Chapter 41

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Liarte turned to Aaron and showed him her hand again.

Then she gave him candy and sent water into Aaron’s body.

She now knew how to remove the Black Powder.

All they had to do was find the person who fed the Black Powder to Aaron.

‘The spy is not stupid.’

Just as the objects in the room remained the same, there was no way for the spy to pretend to be dead nor did someone suddenly leave the family to point at as a spy. 

But Liarte realized who the spy was.

Although it was not obvious for others, Liarte had memories from the future.

“Carmen, I think I know who the spy is.”

She was going to say it, but Carmen said it faster with a grin.

Carmen’s lips moved neatly.


It was right.


“So, I was right. Should we capture him now?”

“No, I’d like to have a conversation with him. I should be able to get the story of the Crown Prince out of him, he’s not as wary of me as the rest of Birce.” 

This was because the Crown Prince regarded Liarte as a person of no ambition.

It was unlikely that the Crown Prince, who had ignored Liarte, would be wary of her again just because she became an awakener of the water ability.

“I am actually against that. Michael would do everything as you say, but there’s no parent who puts their child in obvious danger.”

“But I am not your child?”

“Think of me as your guardian.”

Carmen laughed with a mysterious expression.

She thought he was more difficult than Michael.

“You don’t have to think too much, Liarte. You’re a little younger than my son, and you are my child as long as you’re in Birce.”

“You’re my guardian. Then you will come to protect me in times of danger.”

How can she believe Carmen so many times?

He felt like he had to educate her first on not trusting strangers. But Carmen responded to the child.

“Yes, I’ll be keeping an eye on you.”

There was nothing to blame Michael for.

Carmen himself had already begun to care for Liarte.

* * *

In the early morning, Liarte left the main building.

‘That’s the Rose Tower.’

Passing through the garden, there was a place called the Rose Tower diagonally from the main building.

It was the place where Michael usually worked.

After shortly glancing at it, Liarte approached the entrance to the small mansion where Aaron was kept in.

“Young Lady?”

Andre, with a cat-like countenance, sprang out and stopped.


“Ah, hello. I was rude yesterday. I was worried because the Young Master didn’t look well.”

“Michael is not feeling well?”


After laughing awkwardly, Andre stepped back.

“I am in a bit of a hurry, but I’ll be back in a while. Oh, Merlin is with you. Goodbye, take care.”

Before they could have a long conversation, Andre ran away.

“I’m naturally an inconspicuous person. You don’t have to worry, Young Lady.”

Merlin, who was standing behind Liarte, said.

“Hans is inside, right?”

Hans and Andre took turns in charge of security.

“Yes. Are you going in?”

“I’ll go in by myself.”

It would be better to see the two separately.

“I’ll wait out front.”

Unexpectedly, Merlin stood politely at the door of the mansion without saying a word.

As walked through the darkness, she saw Aaron and Hans.

“Young Lady?”

He had a naive impression. Liarte couldn’t believe he used to be an assassin.

“What are you doing at this late hour?”

“I’m here to see Aaron. Is he crazy again today?”

“It’s sad, but he is. But he’s been like this for a year.”

“That’s too bad. Yesterday, Aaron’s room seemed to be waiting for its owner. Come to think of it, I was surprised to see Andre there yesterday.”


Hans frowned strangely.

“I heard you and Andre take turns in cleaning.”

“But it wasn’t Andre’s turn to clean up yesterday? It’s strange.”

Talking to himself, Hans calculated the date with his fingers.

“As expected, I am not wrong. But something must have happened.”

“You and Andre look close.”

“Yes, the Great Master was just with me. And we also had Merlin back then.”

“I’d like to hear the details.”

Liarte sat on the sofa where Carmen sat.

Hans bought a steel chair and sat next to her.

“Did you hear that Merlin was kidnapped at a young age and was raised as an assassin?”

“Yes. I heard it from Carmen.”

“I was also kidnapped and raised as an assassin at a young age. When I was living without dying then, the Great Master saved me. And I’ve known Andre since before then.”

“Are you from the same assassination squad?”

“Yes. Andre has been agile, smart, and good at dealing with poisons since he was a child.”

“I see. Did the three of you work for Aaron?”

