Chapter 39

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The night has deepened.

Carmen came into the little mansion.

It was still dark and Aaron’s howling echoed grimly.


It seemed that Liarte came in first today.

To be honest, seeing Aaron and Liarte close together makes Carmen’s heart sink in fear of her being bitten.

It was not very good for the emotional state of the child who just came of age. 

Aaron foamed at the mouth and twisted his body wildly.

The more he resisted, the stronger the chains bore into Aaron’s body.

“I knew it.”

Liarte murmured.

The answer was to come and check Aaron’s condition ahead of time.

Before her regression, Danterion once told Lian.

“The research? Just think of them as animals.”

Danterion had a personality that did not hesitate to do inhumane things if he was interested.

As soon as he became interested in the Black Powder from the Crown Prince, he made some of Elheim’s awakeners into experimental subjects.

“The word ‘animal’ means they can be tamed, Lian.”

Danterion giggled as he pointed to Liarte.

In the past, the story Liarte had heard while being tortured because she wanted to be a part of the family has now become valuable information.

What Liarte noted in Danterion’s words was that ‘animals could be tamed’.

In Danterion’s experiments the subjects didn’t bite him.

But Aaron went wild every time, trying to bite the other person somehow.

It may take knowledge to tame.

So Liarte asked Merlin to bring a book about animals such as wolves and dogs.

There were some outstanding and notable stories among them.

It is said that animals live in a hierarchy.

To tame them, it either takes someone of a higher rank or a reward. 

Danterion repeatedly tortured and treated his subjects brutally until they did not go mad.

It was simply because he got annoyed by them coming at him.

What Liarte chose to do was to give a reward or compensation.

One thing she was sure about was the relationship between Carmen and Aaron.

“Carmen, stay as far away as possible when I treat Aaron at night. Or hide your presence.”

Aaron got madder and howled more in the presence of Carmen. As Carmen continued to observe, there was a sign of caution and fear in Aaron.

It’s said that a beast rather attacks to hide its fear when a strong opponent appears.

Carmen, even if not for that reason, made Aaron go wild.

“Yeah, I’ll hide my presence and stay away.”

“You said Aaron likes sweet things, right?”

“You remember it well; he was especially obsessed with candy and chocolate.”

Today, Aaron is going to be observed during the new treatment.

To do so, Aaron had to be awake and not in a state of wild insanity.

When Carmen went away, Aaron’s growling decreased a little.

“Good boy.”

She showed him her palm.

Of course, Aaron tried to bite Liarte by the neck.

Only Carmen, who was trying to order Liarte from afar, kept flinching.

‘I am going to trust you, so I’ll just watch.’

Carmen closed his eyes completely after watching the scene where Liarte showed her palm again.

“Yes, that’s right.”

She compliments the moment that Aaron becomes calm.

And puts a small candy in his mouth using her water.

Aaron, who was about to cry like a hungry beast, suddenly became quiet.

At least he didn’t attack Liarte while eating candy.

Anyway, Liarte’s purpose was not to tame Aaron.

It was to examine his response to the treatment.

Liarte pushed the energy of water into Aaron’s body.

At the time, Aaron, who had finished chewing the candy, turned his head back to Liarte with a glint in his eye. If the water hadn’t stopped him, Liarte would have been bitten in the arm.

“Now, look at this.”

Liarte showed her palm.

She was going to repeat this until she found an effective way of treatment.

It’s been a few hours just like that.


Aaron stared hard at Liarte’s palm.

Carmen looked at the scene in amazement.

“Good job.”

The beastly body waited for the candy that Liarte would give.

And as soon as she opened the candy wrapper, he rushed fiercely again.

Aaron calmed down as the candy went into his mouth.

“He’s completely tamed.”

Carmen looked at Aaron and raised the corner of his mouth.

If Aaron was in his right mind, he would be angry, saying “Why are you laughing like a fox?”

Liarte shook her head.

“No, if we let him go, he won’t listen to my orders again.”

He’s tied up all the time, so he doesn’t have a choice. So, he just has to listen to Liarte.

