Chapter 8. Resistance



So when Father Zhao came over, he saw his daughter standing in front of the trash can, holding the trash can with one hand, and holding a bag of bread in the other hand with a silly smile on her face as if she had found a great treasure.


Father Zhao rushed forward and snatched the bread from his daughter’s hand and threw it into the trash—


“Xixi, what are you doing? What are you going to do with such a dirty trash can?” Father Zhao struggled to hold his daughter not too close to him.


Little Xixi looked at the bushes where the tiger cub was before he ran away, and said, “That can still be eaten…”


Little Xixi didn’t think there was anything wrong. No one said that the contents of the trash can were not edible.


Father Zhao was stunned, feeling angry and funny at the same time: “Are you going to be a stray now? If your mother knew about this, you would have a meal of stir-fried pork with bamboo shoots!”


Little Xixi: “Fried pork with bamboo shoots is delicious!”


Father Zhao: “Bamboo shoots refer to the bamboo strips placed on our TV cabinet. The meat is your butt meat.”


Little Xixi followed the example of the former kindergarten teacher and advised in a serious tone, “…… It’s wrong to hit a child, our teacher said; if there is something wrong with the child, you say it properly, do not hit the child!”


Little Xixi didn’t dare to say this to her mother, but she knew that her father would not really hit her, so she dared to speak like that.


Father Zhao was amused by the little adult-like daughter, and said, “Is it because father came late today that you were too hungry to go through the trash can?”


Little Xixi neither said yes nor no. It’s good to be a child, when adults ask, you don’t really need to answer them.   


Father Zhao really didn’t need little Xixi to answer, and said to himself: “Dad came to pick up his baby girl as soon as he came back from a business trip. How can you not be hungry? Let’s go out to eat, Xixi, what do you want to eat?”


Little Xixi: “I want to eat…meat! Fried chicken legs!”


“Okay, let’s eat fried chicken legs!”


Father Zhao took little Xixi to wash her hands first, and then went to buy fried chicken legs.


“Is one enough?”


“Not enough!” Little Xixi said firmly.


“Okay, how about two?”


“Not enough! I want…” Little Xixi twiddled her fingers and stretched out four fingers. “I want four!”


Father Zhao looked at his daughter’s chubby little figure. “Baby, you are a girl! Just two!”


Seeing her father refuse to buy four, Little Xixi sighed like a little adult. “Well, just two.”


Soon the fried chicken legs came out. Little Xixi was placed in the child safety seat in the back seat, holding the fried chicken leg and chewing on it. Father Zhao drove in front.


After a while, Father Zhao found out that his daughter had finished eating!


This was too fast!


After nibbling, little Xixi turned on her chattering nature again.


“Dad, I made good friends at school today!”


“Boy or girl? What’s their name?”


“A Boy, and he’s called Tiger Cub.”


“Fu Tsai? Is he the boy we met on the day we signed up?”


 Little Xixi said angrily: “No! That’s the big villain!”


Father Zhao was amused by Zhao Xixi’s expression, and said, “You can’t say that about your classmate.”


Zhao Xixi was wronged, and said aggrievedly, “Anyway, it’s not that boy.”


“Okay, okay, it’s not, yes…Xixi, dad wants to tell you something.”




“Do you want a younger brother?”


“Younger brother?” Little Xixi blinked, “I don’t want a younger brother.”


Father Zhao didn’t feel surprised when he heard this answer, because children nowadays don’t like younger siblings.


But Father Zhao still asked: “Why? Isn’t it good to have a younger brother?”


“No, mother often says that I am too stupid. If I have a younger brother, she will definitely give me to the monsters to eat.” Zhao Xixi said seriously: “So I don’t want a brother.”


Father Zhao: “Your mother is joking, you are our precious daughter, how could you be given to the monster.”


Father Zhao saw his daughter pouting through the rearview mirror. Little Xixi looked very angry. Then he said, “If you have a younger brother, your younger brother can protect you when he grows up, and help you fight monsters.”


Little Xixi’s thoughts were very simple, she thought: “Then, if someone bullied me, will he help me fight them off too?”


“Of course, younger brother will protect his sister.”


Zhao Xixi smiled and her eyes curved: “Then I want my younger brother, where is my younger brother? Let’s pick up my younger brother.”   


Father Zhao was not surprised by his daughter’s change. His silly daughter was like this, and her ideas were simple.


He opened his mouth and said, “The younger brother is still in mother’s belly, he can’t come out until it’s time to. However, when he comes, he will still be young so you have to protect him, so when he grows up, he will protect you.”


Zhao Xixi thought about it, and felt it was fair and nodded: “Okay, I will protect him now.”


Upon returning home, Zhao Xixi couldn’t wait to run to her mother—


“Mom, where’s my brother?”


Mother Zhao was relieved to see her daughter so happy and said, “Your brother is in mom’s belly. Were you obedient at school today?”


 Zhao Xixi nodded: “I’m obedient!”


“I also made friends!”


“My friend is very kind to me!”


Mother Zhao felt a headache because of the little girl’s chirping voice. She fainted at the company today and realized that she was upset and irritable during this period because she was pregnant.


So she quickly called her husband back. The little girl kept chattering, and now her head hurts. She quickly said, “Xixi, mom has a headache. Can you go to the room and do your homework?”


Zhao Xixi thought for a while and asked: “Why does mom have a headache? Did you bump your head?”


Mother Zhao pressed her temples, and said impatiently: “Because you are too noisy!”


This one daughter of hers could simply equal an entire kindergarten!


When Little Xixi heard this, she covered her mouth with her little hand, and hurried to her small room.


