Chapter 3. Cutting Tiger Hair



The next day, Zhao Xixi was taken out of bed by her mother.


“You have to go to school today.”


Mother Zhao said as she combed Zhao Xixi’s hair.


When she finished combing her hair, Zhao Xixi was already awake. Mother Zhao stuffed a bottle of high-calcium milk and stuffed two slices of bun for breakfast


Zhao Xixi suddenly raised her head and said: “Mom, can you bring me more buns.”


She would be hungry at noon, since the school kindergarten would only give out two apples to eat.


Mother Zhao frowned: “Didn’t your kindergarten not let you bring food?”


Zhao Xixi pulled her mother’s clothes and said, “This time, the teacher didn’t say not to bring.”


Although Mother Zhao didn’t believe her, she still brought two extra buns for her daughter.


Soon, Mother Zhao sent Zhao Xixi to the entrance of the kindergarten.


“Xixi, you go in by yourself, Mom has to go to work, so I’ll leave first.” Mother Zhao glanced at the kindergarten teacher who greeted the children at the school gate, and said to Zhao Xixi reassuringly.


Zhao Xixi lowered her head and didn’t say anything. Mother Zhao was indeed very busy, so she turned and left.


Zhao Xixi turned her head, and was surrounded by little students.


She looked at the door, the school full of fish, and was about to walk inside.


Then, she heard someone call her: “Fat piggy~”


“It’s New Year, it’s time to kill a pig!”


 Zhao Xixi immediately turned the other way and ran.

Soon, she saw the school with balloons by the entrance.


Zhao Xixi swallowed. In fact, she was not bullied yesterday…

Although the tiger said he was going to eat her, he actually slept in class, which was a lot better than her previous table mate who not only did not listen in class, but also always pulled her braid and refused to let her listen to the lesson.


Moreover, no one called her a pig, and no one played a pig-killing game.


The pig-killing game referred to several students pressing her on the ground, and then one of them uses a book as a kitchen knife to slash her neck. Next to her, someone will ask if the pig has been killed. If it has been killed, she will be released. If it has not been killed, she will continue to paddle around.


Thinking of this, Zhao Xixi simply walked in again.


As soon as she entered, she saw a little tiger walking past warily.


Zhao Xixi thought for a while, but didn’t follow, she walked through the net, walked over the single-plank bridge, and climbed up to the classroom.


When she arrived at the classroom door, she saw the tiger cub curled up quietly on his desk, sleeping.


Except for her, all the other cubs in the class sit on tables or sleep directly on them. As a result, all the other cubs didn’t need stools, so their tables were close to each other.


Zhao Xixi’s seat was inside the tiger cub. The table was a bit too high for Zhao Xixi to climb up. She looked at the tiger cub, but didn’t dare wake him up.


Fortunately, Zhao Xixi saw a spot under the table, so she put down her school bag and got in from under the table.


When she got out from the other side, Zhao Xixi heard a thud, and then pain came from the top of her head. She had just hit the table.


Zhao Xixi put one hand on her head, and quickly crawled out, only to see a pair of eyes on her head.


Zhao Xixi was frightened.


“Hello…” She said carefully, holding back tears.


The tiger cub looked at the human cub, then turned his head and went back to sleep.


When it twisted its body, its fluffy legs were exposed, and Zhao Xixi noticed that there were several hair lumps on them as well.


Zhao Xixi carefully moved closer, and then discovered that there were many hair lumps at the base of the little tiger’s legs. Not only that, but because of the hair lumps, red skin could be seen which was probably torn.


Zhao Xixi used to have knotted hair and it hurt so much. So, this must be more painful…


Zhao Xixi thought of the cat in the uncle’s house next door. When its hair was knotted, the uncle would take a pair of scissors and cut off the knotted hair.


Zhao Xixi blinked.


Soon the teacher came, but today’s lesson was a bit different.


In addition to learning some etiquette, there’s also learning spells. It was now a basic course.


Zhao Xixi usually didn’t understand much.


However, Zhao Xixi understood several sentences—


“When you learn it, you will be able to easily break through space and no longer have to take human transportation.”


Zhao Xixi noticed that in this class, her tablemate was particularly serious and did not sleep anymore.


All the cubs were standing on the table, and Zhao Xixi also stood up and followed the teacher.


“First, stretch out your paw.”


Tiger cub stretched out a fluffy paw, and Zhao Xixi stretched out a fleshy little hand.


“Turn it halfway around.”


Paws turned halfway obediently, and her chubby hands also turned halfway obediently.


“Close your eyes.”


“Follow the direction of the airflow.”


Zhao Xixi’s little face was dumbfounded: “???”


“Find the airflow with the same attributes as yourself, and then open your eyes!”


Zhao Xixi opened her eyes and saw a small circle of light in front of the fluffy flaws of the little tiger at the same table…


Shiny, like Zhao Xixi’s toy, a plastic toy that glows when worn on a hand.


However, there was nothing in front of her chubby hand.


In addition to Zhao Xixi, there was nothing in front of the other cubs in the class.


The teacher was pleasantly surprised, and said: “I didn’t expect it to be a lightning type. You can work at a power plant in the future.” 


The other students in the class were slightly depressed. The teacher comforted: “This is the first time you have captured the airflow with the same attributes as yours. There will inevitably be mistakes. Don’t be nervous. Keep practicing.”


