Chapter 5. Finding Clothes



Zhao Xixi has never been bullied since entering the new cub kindergarten, so no one has pulled her braids for a while.


Suddenly, her braids were pulled, her scalp hurt, and when she turned her head, she saw a familiar face.


It was her former classmate!


“Little Fatty! Which class did you go to?”


Little Xixi couldn’t pull her braids out of the other’s hands, her scalp felt so painful, her chubby figure was still struggling.


“Why don’t you talk?” 


There were adults coming and going, and all that could be heard was someone saying: “You can’t pull a girl’s hair.”


But that was to say, in their opinion, it was all just a fight between children playing around.


There were tears in little Xixi’s eyes, which came from pain.


But she didn’t cry! She was a person who was not afraid to face so many little monsters. How powerful she is! These people were afraid of monsters, but she was not afraid!


Thinking of this, she looked at the boy with her arms akimbo, and said, “If you pull my hair again, I will go and tell the tiger monster! I am friends with tiger monster now!”


Little Xixi didn’t know if the tiger cub would help her, but she was scaring the bad guy like this.


The little boy laughed loudly when he heard this: “If the monster comes, it will definitely eat you first. You are so fat! Of course you are better than us!”


Little Xixi has been a good kid since she was a child. Her mouth was really dumb, so it was not easy to think of a way to scare  the other person. Now, she didn’t know how to refute.


Fortunately, at this moment, she heard Mother Zhao’s voice: “Xixi, stop arguing with your classmates. Come here, we are going home, mother is a bit busy today.” 


The little boy saw Mother Zhao and immediately let go of Xixi’s braids, then the little boy smiled and said: “Hello Aunt Zhao!”


Mother Zhao actually saw the boy pulling little Xixi’s braids, but she seemed to have thought that the boy liked the little girl and only wanted to get her attention, so Mother Zhao just smiled and said, “You can’t pull sister’s hair, okay?”


The little boy immediately said playfully, “Got it.”


Mother Zhao took little Xixi’s hand and walked outside the school.


There were still tears in little Xixi’s eyes. She felt so aggrieved and said to her mother: “Mom, he pulled my hair.”


“He pulled your hair because he likes you.”


Little Xixi felt wronged and sad, obviously he was bullying her… 


Little Xixi was so angry that she swore in her heart: I’ll never talk to my mother again!


Well, not really. When she was in the car, she had already forgotten about this grievance. Children originally can not concentrate, let alone this kind of thing, so she simply talked to her mother about school matters—


“Mom, I was praised by the teacher today. To be honest, I am very obedient!”


Of course it was true. Today, the other students had sensed the aperture, but little Xixi did not. Although she did not sense it, the teacher still praised her.


Mother Zhao was chatting with her colleague while driving—


“Yes, that vixen probably thinks that the whole world should like her, look at her like that…”


“Mom, can I bring food to school tomorrow? Our school only distributes two apples for lunch. I don’t have enough to eat, and I am hungry in the afternoon…”

Mother Zhao was still listening to her colleague and she did not listen carefully to what her daughter was talking about, so she just gave a perfunctory “hmm”, then continued to chat with her colleague—


“This time the demonstration still has a certain effect. I just received an interview invitation from the daily newspaper.”


Little Xixi sat in the seat and didn’t realize that her mother was impatient. Hearing what her mother said to her, she hummed and thought she had agreed. She was very happy: “Then can I bring two fried chicken legs?” “


When she finished talking, she felt that it was not enough and said again, “Three! I think three is enough to eat, and two is not enough!”


Mother Zhao felt that little Xixi was too talkative and said to her: “Mom worked all day today, and she is very tired, she had to pick you up from school, baby, can you be quiet?”


Little Xixi pursed her little lips and said helplessly, “Alright.”


Mother Zhao continued chatting with her colleague. Little Xixi sat in the back seat and turned her head to look out of the window.


Many people could be seen on both sides of the road, as well as some humanoids. The only difference between them and humans was that they have a little monster in their arms.


Little Xixi thought, a little monster with parents is a treasure, and a little monster without parents is a grass.


She suddenly thought of the tiger cub again, he had no clothes to wear.


Little Xixi fell into a deep thought, and now turned really quiet.


Mother Zhao always thought that her child had ADHD, because she was too noisy, and her mouth kept running all the time. She did not know where she got so many things to say, even if she scolded her at the last moment, she would only be quiet for less than two minutes.


However, this time, little Xixi was very quiet all the way to the house.


Mother Zhao thought the child had changed her nature, but when she finished cooking a meal and came out to find Xixi, she found little Xixi talking on the balcony—


“Uncle, your cat looks good!”


“Uncle, the clothes on your cat look good too!”


“Uncle, where did you buy these clothes for your cat?”


“Oh there, my mother and I once went to buy clothes and bought them there. I seemed to have seen these clothes but my mother said they were clothes for monsters.”


