Chapter 30

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Now it was finally the end of her stay in Elheim.

“Wait, Liarte. Please wait.”

Aynias begged and called out to Liarte. Even when she saw his blood flowing, Liarte did not feel any sympathy. 

The water shook under Aynias’ hand, but it got rejected.

Danterion was in shock as he looked at Liarte, who had cut them off arbitrarily. 

Liarte didn’t even notice that. 

Hwi-Amin felt that he shouldn’t act close to her and he bowed his head. 

There was no one here that could stop Liarte. 

Liarte walked towards the carriage with an emotionless expression. 

Michael and Liarte were holding hands.

“Now let’s go together to the Duchy of Birce.”

The carriage door opened.

“Every person of the Duchy will welcome you.”

Unlike those idiots who didn’t even recognize the treasure in their hands.

Liarte’s value wasn’t in her ability of water. If they had paid attention to Liarte for at least once, they would have noticed that she was a friendly and attentive person as well. 

‘Even if I had assumed she was worthless, at least I wouldn’t have done what Elheim did to her.’

“On the way, let’s go see the ocean that you wanted to see.”

Michael’s hands were warm.

“Yeah, I want to see the ocean.”

This moment felt like a dream even as they left Elheim. 

It was then that Lian, who suffered internal injuries after being seized by the water he was struggling against, staggered to his feet. 

Lian realized that his twin sister had indeed abandoned the Dukedom of Elheim. 

Even himself. 

He had to hold on to her. If she goes to Birce as he heard, he can’t hold on to her like how he did until now.

He still did not know that the only thing holding on was his arrogance. 

‘I said she was mine.’

His father, the Duke of Elheim, said Liarte was an accessory to Lian. 

If he touched her, he had the ability to control the water, and so Lian has the authority to own Liarte.

He felt desperate for the first time. 


Lian reached his hand out. 

The boy who always looked down on Liarte like she was an outsider. 

He remembered sitting on the throne like a king, looking down at Liarte. 

Lian was desperately calling to Liarte.

Obsession and pleading were mixed up in a mess at once on the face that had always been indifferent. 

“Come here.”

Because the carriage of Birce was high, someone put a small staircase in front of Liarte.


A pleading call.

Lian has already lost half his reason. Emotions that began to come out and turned into obsession ran wild. 

Liarte was a living being meant for Lian. He shook his hand….

“Why would I?”

Liarte asked, as if she had no idea.

It wasn’t what he hoped she would say.

If she doesn’t stay willingly, he was going to force her. It was the moment when the water jumped on Liarte and tried to hold onto her.

Liarte was still cold.

“If you have something to say, say it. Lianrius.”

The water of Liarte, which was under her feet, arose. 

Liarte’s overwhelming water ability ripped apart the water that Lian had used. The destroyed water froze in an instant and blocked Lian. 

The frozen water ripped sharply through the garden.

The growing ice penetrated the garden and the building sharply. It was a huge commotion. 

Everything that used to imprison Liarte was broken. 

“It’s only petty if you threaten me with just this level of ability. This is how it’s done.” 

He’s never heard such a cold tone before. 

It’s not that she didn’t break it because she couldn’t. It wasn’t that she didn’t attack because she didn’t know how to.

Only belatedly did the other water awakeners regain their senses and show their abilities. 

The duke also ran wild and moved the water to stop the ice from breaking the mansion. 

But there was no stopping it. 

The level of her ability was too different.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t stop Liarte’s water flow.

It was only after everything around her was broken that Liarte’s power breaking the mansion finally stopped. 

Lian, who everyone believed to be the owner of the Spirit Stone, was tied to the sharp ice. 

A remarkable difference in water ability.

The fake Lian couldn’t reach Liarte’s level. 

It was impossible to stop Liarte even when they were all gathered.

Elheim’s relatives were holding their breath as they watched Liarte attack them casually.

It’s because now they realized they were nothing to Liarte. 

“Let’s go, Michael.”

Liarte didn’t look back.

At Elhiem’s coming-of-age ceremony, Lian, who was believed to be the owner of the Spirit Stone, had lost the title of ‘strongest water ability user’. 

Birce’s black wagons were manned and rushed to the open gate. 

As if their only purpose was Liarte in the first place. 

