Chapter 5




‘Oh, it’s so annoying.’ 


That day, I thought that the ‘attempted murder of the doctor’ case ended well. 


It wasn’t like me, but I was also strangely moved, and the doctor lived. 


But my parents were beyond my imagination.


“Still, we can’t be sure of our youngest’s health just by the words of only one person.” 


“You’re right. Madam, nonetheless I’m a famous doctor so I was able to call all the priests.”


As if it was their long awaited chance, I had to meet 10 doctors and even a priest. 


“You don’t have to worry too much. The lord loves the youngest lady so much that she was born such a gentle baby.” 


It was only after a high-ranking priest came and told them that, my parents were finally relieved. 


‘It looks like I have to cry out loud at least once a week.’ 


Whenever I met a stranger, I felt like I was losing my energy. 


Because I had the body of a newborn baby. 


Even if the soul has reached it’s 100th reincarnation, the body itself is completely new, so the fatigue and senses are completely new. 


‘So you have to work hard to grow up.’ 


If you’re going to build up my power anyway, you should have improved this kind of inconvenience. 


I felt like putting in a one-on-one inquiry to ask for improvement. 


Of course, if I knew where to put it, I’ll put something saying don’t reincarnate me anymore. 


Anyway, thanks to everyone saying “Everything’s fine” as if with one mind, the doctor was able to safely preserve his neck and job. 


He must have been imprisoned somewhere until the examination of 10 people was over, and only after all examinations were completed did he come to me and bow his head.


“It’s all thanks to the youngest lady. If you hadn’t cried just in time, my child and wife would have lost their father and husband.”


He said with tears in his eyes, probably because he was a sensitive person. 


I was proud to hear those words. 


Even if it wasn’t like me, thanks to that, I was able to protect a friendly and harmonious family. 


Crying out loud was a very cheap price compared to that. 


Although, it was a life-threatening act for me. 


‘A harmonious family must be protected.’ 


Despite having lived a lot of lives, the influence of my first life was huge. 


That’s why, it was like the first time. 


Well, in my 100th life, surprisingly, I’m experiencing a lot of things for the first time. 


Three months have passed since I was born. 


I still had little idea about this family or what state was this world in. 


It was thanks to my family thoroughly treating me like a newborn baby. 


‘Really, is this a good or a bad thing……’ 


It’s my 100th life, three months have passed, and I still haven’t been able to make a plan for my life.


* * *


“My little sister! are you up?” 


When I woke up from sleep again, I faced a girl with pink cotton candy-like hair over the cradle. 


“Hehe, bwig shister is here! Anastasia, do you know me?!” 


[Hehe, big sister is here!] 


‘I know you very well, you’re Laurentia, my older sister who’s three years older than me.’ 


I’ve heard it dozens of times, how could I forget it. 


From the day she was allowed to enter this room, my sister came to see me every single day. 


Even though there were days when we couldn’t meet because I was asleep.


“My little sister?! weally?!” 




The impression I had of her when we first met was a very strong person. 


The shouting voice made me a little nervous. 


Because I’ve seen a lot of older siblings jealous of their younger siblings.


“Ish weally my younger sister?! It’s this cute?!” 


[It’s really my younger sister?!]


However, my older sister asked the maid again and again, and she ran around the room with her hands raised as if she were excited.


“Me too! I have a younger sister too! Lara has a pretty younger sister too!


She was also a type of person that I met for the first time in my nearly 2,000 years of life. 


‘Even if you’re young, how can you be so naive?’ 


It was even more amazing that she always had a smile on her face. 


I’ve never seen anyone express their joy with their whole body. 


As usual, my older sister, who came today, leaned against the cradle and her green eyes which were more blue compared to her father, twinkled. 


“Rook, oh my, bwig shister bwought pudding for our Shasha?!” 


[Look, oh my, big sister brought pudding for our Shasha?!] 


She said proudly, stroking my forehead very carefully with a leaky pronunciation. 


For the past few days, she had made a nickname for me and has been happily calling me Sasha. 


She said that because her’s is Lara. She liked Shasha because it was like a set. 


“Oh my, is the youngest lady awake?” 


The maid asked with a smile in my sister’s disturbance. 


“Yep, our Shasha’s awake! you shee, you shee!” 


[Yep, our Shasha’s awake! you see, you see!] 




“I wang to gib Shasha pudding!” 


[I want to give Shasha pudding!] 


I felt my lips twitch slightly at those words. 


‘Oh, she’s really a dangerous person.’ 


Although I’m in a baby’s body, my soul has repeated teenage life 99 times so far. 


My older sister was a person who made me want to laugh along without realizing it, as if I could really relax for a moment. 


She was very childish. 


Perhaps that was why, on the other hand, I was also worried about the disappointment that would come next. 


“My lady, the youngest lady can’t eat pudding yet.” 


“Whyyy? It’s very, very delicious though?!” 


My older sister asked in a voice that showed she really didn’t understand. 


“Because she’s still a baby.” 


“Babies can’t eat pudding?” 




