Chapter 32

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[How did you interpret Jurien’s will?]

“Um… One day the real owner will come and wake the Spirit Stone and revive the family…”

Hwi-amin stammered in reciting his will.

The word “real owner” was a later translation. Some of the ancient words were lost, so the meaning could not be properly recognized and interpreted.  

[That’s wrong.]

The water that moved at the will of the Water Spirit King filled the wall. The wall was filled with light and images reflected on it. 

[I’ll teach you the meaning of “real”.]

In the past, they could not afford to pamper and protect Liarte. 

[Did you know that your power comes from the daughter you trampled on?]

Horrifying truths began to flow out as the Spirit King used his ability to show images of the past.

A long time ago, in the days when the first owner, Jurien, lived, the gates of the spirit world were open. 

People signed contracts with the Spirits and shared some of their abilities, and they were called Awakeners. 

[It’s what you call the power of Awakening. The source of Water or Death are the Spirits.]

Sometimes there were special people who signed contracts directly with the Spirit King, not the Spirits.

[They were called the Awakeners at first.]

The family of Elheim did not understand what the Spirit King was trying to say.

They just knew the concept and the source of the ability of Awakening. Looking at their faces, the Spirit King smiled. 

[And after one of the Spirit Kings got corrupted, the spirit world was closed at the temple of Jurien.]

Danterion had his eyes open wide at the mention of the story of the corrupted Spirit King.

Maybe it wasn’t just some common thing that the Crown Prince was using underground at the Imperial Palace. 

[All the spirits returned and the door was closed, so the Awakeners couldn’t use their power as before.]

In fact, most of the Awakener families, except for Elhiem and Birce, had poor abilities. 

[It was thanks to Jurien that your powers and abilities aren’t as poor and dull as the other families.]

The first owner, Jurien, praised by Elheim, was an unawakener who failed to become an awakener until his coming-of-age ceremony at age 17.

Elheim’s relatives were surprised at what they saw in the reflections.

It sounded just like Liarte’s story.

A man who was abandoned by his family and wandered the streets, saying that he was a disgrace to the duke.

It was at the coming-of-age ceremony that Jurien’s secret was revealed. 

When a person is born, the size of the vessel to contain the Spirit is determined.

Most of them could not meet the Spirit or sign a contract for the rest of their lives. 

[The greater the being, the later the awakening period.]

It took a long time for the contractors of the Spirit King, who were born as human bodies, to complete their vessel for the Spirit King.

Just as Liarte didn’t show or use the ability of water, he did not show any ability until adulthood.

Then, when there is a special occasion or when they become adults, they become awakeners.

The awakeners were able to fully use the power of the contracted Spirit King.

The blood-relatives of the awakener also share some of the power of the Spirit King.

“In that case.”

The duke’s voice trembled with rare excitement. 

[You can’t get the power of Water from me.]

Even at this moment, the Water Spirit King laughed coldly because of his greediness.

This is how a cat plays with a mouse that doesn’t know it’s gonna die.


Aynias forgot about his pain and hung on to the Spirit King.

[Because that’s not in the contract that Liarte and I made.]

As soon as Jurien died, the Water Spirit marked his soul.

After sealing the corrupted Spirit King, Jurien lost his strength.

[Jurien said he would be born into this family again.]

So he promised to meet the Water Spirit King again.

Because of this, the Spirit King carved a pattern on Jurien’s soul so that he could recognize him at any time. 

But it wasn’t a sign between contractors.

[The sigil that I engraved was a pattern of eternal mastery.]

It was a distant word that went beyond the concept of a contractor of the Spirit King that the duke and his sons thought.

Jurien was a weak man, but he was stronger than anyone else.

He was a person who was desperate and distressed, but never gave up hope for humans.

The fierce Spirit King bowed his head to that Jurien.

El was an ancient word for Water.

Heim was an ancient word for Master.

‘El Heim.’

The Master of Water.

The only person who owns the Spirit King.

[The duke just picked up the name Elheim, you’re not even really an Elheim. There’s only one being here that might be called Elheim.]

The owner of the Spirit Stone meant the owner of the Spirit King.

[Liarte Elheim is the reincarnation of Jurien.]

* * *

The saying that Liarte wasis the reincarnation of Jurien and the owner of the Spirit King.

He understood it in his head, but he couldn’t accept it easily.

[Since the Elheim has left, your power of water will gradually be withdrawn.] (e/n HA!)

Even these words were not understood well.

Because their water abilities were still strong.

But the Spirit King did not expect the duke to accept the facts immediately.

There was a deathly silence.

Then Aynias stammered asking.

“I don’t know what you mean by Lian being a fake.”

The Spirit King said he was a fake the moment he first saw Lian.

“How come he’s a fake?”

[Did you love your mother?]

The Spirit King asked suddenly.


It was difficult for Aynias to say it.

[I ask you too. Did you love your wife?]

He said to the Duke of Elheim.

There was a reason why the Spirit King brought this up, even though Liarte already knew it.

[Yeah, you said the reason why she died was because of Liarte.]

She was born first of the twins, but she killed her mother because she was an unawakener. 

They needed to know why Lian was a fake.

[You are idiots. That is a sinister thing.]

Occasionally, since ancient times, there has been a presence that sucks in human life force or ability.

Most died from consuming all of the mother’s life before the children were even born.

That’s why people call these children born after their mother’s death ‘fake’.

[He must have absorbed their mother’s vitality from her stomach.]

Lian was expressionless. 

“Wa-wait. You had to have contact with Liarte before you could use your abilities…”

Hwi-amin looked at Lian.

He wanted to think it was an excessive logical leap. However, no one refuted what Hwi-amin said.

[Right. Until they become adults, they live with other people’s abilities. It’s rare to be born.]

The ‘fake’ is only able to control its ability to suck on others after the coming-of-age ceremony. 

[The kid you said that killed her mother saved her for 10 months.]

The reason why the Duchess, where it would not have been surprising if she died, was alive was because she had Liarte in her womb.

[Liarte, the reincarnation and successor of Jurien, protected her mother in the womb.]

At the moment of childbirth, unfortunately, Liarte was born first.

So the Duchess died during Lian’s birth.

Except for Lian, the family breathed heavily.

They believed that Liarte had killed the Duchess.

They thought Lian was the one who would save the family.

He was obsessed with his reputation as an Elheim, but even his name belonged to Liarte, who left.

Lian is:

‘A fake.’

‘An eater of life force.’

Everyone looked at Lian in unison.

They had told Liarte several times that she was born after killing their mother.

That the Duchess was affected because she was an unawakener.

How many times did they question her existence?

Lian, who was believed to be the one, is now said to be a fake, and Liarte is said to be the real owner of the Spirit Stone.

The world that the duke had firmly believed in collapsed.

If only all had been a nightmare. 

* * *

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