Chapter 38

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“My father?”

Birce’s characteristic was their flexible way of thinking.

But even Carmen didn’t think of curing Aaron’s madness.

The madness Carmen knew was a symptom of a sin that could never be cured.

However, Aaron looked the calmest Carmen had ever seen.

If he hadn’t heard the calm purring of the beast from time to time, he might have believed that Aaron’s madness had disappeared.

‘That’s why.’

Liarte tried sounding desperate, saying, “Please believe me”.

She showed evidence of making Aaron calm, especially in front of Carmen.

Because of his nature, Carmen seemed to think he would never believe in God.

‘I don’t know how this kid came to live.’

Liarte must have thought it was too natural for them to hate and distrust her.

Even now, trying to persuade Carmen to let her help him makes Liarte feel pressured.

“Reach out your hands again. Both of them.”

Liarte reached out in curiosity.

Carmen took the chocolate from his pocket.

It was the chocolate that Liarte liked when they were drinking tea.

“I would have trusted you even if you didn’t do that, Liarte.”

“Because I’m the savior of Birce?”

She didn’t understand Carmen.

“No. Because I believe in you.”

As soon as he tried to stroke Liarte’s hair, she hardened.

The change was so subtle that it was not obvious, but it was a clear response.

Carmen, who lived in the Duchy of Birce and experienced many of such cases, knew.

It was a characteristic of a person who had been violated enough to have it engraved in their body.

Even if it was only fake, who would lay a hand on Liarte, who was a princess?

‘It’s her family.’

Carmen reached out slowly enough for Liarte to see.

It was a very slow pace.

He then placed his hand on Liarte’s head, who was blinking.

“Thank you for trying to help me, Liarte.”

Surprised, Liarte looked up at Carmen.

“I believe you can cure my father. I’m grateful even if everything goes wrong and you can’t cure him in the end.”

The name Liarte is a little long.

It’d be better to call her a nickname.

‘How about Lia.’

The Duke of Elheim has said the name of Lian so many times. Lia, which was in a similar tone, was not used at all.

“I don’t know anything about my father’s madness. So, it’s better to believe and follow what you say.”

Carmen, who looked cold-hearted before her regression, and the Carmen right before her that looked a little friendly, were very different.

“I trust you, and I’ll continue to trust you.”

It meant that he believed in a person named Liarte, not just because she’s the savior of Birce.

Liarte nodded, feeling an indescribable feeling.

“Thank you.”

The energy of the water pushed into Aaron’s body was about to fall.

Liarte and Carmen sat on the long sofa away from Aaron.

“To explain, the madness is caused by a poisoning from the Imperial Family’s Black Powder. Ordinary people go crazy and die in a few hours, but I understand that Awakeners will start crying like animals or try to hurt any form of life.”

“I see.”

Carmen nodded in a cool way.

“Water Awakeners can take out the Black Powder. But it’s not possible unless you’re from the direct line or strong Awakener.”

It would have been nice if she had listened to the specific method a little more.

“I haven’t heard the proper way, so I don’t know yet. But if you give me time, I can cure Aaron.”

“That means don’t kill your father.” (L)


For a long time, Carmen knew he wouldn’t kill Aaron.

But it was something she asked in case he didn’t know what it meant.

“And please keep it a secret that I’m treating Aaron.”

“You think one out of Andre, Hans, or Merlin poisoned him?” (e/n place your bets now)

Much like a Birce, Carmen was quick to grasp the situation.

“Yes, probably.”

“Okay. I’ll follow your advice. Eat the chocolate first.”

Liarte wondered, but took off the golden wrapper of the chocolate as Carmen told her to.

It was a round shape that she had eaten before.

It was quite cute seeing her take off the wrapper with both hands because the chocolate was a slightly big candy.

‘I should have had a daughter.’

Carmen thought while looking down on the figure that was munching on the chocolate.

But it wasn’t really a daughter he wanted.

‘Have you grown attached to her?’ He asked himself.

He wanted to have a daughter like Liarte.

Only the child, who didn’t have much expression, tried desperately to make people distressed, and was poor at everything, came to mind.

