Chapter 24

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Her attitude was such that she gave no heed to my status. In a way, she was similar to Freya. Their confidence that no matter what happened, everyone would believe in them, and that they will never be abandoned– I wanted to shatter that confidence.

I wouldn’t have thought so if she hadn’t irked me like that in the first place.

“I’ll fill in the water. Are you fine with lemon perfumed oil?”

“Yes, thank you.”

After that, I took a bath in the water with lemon’s fragrance, combed my hair, and dressed up with light makeup and accessories. As I sat alone and patted my skirt, it suddenly felt so real.

Ah, I really looked ready- my heart started pulsating. I tried pressing my chest with my hand and it didn’t calm me down at all. I was so scared!

…What if he didn’t come?

That person with a twisted mind would definitely change his mind at the last moment. I put down my teacup, got up and approached the bed.

I even blew off the candles, but it wasn’t too dark with the fireplace burning. I wished it was darker. I crouched on the bed with my legs folded under my arms and looked out of the window. The sea was full of black waves.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Krakens below were lurking in search of food.

Heh, I wonder how Popo’s doing? If we could meet again sometime…

I should thank Freya for that. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have imagined talking to it.

God, I beg you, I sincerely beg you. Please let tonight go my way. Let my cold-hearted husband be a little less cold-hearted. Please open the way forward so that his compassion can build up enough emotion for him to trust me, be it out of interest or whatever.

“Did you fall asleep first after all that fuss?”

……Hic, I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest. He made no sound coming in, but I was probably too deep in thought anyway.

As I hurriedly stood up with my hair hanging below my waist, I could see Izek taking his place, right next to me.

The green light of the fireplace eerily shone on his enormous physique. I’d only seen him in armour or a suit before. In nothing but thin white clothing, it was as if he were naked.

I literally felt like I was losing my mind.

Oh my god. Oh my god–

The arrogant man with his arms crossed, looked down at me, and shifted his hand to sweep back his wet silver hair. Blood red eyes sparkled in the dark room.

“I don’t know much about this, but it’s obvious that the bride isn’t supposed to look like this while waiting for the bridegroom.”

I came to my senses with a jerk.

What are you doing, idiot? Are you going to ruin it?

“Oh, I’m sorry if I looked blank. I just couldn’t believe my eyes for a second.”

“Is it hard to believe?”

“Yes, it’s like a dream– to think you’re really here.”

My eyes widened eagerly, even drooling a bit with a goofy smile.

I guess you don’t feel my sincerity. Damn it.

“Well, let’s see if there’s…”



“I’ll give you one last chance again. Tell me right now if you think you’re going to change your mind. I won’t let anyone bother you just because you didn’t do the right thing with me.”

Why do you keep trying to check back and forth like that? Do you suspect that I have something else in mind? It wasn’t about anyone bothering me in the first place.

The Duke’s anger on me was nothing short of informing me of a good way.

So I clenched my fists again, flames of determination burning in my eyes, “Don’t worry, I’ll never change my mind. I would rather be happy to live as your real wife .”

Izek tilted his head a little for a moment to gauge the authenticity of what I was saying, and soon took off his robe, which he had been wearing, without a word of warning. I failed to keep a straight face and my eyeballs almost came out of their sockets. I had expected it, but his body was almost overwhelming to see in person.

The body exposed below his cold, ascetic face was too rugged.

A huge, finely defined statue-like body. Smooth-like silk, but tensed, rough muscles.


It felt like I was looking at an exotic animal; completely out of touch with this civilization, not a person. He took off his gown completely, climbed up onto the bed, slowly grabbed my shoulder and pulled me close.

My breath hitched as I swallowed.

The act itself was not frightening. Nevertheless, I could not help feeling as if I had become a chick thrown at the feet of a wild beast.

“You look scared.”

