Chapter 28

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“What shall we do, father?” asked Aynias.

So far, the distinguished guests have not noticed anything. 

“The Duke of Birce’s knights are breaking through the gates of Elheim. It looks like the door is about to give in soon.”

Elheim was accustomed to long periods of peace. 

Birce was not really inclined to attack Elheim. Along with the Imperial Family, they reigned in the highest position of the Empire, so even enemies could not easily touch Elheim. 

“Cover it up as much as you can.”

The duke made a foolish choice. 

“The distinguished guests should never know. Lian’s coming-of-age is the pride and everything of Elheim. Are we going to be humiliated in front of all these distinguished guests?”

“Our father is right.” Aynias nodded in agreement. 

Then, the Knight Commander Dupard came and knelt down. 

“It’s no use, we are not a match for Birce.”

If Elheim enriched the empire, Birce had unintentionally always protected the empire.

There was no way that the people of the ever-peaceful Elheim would have seen war and bloodshed. 

“At this rate, something even bigger will happen! Please let the distinguished guests evacuate. In this situation, there is no other answer but to run away.”


The Duke of Elheim was mortified and furious.

“It must be your knights, not the awakened, who are incompetent. This is why they don’t have the water ability! Are you really going to destroy the achievements and reputations we’ve built all our lives?”

The enemies at Birce’s hands will not survive. 

They don’t know his intentions yet, but if Birce comes in determinedly, they could kill all the distinguished guests in the reception. 

All the high-ranking nobles, especially the Imperial Family, will die. 

“Duke, we beg of you.”

Dupard laid down and bowed his head down to the ground.

He frequently sat on the sidelines during Liarte’s abuse, which was against chivalry. Although he wasn’t a person with a good heart, he knew exactly how to benefit his own interests the most. 

Birce’s carriages around the Duke of Elheim were all black and wide.

“If they come in, we will all die, your excellence.”

The Duke of Elheim turned. 

“It’s time to change the commander of the knights.”

Pride, hatred, and inferiority filled the duke’s eyes. 

“The strong Elheim is getting pierced by Birce? That is ridiculous.”

His teeth clenched and anger shot up like a fire in his eyes.

But it was not a time for the duke to get angry.

A few of the awakened, who were exhausted, barely approached. 

“The gates opened……!”

“Take cover!”

Michael came to get Liarte, not to slaughter Elheim. 

No one had died yet. 

If the duke had listened to Dupard’s advice, he would have found that Michael was not here to kill everyone, but to negotiate. But it was too late. 

The gates of Elheim were completely broken. 

Some sensitive people were aware of the situation and were screaming. 

You could hear the sound of gunfire in the pit of your stomach. 


The people at the reception crouched down.

Sensing the danger of an assassination, the Crown Prince looked around. 

‘I did not order it this time though?’

The Crown Prince looked around and dodged out of the way of Crown Princess Ninian, who was eagerly looking for Lian.

“Brother!” (e/n: oppa, intimate way to call a man older than you)

“Are you out of your mind? It might become a successful assassination attempt. Pull yourself together!”

Fortunately, the distinguished guests were of high ranks, so they were already used to the situation. 

Count Fedes, who first went to the road with the knights, ran up to the Crown Prince. 

“Your Highness, all of the exits are blocked.”

The people of an awakened family could feel it. 

The opposite energy of water overcame and covered the people. It was Birce’s ability of death.

Soon, the heir came in with an elegant walk. Behind him were the black knights of Birce. 

The Duke of Elheim growled. 


‘Are you planning to get revenge for not fixing the eyes of your heir?’

Those who saw the family of death froze in place and held their breath, and Lian turned.

“I’m not too late, am I, Duke of Elheim. The reception isn’t over yet.”

The emperor and the empress, who didn’t invite Birce, had not been able to see a way to escape. 

But Michael, who was holding a pistol, seemed nonchalant. He also looked like a person who didn’t care about the fact that his actions could be treacherous. 

“How dare you break into Elheim? You will be responsible for this.”

The Duke of Elheim got only half of the honorifics right. 

It was then that he felt extremely weird. 

The duke realized that Michael Birce’s face was bare.

His eyes, which had velvet eye patches all the time, were clearly in focus. 

Red and clear eyes were looking around as if they were identifying people. 

It was as if the curse had been lifted. 

No one has lifted the curse, so his eyesight couldn’t have come back. 

“You’re going to hold me responsible at this point?”

