Chapter 9. Grapefruit




The more Zhao Xixi thought about it, the more she felt that the tiger cub was right. The big villain was being bullied and was in a bad mood, so he would surely bully her again.


Little Xixi looked at the tiger cub enviously, the tiger cub’s hair was about to burn from being stared at like that.


Then the tiger cub heard the human cub say—


“It would be nice if I was also a little monster.”


If she was a little monster, she wouldn’t need to be afraid.


Because all the children were afraid of monsters.


Tiger cub thought: “…Forget it.” 


Little Xixi thought about it and added: “I like your fur too.”


Tiger cub thought: “…Forget it, don’t get angry.” 


Little Xixi suddenly remembered something and reached into her pink school bag. The tiger cub saw little Xixi take out a paper bag from the innermost part of her school bag.


An old man’s head was printed on the paper bag, which was greasy with oil.


Little Xixi handed the paper bag to tiger cub: “For you, my favorite fried chicken legs!” 


Yesterday, when the hungry human cub was eating fried chicken legs, she was still thinking about her friend. Although there were clearly not enough fried chicken legs for herself, she resisted and saved one for her good friend.


The tiger cub was supposed to take it, but he didn’t for some reason, and only looked at the human cub silently.


In fact, he had never understood this human cub.


For example, he didn’t understand why the other party would cut hair lumps for him, nor did he understand why the other party would give him clothes, just like now, he didn’t understand why she wanted to give him her own food to eat.


The tiger cub has learned many things in his limited life. For example, he knew that humans were bad guys.


For another example, he knew that humans were cunning, and sometimes in order to hunt him, they would put food inside a trap, or directly poison it, so every food found in the grass and bushes could not be eaten, those completely packaged meat in the trash can could not also be eaten.


He was very smart, although no one told him, but he himself knew that he was very smart.


Because of this intelligence, he could live up to this age.


But his intelligence could not comprehend the purpose of this human cub’s behavior.


The tiger cub used his paw to slowly push back the fried chicken legs that Zhao Xixi put over, and said in a milky voice: “Why give it to me?” 


Little Xixi blinked when she heard this: “Because you are my friend, we should share with each other.”


Tiger cub: “…I don’t understand.” 


Little Xixi looked at the paper bag, swallowed, and then pushed the paper bag over. She had already eaten it yesterday, so this should be given to her friend.


The tiger cub didn’t eat breakfast this morning and was really hungry.


He thought about it, and then started eating.


The human cub next to him watched him eat, and said droolingly: “This is more delicious when it’s hot. I will buy it for you when I have money.”


Zhao Xixi remembered that she still owed a huge sum of fifty dollars, so she didn’t know when she could buy a hot fried chicken leg for her good friend.


Little Xixi saw that the tiger cub not only ate the meat, but also crunched the bones.


Zhao Xixi was dumbfounded, so amazing!


At this moment, the class bell rang, successfully interrupting the personal time of the two snackers.


Today’s teacher was different. He looked a bit fierce. For some reason, Zhao Xixi was instinctively a little scared.


The new teacher quickly introduced himself: “I will be everyone’s physical education teacher in the future.”


Zhao Xixi: “…” 


She used to have a physical education teacher. Because of her fat and short legs, she had a hard time in every physical education class.


Zhao Xixi looked at the tall trees. When she turned her head, she saw that the other classmates had already climbed up the trees according to the teacher’s instruction.


Zhao Xixi suddenly thought of something, became excited and climbed the tree hard!


Because if she learned to climb the tree, when the big villain bullies her, she would climb up the tree next to her and they could only look up at her from below.


So Zhao Xixi happily hugged the tree trunk, her chubby hands and feet began to exert strength, trying to climb up the tree like everyone else.


However, dreams were beautiful but reality was bleak, Zhao Xixi only hugged the tree and could not move any further! 


The tiger cub next to her had already rushed up to the tree, looking condescendingly at the human cub who was gnashing her teeth, inexplicably wanting to laugh.


The physical education teacher next to her could not stand it anymore. Although everyone agreed that all courses should both be taken by human cubs and monster cubs, it’s really unnecessary for human cubs to take this course.


This was already a matter of racial talent.


Human cubs were really not suitable for climbing trees.


So, the physical education teacher stretched out his hand to lift the back collar of the human cub, and threw the human cub directly onto the trunk in front.


Then he turned his head, as if he didn’t do it.


Little Xixi didn’t realize the danger of what she had just experienced, and was happily hugging the tree trunk: “I climbed up! I climbed up!”


Tiger cub after watching the whole process: “…”


Tiger cub leaped lightly and jumped directly from the tree.


Who knows who gave her the courage, little Xixi who saw this scene followed the tiger cub, and suddenly dared to jump down in a single leap.


The physical education teacher hurriedly jumped over, caught her, and put her aside.


Little Xixi acted perfectly fine, and was still asking the teacher: “Teacher, have I learned how to climb trees?”


Teacher: “…still a long way to go.” and thought that it would be nice if all human beings were like this human cub.


