Chapter 7. Finding Things Together



When the two cubs returned to the classroom, they found that their other classmates had already arrived.


Zhao Xixi did not care about the other classmates either. In her opinion, the other classmates who would speak ill of others behind their backs were all bad cubs.


Yes, the main reason Zhao Xixi evaluated the other cubs as bad cubs was not because they were monsters, but because they talk badly about others behind their backs.


Little Xixi sat down in her seat, and had something to say again—


“I still did not sense the circle light, everyone seems to have sensed it.” Zhao Xixi said a little bitterly, her little fleshy face seemed to have been carrying a huge burden in life.


But her distress did not last more than a minute, and it became: “Your aperture is so big, so powerful, I don’t know when I can sense the aperture, just a little bit is fine.”


Although tiger cub did not talk to her, Zhao Xixi felt that the tiger cub was listening to her. In fact, the uncle next door often listened to her and would not interrupt her.


So little Xixi liked this friend even more.


The tiger cub originally wanted to say that you are a human cub, and you can’t sense the aperture circle… No, that thing is not called aperture circle, but attribute.


But seeing Zhao Xixi so serious, the little tiger was a little annoyed. He was so annoyed that he wanted to use something to grind his claws, but the little tiger just thought for a while and said gruffly, “What if there’s never any?”


Little Xixi pursed her mouth, as if she was thinking about this issue seriously, and then said: “There must be, my former teacher said, if a person wants to do something, as long as they work hard, the whole world will unite to help them!”


Little Xixi added halfway: “So are the monsters!”


Her little chubby face was full of confidence, as if she was about to put on a battle suit and conquer the world in the next moment. Even the little tiger, the king of beasts, did not have this confidence.


But Zhao Xixi immediately turned her head and whispered, “Tiger cub, can you draw a circle for me to see?” 


They all drew circles. Why do other students have apertures but she doesn’t?


Tiger cub: “No.”


Little Xixi was not upset because the tiger cub refused, but said: “You show me a circle, I can…I can give you half of the bread.”


Tiger cub: “No bread.”


“Then you draw a circle to show me, I will kiss you?” Little Xixi resorted to the ultimate move.


“No kiss.” Tiger cub’s little milk voice refused seriously.


Although the tiger cub had no education, he knew that only humans kiss. They are monsters and cannot do such a thing.


Zhao Xixi thought for a while, what should I do?


She could not think of anything, so Zhao Xixi did not talk anymore. She put her little chubby hand on the table, and put her chin on the back of her hand, then she looked at the podium in front quietly…


Zhao Xixi thought, normally, the teacher would stand alone on the podium to give lectures, it’s so lonely, why don’t two teachers give lectures together?


Zhao Xixi’s thoughts ran around, and the next thing she saw, there was a big aperture in front of her.


The little girl turned her head and saw the tiger cub’s fluffy paw, and then he said in an unnatural voice: “I will only show you once.”


He shouldn’t be looked down upon at his young age, but he heard as a child that human cubs especially liked to keep monsters locked up in cages and then watch them perform.


He does not want to be kept in a cage.


But seeing her so pitiful, he decided to show her once.


Zhao Xixi was very happy, she clapped her hands, and happily watched the tiger cub’s furry paw turn, and then a circle of light appeared in the air.


Immediately afterwards, the tiger cub withdrew his paw, and the aperture circle disappeared.


Zhao Xixi also stretched out her fat palm, and drew half a circle in the air, following the appearance of a tiger cub just now, but no light appeared.


Zhao Xixi felt very embarrassed. Her friend could make such a big circle, so she has to have a little bit of light.


Soon the teacher came over to teach human knowledge in the morning.


They learned the numbers today, from one to thirty.


Zhao Xixi didn’t panic at all, because she had already studied numbers and she could count to one hundred.


The tiger cub continued to sleep.


Little Xixi followed the teacher and read: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 …”


She sneaked a glance at the tiger cub next to her. He was still sleeping and was not ready to study. His little head was lying on the table, his eyes closed and his fluffy hind legs stretched out from time to time. He seemed to be sleeping soundly.


