Chapter 1 part 2


—• Father’s request •—


Stephen, Alicia’s father, thinks his daughter is beyond adorable.

His wife, Anne-Marie, finally gave birth to Alicia. Due to her being frail, they decided to have only one daughter. Of course, he was shocked when he knew that Alicia was blind, but it doesn’t change how much he loves her. No, you can say he loves her even more than before.


He thought it would be fine to use magic to cure Alicia, but he only ended up with no results even after consulting many famous Mages and Magicians. At one time he became really disappointed, but to think that Alicia would be able to use magic one day gives him hope to continue.


Therapy magic is considered to be difficult for its complexity, perfecting it may be hard but with good practice, you would be able to frequently use it in daily use. However, it requires high-class knowledge and great imagination to perform this kind of magic which for Alicia, who is unable to just imagine a normal object, would have zero chance to succeed. Nevertheless, if he gives up right now Alicia will only get hurt in the future. So he tries his best to give her the education she needs.


From that day, he worked day after day on an education plan just for her. The plan turned out to be really excellent but unusual at the same time. When you are blind, it would take a long time to understand and grasp the general idea of things like shapes or colors. But Alicia quickly understood everything just like she already knew about it from the start. She speaks really well at the age of 3, if she wasn’t blind you could call her a genius.



Furthermore, that unforgettable sight…

His daughter’s figure comes to his mind.

Alicia inherited the beautiful features from her mother Anne-Marie who was considered as the flower of high society. But her close to silver platinum blond silky hair, and purple pupils shine brightly like gems resemble him. It is obvious that she will grow beautifully just by looking at her cuteness now.


In addition, Alicia is the daughter of one of the five powerful Duke’s households in the continent. Despite being blind, a lot of marriage proposals, even from the Royals, were sent to their house. However all were refused because Stephen couldn’t handle the idea of having his adorable daughter getting married. Joking aside, he realizes that there will be people who want to use these marriages for their own greed. To ensure her future, Stephen needs to be more careful in choosing the right groom.




—• Alicia 5 years old •—




(From now on Alicia changes her way in calling her parents)




Wa~~!!! The wind feels so good!!!

I finally turned 5 years old!

A lot of things happened. Daddy created himself a dot board to help me read, a system quite similar to the braille’s one from my previous life, and arranged it around the Duke’s garden.


Thanks to daddy I can now run alone with ease.


However, he believes that it will be dangerous for me to go alone, so every time I want to play I need to bring at least one maid. I guess his worrisome part still hasn’t changed.


Right now, outside with the maid, I can feel the warmness of the sun on my body and how fresh the wind is outside the garden. Just as I was going to lean forward, Kate- the maid called out and stopped me:

My lady, should we go back inside?

No, I want to walk a little more. Can I go to the open lawn?

I walked for an hour but my body still has a lot of stamina. Looking at my energetic-self, Kate finally sighs and agrees.

Oka-y my lady.




Lawn open space is a place created for Alicia, a rope was tied between the trees through the whole garden to mark her path for running exercise. Even without being able to see, Alicia can run at full speed just by holding the rope.

I quickly grab the rope and wave for Kate.

It’s okay now my lady.

Thank you! Off I go!!


I use all the strength I have and run forward.

Saying this place was arranged for me, the place is still inside the Duke’s house garden. From the start to the end, this place feels like it would be around 100 meters long?

Wa-! So fast!!

As my breath gets heavier, I try to focus more on how good it feels by enjoying the smell of nature. Compared to all the pains caused by Asthma, this could not get any better. I always run to the marked endline tree, then run back to Kate and repeat it some more times. If I get tired, I will just take a break until I get better under any tree. The route is really secure and safe for me.

Are you satisfied my lady?

Yes, Kate. It was fun, thank you.

As I am still tired from the run, I can feel Kate kindly speaking from over my head. I’m already 5 years old, I will need to learn more about society and manners with a selected tutor coming over. By then I won’t have free time to play anymore

You’re getting dirt on, my Lady. rather i will get troubled.

I can hear Kate’s whisper clearly. With being blind, my other senses become more sensitive. Especially sounds, I can hear even the tiniest one.



At that moment, small sounds can be heard at the end of the open Lawn..

It seems Kates hasn’t noticed yet, as I quickly get my ears up, the sounds continue to come towards this way. Something is moving.



As I loudly raised my voice, the boy did the same.


M,,My deepest apology!!!!

Why is he speaking with that bossy voice to me? Kate comes close and holds the surprised me tight while being told off.

Kate, what’s wrong?

HEY! SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!! Do you know this is the Royal’s garden?

E? But this is the Duke’s garden.

The boy was arrogantly speaking and it sounded so cheeky that I decided to talk back.

The Duke house?

Yes. Daddy told me this forest belongs to our territory. If you are talking about The Royal’s garden then it’s the one a little bit further over there.

….HEY!! Is it true?




The boy seemed to ask someone who finally catched up to him from behind.

Father also told me that this was the Royal distance route that was made not too long ago. Is it understandable for him not knowing the dividing line ..?

After having a conversation, he then spoke in an arrogant manner.




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