“How did you know?”

Hans nodded in surprise.

“Well, you heard that Merlin was educated to live a normal life. I sometimes took care of my Great Master or ran errands.”

“And Andre? Did he do anything different than what you did?”

“Yes. He was in charge of the meals. It was to see if the meals were poisonous.”

“So, Andre was the only one who could mix poison in the food.”

“Well, yes. But don’t doubt him. Andre is a good guy.”

Hans was naively pushy.

Liarte took out a candy that Carmen had given her and crumbled it.

It was uniquely triple-packed.

Hans was confused and took the candy because the wrapper didn’t come off well.

“I’ll peel it for you.”

Hans peeled the wrapper off with dexterity.

Liarte put the candy in her mouth.

“Is it delicious?”

“Yes. It’s sweet.”

“The Great Master liked candy, too.”

“How was the relationship between You, Andre and Aaron, Hans? Was it good?”

“No, Andre would stand up to me. I used to bring back black ink to cook when I went out. However, the Great Master didn’t like ink.”

“You must have had a good time, Hans.”

“Please call me Anse in standard pronunciation, Young Lady.”

Hans grinned thickly.


“No one calls me by my name anymore.”

“All right, Hans.”

Hans rubbed the back of his neck as if in trouble.

“Anse is fine. Please.”

“Okay, Anse.”

Liarte’s voice quickly grew cold.

“Of course, you don’t want to be called by the name that the Great Master gave you, whom you betrayed by feeding him Black Powder.” 


Hans looked around puzzledly. Liarte was looking at him sternly.

His expression, which seemed embarrassed because he didn’t know what it was really about, was vivid.

With such a perfect performance, he must have succeeded in hurting Aaron, the direct line of Birce.

“I’m sorry, but I do not know what you are talking about, Young Lady.”

“Before Aaron Birce showed his madness, he ate a unique black candy. Carmen said so.”

“Candy wasn’t the cause. Andre examined all the candies.”

“I know. There’s a saying that black candies suck up a year’s luck, so he should have tested it more meticulously. You’ve been working on setting up Andre as the spy ever since.”

Hans kept talking about Andre.

When Liarte asked about Andre several times, he excitedly said that Andre tested the meals for poison and that he was the one who gave Aaron the food with the ink.

“You’re good at opening candy wrappers, Hans.”

Even though it was a complicated triple-wrapped structure, it was opened without an ounce of hesitation.

“Merlin and Andre are good at opening them, too.”

“The two of them couldn’t open it.”

Liarte rose from her feet. The water flowed quietly and hovered under Liarte’s feet.

“How did you take care of Aaron? What errands did you run for him?”

Liarte dropped Hans’ wrapper. 

“It would have been very easy for you to give him candy with Black Powder in it.”

Hans sprang up from his seat.

It was Hans who first recommended black candy to Aaron, Merlin said.

Aaron had Hans buy black candy because he thought he didn’t know about the bad saying because of his simple naive face.

It was clear that he chose black candy with the intention of putting Black Powder inside from the beginning. 

‘Or it could be the Crown Prince’s subordinate that made the black candy.’

The reason why she also assumed Hans was the spy was also simple.

Along with the story about Merlin being a champion of war, the story of the cat-eyed Andre circulated.

The two of them fought against the Imperial Family and Elheim as enemies in the future.

But Liarte had never heard of Hans or Anse.

Then Hans took out a small glass bottle the size of a finger and ran to Aaron.

It seemed like he was going to feed him something from the bottle.

Liarte’s water held Hans’ hands still. 

The approaching Liarte took away the glass bottle in Hans’ hands.


Hans, who was staring at Liarte with a distorted face without saying a word, exploded the poison behind his molars.

It was intended to be a suicide.

‘As expected, I thought it was easy for me.’

Liarte thought.

So, it was a relief. 

However, the assassin that was captured by the Water Awakener could not commit suicide.

Liarte’s ability quickly healed Hans before the poison spread throughout his body.

The water held onto Hans tightly.

The poison disappeared without being absorbed by Hans.

“I have him apprehended, Carmen.”

“I thought my heart was going to drop while I was waiting.”

The fog lifted and Carmen, who had been invisible, finally appeared.

* * *

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