Chapter 1 Part 1

Reincarnated as Duke’s daughter (1.1)


  • There is nothing we can do now.


Under the doctor’s painful breaths,  I can hear my parents sobbing and regrettable voices nearby. 

I wanted to ask them what was wrong with me? But I seem out of breath as no word can’t get out.

Am I going to die? Me? 

I only lived for 18 years… 

Not to mention half of my life was spent on a hospital bed.. 

No.. I still haven’t done anything yet..

Just die like this… I can’t… IF I COULD PLEASE LET ME BE BORN AGAIN!!! 

Yeah, I will definitely be reborn again! 

~~~ I gathered my last strength and screamed out to the sky.. 



—• Alicia 0 years old •—



  • Oh, my Alicia, what’s wrong?

I can hear a really gentle voice, my body somehow carefully kindly wrapped around. 

  • Are you hungry? Maybe it’s time for milk? 
  • Yes, it’s already 1 o’clock madam. 
  • Really? What about diapers? Can you check it for me Kate? 

After hearing that, I was handed over to someone else and my diaper got changed. As I feel the unpleasant sensation of her touches, I feel so embarrassed that I want to rage but then realize that it’s no use.


So that’s it!! The I! Successfully reincarnated!!!


Humans do make a wish in one’s last moment. As I just ended my life at 18, I got immediately reborn as a baby, the more I think the more incredible this can get. It is really happening but sounds so unreal at the same time. That is because even if I want to move I can’t, I don’t even cry, the only sound I could make is “hya ~”. Maybe this is the world of Giants and I am their baby? But why can’t I see anything? How am I supposed to know the surroundings?

Oh well, it is normal for newborns to not be able to see yet. I guess I can eventually. 


By the way, it seems that this is not Japan. 

At first I couldn’t understand their language, but after 3 days I came to understand because somehow it got magically translated inside my head. 

As expected of a baby’s potential. 


The civilized society system seems similar to Japan in recent periods, maybe way before? I thought that this world is identical to Europe in the mid Century but they use gas,electricity and have a water supply system here, I can even hear the sound of vacuum cleaning sometimes. But people addressed my father the Duke, and mi’ lady to me. Maybe British-society where they still practice aristocracy? Just what you can expect of the Duke’s house, I can tell there are a lot of workers around. But only five are taking care of me, most of the time mother would be the one looking after me. 

It’s not bad because it is true that I am loved, especially my father. He would come and hug me straight away after getting off from work. 

Just like that my new life begins! 

In my previous life, even breathing was painful, it was so bad that I couldn’t even think of getting out of bed. I hope I will be able to play a lot this time. 

With this in mind, I did my best to grow up everyday by exercising my legs and always taking milk. 

I was busy being a baby for 3 months, and then for the 1st time after I reborned, something unexpected came. 



  • Are you telling the truth?

Mother sobbing wakes me up, I tried to ask her what’s wrong but.. 

  • ba bu bu.. 
  • Alicia, my pitiful daughter… 
  • Alicia.. 

Mother hugs me and cries while father strokes my face gently. 

Someone please tell me what is going on?

As they tightly hold both of my hands, I hear a different voice belongs to an older man inside the room. 

  • my deepest apologies, but lady Alicia will never be able to see. She’s congenital blind I am afraid. 
  • … eh? 

I thought I’m collecting myself right now but it seems my mind is not listening to me. Maybe it’s just my imagination that I am clearly able to say ‘E’ clearly.

So.. I can’t see… 

Everything makes sense now. It was weird I couldn’t see anything even after 3 months.. Mother and Father were really worried about me. But no one would expect me to really be blind.. Suffered from Asthma before and be blind this time?? 

Are you kidding me God? Why are you so cruel to me? 


  • Doctor, magic, can you use magic to cure her eyes? 
  • To fix a congenital blindness with magic, a case like this never happened before. We can try, however it will be difficult and dangerous for her. 
  • How can it be… 
  • Also I am sorry to say this but the young miss might not be able to withstand magic from now on. 
  • Honey, you are scaring Alicia. 

As father loses his temper, the doctor says no more and the room becomes so quiet for a while. I was reborn to a fantasy world where magic exists, and I have incurable blindness. too much for me. 

So… this is not England..a totally different world world.. I can’t even see it… 

It’s like something hard and big bangs my head really hard. While still dealing with the shock, i could hear mother’s voice full heartedly asking me:

  • Alicia baby, What’s wrong?
  • u-u-u-Waaaa–!!

  Mother’s voice was so kind and warm that I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore and just let it overflow. It was the first time after being born for me to be loud like this. Inside me boiling and burning were the anxiety of not knowing this unknown magic world and disappointed feelings from the shock. Hearing mother and father talking, I could not suppress anymore, these painful feelings just wanted to explode, I cried as if it was the only thing I could do to express my sadness. 


They waited until my crying calmed down then continued with the conversation.

  • Will Alicia be okay? This is the first time for her to cry like this..
  • Me too, I was really surprised.  Maybe she just got tired. I don’t think there is anything to be worried about, Anne-marie.
  • But to let Alicia become like this..
  • ..It’s not your fault that Alicia is blind. I thought something was off, I should have got her examined right after that but her beautiful eyes are so beautiful that no one would ever think that it is blind…. I let my guard down…
  • I am the same. Magic cannot cure it… How can she survive out there from now on? I would not be able to live without magic.. This is too cruel to her because she cannot even withstand any magic….
  • Aa, You are right. But everything will be okay. I’m going to do research on therapy magic, life magic and discuss our daughter’s matters with the Head mages and acquaintance Magician to get some clues Anne-marie.
  • I am counting on you Stephen.
