Chapter 23

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“But I washed my hands earlier.”


“What I meant is your hands… God damn it.”

This haughty husband of mine, clicked his tongue, and turned away annoyed. 

Ah, it’s hard, it’s so hard.

After the eventful birthday banquet, he was a little less harsh and I thought I had reached a better stage, but he was still a question mark for me.

I wish I could know what his face looked like right now.

Hmm, but this was quite an improvement.

Do you mind if I act a little bit hopeful? At least you’re not throwing sh*t at me like the first time.

“You know what?”


“Your father is back.”

“Father? Oh.”

What else were you expecting?


If it were his dog that left the house and came back, it wouldn’t get that insincere of a reaction, hah.

“Well, he was a little upset.”

“He’s always grumpy,” Izek spat out the seed and picked his way through the other fruit. He suddenly became gloomy.

I’m so scared! Why did he look like he was about to smash something with one hand?



“You’ve had a very unique expression ever since…”


“Who else is here besides you?”

“The angel of love is watching.”

Silence fell for a moment as my eyelashes fluttered, my palms resting on both my cheeks.

Izek literally gave me a soulless look.

I felt like I was going to get hit, so my hands hastily moved to cover my head.

Ah, I think I went a little too far…

“I won’t touch your head.”

“I’m sorry. Actually, your father is so angry that I don’t know what to do…”

“What did you do for father to get mad at you?”

I was genuinely speechless. Just in time, I could feel his palm tightly clutching my wrist and lowering it. I gently opened my closed eyes.

“What did he say?”

“T-That I still haven’t completed our marital obligations…”

“What obligations?”

What’s this answer, are you being sarcastic on purpose?

“It’s what we have to do to become a real couple.”

“So what is it?”

Izek looked really curious, so I was taken aback for a moment.

What is this… it can’t be… No, he was not that kind of an innocent man. There’s no way he didn’t know. Did I have to tell him that straightforwardly to make him understand?

“First night…”

“First night is… oh.”

Only then, as if he had understood, he blinked instantly and turned his head.

Why was my face burning?

Did you have to make me speak so bluntly, you cold-blooded b*stard?

I swallowed and slowly peeked at my husband’s face. Izek said nothing, rummaging through the fruits with a surprisingly indifferent face.

However, I was a little worried because it felt like there was something he was hiding, from the strange emotion in his eyes

“Of course, it’s my…”

“Nothing to worry about.”


“I don’t care what my father says.”

I see. It’s none of your business. You can say that because it’s your father, but not mine, you arrogant man!

Besides, I had a critical life-and-death crossroad in front of me.

“B-But I… “

“I don’t know why you care. I didn’t think you’d want that.”

I’d like to pay tribute to your consistent cold self.

Of course, I couldn’t argue with that, but wasn’t not wanting anything and doing my duty two different things? I couldn’t back off like this. My life and soul were at stake. My only straw was this man.

Damn it.

“I’m sorry, I knew you wouldn’t like it… but I just thought, maybe I should do everything I could to be your wife anyway. I know I’m a useless nuisance who doesn’t help anyway, but if we did it… “

I’m going crazy.

He stared at me, taking a bite out of the yellow fruit.

I didn’t know if one more word meant I was dead or if I should keep trying.

“I-I thought everyone would think I was a little useful. I mean, I have a lot to clear.”

“I told you I didn’t want to go home, I’m not lying. I really don’t want anything else. I just love you so much, that even if you’re to say you won’t look at me any more, I’ll be fine. I can’t help it… if you want to marry someone better, then it be so, but as long as it’s your choice. This time, it’s not something my family wants.”

Silence lingered for a while after the enactment of the most mournful dialogue I’d uttered ever since I came here.

Izek still just stared at me silently, chewing on the fruit. It was not unusual to see his red eyes glistening.

Was he questioning the authenticity of what I’m saying?

“I’ll never bother you. I promise you won’t lose anything. Anytime you want…”

“You don’t seem to want to go back home.”

Huh? Why are you talking about something else all of a sudden? That’s not the point.

“That’s because you’re here…”

“Is that really the only reason?”

My husband, who muttered to himself, threw the seed to the other side. The scene looked unnecessarily dramatic.

No way, this arrogant man… after how hard I’ve worked to act as a big fan all this time, does he actually doubt my fanatic nature? I gave him a birthday present even when I got humiliated.

Were my acting skills still far from enough? Wasn’t it top-class?


“Okay, good.”

He lifted himself up, shaking his hands. I snapped out of it at the moment and just looked up at him from a distance.

“You’re right. After spending the night with you, even my father-in-law can’t interfere. Are you sure you won’t regret it?”

Oh, of course!

I nodded my head three times excitedly. What a surprise, I thought I’d have to work on it for at least a few days, but I couldn’t believe he was reacting like this!

Unlike my enthusiastic response, my ascetic husband, who had got up, only kept a nonchalant face.

“Tell me now if you think you’re going to change your mind. You have only one chance to return to your hometown.”


“This is the last time. Once you’ve committed, you can’t go back. I can do anything.”

Are you warning me? Will you do something to me if I turn back later? Now that I’ve met you, I can’t go back!

If I was married to the main character of this world who can do whatever he wants, I could also do anything to live. Oh, looking at us like that, we seemed to be on the same wavelength, right?

“I will never change my mind,” a brief silence surged once again as I vowed with both fists clenched.

At first glance, the complex expression on Izek’s face, which faced me, also had a passionate pair of eyes.

“Fine then… see you tonight.”

As soon as he turned around, I raised my arms in happiness.


“Really? Is it really tonight? Oh, I’m sorry. I’m so happy… Then should I come to your bedroom? Or is it better to wait for you? I might as well go and find… ahhh!” In no time, I was once again turned into a chick in the eagle’s claw. My monster-like husband carried me like a sack in one arm and went straight to the place where the carriage was parked. He chucked me into the carriage, like he was ushering a hen into a henhouse.


“Why don’t you go and take a good nap since you won’t get any sleep tonight.”


The door slammed shut at the end of that heartless line.

Ahh, this arrogant man!

* * *

Cesare had guaranteed Izek would never touch me.

The biggest reason must be because he had been an Omerta.

I’d rather argue with my husband, beaten up and taken as hostage than getting caught and taken home by Cesare. From the start, there had only been one road. There was no other way for me. Besides, Izek told me earlier that this would be my last chance to go back home.

I didn’t know what unexpected stance I’d said, but it was clear that he had agreed to the night over and that was  a symbol that he wouldn’t let me go. Oh, hope, hope! As time passed, I got more straw.

Although there were many who hated me and I had many enemies to face in the future, it was not as bad as the first time.

I could make a way to live somehow. Once I made him believe in me…


“I’ll dry your hair, ma’am.”


It seemed that my husband had notified the house. I don’t know what he was thinking, but anyway, it was kind of weird to let the maids rush around and help me dress up.

Lucille, who got a diamond hairpin from me a while ago, especially helped out. She must have concluded that there was a lot to be extracted from me for the time being.

As for the nanny maid, who was on my list of people to watch, she was calm, as if she had never told me such a bold lie.

When she heard that I was going to spend the night, she couldn’t believe it, but she stayed quiet.

I didn’t expect Ellenia to scold the maid after her birthday banquet, but she was still so brazen that it was terrifying.

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