Chapter 6. I’m A Good Girl



The Uncle Cat next door walked out and saw the little human cub with her little face stuck to the railings, constantly looking over there.


Uncle Cat sighed and asked, “What’s wrong with little Xixi?”


Zhao Xixi was calling people very vigorously, but now that they came out, she felt a little embarrassed.


Zhao Xixi felt awkward and whispered: “Uncle, during the day, you said that you have more than one clothes at home. Is it true?”


Obviously, Uncle Cat did not expect this human cub to be so obsessed with those clothes for which she got a slap on her ass and he remembered it.


“Do you still want it?” Uncle Cat asked: “Aren’t you afraid of getting another slap on your ass?”


Little Xixi said with a smile : “It’s okay, I wear two cotton pants. It doesn’t hurt. I will wear three pairs tomorrow.”


Uncle Cat looked at the thickly wrapped short legs. They already felt uncomfortable wearing one piece of clothing, but this human would wear three of them. No wonder she walked like a penguin. Uncle Cat next door could not help but sigh: “Awesome.”


And at this time, little Xixi took out a piece of paper from her pocket, which she had secretly written in her room.


“Uncle, you give me that dress. I owe you fifty yuan, this is an IOU.” Little Xixi said very socially.


[PR/N: An IOU, a phonetic acronym of the words “I owe you”, is a document that acknowledges the existence of a debt. An IOU is often viewed as an informal written agreement rather than a legally binding commitment.]


This behavior made the child seem extraordinarily funny. Uncle Cat took the note while holding back a laugh, and saw two rows on it: 


The first row was written with the twisted number fifty which looked like a wriggly earthworm.


In the second row, the three words Zhao Xixi were written, and when combined, it seemed like a bunch of earthworms.


This IOU was unexpected. 


Seeing that the Uncle was looking at the IOU, little Xixi said, “I receive fifty cents a day for living expenses. When that happens, I will give you three cents a day, for a total of…a total of…”


Uncle Cat knew that she wanted to count how many days she needed to pay back the fifty yuan. Uncle Cat wanted to help and calculate the figure. Unfortunately, Uncle Cat couldn’t figure it out either.


So Uncle Cat handed over the paper again. “I’ll give it to you.”


Zhao Xixi thought about it, and said very seriously: “Forget it, the teacher said, you can’t take other people’s things casually.” Although little Xixi felt that it was scary to owe 50 yuan, she could still pay it back slowly.


Uncle Cat thought for a moment and said, “If you wear these clothes, will your mother beat you again?”


Having said that, Uncle Cat said to the human cub heartily: “Don’t be sad, your mother is so fierce, not a good mother.”


Little Xixi blinked her eyes, and lowered her voice, as if she was talking about a big secret: “It’s not sad, I’m not a good girl either.”


Uncle Cat looked at the chubby purebred who was obviously a good girl, he couldn’t help but say: “What did you do that you’re not a good girl?”


Xiao Xixi calculated it in her heart, she lied five times, and she also went to be friends with the little monster…


Every single one was something that required a beating. Little Xixi figured that when her mother would find out that she was lying, she would say that she got spanked without even making a mistake today so it’s settled.


And today, her pants were thick, so a spank wouldn’t hurt. Even if she lied, it’s okay, just a spank on her buttocks directly.


Little Xixi thought that she was very smart and felt very happy. So she said to Uncle Cat: “Uncle, you can give it to me.”


Uncle Cat asked, “Will your mother check the schoolbag tomorrow morning?”


Little Xixi thought about it: “Yes. Mom would check the schoolbag every morning.”


Little Xixi had an idea: “It’s okay. I will wear it on my body, then I will wear a cotton-padded jacket and then a down jacket. I will wear it by myself when I get up early in the morning, so my mother won’t find out!”


Little Xixi felt that what she thought was awesome, “Uncle, Uncle, you give me the clothes, let me see if I can put it on?”


Little Xixi gave the IOU that she had made for so long to the uncle next door: “You keep it first, and when I have finished paying the money, you will return the IOU to me.”


Uncle Cat went to the inner room and took out another new dress, and handed it to the little girl through the balcony fence.


Little Xixi took it. The clothes felt like the fur on tiger cub’s body. She would definitely be able to put it on, so she quickly stuffed it into her down jacket, and then walked home like a thief.


After returning to the room, she hurriedly tucked the clothes in the quilt. Little Xixi was still very smart. At night, when her mother undressed little Xixi for a bath, she didn’t find anything under the sheets.


When she went to bed at night, little Xixi was thinking that she must get up early tomorrow morning so that she could dress herself, then she could secretly put the clothes inside her innermost clothes to avoid being discovered.


She did not know if it was because she had something in her mind, the historical clock really woke little Xixi very early.  When little Xixi woke up, it was still dark outside and she didn’t know what time it was.


So little Xixi got up on her own, and after taking off her pajamas, she put on her clothes one by one.


And her mother hadn’t come in to wake her up yet, so she got dressed and went to sleep again.


The next day, Mother Zhao found her daughter sleeping in her clothes, but she did not care. She just quickly brushed her hair and prepared to send her to school.


