Chapter 31


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Valletta kept her mouth shut.


‘It’s no wonder they’re not speaking about the under route so recklessly.’


It must be a route that they are holding onto at all cost.


In particular, alchemists who were not affiliated with the Imperial Palace were very hostile to the Imperial palace.


When the Imperial Palace finds out where an alchemist was, they threaten them by taking their family and friends as hostages, then convince them to come out and force them to register as an alchemist.


To be registered to the Official Alchemist Association, meant you will now belong to the Empire.


And it also meant that they could not refuse their order. Their sensitivity was understandable.


After briefly thinking, she nodded her head.


She didn’t like arguing, and she really did run away, making her feel weird.


“It was our first meeting and I was rude. Excuse me.”


The old lady’s eyes narrowed at Valletta’s words, who gently retreated.


“But I don’t have money to spend right now. You can give me as much as you can and then dispose of it under.”


Valletta pushed the jewel a little further in.


The old lady sighed and took a heavy wooden box from her cupboard, and handed it to Valletta.


“This is all I can give you now. If you sell it properly, you can get four times more for this jewel. Are you really going to dispose of it?”


‘… If I sell all of these, then I can play and eat for the rest of my life.’


Valletta thought after hearing the old lady’s explanation.


The box the old lady held out was full of gold coins. She was not sure about the value of the money, but seeing it full of sparkling gold coins, it didn’t seem like it was just a penny or two.


She wasn’t expecting too much anyway, so it was enough for Valletta.


Besides, she knows that Reinhardt, as the Master of the Tower, will not be in need immediately even if he lost this many gems.


“Yes.” Valletta answered briefly.


She then reached out and put a coin in a cloth pocket and a bill in a paper bag, giving the shopkeeper a light glance.


“Why are you looking for the Alchemist Association?”


“I need a token and some information. I want to open a store.”


“… A store?”


“Yes. The reason why people are hung up on alchemists is probably because of the Imperial Palace’s oligopoly of the potions, so I’m going to set up a store and sell them there.”


It was easy for Valletta to make a potion that would cure bruises and minor injuries, although it wasn’t the best potion for severe injuries like growing a new leg that was cut off.


She thought of making a advance-grade potion and diluting it.


The number of advance-grade potions that Valletta can make in a day without overdoing it is about ten.


Of course, most alchemists struggled to even make a single bottle of a advance-grade potion, so her value was much higher than she had been expecting.


As a result of her testing, if advance-grade potion was diluted to one fiftieth, minor injuries such as a broken leg or a stab wound that was not life threatening could be cured.


If the injury is more serious than that, the recovery rate will be faster.


If one diluted a advance-grade potion by one twenty fifth, you can cure any serious injury.


Advance-grade potions were able to heal most wounds as long as they hadn’t already died.


‘I’ve never tried diluting it down to one hundredth.’


Once diluted up to that point, it would likely be a quick-acting drug for very mild ailments and bruises.


If potions are not common, you should make it common.


If she becomes a public figure and infiltrates the daily life of the common people, she will not be able to be taken easily in the Capital.


If the Imperial Palace takes away an alchemist who sells potions that the common people can easily use, they won’t stand still. Valletta was well aware of the power of the people.


One or two people are not scary, but when tens, hundreds, and thousands of people gather, it becomes a strength. A power that even the Emperor can’t take care of.


That was why the Emperor cared about the people’s sentiment.


Even aristocrats cannot turn their backs on all the common people who curse at them. For they know that their power comes only when they unite.


Most of the people who died without treatment due to germs infiltrating their wounds are commoners.


They would be happy to be the shield for her, who provides them with potions that are directly related to her safety and well-being.


‘…It’s a bit cowardly, though.’


No one would help face the Imperial Palace arrogantly if all you have is this kind of body.


“Well, that guy won’t care but…”


Valletta murmured.




Even if everyone in the world claims to be a shield for her, he is a man who will walk leisurely through it.


His face, smiling brightly as he trampled on the bodies of those who claimed to be her shield, was so well imagined that Valletta laughed bitterly.


Valletta still didn’t know if his blind love was serious or not.


As she was thinking of him, Valletta opened the door with the brass bell and was about to leave when the old lady who had been silent for a while opened her mouth.


“… Are you going to sell a potion made by an alchemist in the market?”




“How would you do that?”


“Well, I would like to discuss that…”


She bit her lips and narrowed her brow.


The oldy lady didn’t ask, but she has publicized that ‘I’m an alchemist’.


Valletta grabbed the hem of the hood on her robe and pulled it down with a little more force.


“Well then, thank you. Let’s go.”




As she wriggled her finger, the child ran and followed Valletta to her side.


When the child came out, she realized that he had a bigger physique than she had expected.


She thought he was seven or eight years old, but looking at him now, he looked around nine or ten years old.


Of course, he wasn’t fat enough as his bones stood out and he was not in a good condition as he grew up in that place.


“Go to the second largest inn restaurant in the capital and show the bartender the potion you made yourself.”


Valletta glanced at the old lady and nodded her head.


“Thank you for your kindness.”


She went straight out of her jeweler’s shop, without looking back this time.




As soon as she came out, she went around eagerly to find the inn that the jewelry store owner mentioned.


“Where the hell is the second largest inn in the capital?”


Valletta, who covered her face with her robe, muttered like a sigh.


As she properly looked around the Capital, it was wider than she had expected.


She now realized that she had never paid attention to those things around her.


To Valletta, no matter how much she looked, all the size of the inns was the same. Her indifferent gaze glanced around her once more, and she let out a low sigh again.


As she felt the hem of her robe being pulled, she slowly lowered her gaze.


The child, who met her eyes, shook his shoulder slightly and then stretched out his finger and pointed to one side.


Valletta followed his finger with her head.


“Valletta-nim, the inn you see when you turn left at that intersection, is the second largest inn in the capital. I went and asked.”




Valletta replied calmly.


Dealing with people was difficult. Since she fell into this world, she has been building walls over and over again, and her emotions have become dull.


She felt like an old cutlass rusted by the sea breeze.


She was neither happy nor sad. There is simply a sense of duty to do.


Is feeling dull a good thing or a bad thing in this world?


“I’d be glad if I was helpful…!”


The child answered with a bright expression on his face.


Instead of answering him, Valletta nodded her head slightly, pressed down her robe a little more, and walked in the direction the child pointed at.


As she turned left after passing the spacious central intersection, she could see a fairly large building.


She still didn’t understand why it’s the second largest inn.


‘I have to hide for a while.’


If her memories were still valid, Reinhardt was still unstable.


He has not awakened as a Transcendent, so he will not be able to spot her position immediately.


It was not impossible if he put his mind to it, however, he doesn’t need to move now.


‘If he touches the Crown Prince, the Imperial Family would earnestly protest against the Magic Tower.’


He’ll be busy dealing with it for a while.


No matter how self-conceited and audacious Reinhardt was, he will not be able to respond to the Imperial Family’s protest with annihilation.


[Where Lamb’s Honey Comes] sign was swaying from a long chain.


She pushed the wooden door of an old but well-maintained inn.




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