Chapter 17. An unusual encounter



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When an unusual atmosphere was created over a sword, the shop owner hurried up to them and tried to stop them.


“Calm down, both of you, there are many other swords……….”


“Give up. I’m buying it as a gift to someone.” (The man)


“It’s the same for me.” (El)


When Ellea showed no signs of backing down, the man suddenly gave a relaxed smile. Ellea felt somewhat uneasy when she saw it.


“Then it can’t be helped. Owner.” (The man) 




“I’ll add ten times the original price.” (The man)


The word “ten times” stunned Ellea for a moment. Then the intent was obvious.


“Isn’t that too much?” (El)


“If it’s unfair, why don’t you pay as much as you like too?” (The man)


The man’s provocation frustrated Ellea, but she couldn’t find the words to argue. Because she did not have the money for it. She hadn’t brought much money with her because she didn’t think she could use it, and all her belongings were in the carriage.


‘If I thought it would be like this, I’d bring a little more.’


Ellea hesitated, and the man took the opportunity to snatch the dagger. Unfortunately for her, she had no choice but to watch.


In the meantime, the man paid his bill leisurely and walked out of the store, passing Ellea.


“Oh, I really like that little sword.”


Ellea looked around and didn’t see anything else that she liked, so she left the store, waiting for the next opportunity. Then, as she was about to return to the promised place, she saw a sight that made her stop dead in her tracks.


“What is that?”


Inside the alley, a large man was pushing someone against the wall and grabbing him by the chest, but the face of the person who was being grabbed was very familiar.


It was definitely the man who took the dagger she was trying to buy from the store earlier.


Ellea stopped for a moment, but soon tried to ignore him and walk past him, but the man hurriedly called her.


“Wait a minute, don’t just walk by, help me. I’m in a very dangerous situation right now.”


She stopped at his words and looked at the man. But contrary to his words, his urgent expression was nowhere to be seen. Besides, he seemed very relaxed.


It was as if he was convinced that Ellea, whom he had met for the first time today, would be able to save him.


At first, Ellea had no intention of helping him, but the big man who was grabbing the man’s chest seemed to have changed his target to her this time.


The big man threw him roughly on the floor and approached Ellea.


“Hey, it looks like you have some money there, too. If you give me everything you have, I’ll send you on your way nicely.” (The big man)


“Let him go, I think that would be good for everyone. And if it’s money, the man behind you has much more.” (El)


“So I’ll have your money and his money too.” (The big man)


Ellea didn’t want to waste any more time talking with this incorrigible man, so she said with a final warning.


“What if I don’t want to? I said clearly that I think it would be better to let it go as it is.” (El)


“Hey. Now, give me everything you have!” (The big man)


‘How dare these people roam about with such impunity? What the hell are you doing with your territory management?’


While Ellea was very annoyed, the big man approached closer. He seemed very angry because she didn’t do as he wanted.


Then, as if trying to subdue her with force, the big man reached out his hand to her. 


Avoiding it, she lifted her foot and kicked him in the shin. The strong impact made the big man stumble back quickly.


“You should go. I don’t have time for this.” (El)


Seeing her face full of annoyance, the big man jumped at her, unable to control his rising anger.


Ellea sighed at the sight of him, and instead of avoiding him, she picked up the wooden stick scattered in the alley.


Checking if it was a suitable substitute for a sword, she hit him when he was closer, precisely aiming only at his vital points.


It wouldn’t cause any major wounds because it was a stick, but the big man couldn’t touch Ellea because she only concentrated on his vital points.


It was as if she was playing with the big man like a toy.


“D*mn it!”


When the big man who still didn’t have a grasp of the situation tried to keep coming at her, Ellea decided to end it, because she was the one who would be in trouble if she kept delaying the time.


So just as the big man came at her, she dodged and tripped his feet, as expected, the big man’s body leaned forward.


Immediately, he hit the ground hard, causing him a lot of pain and agony. It didn’t matter how he felt, Ellea put her foot strongly on his back with a nonchalant expression.




“I told you to go. You’re lucky I didn’t have any other weapons.” (El)


When he was suffocated by the strong force of Ellea’s foot, the big man prayed in a hurry as if he understood the situation just now.


“Okay, I’ll go. Please forgive me.”


“Forgive you?”


“Please forgive me. I’m really sorry.”


“If you’re caught doing something like this again, there won’t be a next time. Do you understand?”


“Yes, yes, I will definitely keep that in mind.”


Ellea put her foot down when the man gave her a definite answer, he let out a ragged breath and fled without even looking back. 


Seeing that, Ellea straightened her clothes as if nothing happened and was about to leave, a voice called her from behind.


