Chapter 34

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* * *

Merlin guided Liarte to a different hallway.

“Where are we going?”

“The Rose Garden. The Master has invited us.”

Carmen was called Master, and Michael was called Young Master. It was still unfamiliar to Liarte.

There were many red and white roses in Birce. As she followed the path outside, she saw a white table.


Michael, who was already sitting at the table, called to Liarte.

Carmen shook his head when he saw his son who had been waiting for Liarte to come without drinking tea. 

“They said it’s no use raising children.”

“That’s how it’s supposed to be, Father.”

Michael picked up the tea.

With the strong scent of black tea, when Liarte approached, another scent stood out.

Carmen didn’t show it, but he seemed surprised that Liarte was a Water Awakener that didn’t smell fishy.

“Have a seat.”

Carmen gave her a seat.

It was diagonal to Michael, who was going to ask Liarte to sit beside him, he laughed playfully.

“You’ll keep doing this, father?”

“He’s upset that he got distracted.”

It was a harmonious atmosphere.

Merlin stood at the back of the table like an ordinary maid.

The only difference was she was looking in a direction that Liarte couldn’t understand.

“Don’t worry, Liarte. It’s just the spirit of an assassin that remains.” 

Michael placed the prettiest teacup in front of Liarte.

The teacup looked different from the regular black teacup with a gold frame like Carmen’s. 

“I’ll serve you well.”

The old butler who was standing next to Carmen talked to Liarte.

The water that was hovering around Liarte, settled. It was because the owner, Liarte, was somewhat surprised. 

“Alef must have surprised you.”

Carmen smiled cheerfully.

“Don’t be frightened, Liarte. What if you get a heart attack?”

Michael warned both Alef and Carmen.

It was natural that Carmen made a very subtle expression at his son, who was protecting Liarte like a mother bird protecting its baby.

Alef was a slender old man with gray hair tied back neatly and glasses. 

Suits and watches were what the butlers usually had.

“Alef is good at diminishing his presence. A lot of times, even I forget sometimes.”

Carmen explained to Liarte, who was seated next to him.

“Nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Lady Master.”

Unlike Merlin, Liarte was called Lady Master, not just Lady.

“Drink the tea first. Liarte.”

Carmen picked the teapot up and poured the tea.

There were many refreshments on the table.

Fresh fruits with soft-looking whipped cream and syrup.

Flowers made of chocolate. The finely colored bread smelled sweet.

Contrary to expectations, Liarte did not eat the refreshments in front of her.

She drank a little bit of the tea, but didn’t even put a fork on the rest.

It was the same for a long time. Liarte never touched the refreshments.

“Why didn’t you eat them?”

It was only then that Alef asked so that Liarte, although hesitant, knew it was food.

“I don’t know what they are.”

For her, it was hard to imagine things just from reading a book. 

Carmen and Michael went silent at Liarte’s words.

“I didn’t know it was food. I’ve never seen them before.”

In a monotonous voice.

“If you tell me how to eat them, I’ll do it exactly as you say.”

She was telling the truth, but it was heart-wrenching to anyone.

Carmen was speechless and could not speak.

Is there any other place as rich as the current empire?

Even the common people could go to the sea and consume the refreshments and entertainment provided. It was this present empire that such a normal routine was normal.

Even Merlin, who was an assassin, knew the taste of cake or chocolate.

Who would believe that the Princess of Elheim saw these things for the very first time?

There was not an inch of error in Liarte’s manners.

But she didn’t seem to know what to enjoy as a person.

“You can do it slowly, Liarte.”

Michael didn’t like sweets, but he picked up a fork.

“You don’t have to eat it perfectly. You can do what you want and learn how to do it later.”

“Yes, you’re right Michael.”

Liarte pointed at an object that was soft and white.

“What’s this?”

“It’s cake.”

“That’s what it looks like.”

Liarte looked at the cake in front of her for a long time.

The Duke of Elheim limited Liarte’s diet to soggy bread and water. (e/n screaming, crying, throwing up)

The reason was that they would not allow her to enjoy a luxurious diet.

“What about this?”

“It’s chocolate. The white ones are sweet, the dark ones are bitter.”