  • However, until we get some results, let’s keep the existence of magic a secret from her. She is already suffering from blindness. I don’t want her to be more pitiful to learn that she cannot withstand magic like everybody else.  It was our fault so let’s do our best to support her. Alicia is our daughter.
  • For Alicia I can do everything, Dear. 


What are they talking about? Life magic? Therapy magic? I don’t understand..

However, for sure that mother and father will do their best to support me and give me lots of love in return. I can feel it..


As I feel relieved, I eventually drift off to sleep.


—• Alicia 3 years old •—


3 years passed after that destiny day. 

I am 3 years old now. Besides that I can’t see, I am very healthy. After that I decided to give up on being upset and rather to enjoy my life right now.

  • Mom~my.. Wer r u~!! ( mommy, where are you? )


It would be a problem if everyone knows I have memories from the past, so in the meantime I need to pretend to be a baby. A little bit of a smart baby that speaks well?

Even though I couldn’t see, I have not faced any problem at all living here at the Duke’s house for 3 years. If I make a mistake and fall, someone will definitely come over and help me up. Maybe they put a civilian camera on me?

I remembered the way to Mother’s room by touching the wall. With the feets of a child, I got tired quickly.

  • Mommy..?

Just as I opened the door, the servant made a sound and I could hear my mother’s voice after that.

  • Oh my, Alicia! What’s wrong? It’s not playtime with mommy now isn’t it?! You have to keep your promise dear.

Mother kindly reminded me then gave me a hug. 

  • I m shorry.. Mommy. ( i’m sorry mommy)

Mother made a sound then hugged me more tightly. She kept gently stroking my hair and  hugging me again. Hi hi, mother is really kind afterall. I love you so much. 

From the sound of my voice, I guess I’m not really far from my previous life’s age. After spending 3 years here, I like my parents as the way they are. 

  • Why are you looking for Alicia?
  • Act..tualy… I wa to tra to go ou.tshai. I wa to pun ou.tshai ( Actually, I want to try to go outside. I want to play outside! )

Mother looked at my dazzling innocent smile, but somehow felt down about it.

That’s right. Mother and father became so careful and more anxious after knowing I was blind. That’s why they arranged to have people around me all the time. If I want something they would give me that right away. Normally I would spend my time in my room, but never I step a foot outside.   

It is normal for them to be protective of me. I am blind you know? But I can still feel the wind and smell flowers without being able to see right? 

  • So what are you going to do outside?

I nodded. People wouldn’t think about going outside if they were born blind. However, I can’t help but want to.

I can imagine it. I know the sun, the moon, flowers and the wind. Everything. 

Just having thought of laying down under the sun while surrounded by the flower field would make me happy. 

  • I an to toc th flower.. And pley wid sun. ( i want to touch the flower, and play with sand. ) – I said.

Would it be difficult to understand the shape without seeing it? I learnt about how the blind people’s life works before from my previous life so I will be okay.  Let’s try to say the name of the flower from the book they read to me yesterday. 

  • I want to touch cosmos and tulips flowers!
  • Ku hu ku. Is that so? I understand. Then let’s go out together then.

Receiving mother’s permission, I hurriedly put down the hat. 

I thought I would never be allowed out of their love for me but I guess I was wrong. In my past life, I couldn’t even move my finger while suffering from the pain every minute.

 I finally get a healthy body, I want to do the things I can never do before. 

While thinking about it, I dashed to the garden and it was for the first time in both of my life that I could feel grass. 

Mother soon left after giving me to the nanny and asked her to dress me warmly and look after me while I played. But the thing she made me wear was so fluffy and thick that I could not possibly move freely. Mother then came back to see me.

  • Are you finished? Oh my you look really cute Alicia!!

Despite mother’s compliment, the clothes just keep making sound while holding my body back as I walk. My breath became heavy and the asthma trauma from my previous life came back.

  • Mommy… Iz heavy ( Mommy it’s heavy…)

As soon as I give up, mother gives me a pat on the shoulder. Feeling sorry for me, her smile also disappeared. Then she pulled me in and hugged me.

  • Let’s have a walk with Daddy today, Alicia. – Father said while carefully stroking my cheek.
  • Are you okay leaving work behind?
  • How can I possibly miss my dearest daughter’s first walk outside!?   

As a result, they ended up hugging me through the whole walk. I wanted to run so bad, but in the end I couldn’t even move one of my legs.

It was disappointing but nothing could help it.

The wind was cold, so it was impossible to smell any flower.

As I feel the wind, I know that the coldest seems to be similar to the North. ( She means it was so cold like in Hokkaido). At that moment I remembered a new word.

  • I hate the cold.


 I became so sad after the first walk. Looking at me, my parents tried to invite me to a walk many times. But I told them “I don’t want to! I hate it<(`^´)>” and refuse them every time. But they only got delighted over my refusal and kept telling me how adorable I was after that.


Alicia: The blind young lady who remember her past life. A really bright and positive person. After reincarnated, she might as well try to enjoy her new life.

Karl: the fifth prince and Alicia’s fiancé. He is deeply in love with Alicia and always thinks about her. He never shows her that he has a dark side…

Anne-Marie and Stephen: Alicia’s parents. They love her unconditionally.

Kate: Alicia’s only maid. She takes care of her since young age.

Emilia: a friend of Karl from school, the daughter of up and coming baron. The presentative of the house, and supported by students and citizens.

Erick: Karl’s best friend from school, The Knight Captain’s son. A hard working person with sword and magic training.

Carlisle: Karl’s best friend from school. A Duke’s eldest son, Alicia’s cousin. He may looks flirty, but a serious type. Karl is always aware of him.



I am not perfect in English but I hope everyone will come to enjoy this new novel! Due to the length I will have to split the chapter in half. 

Have fun reading ヽ(○´w`○)ノ. Donation is appreciated.

~ Heavonbaecon~





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