Chapter 4. The Claw of Fate



As a little monster who thought he had seen the world, the tiger cub’s big eyes were full of confusion. He did not understand why this human cub would do such a thing.


In his opinion, if this human cub were to cut him with scissors, it was a very normal thing, and he would not feel confused at all.


But this delicious-looking human cub was holding scissors not to cut him, but to carefully cut his hair…


The tiger cub was no stranger to this action. He had also seen other little monsters, their hair was too long and they would knot. Their parents would scold the little monsters for being disobedient and trim the hair lumps at the same time.


At that time, he was hiding in the bushes outside, looking inside through the gaps in the fence. He could see those fluffy little monsters struggling to avoid cutting, and screaming in pain.


At that time, when the little tiger cub looked at it, he turned his head and thought; Fortunately, I don’t have a mom and dad, so I don’t have to feel the pain.


However, at the moment, the tiger cub thought, in fact, it doesn’t hurt to cut off the hair lumps…


He secretly glanced at the human cub next to him, and saw that she carefully kept the clipped hair lumps into her pink princess school bag at its innermost layer.


The tiger cub remembered that after the mom and dad of those monsters cut the hair lumps, they would also put them away, and say, “When there are more, I will make you a furball to play with.”


The tiger cub had seen other people’s fur balls. He secretly looked at the small school bag. This human cub put away all his fur, does she want to make him a furball?


Zhao Xixi didn’t know that her tablemate was waiting for a furball. She put the clipped hair lumps in the innermost part of her schoolbag because she couldn’t litter.


Zhao Xixi thought she must find another time to cut the hair lumps for the little monster. She saw it when she cut it just now, because the hair lumps had been pulled into the flesh, the skin on that patch was red.


It must be painful.


Little Xixi originally thought that according to the habit of her tablemate sleeping all day long, she would certainly find another opportunity, but it would be a bit difficult to avoid other students.


However, what she didn’t expect was that the tiger cub didn’t sleep today, he just crouched on the table and didn’t listen to the lesson, with his tail wagging.


Until lunch time, little Xixi took out two small buns, and the school gave two apples.


In fact, little Xixi felt that she still didn’t have enough to eat. She took a bite of an apple with a sad face. She used to eat rice, meat and vegetables in the previous kindergarten.


No, it’s not particularly good. Little Xixi likes to eat meat, but every time she would eat meat, her tablemate would say; you are already so fat but you still want to eat meat?


There was no little monster next to little Xixi. The other classmates were all sitting on the table, eating the food in front of them, while the tiger cub who had grabbed a piece of meat had already gone to the corner.


Little Xixi looked at the corner. The tiger cub was eating meat facing the wall, so it was the little buttocks that were facing them, and his tail wagging happily.


Little Xixi heard the crow behind her say—


“He really is a stray cub, he has no education at all.”


“He also put the meat on the ground to eat, it’s so dirty!”


“If I was him, I would rather not eat it. I won’t eat the meat on the ground!”


Zhao Xixi sat in the front and thought, if she was very hungry and a piece of bread fell on the ground, she would pick it up and eat it quickly, because it’s horrible to be hungry. It’s uncomfortable.


Little Xixi took two bites of the apple. After eating the bread, she still felt that she was not full. Because the other classmates were saying bad things about the tiger cub, she didn’t want to talk to them either.


So little Xixi laid down on the table, rubbing her little belly. Actually…


This school was pretty good, just can’t get enough food to eat.


Soon, she felt a shadow in front of her, and it turned out that the tiger cub jumped back on the table.


Zhao Xixi laid on the table and continued to look at him with her face sideways. She noticed that the little monster had a small card hanging around his neck. She remembered that the little monster was beaten yesterday. At that time, the little monster was already beaten with several sticks but still refused to run. He seemed to be looking for something, and it turned out it was this small card.


Little Xixi knew this small card. This was their current kindergarten entrance card. Suddenly, little Xixi felt that the tiger cub actually liked the school very much. Otherwise, he would not risk being beaten to get the school card back.