Little Xixi stopped: “Mom, we agreed to bring lunch at noon!”


Mother Zhao frowned, “Your school will send out lunch, what kind of food will you bring?”


“But you promised me yesterday.”


Mother Zhao was chatting with her colleague yesterday. She did not remember this at all, she only thought that little Xixi was lying. She was already busy today, and her husband was on another business trip again. She had to send the child to school, how could she still have time to bring her lunch?


“Just eat the school food. Everyone eats it, why do you want to bring food?”


Seeing that her mother seemed to be angry, little Xixi stopped talking.


Little Xixi thought to herself, she must remember this, because her mother promised her but did not do it. When her mother finds out that she was friends with a monster, she could confidently say—


“Ha! I promised you not to talk to monsters, but I still made friends with monsters. You promised to bring me lunch, but didn’t bring it. We are even!”


Little Xixi was afraid that she would forget, so she hurried to the room, took out a paper and pencil and drew on the paper.


First, she drew a little person; this is her, then she drew a bigger person; this is her mother. Then she drew a circle, in which she drew some little dots; this is rice. It meant that her mother forgot the promise to prepare Zhao Xixi’s lunch.


Little Xixi drew and her little mouth laughed, she couldn’t help covering her mouth with her little hand. Now she was not afraid of being discovered by her mother for being friends with monsters.    

Mother Zhao sent little Xixi to the entrance of the kindergarten. Little Xixi quickly ran to the cub kindergarten by herself.


Sure enough, when she got to the classroom, she saw the tiger cub who was earlier than her—


Little Xixi immediately ran over: “Tiger cub, tiger cub, you come with me!”


Little Xixi said as she went to pull the tiger cub’s paw.


The tiger cub avoided little Xixi’s hand, but still jumped off the table and walked to little Xixi’s side.


There was also a lounge in their cub garden, and no one has been there yet.


As soon as little Xixi arrived in the lounge, she began to undress.


So the tiger cub saw that the human cub dragged down one piece…two pieces…three pieces…four pieces…


But only wore thin clothes and handed him tiger-print clothes. 


Tiger cub looked at the human cub who had peeled off several layers of clothes. It turned out…that she was not so fat.


Little Xixi handed the warm tiger-print clothes to the tiger cub, and said proudly: “Here you are!”


The tiger cub looked at the clothes that smelled like human cubs, and turned his head: “I don’t want it!”


Little Xixi, who was originally happy, heard this. She was only wearing one piece of clothing at the moment, and she was trembling from the cold: “Why?”


The tiger cub was very awkward, and said in a milky voice, “Anyway, I just don’t want it!”


Zhao Xixi was anxious: “I worked so hard to get it for you. Why don’t you want it?”


Tiger cub turned his head and said nothing.


Little Xixi could see the red flesh on his stomach. She remembered that the little tiger had no parents, so he definitely did not know that a good child could not expose his stomach, because the cold would cause stomach pain. Little Xixi thought about it and simply pounced on him!


There is one advantage in wearing less clothes, that is, she was more flexible!


The tiger cub, who was about the same size as little Xixi, fell to the ground after being pounced on, and now the scene looked like a standard prelude of a cat fight!


In fact, tiger cub who was thrown on the ground could bare his claws! With only one claw, he could make the thinly dressed human cub bleed.


However, when the human cub’s little meat hand was about to come over, he put away his claws, leaving only the little meat pads.


Little Xixi learned how her mother usually dresses her, and put the clothes on for the tiger cub.


After little Xixi put on the tiger cub’s clothes, she looked at them from left to right. Well, the clothes of the little monsters were so special. Just like the one worn by tiger cub, it was just like his original fur. It couldn’t be seen at all. Now wearing a new piece of clothing, he won’t have hair lumps anymore.


The tiger cub was also stunned. It was the first time he wore clothes. He had seen these clothes before, but he had never thought of wearing them himself.


Tiger cub hesitated for a while, turned his head and whispered in a little milk voice, “Thank you.”


Zhao Xixi just dressed herself from a short skinny penguin to a short fat penguin. She was very happy to hear the little monster say thank you and showed a big smile—


“You’re welcome, we will be friends in the future! We can be best friends in the future. I’m not afraid anymore if my mother finds out, I have a secret weapon!”


Little Xixi has never made friends in kindergarten. She was too fat and enthusiastic, so other children did not like to play with her.

Now that she has a friend, little Xixi finally has something to talk about, she could say what she has been holding back all this time.


“I knew you would look good in these clothes. I saw another dress last time I was in the supermarket, it was also very nice, but mommy forbade me to touch it and hit my hand. Mom is a good mom, she just has a bad temper.”




“Oh, it’s mainly because she is too tired at work, so sometimes she would be fierce at me. I am a good girl, I am very tired of studying but I have never been fierce at them. I will also work in my mother’s company in the future. I like to see people wearing beautiful skirts…”


When children chat, they just talk about whatever comes into their mind.


Zhao Xixi chattered alone, but the tiger cub next to her did not say a word. The tiger cub looked at the human cub next to himself. If she was a cub raised by himself, no matter how tiring his work was, he would never be fierce at her.





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