Chapter 2 part 1



You were right, Let’s go!


As he said that and turned around, I got irritated.

Wait! You have to apologize for the rude things you said to me!! You were wrong in the first place!!

What!? Don’t you know who I am?

Nope! Say it yourself!

What an arrogant girl! You should look at the subject and talk!!

I’m blind! How am I going to see you?

What!? –

The boy seemed really shaken by my answer. His servant who is standing next to him quickly utters.

Your highness, I believe this young lady is the Holsten Duke house’s princess.

..Ah ah! Now you mentioned I remember hearing it before. So you are the Duke’s excellent property!

Excellent property?

What? You don’t know!? Everyone is talking about this at the castle like taking in the blind girl is really a good bargain. But I don’t really get what is good tho.



His servant becomes frustrated as he tries to stop the boy from losing more of his dignity. He surely does not understand what he just said, however thanks to him I learned how outsiders look at me for the first time..

I see… It makes sense.

As I seemed to agree, his servant spoke in panic.

My deepest apology! It is an honor to greet you the princess of the Holsten’s house. My name is Cloud, the servant of the fifth prince, his highness Karl Sarnine. I present you in his stead the most sincere apology for what his Highness just said as it was rude to the princess..

Even if I cannot see, I can somehow know that he is kneeling down on the ground. Maybe behind the prince’s back?

Hm! She’s blind so can’t help. I forgive your rudeness.



I read in a book about the princes in my previous life before, and this prince is so unyielding which is far different from what I expected, that it makes me confused.

It’s okay now. My name is Alicia Holsten. I’m five. And you?

.. It’s Karl. So we are the same age.

I realized that he somewhat became awkward so I gave him my best smile.

Why don’t we play together since you are already here?

You cannot see. How are you going to play?

I can.. run? Look, I’m gonna go first!

I took the rope as I answered back to him . I can clearly hear his yelling “That’s unfair!” from waaay far behind.

The one who can reach the endline first will be the winner!

You..!! WAIT!!

Aha ha! Not a chance!


Like that I played with the prince over and over again. This is my first time hanging out with someone the same age as me that I think I got a little bit over myself. However this is not bad at all.

Haa! I won again!

You.. How can you be so fast!!

We sat down under the tree, while I was smilingly feeling satisfied, the prince seemed to still be out of breath and struggling to speak.

That’s because I run here every day. How about you, your highness?

Karl is fine. For me running is at the sword practice field..

Then I will call you Karl. I heard from Daddy that there is a huge distance from the Royal Castle to here. It must have been hard for you to come here with children’s legs.

He seemed to mumble something that I couldn’t get.


I’m skipping lessons so I came here!! – he yelled.


Yeah. Studying history is rea~lly boring. I prefer Sword lessons instead..

Isn’t it great!? Even if I want to, I cannot read books because of my eyes! I am jealous!!


I am saying the truth! I will start Etiquettes’ lessons soon. But what I really want to learn is not that!

Karl looked at me as I tightly squeezed my hands, my eyes shining, he replied in a really small voice.

If… If you want to know about something,.. I can teach you..


I will go and study about what you want to learn! Then I will tell you about it again here.


Yeah! It can’t be helped!! You cannot read any books right!?


I got so happy and smiled at him.

You can call me Alicia! I am really happy!! Thank you, Karl!!



..A..Alicia.. Can I ask you one thing?


You.. Is it true that you can’t see?

Yeah. I can’t see a thing.

Can I?

After he said that, both his hands touched my cheeks then held my face close to his.

How can these beautiful eyes..

Karl sounded really disappointed in my eyes.

Don’t say that! I can still have fun you know? I always feel like I’m on an adventure in my room, and it is fun to imagine a lot of things! – I answered him back with the most energetic voice then gave him a smile.


Karl suddenly got up in a hurry.

What’s wrong?

I’m.. going back! Can you come here tomorrow?

Yeah? It is fine if I come around this time.

I got it. You want to know about history? Right?

For now, yes.

Then see you tomorrow!



After saying our goodbyes, Karl took Cloud and quickly walked out from our garden, heading back to the Royal’s castle. As I felt him go, a voice suddenly came up behind me.

Mi’lady, How about you work more on your way of speaking?

Turns out she listened to our conversation, Kate was quite astonished at the way I addressed the Prince. She holds out her hand for me to get up.

Was I really rude?

