Chapter 25

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What should I say? Should I be honest and say that I got punished? But what if he got mad that I just lied? As I gulped dryly, he opened his mouth again, “No, it’s already done. That’s not the point.”




He got me off his lap and picked up the clothing he had taken off. He put it on again and walked away….his body plopped on one side of the bed.


He didn’t say anything or do anything. He was just lying down with one arm across his forehead in silence, but I was scared to talk to him because of the unusual atmosphere.


Looking at the obvious outline of the man, a hint of irritation evident on my face, a cloud of gloom hung over me.


Damn it. I totally messed up again. My life and death depends on this, so what should I do now? I knew it was going too smoothly! I’m sure he was just leading me on!!


No, I couldn’t afford to be branded as a liar anymore.


I crept up on my knees and curled up next to him.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hide it. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to say… “




“I-I was so embarrassed to tell you that I was a stupid troublemaker… Hic, I’ll never do it again. I’m so hopeless. I was wrong. Next time, just, hic, just, hit me!”


Hiccups kept coming out, so like before, I tried to stuff my fingers in my mouth and hold my tongue, but he suddenly grabbed my hand. I raised my head in surprise.

“Stop talking.”




“I told you it wasn’t like that.”


His burning eyes were fixed on me. As I closed my mouth with a flinch, Izek let out a sigh.


“Come here.”


I was dragged and laid down as soon as he grabbed me.


It felt very strange to lie down with my head resting on his shoulder, grasping his iron-like forearm.


The heavy silence was disturbing.

What was this?


When I lifted my head, his eyes were busy taking me in.

Oh, our eyes met.


“I don’t know why you stop trying to breathe every time. Does that stop you from hiccuping?”


“I, hic, I thought you might have misunderstood me as a liar.”


“I hate lying very much.”




“If you were a liar, you wouldn’t be lying with me like this.”


I see, so he didn’t think I lied yet. Haa, it took ten years. Then, why did he suddenly stop?


“Well… “


“It’s not because of you. I’m just… better off another day.”


A low tone. Of course, it wasn’t soft, but it wasn’t chilly or cynical either.

Could I trust him? Will another day truly come?


Well, he’s new to this, and I didn’t want to rush him. The game has already been turned upside down, but it’ll be annoying to whine more here. It would be better to just aim for the next opportunity. Yes, today was just not the day. I’ll work hard again and make sure to have a big deal next time. Let’s not lose hope!


As I held myself together, I put my chin on his chest and fluttered my eyelashes, “Then you don’t hate me, do you?


“Are you that worried?”


What a random answer. What did he mean by that?

It was confusing, but his low-pitched voice felt somehow bitter, so I changed the subject.


“If you’re going to sleep here, do you want me to leave?”




“Can I sleep with you?”


“Do as you please.”






What’s up with you? Why are you acting so easy? Is it a trap?


It was surprising, but I shouldn’t have asked. There’s no way I could sleep peacefully by this monster’s side. I had no choice but to curl up and close my eyes tightly. How long had I been doing that? I couldn’t fall asleep, so I opened my eyes again. My husband had already fallen asleep alone, his eyelids were shut.


Even his sleeping face was so arrogant. Look at those long eyelashes. It looks like he got extensions.


For some reason, he seemed much younger than usual. Haa… if I was in Madrid, I’d be busy preparing for a job in college by now. I acted so mature that sometimes I forget that I’m still young. I gently wriggled and peeked at his hands wrapped around my body.


It was about twice the size of my hand. He’d stab me to death with this hand later. No, I would not die. I’d definitely survive. There was still hope……I let go of his hand and leaned my head gently against his firm chest. I could hear a clear thud, a strong throb of life in his steel-like body.


“You’re a fool.”


You’re the main character. You’re the main character who can do whatever he wants.

So, why do you keep hesitating?

If you were like Cesare, if you were like my family, if you were the kind of human being I’ve been living with, if you were frank enough to ask me… it would have been easier.

You wouldn’t have felt so conflicted.


“Good night…”


Good night, my twisted straw. If possible, have some good dreams about me.

The table that greeted me at breakfast was literally a feast. Seasoned reindeer meat, raw ham, rabbit stew, grilled herring and lamb sausage…


It was a carnivore’s meal itself. A person who could digest this from early morning would have been a very healthy human being.


And of course the North’s best paladin was an over-healthy fellow.


“You don’t seem to have an appetite.”


“No, I just wanted to savor this time.” I answered automatically. I felt like I was going to be in the same condition as the poor meat, so I was quick to reply.


But my ruthless husband squinted at me as if he doubted the sincerity of my words.


“You’ve been nibbling since earlier.”


“Ahaha, that’s… “


“Empty the bowl. You’re too skinny.”


Now even him… I obediently picked up the spoon and served my share of the stew. I tried my best not to look small as it was my first meal with my cold-hearted husband, but it was hard to pour greasy meat stew over a small bowl of rice.


Ah, I wanted to throw up. While I managed to empty the bowl half way, Iszek had already finished the stew and herring in a bowl much larger than mine, and was now gobbling the reindeer meat.


Being an ascetic didn’t seem to have much to do with appetite. How the heck was all that stuff going in?

“Do you want me to bring you some bread, Your Grace?”


“No. Leave it.”


While we sat alone and had breakfast, the servants waited diligently. They looked as nervous as ever, even tending to his breath. It felt different from eating with Ellenia. Ellenia was an unexpectedly generous princess.


It was clear that I had not spent the night with him, but it wasn’t too bad that I slept in one room with him, and even woke up to have breakfast together.


I honestly thought he’d have disappeared when I woke up. What was he thinking? I glanced at my husband across the table, emptying the food.


He looked daunting, dressed in black armour, and ready to take charge of the security of the city at any time, but he also felt tired and sensitive, somehow. I was the one who couldn’t sleep feeling like a chick next to a beast, so I had no clue why he looked so tired. Besides, why was his aura so brutal? Hah, he was a tough guy anyway. A haughty, twisted…


“Is the seasoning bad?”


“Oh, no.”


“Then go ahead and eat.”


Yes, I chewed the reindeer meat with tears in my eyes. There was no other option left.


“By the way.”




“Is it okay if you eat with me like this? Your father just came back… “


“I’d have an upset stomach in the morning.”


“Because of the food?”


“No. Because of him.”


I see. Did it mean that the view was so bad that he’d have a stomachache? Well, as I recalled, Izek’s relationship with his father had gone completely wrong since his mother’s suicide.


Furthermore, once Ellenia testified, Izek was not a man who just avoided the people he disliked.


My father, Cesare, and his father were together…. while Izek was the king’s favourite nephew.


The king’s missing sister. After Princess Omerta’s suicide, the antagonism between the Duke, who maintained subtle grittyness with the royal family, and Izek, the king’s favourite, was natural.


“What else are you curious about?”


Night vision wasn’t enough, he even wanted to try mind reading now? I shook my head as innocently as I could.


“I’m sorry. I suddenly thought of a silly question.”


“What is it?”


“I’ve never encountered one in the South, so… can a monster understand humans?”


After finishing the reindeer meat in an instant, he, who wolfed the lamb sausage in one bite, looked at me blankly.


Why are you so shocked? Was the question that bad?


“No. And I’m glad they can’t.”


“Oh… “


“Why ask all of a sudden?”


“I just read it in, like, a stupid novel.”


This had made it a bit clear. Either Popo was unique or I was. The latter was a matter of great care. If I could communicate with creatures other than Popo…


Izek caught me grinning like a child for a moment, only to turn his gaze away and focus on the sausage.

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