Chapter 35

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“I can’t sleep.” Liarte said.

It felt like it was still day, but Carmen seemed to charm people even if he laid still.

With a sly and fair smile that matches his appearance.

“Michael also used to take a walk past midnight for a while.”

“Michael too?”

Liarte was unconsciously wary of people.

She was always prepared to face up to the person approaching her and hear abusive language from them.

Carmen smiled as the wary cat seemed curious.

“I had told him to meet me every midnight. When I was in trouble, I thanked him for the help.” 

He didn’t know that the savior that helped Michael would look so tender.

If you look at it, Michael should help Liarte.

Carmen, who saw Liarte listening, searched his pockets.

He touched the jackknife, dagger, and pistol.

After searching in his other pocket, Carmen was able to take some candies.

“Liarte, hold out your hand.”

Liarte held out her hand as she was told.


Several candies were placed in Liarte’s palms.

“My father loved candy. But he wasn’t supposed to eat sweets.”

There was a lot of expensive candy in the Birce mansion.

But it was only this afternoon that Carmen got the candy and stuffed it in his pocket.

Liarte was the only one who could eat the candy in the Duchy of Birce.

‘It’s a good thing that I put some in my pocket in advance.’

Although she was a little confused.

He was the only one who had given her a handful of candy in his son Michael’s stead.

“Thank you.”

Liarte greeted him awkwardly.

“I’m glad.”

It was a reaction in which she didn’t know what to do or say.

When Michael was this big, he would calmly ask for double if he was given something.

It was the reaction of an unfamiliar person.

Carmen, who had almost put his hand on Liarte’s smaller ones and to stroke them, came to his senses. 

‘Would it feel like this if I had a daughter?”

Michael seemed to have become familiar with Liarte since he heard so much about her.

“Why did you come all the way here for a walk?”

What a mansion it was! It didn’t matter if she went in, but he didn’t want to show it as much as possible.


Liarte hesitated.

In this situation, it wasn’t easy to say that she heard a beast-like cry.

Merlin said she didn’t hear any crying. The Dark Knights also never mentioned any crying.

It seemed like only Liarte could hear it.

‘Let’s bring up something else. You have to recall some of your memories before you went back in time.’

She reflected on her memory of Birce.

On Liarte’s view were the candies that she just received.

“My father was not supposed to eat sweets.”

That’s what Carmen just said. 

For a moment, the facts that were forgotten in Liarte’s head came to mind.

“I am Michael Birce. You know, Birce’s successor and I have a father. Not too long ago, I had a grandfather.”

At this point, as Liarte knew, there were three members of Birce.

The grandfather, Aaron Birce.

The father, Carmen Birce.

And the one that Liarte knows the best, Michael Birce.

Among them, Aaron was said to have a very fiery personality. When he was young, he was so notorious that it was the name that Hwi-amin was most afraid of.

Suddenly, a clue began to surface.

‘When did Aaron Birce die?’

It wasn’t Lian’s 17th birthday. It was at least some time after the age of 17 that Hwi-amin was relieved that Aaron had died.

When Merlin introduced the building of the mansion, she only explained that it was where Carmen and Michael lived.

“Are Carmen and Michael the only ones to live directly in this Duchy?”

Finally, Liarte picked out the question she wanted to ask.

“Are you sharper than I thought?”

Carmen grinned. The opponent’s eyes were shining with an eerie glow.

“I guess Michael’s words were quite right. You’re a lot quicker than I expected, Liarte.”

Carmen continued to stand in front of the house without opening the door after finding Liarte.

He had intended to have a natural conversation to make Liarte go back.

A mansion located behind the main building.

Carmen’s big hand grabbed the long doorknob and pushed it.

When the door opened, a black darkness unfolded.

From inside came the howling that Liarte had heard. But this time, the Black Knight, who was quietly following her, hardened his body.

“Can you hear it?”

Liarte was not surprised since she had already heard it once before.

The sound of the beast scratching the floor and suddenly bursting into laughter made the house cry. A roaring scream was heard again.

There was a roar inside that broke something.

“If you go in, your questions will be answered enough. Feel free to go in if you want.”

A slow tone sounded exceptionally threatening in the dark. 


Without hesitation, Liarte moved on inside.