So Zhao Xixi breathed a sigh of relief, stretched out a chubby hand, and continued to draw a circle…


Close your eyes!


Open your eyes!


Hey, it’s still not there.


Zhao Xixi was not depressed, and continued to draw circles like other students, closing and opening her eyes.


The little tiger cub next to her has started sleeping again.


The teacher said that this was the learning task for today, so everyone was doing it.


Fortunately, not only Zhao Xixi, but the other cubs also never got to make an aperture and there was nothing at all.


However, by noon, only Zhao Xixi was still holding her aching little arm, still drawing  circles and closing her eyes.


When the tiger cub got up, he saw that the human cub was still learning spells seriously.


Tiger cub: “…” Stupid human.


However, in the afternoon, other students in the class already sensed the aperture, and only Zhao Xixi had nothing


Zhao Xixi was still trying to sense.


The teacher sighed, although their first comprehensive kindergarten agreed that humans and cubs should learn the same knowledge, not only monster cubs, but also human cubs should learn the knowledge of monsters.


However, the problem was that this situation was not easy to handle.


But the teacher felt that according to human nature, Zhao Xixi would definitely give up on this matter in a short time.


The teacher underestimated ZhaoXiao Xixi’s perseverance, or rather her desire to follow the masses. She was afraid that her classmates had done it and she hadn’t. She was afraid of being ridiculed by her classmates, so she continued to practice even at the end of class.


But in fact, no cubs laughed at Zhao Xixi. The cubs did have a target to laugh at, but it was not Zhao Xixi.


“He is a male tiger, but he actually uses a human girl’s schoolbag. It’s so funny!”


“It must be snatched from humans. My mother said that cubs without parents will become robbers.” It was lion cub who said this.


When Zhao Xixi heard these words, she secretly looked at the tiger cub who was sleeping on the table. Zhao Xixi saw his little ears move.


He must have heard it.


Zhao Xixi looked at the little pink school bag of Snow White again. Her school bag is pink too. It’s obviously good-looking!


In the afternoon, when school was over in the cub garden, Zhao Xixi walked outside the school while practicing the summoning technique the teacher said. The other cub classmates were picked up by their parents.


Zhao Xixi looked at the little tiger who wagged his tail and walked to the other side of the community.


She stepped away with her short legs and followed.


But in fact, she was still a little afraid of this monster, so she didn’t dare to get too close.


After a while, the little tiger monster disappeared.


Zhao Xixi looked around, but there was nothing.


So she turned her head and prepared to leave, when she heard a child cry—


 “Mom! Mom! There are monsters!”


Although Zhao Xixi was also very scared, she felt that she had lived under the eyelids of monsters for the past two days, so she was better than others.


So she quickly trot over.


However, when she ran over, she saw two adults wearing down jackets, both holding sticks in their hands, and hitting a familiar figure fiercely.


While beating, she said: “Baby don’t be afraid, Mom has beaten the monster away!”


The little tiger was hit by several sticks, found something on the ground, and then ran away with something in his mouth.


Zhao Xixi stood behind, feeling very sad in her heart.


She didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt sad, so sad.


As if she was the one beaten.


Zhao Xixi walked back in despair, and soon walked to the front of the human kindergarten, she instantly found her mother in the line.


She doesn’t want to speak today.


Mother Zhao felt a bit strange: “What happened to Xixi today?”


 Zhao Xixi hesitated and said, “Mom… will you fight little monsters?”


Mother Zhao said naturally, “Of course I will fight.”


Zhao Xixi let out an “oh” and continued to move forward. Suddenly she said, “But the little monster looks so pitiful.”


Mother Zhao hugged Zhao Xixi and said, “How could monsters be pitiful? They are bad, they fight, they use magic to bully humans, always trying to turn us into slaves, if you meet a little monster, you must run away, understand?”


Zhao Xixi didn’t feel so, the little monster was beaten so badly that it couldn’t even fight back.


When she saw the little tiger the next day, Zhao Xixi was not as scared as before, because…the little tiger, like her, was a target of bullying.


Not only was she not afraid, but she also felt that they could be friends.


So, the next day, Zhao Xixi greeted the little tiger, but the little tiger ignored her.


When the little tiger was sleeping, he secretly opened his eyes and glared at the human cub.


Then, it saw the human cub carefully take out a pair of scissors from the school bag, not only that, but also holding scissors in his direction.


The tiger cub wanted to bite the human cub in his heart, but it was not enough…


If he bites the human cub now, the teacher will definitely expel him. He can only wait for the human cub to hurt him before he resists.


So the hair of the tiger cub’s whole body exploded, waiting to be hurt.


He didn’t think that this human cub could do anything else with scissors.


Immediately after, he felt a soft little hand touch his leg, he resisted the urge to turn around and bite it, and waited…


Zhao Xixi carefully touched the hair lumps, and then took the scissors. Got very close, and slowly cut off a small lump… and then another small lump.


The hair of the little monster was really good to touch, but the lumps were not good. When Zhao Xixi cut it, she also saw the reddish skin because of the knotted hair. She cut it and gently blew it, so it wouldn’t be so painful.


“Ding dong……”


When other students came in, Zhao Ruoxi hurriedly withdrew the scissors, put away the hairy lumps that had been cut off, and sat back in her seat.




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