Michael laughed. 

He pointed the gun straight at the Duke of Elheim.

“The duke is wrong. You shouldn’t hold me responsible; you should beg me to save you. If I pull the trigger, The duke will die.”

The water ability will protect the duke automatically.

But what about it?

There was a limit to that. It was over when the energy ran out like water that’s been pumped out of a bowl. 

Do you think the duke will still be alive if the gun was fired continuously?

“You punk.”

Michael looked at the prison on the carriage.

An image of Liarte hidden behind the bars was seen.

In the end, he could not stand his murderous intentions directed at the people of Elheim who created this prison. His fingers trembled for a moment, inching to pull the trigger.

But wouldn’t he surprise Liarte?

Michael slowly headed towards the carriage. 

Birce’s knights were still threatening the people. 

“I’m here to keep my promise, Liarte.”

Finally, it was the end of her life-long imprisonment by Elheim. 

After the return, her only desired purpose was going to be achieved.

Michael politely said, as if to serve the noblest lady.

“I’m sorry I came so late.”

Even a lover couldn’t speak as sweetly as this. His cold red eyes curved finely.

“It’s time to get out of Elheim, as I promised. Now let’s go see the sea, Liarte.”

The man who pointed a gun to one of the noble families regardless of the Imperial Family’ presence, was friendly and sweet to the woman in the small prison. 

Prison? A few distinguished guests who belatedly discovered that there was a person in the prison were shocked.

The person inside had a similar appearance to Lian. 

Normally, you wouldn’t have recognized her, but because today was Lian’s coming-of-age ceremony, you could recognize her.

An unannounced princess of Elheim.

Liarte Elheim.

The people were surprised that a direct descendant of the duke was trapped in such a place. 

“Get out of the way.”

Lian, who cursed, stopped Michael.

The water became a blade and attacked Michael, but he elegantly avoided them all. 

Michael Birce was hooked from the moment they first met. 

Lian thought Michael would be the one who would take what was his away. Coming here to find Liarte at the coming-of-age ceremony was just a reality of the anxiety he was feeling. 

“Do you think I’ll let her be taken away?”

Lian asked Michael in a low, dull voice.

‘When did they meet? Was it because of Michael Birce that Liarte said she was leaving the family?’

‘But I won’t let her go.’

Michael will never let go of her. 

Lian used all his strength and moved the water.

Then, Aynias opened his eyes wide.

“What is going on?”

The water moved sharply, splitting the bars of the prison that Liarte was trapped in. 

It was an act that could only be done by a high-ranking awakener, so the people of Elheim instinctively turned their heads and looked for the person who did it. 

But there was no other awakener around. 

The prison was slashed off by the water blade and fell onto the ground.

To the awakeners of water, this prison was nothing more than a piece of paper.

In the meantime, the water spell created by Lian was completed.

Lian pulled out all his abilities. Only the thought of killing Michael Birce was filling his mind. 

“No, Lian, don’t!” cried Aynias.

‘If you kill Birce, you might start a real war. And if you use that much water power, even the distinguished guests at the reception won’t be safe.’

Even the Duke of Elheim and Danterion seemed agitated.

But it’s too late.

Lian’s water, aimed at Michael, surged into the reception hall. 

At that moment, new water appeared. 

The water of another awakener, who no one else recognized, could be distinguished. 

Lian’s huge wave of water was crushed by the new one.

There was a refreshing scent coming from somewhere.

Was there anyone else besides Lianrius in Elheim who was this strong?

Lian’s water fluctuated and ran wild, but the new water did not falter. Rather, Lian’s water, which touched the new one, began to be eaten. 

It was the perfect overtaking.

“Who is it?”

Elheim’s members turned their heads towards the direction of the water caster. 

The water supported the floor so that the white feet coming down from the carriage wouldn’t get hurt. 

Michael smiled softly as if he knew who it was. 

The young lady, who stepped on the water, slowly stepped out of the prison wagon. 

The caster of the new water was now revealed.

The one who blocked Lian with a casual, expressionless face. 

The person who was surrounded by a large amount of water was Liarte. 

No matter how much they denied it, it didn’t change. 

Elheim’s awakeners knew it themselves since they were from the same clan. 

The owner of that water was Liarte. 

‘Liarte Elheim is—’

An awakener of the water ability.

She wasn’t the unawakener they had thought.

Since when has she been an awakener?

Their blood seemed to freeze. 

* * *

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