“I-I don’t know…”

“You’re shaking like I’m going to eat you now. “

I thought he was annoyed, but he was just calm, rather than blunt. He also sounded a little less harsh than usual. I tried to concentrate on the artistic aspects of his body, to get my mind together.

Broad shoulders, metal-like breasts, slim waist, strong, sculpted thighs…

It was a very sensual scene.

To the point where I felt guilty to see it in its full glory.

I struggled to smile while catching my breath.

Izek lifted me up with his heavy arm and seated me on one of his thighs. He untied my negligee gown. The thin material flowed down, exposing my shoulders.

“Relax. I’m not good at it either.”

“I-I’m not nervous…”

“Stop biting your lips. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do, and not you?”

……Look at this. Husband, are you really an ascetic? Are you sure you’re a personality wrecker? Why are you so good at this? Talent, is this what they call talent?

Doubts had sprung up, but my nerves still seemed to have eased a little.

The man who took off my robe now gathered my long hair and swept it to one side.

It was then that the body that was hugging my body stiffened.

His hand that was sweeping back my hair halted, and the sound of breathing became slower. What had happened?

“……what’s this?”

His callused finger swept around my shoulder blade. A Paladin’s vision must be on a night vision level.

I thought he wouldn’t be able to see it. Well, there’s nothing we could do about it now.

“I got hurt playing when I was a child.”

“I didn’t hear there was a scar. What did you do to get a scar like this?”

I don’t care what’s on my body, let alone the servants of this house, to tell you. Besides, I’ve been washing on my own.

“I played Circus with my brothers and cousins, and of all, the leader was the troublemaker. He wielded a whip, and in excitement, we got into an accident. I’m glad mine isn’t that visible, but my cousin has a scar on the back of her neck.”

Even though I said it cheerfully with a sigh, there was an awkward lingering feeling and silence fell.

Izek was just gazing at my back with his mouth shut.

I was nervous because there was no way to check his expression since my back was facing him.

I was about to add more, but–

He, who had been staring at my back, made me stiffen on the spot, as he suddenly moved his hand and pulled up my gown.


“What’s wrong?”


There was no reply.

Instead, Izek returned my gown to its original state and began to re-tie the strings.

I wondered what this was all about, my mind going blank.

Was it because of the scar? He didn’t want to see it?

I knew he was a bit picky…I thought he wouldn’t mind, but I guess I’d made a mistake.

The damn scars weren’t just on my shoulder blade. I had a few more behind my thighs. These were scars that could never be erased even if they healed. Even though it was possible to heal them with divinity, there was no choice but to leave a scar. It was not that thick, so I thought it would be fine. I thought….I thought it wouldn’t be a big problem if he happened to see it, but his reaction…

Or maybe scars weren’t the problem?

Did I act too frightened?

Was he annoyed by the fact that I froze and whimpered at the topic I had introduced? No, maybe he noticed I was lying.

There was no way that the Pope’s beloved daughter could get hurt like that because of children’s pranks, and that I must have been punished for doing something wrong.

Maybe that was why he didn’t want to move on…

Say something, you cold-blooded husband!

I couldn’t let go of the opportunity that came after a long time. With this determination burning, I turned around and faced him, straddling his thigh.

I slowly placed my hands on his bulky, muscular chest.

A short silence passed by.

Izek, who was watching what I was doing, finally spat out, “What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to make you lie down. Did… did I do something wrong again? I’ve made you feel bad, right?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Then, why…”

“I just thought it wasn’t my day.”

A completely serious tone.

Why all of a sudden? It’s not even Sabbath!

I expected him to push me right away, but Izek sat motionless and peered at me for a long time. In the dimly lit darkness of the room, his eyes resembling red flame, flashed with curiosity.

He seemed angry and lost in some complicated thoughts, and at the same time, mysterious.

“Anything else?”


“Is there another scar I don’t know about?”

I wanted to bang my head. It must be because of that! To find out whether I was truly playing around or making trouble as a child, so annoying. This troublesome guy!

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