Little Xixi was not upset when she heard that she was still far behind. Instead, she hugged the tree trunk with her hands and feet, wanting to climb again.


“Teacher! I’m going to climb up again!” Little Xixi said happily.


The tiger cub looked up at the human cub, then curled up beside the tree, ready to sleep.


The tiger cub was particularly prone to sleeping in school because he didn’t have to worry about waking up in a cage the next day.   


The human cub clung to the tree trunk with short hands and feet, struggling to climb from her original position. However, she did not move at all.


Tiger cub heard the human cub saying: “How did I go up just then…Why can’t I go up now…”


The teacher also heard this sentence, and he actually wanted to throw the child up again.


Because… she looked really happy.


The human cub was stuck pitifully on the tree, both her hands and feet had already turned weak but she was still not able to climb, so she turned her head. “Teacher, this tree won’t let me climb…”


“Then come down,” the teacher said.


Although little Xixi was clinging to the tree with both hands and feet, there was basically no distance between her butt and the ground.


So little Xixi let go, and then fell to the ground on all fours like a turtle.


The teacher was taken aback. After all, in the eyes of all monsters, human cubs were the most vulnerable creatures.


Then he saw the little turtle turn over and say, “I’m fine, it didn’t hurt.”


It was almost a conditioned reflex. Little Xixi was very active at home, jumping up and down, and often falling down the stairs. Everytime her mother yelled at her, she would get up and say she’s fine, it didn’t hurt at all.


She was dressed thickly, and was short and fat. It didn’t really hurt when she fell.


After Zhao Xixi got up, she saw other students playing on the tree, only she still had not climbed up. Oh, there was also the tiger cub who was sleeping on the grass.


Little Xixi rubbed her eyes and felt a little tired. She thought that tiger cub was sleeping soundly, so she leaned over and slept next to tiger cub.


When the tiger cub heard a sound, he opened his eyes and saw the silly human cub next to him. He closed his eyes and continued to sleep.


Zhao Xixi followed tiger cub’s appearance, she put her hands on top of her head, then went to sleep on her stomach and slept. 


The teacher who was watching saw the human cub shrinking next to the little monster and sleeping peacefully, and felt very comfortable in his heart.


Little Xixi was obviously not so honest when she slept. She originally slept on her stomach but soon after she fell asleep, she felt uncomfortable in this posture. She turned sideways and squeezed the tiger cub beside her, successfully waking up the little monster.


When tiger cub opened his eyes, he saw the human cub with her braids all messed up and hair scattered on herthe face.


Tiger cub moved away a little, and slept on the grass nearby, not competing with the human cub.


However, after sleeping for a while, he felt that it was not as comfortable as the grass just now, so he moved back again.


The two cubs successfully slept through the physical education class, and the teacher didn’t wake them up. Afterall, the teacher was afraid of the human cub who stubbornly wanted to climb trees.


When eating at noon, Zhao Xixi hugged her two apples and gnawed on them. When she left this morning, she forgot to bring bread, so she only had two apples for lunch.


Little Xixi nibbled at the apple with a sad face and sighed, and learning what the adults on TV say, she exclaimed: “Life is so bitter!” 


In fact, she didn’t know much about it herself, she just followed the example.


The tiger cub was still eating meat in the corner, keeping his guard up at all times.


When he came back, he spit half a piece of meat on the human cub’s table.


Zhao Xixi was much closer to him now. She looked at tiger cub and saw him looking at her. This time, little Xixi suddenly understood: “Is this for me?”


Tiger cub: “Yeah.”


Little Xixi was very happy. Her friend shared something with her, of course she was happy.


“But I can’t eat raw.” Zhao Xixi still knew about this. “If you eat raw meat, you will have diarrhea.”


Tiger cub was a little regretful, but he ate the rest of the meat by himself.


So in the afternoon, little Xixi was so hungry she squeezed her belly.


Zhao Xixi touched her chubby face and said to her tablemate: “I think I’m starving and got thinner.”


The tiger cub looked at the human cub’s chubby face. Humans could really spout nonsense with eyes open.


Fortunately, the Cub Kindergarten ended early in the afternoon. After school, little Xixi walked in the community, but could not find tiger cub.


The kindergarten next door had not yet finished, and the office workers had not yet returned, so the whole community was very quiet. Little Xixi walked in the community alone.


When she walked under a tree, little Xixi saw an orange suddenly drop from above.


Zhao Xixi quickly ran over and picked it up. It was really an orange.


It’s just… Little Xixi didn’t notice that this tree was actually a grapefruit tree, with two unripe grapefruits on it.


She sat under the tree, began to peel the orange and eat. After eating an orange, she was still not full.


So little Xixi turned around and folded her hands together, “Grandpa Tree, thank you for your oranges, I will water you later…”


The tiger cub squatting on the tree thought : “…Silly. This tree has not become a spirit.”


However, the next moment, the tiger cub saw two unripe grapefruits. One of them matured quickly and fell beside the human cub. The human cub cheered and hugged the tree, and kissed it full of love…





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