Chapter 27

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“Here, Lian.”

Hwi-Amin looked pretty serious. He didn’t even stutter. 

He seemed to have a greater desire to talk to than to fear Lianrius.

“Are you sure you want to hold Liarte captive like that? She’s not a bull but she’s locked up.”

Everyone knows that Liarte was not guilty of anything. However, no one could stop Elheim’s successor, Lianrius. 

Hwi-Amin looked at Lian with a face that looked like it’s about to cry. Even at this moment, Lian was alone. 

“Liarte will become tired of defying me in there.” 

It was Liarte’s place to be trapped in the darkness like a shadow and look at Lian like he’s the light she’s longing for. 

“I thought she’d beg for me when I put her in the cage, but she said nothing to the knights.” 

“But it’s illegal. A grown-up person in an awakened family cannot be held captive. And between the members of our family…”


Lian asked coldly. 

“Hwi-Amin Elheim.”

Hwi-Amin realized too late that he had crossed a line.

Even in the moment that he considered Liarte as his sister or a daughter of Elheim, the Elheims didn’t consider her a part of the family. 

“There are no such things as human rights for an unawakener.”

Danterion, who appeared from behind, wrapped his arms around Hwi-Amin’s shoulders. His staring blue eyes curved. 

He was smiling, but his chest felt bad as if he was caught by a snake. 

“She’s an unawakener. That’s it.”

Unlike his cheerful voice, Danterion, who grabbed Hwi-Amin’s shoulders, had strength in his hands. 

“Let’s change the subject. So far, we’ve talked enough about it.” 


Still, he didn’t say that Liarte was a human being. There was no such concept in Hwi-Amin’s head.

It’s okay to trample on him. For Hwi-Amin, he was the one who betrayed Liarte. 

Lianrius said. 

“I don’t intend on releasing Liarte even when the power of the Spirit Stone awakens.”

“Then, are you gonna leave her like that?”

“Yes, I’ll keep her like that. It’s because I gave her a chance and she didn’t grab it.”

Lian’s patience was limited there.

The worries of Hwi-Amin flowed out only when he was safe and superior to others.

Since Hwi-Amin was afraid to talk to his youngest brother, he did not dare to stop Lian anymore.

It was exactly like Liarte had said; he was hypocritical. 

Even though the sun was shining, it was a little cloudy. 

After Lian left, Danterion and Hwi-Amin remained there. And Hwi-Amin thought of something strange. 

There were two children born on the day that the Spirit Stone shone. 

Lian and Liarte. 

No one expected the successor to be Liarte since she was found to be an unawakener. 

He had a suspicion for a while that maybe it was actually her. But it couldn’t be because she was found to be an unawakener. He hoped it was like this and so he had let go of this thought complacently. 

He was a little curious about the truth.

“What are you thinking of?”

Danterion, who had gone back to being soft unlike before, asked.

“If Liarte was born a water user, that would not have happened…”

“Yeah, well, you wouldn’t have been able to overwrite the library’s forbidden book incident as Liarte’s fault, would you?”

Hwi-Amin’s face turned pale. His body trembled.


“As I said before, I’m a loving second older brother.”

Some of the forbidden books that Hwi-Amin owned were secretly disposed of by Danterion in the black market. 

When he was interested in the Spirit King, Danterion bought the same old books. 

The difference was that he didn’t get caught. 

Aynias, being the only one who knew the truth, sighed and became an accomplice. 

Hwi-Amin, who felt like being hit on the head, was speechless. 

“But you’re right. I wouldn’t have done this if she was an awakener.”

If Liarte had been an awakener, they could not have done something so unacceptable to a child of their own and precious blood. 

Danterion added as if he had read Hwi-Amin’s inner side. 

“But Liarte can’t be anything special, right?”

Hwi-Amin is inwardly relieved. 

It was comfortable to hear such a conclusion from others. 

Yes, too much time has passed to awaken the ability of a water user. She couldn’t have been the owner of the Spirit Stone. 