But thinking of that scene, she felt that the little monster was not really scary.


At this moment, she saw the tiger cub spit out a red object from its mouth, and then with his claws, pushed it in front of little Xixi.


Little Xixi was startled, raised her head sharply, and looked intently. It turned out that it was a small piece of meat.


Turning her head again, she saw that the little monster next to her was sleeping on his belly.


Little Xixi looked at this small piece of meat and felt a little nauseous, but she refused to throw it away, so she could only care… carefully move it to the tiger cub’s table.


Although the tiger cub was lying on his desk, he did not actually sleep. He was covering his eyes with his claws. He secretly opened his eyes and saw that the human cub had returned the meat he gave her to eat.


The tiger cub was a little unhappy. Why didn’t this human cub eat it? Didn’t she keep watching when he was eating there just now?


The tiger cub was not actually full, but it would be okay to deduct a little bit for the human cub.


The tiger cub was a little upset. Since the human cub doesn’t want to eat it, he can eat it by himself.


After the tiger cub had finished eating, he continued to sleep. It’s nap time and the other classmates were already asleep.


Little Xixi was also ready to go to bed, but suddenly remembered that there was still work to be done today, so she held her little hands to support her eyelids and prevented herself from falling asleep. After waiting for a while, she felt that the little monster must have fallen asleep too.


Little Xixi took out the scissors from her school bag, and was about to continue cutting the hair lumps on the little monster.


But when she leaned over, she realized that the little monster was sleeping on his stomach, and the legs facing her side were the places she had cut today.


She’s going to cut the lumps on the other side. Now the question is, how can she get over there?


Little Xixi was about to go under the table again. When she was about to act, she found the little monster moved.


Its fluffy body arched over the table, and he turned over, revealing his fluffy belly.


Little Xixi looked dumbfounded! There were so many hairy lumps on the belly!


Her enthusiasm suddenly came, she must finish cutting it!


Little Xixi’s white and tender little hands held the small scissors which she held earlier, her little head moved closer to the hairy belly, and then she started to move.


She was very careful because she was afraid of cutting the flesh, so she cut very slowly, and soon her forehead was covered with sweat.


Little Xixi thought about it as she cut it, and she would simply take a comb and comb her hair every day, so that it won’t get knotted easily.


Little Xixi thought while cutting, from now on, just get a comb and comb the hair every day, so that it won’t get easily tangled.


After cutting a few hair lumps, you could see the red skin inside…


It was really a lot of work. Fortunately, little Xixi has perseverance. When she finished cutting, she felt that her clothes were soaked. Although her hands were sore, Zhao Xixi was still very happy.


It’s just that… Little Xixi looked at this fleshy belly, and thought of a very serious problem, the hair lumps were all cut, then… wouldn’t the little monster seem to be naked?


Little Xixi stopped and looked at the other classmates; lions, crows, leopards…They were all wearing clothes.


Don’t think they were not wearing them, but in fact they wear a piece of fur that matches theirs.


When little Xixi went to the supermarket with her parents before, she saw that there were clothes for monster cubs in the children’s clothing store, just like how the clothes of the lion cubs were similar to lion fur.


Little Xixi looked at the tiger cub again, and he really only had his own hair on him.


And she cut off his hair, and now it’s as if he had no clothes on, the students must laugh at him again.


Little Xixi stopped, she… seemed to be in trouble.


What to do?


Little Xixi now had no way to take a nap. When the classmates woke up, both of little Xixi’s eyes were still on the little monster next to her. Fortunately, the little monster turned his belly over in a while, and didn’t let the other students see this scene.


Little Xixi breathed a sigh of relief, but the big stone in her heart had not yet been put down, because when he stood up or walked for a while, it would definitely be found out.


And… she didn’t know if the tiger cub had already found out about this thing.


Little Xixi was uneasy during class in the afternoon. She always couldn’t help but secretly watch the little monster next to her. Seeing him lying on the table from beginning to end, little Xixi thought in her heart-


Don’t stand up, don’t stand up, when school is over, we will leave last!