Yes you were. This time is alright because his highness forgave you but if the other party is a difficult one then you would be in trouble.

E?!~ I am only 5 years old.

Even so.

I understand~

Me and Kate decided to return to the building, we talked a little bit on the way back. Just thinking about the fact that I can hang out with Karl tomorrow makes me excited.

It is better for children to play with children like themselves.


From that day, at the same place, Karl and I hung out to talk about the contents of the books, chat about the outside and run together. The two of us spent time together like that everyday.


—• Alicia 7 years old •—


A lot happened and I turned 7 this year.

Besides meeting Karl once every 3 days at the Lawn, taking classes in the morning with private tutors became the main activity on my schedule.

—- and it became like that. Mi’lady, are you listening?

Oh! I’m sorry, because the flowers smell so good so…

I could smell the flowers coming in from the window, it smells so sweet that I lost focus on the lesson. After days of frigid walking, I had a dream of myself taking a walk in a field full of beautiful flowers. When I woke up I could feel spring finally coming, that is the reason why I became so fond of its smell.

Well, I think it’s enough for today. Please pay more attention to lessons from tomorrow Mi’lady.


After saying that, my tutor left the room.


Now that I can think of, this world and my previous life are equivalent, maybe this world is more developed in civilization’s aspect? In my previous life, when I muttered “stop recording” to a voice recorder, I had to find the device on the table and pick it up then press it to stop. But the voice recorder here doesn’t have a button, it has the shape of a small rock that you can find everywhere and has a really smooth texture. However it records when I told it so, and repeats the recorded lesson when I want it to. I have been taking notes by recording it with this device and this recorder never has a memory problem. Isn’t this awesome? So the technology has progressed to this stage. Could it be magic?


When I was a baby, I overheard my parents saying something about magic, and they will do everything they can to protect me, as a result the existence of magic was kept as a secret from me. But I could not imagine what magic would be like, so I had some thoughts that it might feel like this, but I would give up because I couldn’t understand the concept. Of course I did think of asking my parents or other servants, but they would just brush it off without telling me anything right!? They said it would be better for me if I didn’t know anything. It is not like I blame them for that. Well, It’s convenient so I will just continue using it.


“Someone please come”


If I just mutter like that inside the room, the maid will definitely come.

I thought that this was really strange. Maybe they set up security cameras all over the house to make sure I can be taken care of right away? I don’t mind being observed, without being able to see, I can’t do a lot of things so this is really helpful.

Do you need anything Mi’lady?

A, It’s you Kate! I’m glad. Can you tell Mother that I finished my lesson? I want to have lunch with her. – I asked Kate to give mommy my message.

Kate has always taken care of me even when I was a baby, so I know immediately how her voice sounds. It would be a waste to eat by yourself in a room full of flower smells. In this world, it seems that it is normal for everyone in the family to spent their breakfast together but lunch and dinner alone.

I understand. Would you like to have your lunch here?

The flowers smell really nice. I will have it outside the terrace.

I will prepare it right away.

After I could hear a “bang” sound, Kate left the room. Right after that I could sense the presence of a person in front of the door.

Hello, Who are~ you?

You caught your father! I was going to surprise you! – Daddy happily replied to me.

I can immediately recognize daddy by his footsteps.

So it is you after all Father!

As I smiled at he laughed and raised my hand, I can feel my hand gently being taken by him.

Would it be possible for me to escort my precious princess to the terrace?

I then grab my hands over his shoulder and smile.

It would be my pleasure if you escorted me like this!

As I turned 7, I learned many different things, but the thing that I am blind and my never-ending love of my parents are the 2 things that have not changed. Of course, there were times that I got really desperate and lonely as only this darkness exists. But their love saved me and supported me throughout those hard times that I can’t thank them enough.

That’s why I have come to love them as my parents.


We arrived in front of the terrace. When the maid opened the door and we stepped outside, the smell of all the flowers softly blended into a fragrance which gave off feelings of relief, flowing through the wind.


Daddy put me down, then I headed over to the place the fragrant can be smelled the most. When I raised my hand I got hugged.

Are you feeling okay my sweet daughter?

Yes! I got here while hugging father!

Fu fu! You are a lady now. It is unacceptable if you are not escorted walking. Stephen, You too!

‘RO~GER’ – both me and daddy answered at the same time.

I am really happy.

After spending lunch with my parents, I headed over to the Lawn to hang out.




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