Chapter 26



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“Are you busy today?”


“A bit. What about you?”


“I…well, I’m going to write a letter to a friend.”


“Friend… who? Princess Ari?”

Huh, how did you know? No, more than that. What’s with that insignificant tone?


Yes. I don’t have any friends! The only person I play with is a six-year-old princess… damn it.

“Actually, the princess gave me a postcard.”


“If you have nothing else to do, why don’t you come to the temple at lunch?”




“They are eager to have you visit. I am also free at that time, so I can just drop by.”


I doubted my ears for a moment.

What did you just say, hubby?

(T/N: I hope y’all are fine with me writing ‘hubby’, cos ‘husband’ sounds weird sometimes xD especially if it’s her thoughts.)


“Are you… okay with that?”


“You’re the Pope’s daughter. It’s not too much for them to be anxious to meet you.”


“But, that’s…”


“You may be mistaken if you went alone, but with me, it doesn’t matter.”

That’s right. If I was the only one who frequented the temple and made friends with the priests, I would be labeled as a spy. But it was a little different if I visited with Izek. It was rather good… what was on his mind? Why would he say this, all of a sudden?


Among Elendale’s priests, there would be some part of my father and brother’s spy network. There was no way Izek didn’t know that.


Is he trying to give a warning? Don’t even think about plotting something because he’s watching me? Don’t look down on the North or something? Or was he trying to test me?




“Yes, really.”


“Really, really?”


“…finish your meal.”


Right. Ugh, my stomach was about to explode.


I heard a scream.


The cries of people in pain and fear sounded as vivid as the cries of the abyss, but the woman did not seem to be disturbed at all.


Although she could not be seen clearly in the dark, the woman who leaned on the balcony and looked at the city wrecked by her father, looked bright and joyful as if she was waiting for the moon on a peaceful summer night.


A man slowly approached her from behind, holding a bloody sword instead of a bouquet of flowers.


The appearance of the balcony and the surrounding scenery seemed familiar to me. Was it a dream? Was I dreaming?

‘You’re here.’




‘I knew you’d come like this. It was worth the effort dressing up.’


The man didn’t say anything. He only looked silently at the woman who looked back at himself and smiled. Finally, a voice as painful and mournful as that of the wounded beast spoke up, ‘I’ve already let go of the expectation that I’ll hear an answer.’




‘What’s the reason?’


‘Do I have to tell you that?’


The woman shrugged her hands and smiled like a fool. It was a smile that made it look like she was crying, even though her lips were arched upwards.


The man clenched his teeth, ‘Stop making excuses that you couldn’t help it. You could have made a different choice.’


‘Yes, I could have made a different choice. I could’ve told you, I could’ve betrayed my family. But this is my choice.’


‘Is it your choice to make me slaughter the priests? Are you that confident that my blade would avoid you?’

‘You still don’t know? I’m not the kind of person who falls for such illusions.’




‘You already know that. I know, you probably noticed.’


Her eyes were bloodshot.


As if to warn him, a sign of denial.


Either way, she came close to him with a strange smile.


“My brother, who was running around in circles, decided to kill Omerta’s princess because of this marriage. Isn’t that weird? Hmm? If he was just trying to break up a marriage, that’s too reckless and stupid, isn’t it?’


‘Stop ……’

‘I’m just saying this to make it hurt a bit. It was a little difficult to proceed with the marriage, but not to the point that he needs to kill her. Do you understand what I mean?’




‘I’m the one who killed your sister. Not my family, but me.’


What kind of horrible conversation was this?


During a long, heavy silence, I was worried that the man might just plunge the sword into her body. But that didn’t happen.


‘Why…Why the hell would you do that…’


Contrary to expectations, his low-pitched voice didn’t have emotions such as anger or hatred.


It just sounded miserable. An indescribably terrifying one.


The woman’s voice in response was as cheerful as ever.