The tiger cub did not know that the human cub was secretly watching him and was worried about this. If he knew, he would not take it seriously, because he has been used to all kinds of verbal attacks since he was a child. For him, verbal attacks were nothing but a piece of cake.


Therefore, the tiger cub wanted to stand up midway, but as soon as he moved, a chubby hand stretched out beside him, pressing him down, and the tiger cub slumped back on the table.


His big ignorant eyes were confused, looking at the human cub next to him stupidly.


It was just little Xixi’s reflex, because her whole mind was on this matter at this moment, focusing on him. Don’t stand up, don’t be laughed at because I cut your hair…


So when she noticed that the tiger was about to stand up, she subconsciously reached out and pressed him down.


But after this action was done, little Xixi realized what she had done and retracted her hand, afraid that she would be bitten.


However… no, the little monster just looked at her as if he didn’t understand why she did it. He neither scolded her nor bit her.


Little Xixi was very happy when she realized this.


As a result, the tiger cub could not stand up the whole afternoon, and he was all pressed down by little Xixi.


The more the tiger cub didn’t care about it, the happier little Xixi became, completely forgetting the warnings of her parents and the dangers of monsters.


Little Xixi succeeded in not letting other students discover that there was no hair on the tiger cub’s belly.


When school was over, the other classmates ran out quickly as there were parents waiting to pick them up outside, while the tiger cub and little Xixi came last. One knew that she would have to wait a while before her parents would pick her up, and the other knew no one would come and pick him up.


The two cubs also used to walk out last, but they both soon went their own way. This time, Little Xixi thought for a while, and her short legs took a big step, caught up with the tiger cub, and spoke a little embarrassedly-


“You have no friends, and I have no friends, shall we be friends?” 


The tiger cub turned his fluffy head, looked at the human cub next to him, and said, “I don’t make friends with humans.”


Little Xixi: “My mother also said, do not be friends with monsters. I don’t like monsters, but I like you, so I want to be friends with you. You don’t have to be friends with humans, just be friends with me.”


Little Xixi knew from an early age that “monsters are not good things.”


Those were the original words of her mother.


Little Xixi dreamed of being eaten by monsters since she was a child, so in her mind, monsters were fierce, with sharp teeth and a very big mouth, which could swallow them whole…


But monsters are monsters, and a tiger cub is a tiger cub.


Zhao Xixi felt that the tiger cub was not the monster her mother said.


It’s like—


Mom said that all the students at school were good kids, and she used to praise those classmates who bullied her before, saying that those students were especially polite because they would call her aunt every time they saw her.


However, little Xixi knew that those classmates were bad kids.


Mother said that all monsters are bad monsters. In fact, there are monsters like tiger cubs, and the tiger cub was still bullied.


Being bullied just like her!


Those who bully children like her, and those who bully little monsters like the tiger cub, are all bad guys!


She’s the same as the tiger cub.


Little Xixi looked at the tiger cub and said seriously: “I think we should be good friends.” 


Tiger cub looked at the human cub. She looked fat, white and tender, like those who bullied him before. The human cub looked the same, but in fact they were much worse.


However, the tiger cub said awkwardly: “Whatever you want!”


Then ran away.


Zhao Xixi stepped with her short legs and chased after him, like a heavy little penguin, she couldn’t run fast, so she could only shout while running—


“Then we are friends!”


The teacher next to her heard this and was also happy. It seems that human cubs and monster cubs, as long as they get along well, can also be friends. Where can there be so much bitterness?


When Little Xixi ran out, she couldn’t find the tiger cub, so she just went to find her mother.


Her Mom was waiting for her at the door of another kindergarten.


When Little Xixi came over, the kindergarten hadn’t ended yet, but there was already a long line in front of her.


Little Xixi looked for her mother and saw that she was not in the line, so she went to the front of the line again.


At this moment, the school bell rang, and many children rushed out.


Little Xixi was about to walk from the front of the line to the back to find her mother, when she felt a pain in her scalp. 


Someone had pulled her braid!





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