“Uncle, how much does it cost?”


“Fifty yuan, I have fifty cents a day, fifty cents and fifty yuan…fifty yuan is more than fifty cents…”


“Yes, I want to buy one too, because it looks good and I want to wear it too.”


Mother Zhao felt strange. She stretched her head out and found little Xixi lying on the edge of the balcony railing, chatting with the adults next door. Her plump body and thick clothes made her look short and fat. In addition, she was sticking her head out from the gap in the railing, especially looking serious while chatting, which amused the people next door very much.


Mother Zhao sighed and said, “Xixi, come back for dinner!”


Little Xixi looked at the tiger cub’s clothes worn by the cat with reluctance, and said to the adult next door: “Then I will go back to eat, and I will save money to buy these clothes in the future!”


The adult next door said cheerfully, “If you like it, I have another one at home, how about giving it to you?”


Little Xixi was not polite: “Okay! Good!”


Mother Zhao hurried out, dragged the cheeky little fellow into the house, and said to the neighbor: “The child is not sensible, don’t care about her.” 


The neighbor said cheerfully, “I think she really likes it. Besides, we are neighbors, and clothes are not expensive.”


Mother Zhao glanced at the clothes on the cat, and turned upset. This kind of clothes worn by monsters given to humans to wear, what does this mean?


Her unhappiness was shown directly on her face, but it was not good to lose her temper with the neighbor, but she was very angry so she slapped little Xixi on her buttocks.


“How many times have I told you? Why are you so disobedient?”


Little Xixi was dumbfounded by the slap, and she was taken into the room without regaining her senses.


The neighbor was also dumbfounded, and then the neighbor’s wife who was listening to them came and said clearly: “This is for you to see. Don’t you know that their family is a member of the staunch anti-youkai association? It’s pitiful. That child.”


“Alas, I see this child is quite cute, how did she have this kind of parents?”


“You should also keep less contact with this child, so as not to cause others to continue to be beaten. Her mother is embarrassed to beat you, but when she hits her child to vent her anger, you’d be embarrassed to say anything.”


“However, this child must have also been brought up with the view that monsters deserve to die. Now the situation is becoming increasingly unpredictable, she will certainly be our enemy in the future.”


Little Xixi didn’t cry when she entered the house. She was dressed thickly, so it didn’t hurt much when the slap came over. She was a little embarrassed, but shame was not the point.


The point was, the neighbor uncle said that he could give her those clothes.


Little Xixi went back inside the house and asked her mother, “Mom, Uncle said he could give me those clothes, can I have them?”


Mother Zhao was so angry that her face turned blue: “Those are clothes worn by monsters. What do you want it for?”


Little Xixi did not dare to say that she made friends with a little monster, let alone say that she cut off the hair of her little monster friend, so she had to find him clothes to wear so he won’t be ridiculed by the other students.


She was not good at lying, so she lowered her head, fumbled with her little fingers, and said: “I…I just…think it looks good.”


Mother Zhao did not understand why her daughter suddenly felt that the clothes worn by monsters look good, but her daughter’s brain has always been like this, so she did not feel too abnormal.


She squatted down and said earnestly, “Why do you think the clothes worn by monsters are good-looking? If all humans were as thoughtless as you, the monsters wearing those clothes would eat you up in the future!


Little Xixi blinked: “Do little monsters also want to eat people? Their two teeth are missing, I don’t think…they can bite…”


Mother Zhao was so angry with little Xixi’s strange brain circuit that she wanted to beat people but when she saw that little Xixi looked very serious, she endured it and said again: “Of course the little monsters want to eat people, if they don’t eat people how do they grow up?”


Little Xixi thought about the tiger cub, and felt that her mother was wrong. “They grew up eating meat.”


Mother Zhao was so angry that her voice trembled: “Then let me ask you, where did the meat come from? Isn’t it squeezed from humans?”


Little Xixi: “…Now I don’t understand.” 


Mother Zhao sighed and said: “Forget it, you will understand when you grow up.”


Little Xixi: “….I am not young anymore, I will be four in a few months!”


At night, little Xixi sneaked onto the balcony while her parents were in the study. The wind on the balcony was very strong, and little Xixi felt a bit cold, but she still did not go back to the room because she thought of tiger cub’s clothes…


“Uncle…Uncle…” little Xixi whispered.


The uncle next door had heard it when she called for the first time, but was not ready to go out, as his wife said to not be too close.


Then he heard the childish voice outside—




 “Uncle who has cats at home ……”


 “Uncle who has cats at home ……”


The uncle who actually has three cats in the family: “…” 


“Uncle Cat…Uncle Cat…”


She also adjusted the tune, the little milk voice sounded like singing, especially rhythmic.


It was really the cats’ uncle: “…”


Forget it, let’s go see what this kid is up to, or else this kid might howl outside all night.





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