‘Well, I don’t know. Why the hell did I do that? It wasn’t that I hated your sister.’




‘Well, come to think of it, I think I wanted you to come after me like this.’


‘…Did you steal the Holy Grail too?’

‘Oh no, I got caught. Hah, who else can steal it and use it to get to you? Right?’


She added with a smirk and pulled out a bundle of papers from her clothes.


He was just staring at it silently.


‘These are marriage cancellation papers. I haven’t signed it yet. So, we’re still a couple.’




‘Let me act as your wife for the last time. It’s a little late, but take it as a newlywed gift.’


‘A couple.’


He laughed.


It was hard to tell whether he was laughing or crying.


‘In the meantime, all we’ve done is harass, misunderstand and fight with each other. You killed my family and I came to the point of killing your family, but you still call us a couple?’


‘Idiot, that’s proof that we’re a real couple.’


Teasing him, she spread her arms as if pointing over the balcony. Towards the burning city.

‘Look at this splendid fight between a couple. Haa. Every day, I dreamt of when this damn place would turn into a sea of blood, and you’ve made my wish come true in the blink of an eye. In return, I will present you with this city. The position of the next pope or whatever, is in your hands.’


There was silence.


As she stepped forward slowly in the heavy silence, her hands gently reached out and grabbed the blade of a blood-soaked sword. She pointed it close to her chest. The man didn’t budge. He didn’t push her away or move the sword.


‘You’re driving me crazy until the very end.’




‘Is it my fault for not trusting you? Tell me, did you intend to do this from the beginning?’


‘I’m sorry.’




‘I’m so sorry to make you do this. Don’t ever forgive me.’




He stopped talking and held his breath. As if it were painful to say even one more word.


‘I could have done something. If you hadn’t done that, I’d…’


She smiled again.


Warm and bright, like someone who had heard a desperate confession of love.


‘There’s no other way for me anyway. Even if you tried to protect me, my family’s enemies would try to retaliate against me. And I-I’d test you this way every time. No matter how hard you try, you wouldn’t trust me. Look, I ended up killing your sister.’




‘God knows what else I’ll do in the future. I’ve tested your mind, tested your patience, and you’ve confirmed with your own eyes that I’ll continue to do crazy things to make sure I’m on my way to the end of hell. It’s best to end it like this… so please– don’t hesitate.’


“…Ruby. Ruby?”




I leapt to my feet, startled by the gentle shake of my shoulder. As I tried to regain my half-asleep mind and rubbed my eyes with my hands, I could see Ellenia looking perplexed for some reason.


“Are you alright?”


“Oh, yes, but where… “


“This is Ruby’s bedroom.”


Oh, right. I had no idea what I was thinking. Maybe it was because I couldn’t sleep all night, but I was so tired that I lied down for a while.


Huu, I slept deeply for a moment. It was like I had a really complicated dream.


“I guess you didn’t sleep well last night.”


“Ah, yes… “


How many people could lie next to a monster and sleep well? By the way, what time was it now?


“Now… “


“I heard you’re going out for lunch. I think you have to get ready. Are you alright?”


“I’m fine. I was just a little tired and lying down for a while.”


I couldn’t waste a chance I didn’t have in a while. I didn’t know what kind of sign my ruthless husband was trying to show, but I will present the same old image. Trying to test me would be of no use to him.


Ellenia, who was sitting gracefully and looking at me, soon changed the subject.


“A letter has arrived from Romagna.”




“It was sent by Cardinal Valentino. I thought I’d better hand it over to you, so I brought it here.”


“Thank you, Ellen.”


It was a thoughtful act. Did she think someone might try to steal it? Not only the servants, but also the whole family monitored my mail. It wasn’t strange to do that. Especially if it was from Cesare.


Hah, Cesare’s letter made me feel depressed even before I opened it.


I was worried about replying. Less content was an issue, and so was more content. He was so difficult to please that it was a problem if I lacked in writing or went over the top.

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