“Wait a moment.”


Ellea turned around and saw the purple-haired man she had forgotten about standing there.


‘Ah, yes. There was that man, too.’


“Thank you for saving me. You were the only person I saw that could help me.”


The look of real gratitude on his face made Ellea laugh, this time irresistibly. She couldn’t watch the man act any more.


The man looked a little perplexed when Ellea suddenly started laughing.


“Why are you laughing?”


“I can’t help but laugh.”




The man didn’t seem to know why she was laughing. Or maybe he knew all about it but pretended not to.


“I don’t know why you are pretending to be weak, but with the sword you just bought, you could have easily killed that man earlier. Stop acting, it’s not funny.” (El)


Perhaps the words were unexpected, the man’s expression froze for a moment, but he soon showed his former composure again.


“I was really scared, so I asked for help. Why do you think like that?” (The man)


“I certainly felt it when you grasped the sword at the same time earlier. It is indeed the hand of the person who knows how to hold a sword. And yet, you act like you don’t know anything, so I feel a little hypocritical.” (El)


At the word “hypocrisy,” the man laughed this time. He looked up from his slumped position and his eyes completely changed.


“It’s the same with you, isn’t it, hypocritical? I don’t know if you know that an ordinary Young Lady isn’t capable of defeating such a giant of a man.”


Ellea narrowed her eyes as even his tone changed in an instant.


”Is that your true form?” (El)


Ellea felt it at that moment. Maybe she was tangled up with someone really nasty. So she decided to leave this place as soon as possible.


“If you’re done talking, I’ll leave now. I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other again.”


As Ellea was about to turn around, the man called her again.


“One moment.”


“What is it again ……?” 


As soon as she turned around, Ellea couldn’t finish her sentence because something flew at her. And she caught it without difficulty.


“What the hell is this ……?”


“Anyway, I’m returning the favor for helping me. And I have a feeling I’ll see you again.”


“Huh? No, wait a minute.”


Despite Ellea’s call, the man only said what he wanted to say and moved away.


She watched him absentmindedly, then turned her gaze to the box in her hand.


‘What is it, that man?’


Ellea hurried to her feet, realizing that it was almost time for her appointment after defining the man as “strange”. Bandel was already waiting for her.


“I’m sorry. You’re waited a long time, haven’t you?”


“No, His Majesty is waiting for you in the carriage.”


The group left immediately as Ellea finally climbed into the carriage. She was catching her breath from her earlier incident when she heard Terban’s voice.


“What is that?”




Instead of answering, Terban pointed to the box Ellea was holding, and Ellea finally opened the box in her hand and checked it.


“This is….”


“A dagger. I’m not too surprised anymore.” (Terban) 


“Ha ha.” (El)


It was something that Ellea didn’t expect at all, so she couldn’t help but laughed.


Inside the box was the dagger, the one with which she had fought with the man earlier in the shop. 


‘Why did he give it to me when he paid a high price to take it?’


Ellea didn’t know what the man’s intentions were, but anyway, it was a good feeling to have a little sword she liked. When she held it again, it fit in her hand perfectly and felt good.


Terban watched as Ellea examined the sword closely. ‘Do you like the sword so much?’


It was surprising to see her rejoice like a child over a mere sword, when there were so many more precious things around.


But before long, a faint smile appeared on Terban’s face as he looked at her.


Even he himself didn’t know what that smile meant.


Ellea, who didn’t notice Terban and was only looking at the sword, was disturbed by the man’s last words.


“I will see you again. How can I not see you again when I’m going to the capital?”


With that thought, Ellea carefully placed the sword in its box and looked out the window.




At the same time, the man who had left Ellea hurried off somewhere. And soon, his eyes glared as if he had found his target.


“I found it.” (Purple haired man)


The purple haired man’s expression showed the joy of a beast that had found its prey.


“D*mn it, that girl. You’ll see.”  (The big man)


“I’m very curious about what you’re going to see, but you should’ve let me in.” (The purple haired man)


 The big man who was beaten by Ellea earlier turned around at the sudden interruption of the voice.


However, before he had time to check the owner of the voice, he was pulled into the alley by a strong force that pulled him back and he was immediately slammed mercilessly on the floor.


“What is it?” (The big man)


“That you don’t need to know. Oh, it’s disgusting when you think about it. I was just getting hit with nothing earlier.” (Purple haired man)


The purple haired man was grabbed helplessly earlier, but his atmosphere changed completely now.


The big man’s whole body began to tremble, especially at the deadly look in the purple haired man’s eyes as if he would kill him at any moment.



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