Since the Duke himself knew, Liarte must have thought he knew cakes and chocolates too.

She was never invited to a dinner nor was she allowed to get out of her room, so she didn’t know what it looked like.

She didn’t know it at all, so she didn’t even want her diet to be this luxurious as Carmen said. 

“Liarte, eat this. Say – ‘ah’.”

Michael put chocolate in Liarte’s open mouth.

It had a melting sweet taste.

“It’s sweet.”

Michael smiled as their eyes met.

Even if Carmen sat diagonally from them, Michael didn’t care.

“What a good time.”

“As the Master said.”

Carmen and Alef had a conversation.

“By the way, I got a letter of complaint from Birce.”

It was a letter from Elheim and several other nobles and even the Crown Prince.

The conclusion was that they were not to monopolize the Strongest Awakener, although the letter was lengthy.

It was nothing special.

Carmen smiled softly in the daytime, resembling Michael.

“From now on, burn it before it even gets into my hands. It’s not even worth reading.”

The trash that they left behind, knowing how harsh it was for the little girl growing up, they should just keep their mouth shut.

Carmen has been as courteous as any other aristocratic person, unlike the usual brutal Birce.

“Tell the people who keep on sending letters that I’ll break their hands so they can’t write.”

“I see.”

Although young in appearance, Carmen was a father of one son.

He considered Liarte a savior and liked her, but what bothered Carmen was when a child who looked smaller and weaker than her siblings walked around like that. 

The Duke of Elheim didn’t want to show Carmen an unawakener, so it was the first time he’d seen Liarte himself.

“I need to feed you well. Did you say you’re an adult now?”

“Yes, I did.”

Alef replied.

“You’d better gain a little more weight.”

Carmen breathed a languid sigh.

Contrary to his complicated mind, Michael and Liarte were doing well by feeding each other refreshments. 

* * *

Night fell.

Unlike Elheim, which preferred subtle lighting, The garden of Birce was filled with colorful lights.

“If you pull on this rope, I will be right back. Please call me anytime.”

Liarte laid in a bed that was so fluffy and comfortable she could hardly get used to it.

Merlin changed Liarte’s clothes into pajamas and covered her with a soft blanket. 

It felt awkward but she’ll have to get used to it to stay here.

“What was your name before Merlin?” asked Liarte.

“I was Number 13. I don’t remember my name before the kidnapping. But the name Merlin is so precious, so it’s okay if you don’t think about it much.

Merlin smiled.

“You like the person who gave you your name.”

“Yes. They’re a savior to me. That person is…”

A shadow fell on Merlin’s face, who seemed to have opened her heart.

Her hand that was holding the quilt clenched. The cloth creased strongly.

“It’s very late now. Good night.”

Merlin greeted and went out the door.

‘Who’s the one that named her.’

Liarte wondered.

It seemed to be a person who betrayed her or died and is no longer here now, or a person that should not be mentioned.

It was a bright moonlit night. 

Standing up, Liarte moved quietly in her slippers. 

‘It would be suspicious if I hide myself using water abilities.’

She heard a cry just as she entered the hallway.

Along the hallway and the stairs, Liarte went down to the first floor.

And opened the door to the outside of the main building.

Of course, Birce’s Black Knights were on guard.

“It’s a great day to take a walk, miss.”

The knight spoke to Liarte.

It was different from Elheim’s knights, who treated her as if she were nonexistent because she was an unawakener.

She was worried, but soon the knight continued.

“If you follow me, I’d like to accompany you.”

“You have to guard the main building.”

It was the building where Michael and Carmen lived.

“That’s okay. There are more invisible guards. And if I send out a girl who’s not used to the landscape of the mansion, I’ll be in trouble.”

The black knight smiled.

“Thank you for coming with me.”

The knight followed with Liarte’s permission.

‘I can’t hear it.’

The howling could not be heard again.

It was a moment when she was about to move to another place.

A tearful cry was heard again. It was the sound of a man turning into a beast.

‘Where do I hear it from?’

It was heard relatively close to the main building.

As she moved as if possessed, a mansion behind the main building appeared.


Carmen, who pushed open the door of that mansion under the moonlight, found Liarte.

* * *

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