However, the heart-throbbing sensation of turning a blind eye to the truth continued on. 

Hwi-Amin smiled awkwardly along with Danterion. 

* * *

The coming-of-age ceremony was the largest in history, as it was before the regression.

Still in a small prison, Liarte was looking out with dreary eyes.

The wagon carrying the prison was covered with a thin veil of cloth, so people did not notice that there, inside, was Liarte.

A knight was driving the carriage.

‘This reminds me of the execution.’

At that time, she was taken to a real dungeon and locked up.

A space only filled with darkness. There was the damp, damp smell of death. She could smell the blood-filled moans of the sinners and the rats moving around. 

Now, in the distance, a scene where the queen kissed Lian on the cheek with pure joy was seen. 

Elheim, which prevents rain, floods, and droughts, was indispensable to the empire. 

Lian, who appeared and even while he was unable to perform on a large scale as earlier generations due to the weakening ability throughout the years, was a coveted awakener. 

‘Unlike before the return, she visited this time, too.’

She doesn’t want to pass.

She didn’t even expect it in the first place.

An event hall with colorful flowers and decorations. 

The distinguished guests cheered and Lian was right in the center. After the coming-of-age ceremony, Lian’s power was stronger than before. 

Perhaps, by this time, Lian also noticed that he could use his powers alone. 

But he still kept Liarte locked up.

For his own self-satisfaction perhaps, even if he didn’t need her.

What Lianrius wanted was the same Liarte as before. 

The Liarte who looked at him as the light, as if he were a god, and was only obedient. 

The Liarte that trembles from fear of being abandoned and swallows her tears when he says she’s not a part of the family. 

The coming-of-age ceremony was seen ending with a loud applause. 

Then the reception began.

The duke, with a champagne cup in hand, approached the carriage.

“Liarte, I don’t know how you’re feeling.”

The twins were the same, but one just celebrated his coming-of-age, and the other was locked up in a carriage. 

 Aynias stood beside the duke with a guilty face. 

“Don’t blame us.  I’ve thought about it enough so far.”

One day, Liarte will know that the decision they made was not easy.

Ignoring them, Liarte was waiting for the right moment in the carriage. 

Lian walked to the carriage and rolled up the cloth.

He had an attitude that it didn’t matter if another person saw Liarte in prison.

Aynias was surprised. 


“No one cares. Ayn.”

They may turn their heads. However, people pretended not to know about the prison because they were afraid of being on the bad side of Lian, who would become the Duke of Elheim. 


Lian whispered quite fondly to his twin sister who turned away from him. 

“You can’t ever leave this place.”

“Like you, I know I’m of age.”

Liarte’s words sounded like she’s leaving now. 

She hasn’t given up on leaving Elheim yet. Lian thought it was a good thing to hold on to her.

Then, a loud noise came from the duke’s gate. 

A knight came running to the duke. 

“What is going on?”

“An uninvited carriage appeared! I think it’s Birce!”


The duke had his eyes wide open. Why did that name come up here?

“Send a knight and a notice to the others right now!”

Does it mean that assassins were not enough to be released in Elheim and to kill him, so he came to visit this ceremony?

A nightmare came back to life.

It was the Crown Prince who sent the assassins, but the duke would not have known that.

In the meantime, did another knight come in support of one of the Water Awakeners?

“There’re too many! It’s a size that would fit in a war.”

The Duchy of Elheim was surrounded by black wagons engraved with Birce patterns.

The size was so large that it seemed impossible to deal with without bringing in troops.

“What did you come here for?”

A white bird sat in a tree in view of the Duke of Elheim.

A very small video stone was hung around the neck of the bird, so the Duke of Elheim was in clear view. 

* * *

A bird perched on Michael’s hand.

His father, Carmen Birce, said: 

‘Even if you have to fight, make sure to take Liarte.’

There were no flowers on the bird’s beak.


Michael grinned sweetly as he looked at the gates of Elheim, which is soon to be frozen over.

“I finally came to get you.”

* * *

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