movement stopped, the spirit users and the priests urgently poured their powers to destroy Reinhardt’s levitation magic and summoned spirits.


Five priests, two low-level spirit users, and one intermediate spirit user. The precious manpower gathered and poured all their strength on Reinhardt, but, ironically, Milrode didn’t even come down a millimeter.


“How can you be stupid and pathetic? Isn’t there any limit to your ignorance of your own place?”


Reinhardt asked as if genuinely curious. Then he grinned.


As he flicked his fingers to release the magic, Milrode, who was floating in the air, began to plunge down. Perhaps there was a wind spirit mixed in, as a gust of wind received Milrode and carefully set him down on the floor just before he fell down.


Surprisingly, he hadn’t fainted yet. However, he seemed to be unable to move easily.


“Are you okay?”




Milrode could barely stand, while his hand holding the sword trembled.


“One, two, three, four and five. A few.”


Reinhardt muttered as he pointed his fingers at the five people who had moved to save Milrode.


There seemed to be about fifty or so people who came there.


“Who loosened the shield I made for my Master with all my heart?”


His red, curved eyes glistened with madness.


His mouth, gently drawn into an arc, was natural and very beautiful.


Even those who were hostile trembled and slapped their cheeks once.


“What if the person who destroyed it came in first?”


Reinhardt shrugged his shoulders with a very exaggerated look, and slowly scanned Milrode’s party. Reinhardt, who had suddenly relaxed his body, bent his waist forward, giggled, and slowly raised his head.


His laughter suddenly stopped, his cold gaze subdued. He scanned the spirit users and the priest with a gaze that would make one’s hairs stand up.


“Is the question difficult? Then, tell me who touched the shield first.”


“What are you going to do once you know who that is?”


Milrode, who belatedly came to his senses, stood in front of Reinhardt and stared at him.


Reinhardt’s eyes narrowed.


“If you have awakened as the Magic Tower’s Master, then I shall respect you as well.”


Reinhardt snickered.


The little ants chattering in front of his eyes annoyed him. Do they now know who they are talking with?


Milrode’s expression hardened upon hearing Reinhardt’s laughter.


Milrode, who struggled to keep a straight face, took a deep breath and opened his mouth again.


“I am aware that Magicians do not like ordinary people. However, when dealing with people, we should respect each other first.”


“When did you talk like I wasn’t human?”


Reinhardt, shrugging his shoulders, grinned.


“Ah, slaves aren’t people, but they are livestock right?”


(T/N: 사람/Saram can be translated as either people or human, it will depended on the context.)


Reinhardt opened his eyes and said with a very pretentious expression.


Milrode’s eyebrows twitched. Milrode was aware of the mysterious nature of Magicians.


Magicians were strangely hated by ordinary people. Whether it was because of their innate mana or their ability that appeared once awoken, ordinary people felt an instinctive rejection of magicians.


The problem was that the repulsion was also applicable to magicians who had not awakened.A magician who has not awakened is weak. As a result, it provoked human rejection, and their appearance was often a mess.


Reinhardt took advantage of his appearance, however, the other Magicians who couldn’t even do that would be trampled on over and over again.


“If you’re talking about the time when you were a slave…”


“You dim-witted, foolish Goldy. You should realize that the sturdy Crown Prince armor you’re wearing is not something that everyone has.”


(T/N: I have no idea why he started calling the Crown Prince Gold. I changed it to goldy as it seems to be a nickname given by Reinhardt for some reason…)


Reinhardt stretched out his hand, grabbed the neck of one of the priests that was present and pulled him out. Reinhardt pulled him by his collar till he was right in front of him, and forced the priest’s eyes to look at him then smiled softly.


“If you foolishly touch my magic again, this is what will happen, understand?”


Reinhardt’s pure white fingers gently stroked the back of the man’s neck.


Every part Reinhardt touched was riddled with life, thus it sent goosebumps all over the man’s body.


The priest, who had been muttering for help, trembled and nodded mercilessly.


The other priests and spirit users, who were standing behind, were relieved for a moment as  Reinhardt’s hand, which was about to grab the neck of the priest who had been dragged out and break it, suddenly stopped.


“Can I kill them, Master?”


“Don’t make things complicated for nothing.”


As that brief conversation came to mind, Reinhardt held onto the priest’s neck and hesitated to break it.


After pondering over it, Pfft, he let out a deflated laugh and then suddenly flicked his finger.




At the same time, the other priests and spirit users who were not caught by Reinhardt screamed.


All eyes turned to the five priests and the two spirit users. The first thing they saw when they turned their heads was the appearance of the summoned spirits disappearing into powder.


The spirit users whose contracts were forcibly terminated due to the death of the spirits, who would not die, were rolling on the floor. 


The priests were holding their chests and exhaling creaking breaths.


Reinhardt threw the priest that he was holding by the collar. The priest fell to the ground, trembling as he looked up to Reinhardt.


Their lives were spared, but they will never be able to use their divine powers ever again for the rest of their lives.


“This is a warning.”


He glanced at the people lying on the floor with a gaze that was glistening with coldness, then turned to Milrode.


“What you guys are thinking of doing to her because of her abilities… It’s very obvious. I’m sickly aware of how she looks like a sweet fruit to you now that she has no backer.”


Milrode clenched his fists.


The priest, who was on the floor, trembled.


There were also types of potions that an alchemist could craft to replenish mana or divine power. It was an alchemist who was sometimes able to turn pebbles into gold.


However, there were significantly fewer producers compared to the demand. Even if there were alchemists who didn’t belong to an organization, they usually lead a hermit life.


There were situations where their potions were traded at the black market.


The reason was simple. This was because alchemists were intended to be owned by the Imperial Family or by the association.


There were some who went to the Imperial Palace and made a certain potion every day and lived a life of regret.


The veterans live in seclusion, earning only enough to make a living.


Because if you belong somewhere, you will be monitored and imprisoned, and you will always have to make a given amount.


“I have no intention of doing that! She’s my fiancée and I’m just worried about her missing, so I’m here to rescue Valletta.”


“Is it because Goldy is also a pebble that he’s so stupid? It’s ridiculous. Even if you don’t think so, if your boss does, that’s how it will be.”


“Watch your language.”


Milrode said with a fierce voice.


His eyes opened sharply and were riddled with a sense of justice. Reinhardt’s eyes lost interest and cooled down.


“It’s because you’re this foolish that you didn’t catch my Master’s eyes even though you had a thousand chances.”


Reinhardt’s lips gently drew an arc. It was almost like a habitual smile.


“Stop talking nonsense and let me meet Valletta!”


“Master is mine.”


“She is not a thing!”


“I discovered her first, and I saw her first, so of course she is mine. Look at the reality, you can’t even defeat a single finger of mine.”


“She’s too good for you,” Reinhardt added, whispering. His face glowed beautifully as he looked at Milrode’s distorted expression.


Reinhardt slowly turned his head to look at the people lying on the floor.


“If you dare look at my Master and inflict harm to her, I swear on my name, I would give you a life worse than death.”


After he finished speaking, a white magic circle suddenly appeared at Reinhardt’s feet.


“Next time, I will cut off your limbs and only your body will remain to breathe for the rest of your lives. Think carefully.”


Reinhardt’s appearance along with the words he added, disappeared in the white light emanating from the magic circle.


However, from where Reinhardt vanished, his red eyes remained like an after image.




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