Chapter 2


My wish didn’t come true as usual. 


“The young lady is born!” 


It was the voice of a happy midwife who announced that I was born, in my 100th life, that I really didn’t want. 


I held my breath instinctively. 


Although it was troublesome to live, I didn’t want to die as soon as I was born. 


It wasn’t an obsession to live. 


I’ll have to die anyway to be reborn. 


‘I don’t want to feel uncomfortable and force myself to feel really exhausted.’ 


The reason why I saved their world in my 99th life. 


At the risk of my own life, I quickly lost my senses and became peaceful. 


If it’s not like that, like if someone kills me or I get caught up in the destruction and die, that’s when it’s terrible. 


A voice of resentment in my ears and the  painful writhing of my body. 


No matter how insensitive I was, I didn’t want to see that again. 


That’s why I saved them after acting a bit precociously. 


‘I feel like I’m resting when I die, so I can’t give that up.’ 


I’m a person that doesn’t have a hobby that enjoys watching people suffer. 


That’s why I was always nervous right after I was born. 


Regardless of my will, I always meet strange families in a crazy world on the verge of extinction, so this is the most dangerous time. 


There were people who wanted to kill me because I cried, even siblings who were aiming to reduce their rivals used their swords, or when the birth itself was even a secret in the first place. 


‘Well, I guess it’s not the last one this time.’ 


Not when the midwife shouted like that as if she were happy. 


Still, it was best to keep quiet even if my throat wanted to release a light cough, because I didn’t know what crazy parents or siblings were waiting for me. 




“Our baby, our youngest.” 


A joyous voice that I had never heard till now tickled my ears. 


“Thank you for being born safe, our baby.” 


The woman’s face was full of smiles as she spoke with slight difficulty. 


As if she was really happy about my birth. 


‘What…….. kind of situation is this?’ 


During all 99 lives, there was always the same pattern of a trashy life, so I was confident that I would be able to quickly respond to the threat of life. 




As I was flustered by the new pattern, there was a loud noise from the other side of the room. 


I expected the sound to be something like a rebel raid. 




“Oh…..! Well done. Well done my wife!” 


A man about the size of a house building was approaching. 


A person with such a strong impression that he unintentionally looked like a wild beast, it didn’t suit him at all to shed tears as soon as he saw me and my mother. 


“What a lovely daughter, right dear?” 


“Yes, it’s lovely just like you.” 


With those words, I realized that the man with an unbalanced behavior and appearance was my father. 


He had a face like a wild beast, a body that was like a mountain, the hair was a sweet pink color, and his eyes were dyed with the soft green color of a spring day. 


No, even if the colors were like that, I still had a strong impression of a beast, it was very awkward to see tears dripping down the face with a blunt expression. 


‘It’s the first time that a person called my father has reacted like that…?’ 


The best one so far was the indifferent one, usually it would be someone who detested me and at worst someone trying to kill me. 


Nevertheless, I briefly observed my father with curious eyes. 


‘Ow, Ow, What kind of hands are so hot.’ 


The midwife was tapping my newborn skin harder and harder. 


“Oh my, why is the lady not crying her first cry?” 


“You’re going to choke at this rate. Miss, come on.” 


At the midwife and maid’s words, my parents also became contemplative and looked at them pleadingly. 


“Baby, our youngest. Hurry up and let your mother hear your voice.” 


“What’s wrong, our youngest? Oh, are you scared because of your dad?” 


And then my father sniffed and even turned around. 


‘My throat, my throat might burst.’ 


I felt so unfair. 


To be honest, I could have cried if I wanted to, but I refused because of the experience I had accumulated so far. 


‘At first, there was a crazy jerk who was all smiles and laugh but when I suddenly cried he tried to kill me.’ 


What was it that he said, that the sacred baby who received the oracle shouldn’t make the same loud noise as the other babies? 


Again, such an experience made me refuse. 


