Chapter 2 part 2


I have been meeting Karl from the age of 5. When he comes, he always brings delicious sweets, interesting books and sometimes a really good story to tell me.

We would take a run then sit down at the endline and start our conversation every time.

Sometime ago, I heard from Cloud that Karl started to be more serious about his studies because of what I said to him. It was really emotional. I’m glad that Karl is doing his best.


We walked a bit, then from close distance Kate’s voice was gently calling me.

Lady Alicia, his highness is here!

A! Alicia!

Karl is calling me over. After I heard his call, I left Kate’s hand and grabbed the rope then ran forward. As I held out my hand while running, Karl caught it.

Greetings! Karl!

Greetings, You are later than usual Alicia.

He sounded a little bit upset. I must have made him wait for too long.

You must be tired from waiting. I’m sorry. I just had lunch with my mother and father so I could not come earlier.

As I apologize, I put both hands over my chest and put my head down.

Karl then lightly touched my shoulder, cougheds and replied.

It’s okay, It’s my fault to come so early. Don’t worry about it.

We both laughed off then Karl escorted me back to the rope.

I am not going to lose today!

Me too!





Our race began as usual. Lately Karl has been the one winning, I think the number would cover most of the losses from when we were 5. However, I arrived at the finish a little earlier today.



Hurray!! I won!

A..Alicia!!!! DON’T MOVE!!

As I was going to claim my victory to Karl, he suddenly shouted with an aggressive voice and I got so surprised that I couldn’t move.





It can be helped.. I will use magic..

Yes!! I will support you!


I couldn’t figure out what the two were doing over there, I was roaming around without any specific reason.


Hey! What is it?


I didn’t grasp the situation but nodded my head.





I ran. Ran towards where his voice was. Without the help of the rope or Kate, I believed Karl would be there to help me. Suddenly a really big burst sound could be heard, following that was the scream of some kind of beast. As I ran over Karl’ place, then when I got closer he pulled me strongly and held me tightly, more than usual.


Haa.. I am okay! How about you Karl? And Cloud? And Kate? Is everyone okay?

I use attack magic to stop it so don’t worry. It’s okay now.

I’m glad then.


I was relieved with Karl’s answer but he was still holding me. He seems to tremble a little bit. We kept hugging each other until Karl released me. I tapped lightly on his shoulder and tried to talk.

Karl. It’s okay now.

I know.. I know.. But.. You… Alicia… Alicia… you just…


I could hear his tears dropping down.

Are you crying Karl?

No! no, I’m not.. It’s just.. my heart just stopped for a moment..

Why is that?

As I dropped my head, Karl took my hand and held it tightly.

Alicia! I thought I understood how hard it is for you to suffer from blindness. But,.. you were without any sense of danger running towards the wolf while smiling…

What? I was?

You may not understand but.. That moment was so horrified that no words can describe it…! I’m.. I’m still trembling.. Today it’s the first time I used magic to fight… and it was the first time I killed a living creature….



I hugged the trembling Karl in fright.. Because I couldn’t see anything myself, I hurt the people around me.. Today it’s the first time I learned this hurtful truth about myself. I comforted Karl while gently stroking his hair but his body was still trembling.

Karl.. I’m sorry…I’m sorry for making you worried about me.. and to make you experience that… I am really sorry.. So please don’t cry anymore…


This time, from the eyes that cannot see, tears seemed to be flowing down.

The me who couldn’t do anything.

The me who doesn’t have any strength.

Because of me Karl is hurt, and that makes me more miserable..


What’s wrong?

I’m already pathetic. And I feel more pathetic the more I know how useless I am.

… Yeah..

I said many things, but Karl just sat there and listened. He held my hands and comforted me.



Karl. Can I ask you a favor? Can you teach me the magic you used before?


I want to be able to protect myself at least! I don’t want to make people I love cry for me anymore! I want to become stronger!


It will be too late until my parents decide to tell me everything. Karl is the same age as me, but besides magic, he is able to protect me. I can’t be like Karl who can protect others, but at least I want to protect myself on my own.


I still held his hand tightly and cried then leaned my head over his shoulder. Karl got surprised a little bit but firmly gripped my shoulder.

I understand Alicia. I can’t teach you attack magic. But I can teach you defense one. If you learn to know that I am sure everyone including me will feel at ease. Let’s study together!!

UH! Thank You Karl! Thank you so much!


Just like that, the time we spent hanging out together became our magic practice time. I told him what I heard when I was a child, that my parents are hiding magic from me as a secret. Karl replied with a simple word as agreement.

Then we need to keep a secret about us practicing magic from your parents right?

Karl felt anxious and asked me back.

It would be better if they didn’t know. What do you think Karl?

.. Now you mentioned it, If the duchess and the Duke know about this, they would be furious and worry more about you.

I feel really bad just thinking about lying to mommy and daddy but ..

You.. you are right.. Can you keep a secret Karl?

.. Alright.


Then we will start the real practice tomorrow!

– What? Not right now?

– Well, even if we do practice as a secret, we still need to inform them about the accident today. Don’t you agree?

– I understand..


As I nodded my head, Karl escorted me back until we reached the Duke’s residence.

Right after we got back, we told them what we had done today and how the accident happened. Hearing Karl explain the whole situation, my parents got down and hugged me tightly.

Prince Karl, your highness, Thank you so much for saving my daughter.

Mother cried and held me, while saying “I’m glad! I’m glad” to me. On the other hand, father also thanked Karl over and over again while crying… I understood that both of them must be in shock right now.

But tomorrow, my first day of magic practice will begin.




Because Alicia turned 7, as a lady she can’t call her parents daddy and mommy outside the house anymore so you can see when she has a conversation with her parents she will address them as Mother and Father. But in her mind she still called them Mommy and Daddy.

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