* * *

The next morning.

“Are you awake?”

At night, Liarte tied Aaron with water and tried various treatments.

She checked if there was a curse pattern in Aaron’s mouth or esophagus, and she also pushed a lot of energy from the water.

She also tried to detoxify him like it was a normal poison.

“I can’t get up.”

She could relax in this bed. Liarte buried her face in the pillow.

Merlin smiled as she saw her. It was a smile that Liarte had not seen.

“But you’ll miss breakfast, so I’d like you to wake up, Young Mistress.”

Resisting sleepiness, Liarte rose.

She is now accustomed to life in Birce.

The bed, which was uncomfortable at first because it was so fluffy, was now comfortable for Liarte.

The Elheim’s room was comfortable without any people visiting. (Here Elheim refers to Master of Water, not the family)

She ate a lot of food she could only see in books and in writing before. 

She could take a walk in the garden and go inside the various buildings if she wanted to.

After Liarte washed her face, Merlin pointed to the desk.

“My Master told me to help you with what you want to do today.”

Something I want to do today.

Michael said she could take her time. If she doesn’t know something, she could try it and see if she liked it or not.

On the paper on the desk was a list of hobbies that people usually did.





Musical instruments.

The handwriting in the paper was elegant and powerful.

“Who wrote it?”

“The Young Master wrote it.”

Michael wrote it for Liarte.

Liarte embraced the paper.

From that gesture, Merlin could sense gratitude and joy.

At first glance, it was easy to misunderstand that she was emotionless, but Liarte was honest and friendly.

“Please say thank you to Michael for me.”

While looking at the paper, Liarte looked at the lines of writing.

“Can I draw a picture?”

“Of course.”

Merlin went somewhere and brought some paper, pencils, paints, and tools that Liarte didn’t even know.

“I also brought a guide book for art tools.”

After breakfast, Liarte read the book.

Since the book had pictures, tools such as paint, pastels, and colored pencils could be recognized. 

Liarte picked up a pencil.

She learned writing because she should not be hindered when communication with Lian.

The word she knew and used the most was ‘ability’.

The pencil moved squarely.

Liarte was also trained to paint the insignia of Elheim and the Imperial Family for possible situations.

The insignia of the Imperial Family, which seemed to pop out in no time, was drawn.

Liarte agonized over the paper.

“Is there something I can do to help you?”

Liarte, who folded the small paper, said to Merlin.

“I want to throw this away.”

“Next time, it’s okay to crumple or tear it.”

“Is that so?”

The Duchess of Elheim was said to be well versed in the arts.

She is said to be good with her hands and is good at drawing and with musical instruments.

While drawing a picture of the sea, Liarte thought that she might resemble her.

The lines were a mess of thickness and the painting was left looking untidy.

However, the color used in the painting was very impressive and beautiful.

“Should I hang this picture in the frame?”


Liarte nodded.

“And I want to see more books about paintings.”

She wanted to draw a person.

She was going to draw Michael’s face if she got to draw better someday.


There is a plan for the future.

After leaving Elheim, her mindset that it didn’t matter if she died was gone.

She wants to continue living here.

She didn’t want Carmen, Michael, and Merlin to be vengeful.

She hated going through something so sad that she couldn’t stand anything less than taking revenge.

Liarte summarized the timeline.

At this point, Aaron Birce was suffering from insanity.

‘And after the coming-of-age ceremony.’

They heard of Aaron Birce’s funeral.

‘Maybe Carmen killed Aaron himself.’

Then Birce declared war.

The Crown Prince released the Black Powder, and Danterion soon discovered the antidote.

Since then, Merlin has been known to be the murderer of the Royal Family.

One of the big reasons why the people of Birce want revenge in the future was likely to be Aaron Birce.

The common reason why Merlin and Carmen were angry was Aaron.

Prior to her regression, Birce was likely to have noticed the truth of the madness after killing Aaron. 

‘It means that if we save Aaron, the people of Birce won’t have to suffer.’

Starting today, she’s going to try a new method of treatment for Aaron.

* * *

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