I was already forced to die in an accident once before so I’m more than happy to spend my time appreciating a beast! 


I made up my mind like that but then……. 


“Miss it must be painful, why aren’t you crying?” 


“Baby, don’t you want your mother to hear your voice?” 


“Is, is my daughter sick?” 


Somehow the touch that tried to make me cry died down, rather they were the ones about to burst into tears. 


No, my father had been crying since a little while ago. 


‘Ah…….. I’m weak for that kind of face.’ 


Maybe it’s because I only meet people who are so indifferent and cold-hearted. 


I was pretty weak to this kind of friendly face that you’d only meet once in a hundred years. 


Even though they were just passing by, they still helped out. 


But this time it’s my family. 


Are, are you sure you’re not lying to me and testing me? 


Even though I thought of myself as weak to such a face, my lips unconsciously trembled as strange emotions burst in me. 




“Hii, hiing…….” 


I couldn’t help but let out a little cry. 


It was a small sound they wouldn’t have heard if they didn’t care. 




“Well done, well done. My lady.” 


“My baby’s voice is so lovely.” 


“What, What a relief…..What a relief. Our youngest.” 


Even with that faintest sound in their ears, they spoke as if they were proud. 


My mother picked me up from the midwife and patted me on the back then whispered. 


“Our youngest, thank you so much for coming to mom.” 


It was such a warm voice. 


Are you sure this is my family? 


Not the nightmares you have before your 100th life begins…….? 


It’s not just a passing relationship, it’s really my mother……. 


Bewildered, I fell asleep at the gentle touch. 


Because it was such a warm pat that I couldn’t resist. 


It seemed as if the fatigue of the mind that no place to go over the 99 lifetimes took over my body.


* * *


‘I’m crazy, really.’ 


That was the first thought I had when I woke up. 


There was a flood of affection that I had never experienced before. However, I fell asleep with a relieved mind. 


‘What a dangerous thing to do……’ 


I thought that I didn’t want to appreciate this tragedy, but to think I completely let my guard down. 


Well, I don’t think it was a wrong choice considering I’m still alive. 


But it was really strange. 


It wasn’t the first time I’d been patted on the back. 


Because even though I was left unattended, there were times when there was a maid or someone in charge to take care of me. 


‘However, the feeling was too different.’ 


I wonder what was so different with the two pats. 


But it was really different. My mother’s touch strangely seemed to tell me that it was okay to relax. 


The vigilant me – even though I’m weak for certain faces – to think that I fell asleep. 


‘Did you perhaps use magic or something?’ 


I immediately denied it after thinking like that. 


If so, then there was no way I wouldn’t have felt it. 


2,000 years worth of power has been accumulated, so even if I didn’t want to know it, my senses would’ve noticed it first. 


‘Then…. Is it really possible that they’re decent people?’ 


I contemplated while wiggling my hands and feet. 


No matter how many times I think about it, there’s no way such good luck will come to me. 


‘To commemorate my 100th life, are you going to throw me into the gutter after letting my guard down?’ 


I don’t know who you are, but if you are a being who keeps reincarnating me, I thought that it would be possible. 


I shivered. 


There was a sudden chill. 


Even for me that has always embraced life and death recklessly, I thought that it might be difficult to bear. 


I didn’t have such bad taste. 


It reminds me of my wish in my distant first life….. 


‘Well, let’s keep our guard up and live quietly.’ 


Even if the environment changed a bi- no even if it changed a lot, it didn’t change my task. 


* * * 


But my little plan fell apart the next day with the name my parents told me. 


“Anastasia, our youngest. That is your name.” 


My mother stroked my cheek with a gentle look. 


And beside her, my father spoke with a proud face. 


“The name of the hero who saved this world. That’s the name for our youngest-.” 


What my father added right after didn’t even sound right. 




A hero? 


I wanted to fiercely reject the name if I could. 


Every time I’ve been named a hero, I’ve always lived the most trashy life ever!!