“7, 8, 9, 10, 11…”


Little Xixi secretly stretched out her hand and touched his furry legs. She found that the fur of the little monster felt so comfortable!


When the class was over, the tiger cub woke up and saw a pair of bright eyes. The human cub leaned closer and said to him—


“Tiger cub, tiger cub, your hair feels so comfortable to touch. I want your kind of hair too.”


Tiger cub: “…”


Little Xixi was still talking to herself: “I only have this hair…” 


The other cubs had never paid much attention to the only human cub and stray cub in the class.


They ignored the human cub because they were also afraid of human cubs crying. As long as the human cub cried, it must have been their fault. They would definitely be unlucky, so they simply ignored her.


They ignored the tiger cub because he was fierce and was different from everyone else. It was already enough that he was different, but he was also fierce, so they could only talk bad about him behind his back.


When school was over in the afternoon, little Xixi thought, her parents would not be able to pick her up in an hour anyway, so she asked the tiger cub—


“Tiger cub, can I play with you for a while?”


The tiger cub didn’t have time to play. He had to go back to find food. If he came late, there would be no food left, so he shook his head and walked away by himself.


Zhao Xixi thought for a while, then went to the original kindergarten and waited for her mother to pick her up.


Zhao Xixi thought that her mother would come on time to the former kindergarten after a while, just like the previous days.


But what she didn’t expect was that the other children in the kindergarten had already been picked up, but her mother had not come yet.


So Zhao Xixi carried her little school bag and walked to the gate of the community.


As she walked, the strap of her school bag was suddenly caught.


Little Xixi turned her head and heard a nasty voice: “Little Fatty, why didn’t your parents come to pick you up? Are you so good at eating that they don’t want you anymore?”


Zhao Xixi was very angry and said: “If you talk nonsense, I’ll let my friend eat you!” 


The boy looked at the grandmother chatting with people over there, and then took little Xixi to another road. “Little fat pig, why don’t you cry now?”


Zhao Xixi was stunned. It’s true that she used to cry a lot whenever she was bullied. She would immediately burst into tears, but now it seemed that she did not want to cry anymore.


Zhao Xixi held her head high and said with a voice full of anger: “I will cry if I want to cry, I won’t cry if I don’t want to cry!”


Hearing this, the boy stretched out his hand and squeezed Zhao Xixi’s face: “I just want to see you cry! Hurry up and cry!”


Little Xixi’s face was painfully pinched red, and her tears flowed down…


The little boy ran away triumphantly, and said: “Look, you still love to cry! Little crying pig!”


Little Xixi was wronged and got sad again. When other children were bullied, their parents would come to school to talk to the teacher and find the bad kid.


But when she said it, her mother would say that children are like this, and the little boy bullied her because he liked her.


Little Xixi was so sad that she didn’t want to go home anymore, so she cried and walked in another direction. When she turned the corner, she saw the tiger cub with the pink school bag on his back. He was looking through the trash can…


When little Xixi saw her friend, she cried even harder, with snot and tears.


“Tiger cub, I was bullied by a bad boy…”


“He pinched my face and wanted to make me cry!”


The tiger cub looked at the crying human cub, his nose twitched, and he smelled a strange scent, which he remembered.


The tiger cub did not speak, and little Xixi said aggrievedly-


“Not only does he call me a fat pig everytime, but he also scratches my neck…”


“My mother doesn’t help me…”


Zhao Xixi cried while carrying a small school bag, standing on the stone beside the trash can, and digging out the trash can with the tiger cub.


She was just crying so hard, but then she suddenly forgot to cry, and asked the tiger cub: “What are you looking for?”


The tiger cub thought: “…Why is this human cub so stupid? No wonder she was always being bullied by other human cubs.”


The tiger cub hesitated for a moment, and said: “You go home, I will find it myself.”


In fact, at this time, little Xixi had already understood from the things that tiger cub was carrying in his school bag that he was looking for food.


Zhao Xixi flipped through her bag, and soon brought out a bag of bread——


“Found it!”


At this time, the tiger cub sensitively heard several human steps, and immediately rushed into the bushes.





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