When Zhao’s mother saw her daughter go to the room, she felt that she shouldn’t be mean to her, but fortunately, her daughter was silly and would soon forget about it in a while.


But this time it was different. Zhao Xixi was very quiet until dinner and she didn’t chatter.


Mother Zhao felt uncomfortable again. She looked at her daughter and said, “Xixi, why don’t you speak?”


Little Xixi raised her head, her eyes clear, and said with reason: “Mom has a headache, I want to be quiet.”


Mother Zhao was stunned for a moment, and was moved. Although her daughter was silly, she still knew how to care for people.


“Mom’s head doesn’t hurt anymore, do you have anything you want to say?”


Zhao Xixi really did have something to say: “Mom, will my younger brother always follow me in the future?”




“Will my younger brother be taller and stronger than me?”




“Will my brother think I’m fat?”


Mother Zhao smiled: “You still know that you are fat.”


Zhao Xixi: “I’m not fat. I’m only 40 kilograms. They say that it’s not fat if you weigh less than 100 kilograms.”


Little Xixi didn’t know where she heard it. Anyway, she was only 40 kilograms. Not fat at all.


Early the next morning, it was Father Zhao who sent Zhao Xixi to kindergarten.


Upon arriving at the entrance of the community, Zhao Xixi immediately said, “Dad, I’ll go in by myself.”


Father Zhao estimated that Zhao Xixi has been here all the time, and with so many students and kindergartens in the community, there would be no danger. So he touched Little Xixi’s head and said, “Be good, I will pick you up in the afternoon.”


Zhao Xixi, carrying her school bag, was ready to take a detour without going through the previous kindergarten, because if she passed by the previous kindergarten, she would definitely meet the bad guy again.


This was why she wanted to walk in by herself


Little Xixi was wearing a short pink coat and a small pink skirt today, which brought back the figure of a chubby penguin again.  Even though she tried to walk faster, she still looked slow to others.


It’s just that…Zhao Xixi originally wanted to change the way to the Cub Kindergarten, but the road she thought she could walk through was actually a dead end, so she could only walk back dejectedly.


However, when she came back, she found that there were many people at the entrance of the previous kindergarten.


In fact, there were always many people in front of the kindergarten, but it was always in the form of queues, not in circles like this.


Zhao Xixi was curious. She was small and had short legs. She saw through the gap in the crowd and could roughly see the big villain and the big villain’s mother in front of the kindergarten. 


The villain’s mother said furiously: “Look at my son’s face, What is this? If you don’t tell me clearly, I’ll close down your kindergarten today!”


“We send our children to you, you must at least ensure peace!!!”


Zhao Xixi saw that the big villain was crying and his face was swollen…


Zhao Xixi was so happy! So happy she’s spinning in circles!


Her face was pinched and swollen by this big villain yesterday, and now this big villain’s face is swollen!




Happy to spin in circles!


So Little Xixi ran and hopped towards the cub garden!


As soon as she arrived at the classroom, Zhao Xixi saw the tiger cub fighting with the lion cub. You hit me with your paw, and I hit you with my paw, then suddenly, they began to bite!


The tiger cub suddenly bit the neck of the lion cub and threw the lion cub out. The lion cub rolled on the ground twice, and the originally neat fur was messed up.


Tiger cub’s little milky voice followed: “You can go to your parents.”


Zhao Xixi hurriedly pulled the tiger cub. What if the lion cub’s parents come?


In Zhao Xixi’s opinion, the ranking of combat power is like this:


Big monsters were the most powerful, then adults, then little monsters, then children, and then her parents.


Because Mom and Dad can’t beat monsters, can’t beat the little monsters and can’t beat the others. Zhao Xixi thought very cleverly.


The lion cub was very angry. When he got up, he looked at the stray cub who was unwanted by his parents, and said viciously: “I want to defeat you by myself!”


The tiger cub actually breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. He was afraid that the lion cub would go back to tell his parents, so he deliberately said that.


The tiger cub leaped lightly and jumped back to his table. Zhao Xixi followed like a little tail. Because the tiger cub’s front and back tables were close to each other, Zhao Xixi got out from under his table. She leaned to tiger cub and shared today’s joy in a low voice—


“The big villain who bullied me yesterday was beaten today!”


 “He was beaten to tears! He knows how to cry too!”


Tiger Cub: “…” Of course he knows this.


Zhao Xixi was very happy: “I saw him cry just now!”


Seeing that she was so happy, the tiger cub couldn’t help but remind her with a milky voice: “It wasn’t you who beat the person to tears. When he sees you in the future, he will still beat you.”


Little human cub Xixi “…”


“You might be hit even harder.” The tiger cub didn’t lie. He had encountered a human cub being beaten by adults at home before. The human cub saw him, got up and especially beat him.


Weak, pitiful, and edible human cub Zhao Xixi: “…” 


The tiger cub was surprisingly amused to see her expression, and continued: “What will you do?”


Little Xixi hesitated and said: “I can climb over the wall and put two more stones to pass over the wall. I don’t have to walk through that kindergarten and I won’t meet him.”


Tiger cub: This kind of human cub should be bullied, he could even go and beat the human cub himself just to remind that human cubs can be defeated.


However, it didn’t seem to be of any use.


In fact, the tiger cub didn’t understand why he took the risk. Anyway, when he saw the human cub’s face with swollen cheeks yesterday, he wanted to press his claws on the human cub and bite him!


Of course, in the end, he wasn’t that ruthless. He has long understood what measure was.


The tiger cub looked at the human cub next to him with a frowning face…


If all humans were like this human cub, he would have ruled the earth a long time ago.





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