It was a method that would not have been possible with a normal human.

“But I think I know a little bit more now.”

Aaron became the calmest when Liarte pushed the energy of the water near his heart.

‘Black Powder builds up in the heart.’

The problem was how to get it out.

Black Powder could not be detected by the power of water.

She remembers how Danterion held the powder before her regression.

In fact, Danterion once said that Black Powder disappears within five minutes when the person who ingested it dies.

Carmen observed all of Liarte’s hours of experimentation.

“You’re trying very hard to cure my father, Liarte.”

“Of course I am.”

Liarte turned to Carmen.

“Aaron is a very precious person to the people of Birce. Michael, Merlin, Carmen, I know you love Aaron.”

Looking down at Aaron again, Liarte finished her words.

“So, I have to save Aaron, who is liked by everyone.”

Carmen laughed.

“Actually, I didn’t get along well with my father.”

Aaron was a typical warrior with a fiery personality.

On the other hand, his son, Carmen, was a typical civil servant who was interested in politics, society, and diplomacy.

Aaron disapproved of Carmen, calling him a fox, and Carmen hated Aaron’s extreme ways.

“But I couldn’t kill my father. My father would have told me to shoot him right away.”

“Carmen loves Aaron.”

Carmen replied with a wry smile.

“Yes, I love my father.”

“Carmen’s choice was not wrong. You can finally save your father.”

Though full of wounds, Liarte was moving straight ahead.

“I think I can take the Black Powder out of his heart in a week. Aaron will be back to normal soon.”

A child who grew up beaten in Elheim, but never lost her kindness to help others.

Carmen was unconsciously concentrating on the story of Liarte.

Liarte said:

“Before that, look for the spy who fed Aaron the powder.”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best to find that spy.”

Carmen’s smiling red eyes had a warm glow.

* * *

“I found you, Michael.”

Liarte finally found Michael standing in the garden.

She was wandering around the mansion looking for Michael a while ago.


Michael smiled brightly.

Walter, who was following him, shouted at his mad master’s behavior.

‘All of a sudden, you abandon your work and jump off the tower.’

Michael did it as soon as he heard a Black Knight saying that Liarte was looking for him.

“Were you taking a walk?” (L)

“Yes, I was waiting for you to come this way.”

It was a lie.

While handling Carmen’s duties in the tower next to the rose garden, he jumped out the window.

Walter’s lips moved sharply, but no words came out.

“Oh, this is Walter. You saw him last time, right? My escort knight who is also quick-witted.”

Michael introduced him.

Walter, who understood the meaning of being killed if he wasn’t quick-witted, bowed his head down quickly.

“I’ve always been hearing of you all the time. It’s an honor to meet you like this, Miss.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Walter.”

Liarte in Elheim was like a living ghost.

Seeing her under the sunlight was certainly livelier and prettier than before.

“By the way, what is going on? You said you found me as soon as you saw me.”

“I was wondering if I could give this to you as a gift.”

The picture in the frame was a picture of the sea that they went to for the first time.

The picture was painted in a clumsy way and roughly colored.

But it was a beautiful painting.

Liarte, who had been agonizing over the frame since Merlin gave it to her, decided to give the painting to Michael as a present.

“It’s the first painting I’ve ever drawn. I drew the sea that we went to that day.”

Brice had an excellent aesthetic and knowledge of art. This is because it was an easy item to evade taxes with.

Michael recognized the value of the painting.

A painting that will sell incredibly expensive because it’s the first one.

But he had no intention of selling it.

Michael’s voice trembled somehow.

“Can I really take it?”

“I want you to keep it. It means a lot to me.”

Michael carefully picked up the frame.

“Thank you, Liarte.”

She’s been dazzled with Michael’s pretty face that’s full of joy.

His folded eyes and friendly smile made Liarte a little happy.

“I’m so happy. I’ll always keep it.”

No one will be able to express the joy that Michel felt at this moment.

It felt like the whole world was shining brilliantly.

Liarte was too good to handle.

His following actions were impulsive.

Michael’s lips touched her white cheeks.

* * *

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