But still, the Water Spirit King remained in the duke’s family. 

* * *

Throughout the carriage ride, Liarte couldn’t take her eyes off of the scenery.

“Is it amazing?”

“Yes. It’s amazing. It’s full of things I’ve never seen before.”

It was like a child’s first ride in a carriage. The only thing was that the scenery outside the carriage was actually boring because it was so familiar to the Imperial people. 

“There were times when Lianrius went out because he had to use the power of water a lot, but most of the time I was there with him in boxes like coffins.”

That was all the memories of the carriage.

Michael grumbled silently.

“What was that, Michael?”

“It was nothing.”

Liarte looked down at her palm.

It was the first time she had used the ability of water as much as she did just now. But more than that, the difference bothered her.

“Actually, the ice, it was my first time using it.”

Is it because she accepted the Spirit Stone before returning? She only followed what the Water Spirit King did when she saw him freezing the water, but the mansion got destroyed.

Liarte rarely hesitated.

“I’ll have to be careful next time. I’m afraid I’ll destroy the Duchy of Birce.”

Michael laughed.

“It’s okay if you destroy it. We can always rebuild the buildings. Some people will be happy to spend the summer coolly thanks to the ice.”

“Is that so?”

He wanted to hug her.

Michael had a different thought as he coasted through his impulses. From some point on, Liarte was dazzling and lovely, which was making it hard for him to bear.

Even thinking about it was cute.

But not yet.

He didn’t mean to ask her what she thinks of him or push his feelings onto her even though he likes her. 

It will put a burden on Liarte, who had just begun to stand on her own feet. 

So, he should do it slowly. 

Later, if Liarte finds some time to relax, he wants to express his feelings for her.  

After a few hours, Birce’s carriage stopped. 

“Liarte, we’re at the ocean.”

He could see a small face lost in thought.

‘The wind.’

The breeze blew in through the open carriage door.

It was a strange scent that she smelled for the first time. 

“It’s salty.”

“It’s probably because the sea is made of saltwater.”

It was amazing to see the endless amount of water being pushed and washed away by the force of gravity.

“How is it?”

“I don’t know yet.”

As she listened, she heard a strange sound. It was the sound of waves that she only read about in books. 

There was a time that the kingdom needed a Water Awakener.

In the event of a drought or flood.

However, unlike the first generation of family members, there was no one in the entire empire now that had the ability to make it rain or stop the rainy season. 

The most that Lian could handle was to prevent the rainy season from causing floods.

Aside from disliking Elheim, Liarte thought such good deeds were not bad. 

The sea was like a place where the countless rivers she saw at that time gathered. She felt an irresistible force.

Even though she came to the sea, she didn’t have the heart to get off the carriage. 

“You can get off if you want. If you don’t want to, it’s okay. We can come back next time.”

Michael said, as if he had read Liarte’s mind. 

“You’ll have plenty of time to visit the sea in your life.”

“I can do that?”

Michael answered the question kindly.

“Yes, you have a lot of time. Liarte. If not today, you can come back next time. If not next time, there are many days after that. There are many things to see and hear in life, so there will be more places to go to besides the sea.”

“I don’t know what I want to do. I can’t think of anything I want to do.”

After her return, Liarte lived with only the desire to escape Elheim. 

So, she moved. And she has achieved her goal.

When she came out, she didn’t know what to do. She was a little scared when she was given freedom for the first time. 

Michael gently squeezed her hand.

‘You’ve been holding onto it.’

She just remembered that they’ve been holding hands even before they got in the carriage.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to do anything, Liarte. That is not wrong. It’s also not bad to find what you want to do. You’ll have plenty of time to do that in the future.”

“I’ll take your word for it, Michael.”

She hasn’t felt it yet.

But Michael’s words were reliable. 

Liarte opened the door to the carriage.

Until now, the only reason she rode a carriage was to follow Lian’s as his accessory. Now that will never happen again. 

As soon as she got off, Liarte saw the vast expanse of water in front of her. 

The sky from outside of Elheim was wide and blue. 

The ocean breeze blew hard and fluttered her hair.

The sand that her feet were treading on spread out far away.

Liarte was caught up in the water’s vast expanse.

And at that moment, tears flowed down her cheeks, contrasting her indifferent expression. 

* * *

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