There was no sign of hesitation or fear.

It would have been scary before, but Liarte had stayed in a dungeon before her execution.

In fact, when she lived in that place people died and the original spirit came out, so she was afraid of nothing now.

Carmen grabbed Liarte by the sleeve as she was about to go in deep into the house.

“Where are you going?”

He gave way, but instead of being scared, she wanted to go right in.

Even if he knew that she was strong since she’s a Water Awakener, he didn’t feel as good as if he had just put a child alone in a dangerous place.

Seeing the puzzled face, he didn’t even feel like pulling a prank. The one whose heart dropped while trying to play a prank is Carmen’s.

Carmen sighed softly.

“If you want to go, go with Michael during the day. Or call Merlin.”

It wasn’t a scene for a child just past adulthood to see sober.

“I will.”

He couldn’t believe it when she answered calmly.

He didn’t think about this when he raised Michael.

“Let’s go back to the main building together now.”

Carmen reached out his hand.

It was the posture of a noble man escorting a Lady.

He felt like Liarte would enter the place alone if he left her here.

“Michael looks like Carmen.”

Said Liarte, who looked up at Carmen.

“Which part?”

“You’re both kind and friendly.”

Carmen was strong in praise of his appearance, but he had no tolerance for sincere compliments.

“You’re good people. Carmen and Micahel.”

“Is that so?”

Carmen, who smiled profusely, blushed so strongly to the point where he was hiding it.

* * *

The next morning, Merlin recommended a walk.

“The roses are beautiful, young lady. My Master recommended that we take a walk because he’s filled the fountain with water.”

Then Merlin added.

“And, take a walk in the daytime as much as possible please……”

It seemed embarrassing to do things in the long skirt of the maid’s uniform.

“I’ll try.”

Merlin, who was businesslike, looked humble.

Liarte looked out the window and into the garden.

Little birds could be seen. They were all carrier pigeons of Birce.

The white feathers, chubby and fluffy bodies were very cute.

“There are the carrier pigeons.”

Knowing the instructions on the birds’ ankles, Merlin turned her head with a fed-up look.

“I have to go downstairs.”

Liarte went down to the garden in her favorite white shoes from yesterday.

Little birds huddled together to see if the water was flowing.

Birds gathered and sat on the hands of Liarte.

“Good guys.”

With a gentle whisper, Liarte made water and floated it in the air.

Unlike the water she made that was meant to harm Elheim, they were soft droplets. They were used to moisten the throats of the little birds. Their little beaks poked the water.

The water rising from the marble fountain and a small river flowing along the garden moved with Liarte.

Merlin was mesmerized. 

It was like she was a person of water.

“You must like the garden, Liarte.”

Michael, who appeared before Liarte knew it, stood next to her.

It felt like a dream to spend time with Michael in the peaceful outdoors in the morning.

“I like it. I think it’s a nice place.”

Liarte smiled faintly.

Several of the awakeners of Birce, which followed along the movement of the water, were seen finding Liarte.

“Wait. Come here.”

Michael seated Liarte in a chair in the garden.

“Do you want to sit down?”

“No, I’m seating you down because your feet are bleeding.”

Liarte is insensitive to pain. 

When he took off her shoes, clean white ankles and feet were revealed. But one side was also swept with blood.

“I didn’t know I was hurt.”

“It’s okay. You didn’t know. I just don’t want you to be hurt all the time, Liarte.”

“Should I not wear these shoes again?”

It was the first item that Liarte had chosen herself,

“You picked these shoes yourself for the first time. I don’t mean to ask you not to wear them anymore.”

Michael was going to support Liarte with whatever she does.

Michael, who tore a soft handkerchief and put it on the back of Liarte’s shoe, put it back on her feet.

“You can wear them comfortably like this.”

“Thank you, Michael.”

Her heart was strangely throbbing like when she hadn’t lost her emotions before returning. 

‘How should I define this feeling?’

“You’re welcome.”

Michael kissed Liarte on the back of her hand. Like worshiping his own Lady.

Unlike Carmen’s light kiss on the back of her hand, his series of movements are overly fascinating.

“I can do anything if you’re happy, Liarte.”

Deep in her chest, her heart pounded again.

* * *

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