“…..Lara held it in and brought it for Shasha.” 


It was a voice that soon became sullen. 


Then the maid comforted my sister and said. 


“The youngest lady will also love it if you eat it.” 


‘Right, Right.’ 


I sympathized with the maid in my heart. 


I couldn’t eat it anyway and even if I had my share of pudding, I would have given it to my older sister. 


Because it was too obvious that you liked it a lot. 


“If Lara eats alone, Sasha might get upset.” 




“Because Lara was sick, she only had soup then.” 




“I couldn’t eat the sherbet I made, so I was upshet.” 


[I couldn’t eat the sherbet I made, so I was upset.] 


My sister murmured with a gloomy voice as if she was sad just by thinking about that time. 


“That’s why, I’m not going to eat ash wew.” 


[I’m not going to eat as well] 


‘Gosh, I told you to eat it?’ 


I’m not a baby who would get upset just because she wasn’t able to eat a pudding. 


I flapped my hands, earnestly hoping that the maid would understand what I meant. 


For a moment, I was even thinking of talking to the maid in my heart like a god’s revelation. 


“My lady, I’ve been with the youngest lady since she was born right?” 


“Yeah! But Shasha wikes me more! Becaush I’m her bwig shister!” 


[Yeah! But Shasha likes me more! Because I’m her big sister] 


In the meantime, the maid burst into a small smile at the words that she proudly shouted. 


I mean, I also almost burst out smiling, too. 


“Yes, however, because I’m close to her, I know about the youngest lady’s feelings a bit.” 


The maid opened her mouth as if to soothe my older sister. 


“The youngest lady wants Lady Laurentia to eat something delicious.” 




“Of course.” 


I strongly agreed with the maid’s words. 


Then, suddenly, my sister leaned towards my cradle. 


“Can big sister really eat the pudding?!” 


It was a sudden surprise. 


I was going to express my feelings that it was okay by flapping my hands but then. 


“Cough, cough.” 


It was a small cough that came out. 


“Oh dear! Our Shasha seems to be sick!What should we do?!” 


“Oh no, my lady. Are you cold?” 


The two acted as if something big had happened in an instant. 


It was just, it was just a cough! 


This house really seemed too make too much of a fuss about things that were normal. 


The maid checked if the heat in the thermostat had gone down, and with a serious face she told the other maid to call the doctor. 


[thermostat—a device that automatically regulates temperature] 


And my sister was……. 


“I, I’ll lend you my deer!” 


Then, my older sister who was tightly holding her deer doll, stood on her tiptoes and put the doll into my cradle. 


“No, my lady. Without that, you can’t sleep at night.” 


“Ish owkay, Shasha is my younger sister! Because I’m the bwig sister, I’ll gib it!” 


[It’s okay, Shasha is my younger sister! Because I’m the big sister, I’ll give it] 


You don’t have to…. Really….. 


I knew very well that my sister was attached to that doll. 


It was the doll that she always hugs everywhere where she goes. 


I decided to express my denial for the sake of a child’s peaceful night and for one purpose. 


‘Don’t be nice to me.’ 


I’m getting used to it. 


The one other purpose was to be detached from them. 


The expression of my intention with all my heart. 


“Hiing, Uwaang.” 


It was just a whine of course. 


I felt a bit guilty. 


Because she may think that I didn’t like her doll and my sister’s tender heart could be hurt. 


I felt more guilty right now, rather than when I had once stirred up the world as a villain. 


My older sister saw me crying and she also asked, in tears herself. 


“Shasha, don’t you want my deer?” 


The effect was great because I rarely whine. 


“What should I do? Shasha is crying. She must not wike my deer.” 


[She must not like my deer] 


Seeing me whining for the first time, my sister turned pale and stamped her feet. 


The maid was also flustered by the unexpected situation. 


I felt that the maid, who was talking to my sister affectionately a while ago, didn’t know what to say. 


‘Yes, this way, you’ll start to dislike me.’ 


Although it was a little regretful that I wouldn’t see such a cute older sister often. 


Even so, it’ll be easier for you later if you get rid of your affection while I’m still young. 




“Then do you like rabbits? Or tigers?” 


My sister, unlike her soft cotton candy-like appearance, didn’t know how to give up. 


“Bwig shister wiw gib you everything! Don’t cry, hm?” 


[Big sister will give you everything!] 


It was such an admirable and lovely voice. 


Then she covered her face with her hands and uncovered it. 


“Shasha, wook at sister!” 


[Look at sister!] 


She made a what she thought was a funny expression -though for me it was just a cute expression- and showed it. 


Seeing that, I felt my lips tickle to the fullest. 


“Oh-! Oh-!” 


“What’s wrong, my lady?” 


“Shasha, Shasha laughed!” 


I’ve been holding it in well, but it was a big attack that was unbearable. 


‘I’m screwed.’ 


But what can I do. 


Naturally, cold winds can’t win against the warm sun. 


[cold winds – Fl’s feelings towards her family, 

warm sun- her family and their feelings]