Chapter 42

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Carmen, who approached, grabbed Hans’ hair.

“I finally know who the spy is.”

“You knew as soon as I mentioned the word Black Powder.”

“That’s true, but you held on to him for me didn’t you, Liarte?”

Liarte looked at Carmen, who was smiling, and Hans alternately.

To be exact, to the hand that was still grabbing Hans’ hair.

Carmen let him go right away. The falling Hans was caught by Liarte’s water.

When she was about to ask him why he let go of the spy that they caught, Carmen said.

“I’m sorry, it was a habit.”

“What is?”

“I didn’t want you to see me get violent.”

Hans crawled forward in a fit of rage to escape from Liarte’s water.

Carmen, with his hands up, knocked Hans out at once. And dragged him down onto the floor.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Now, I’ve done more than just grabbing hair.” 

Liarte didn’t care.

“It doesn’t matter because it’s not you who is bad, it’s Hans. I know that spies are dangerous.”

“Still, it’s not a scene I want to show you at your age.”

While Michael, who was born in Birce and had the Power of Death, had been the target of all kinds of heinous things and it was unavoidable for him to be exposed these sort of things.

If Michael had been born into a normal family, he would’ve done the same thing to him and rather not have shown him any violence.

Carmen sighed deeply.

Liarte presented Carmen with a glass bottle that she took from Hans.

“This is a glass bottle. Did you see what Hans was planning to do with it?”

“I saw him trying to feed it to your father. But Birce doesn’t have much poison readily available.” 

There are also drugs that manipulate people or make them hallucinate, so the family members of Birce have developed resistance to drugs and poison since they were young.

Carmen looked into the few drops of liquid in the glass bottle.

“The color and scent seem like human blood.”

Sniffing the bottle recklessly was dangerous, but it was convenient that he had a strong water awakener by his side.

If something goes wrong, Liarte will do something right away.

“It may have a unique effect when it mixes with Black Powder. When I get the powder out, please experiment on it.”

“I’ll do that.”

Carmen, as well as Michael, who regained his sight, were helped by Liarte.

Hans wouldn’t have easily revealed himself if Liarte hadn’t stepped up.

Whenever the liquid in the small glass bottle shook, his heart felt heavy.

“Thank you for saving my father after saving my son.”

“Not yet. Because I still haven’t cured Aaron’s insanity.”

Liarte, who was agonizing, looked up at Carmen.

“But I thought of a way. I might be able to get rid of it today.”

How to remove the Black Powder from the heart.

Liarte, who had been thinking for a long time, recalled the direction of the experiment that Danterion would have taken.

Danterion certainly said this to Lian.

“In the end, the Black Powder can only be taken out by water that is controlled by a water awakener.”

She didn’t know how this story turned out, but she had a clue.

“I actually tried soaking everything in water…. well,I gave up. If I took one step further, I would have succeeded, so I regret it now.”

Danterion would have used all kinds of methods using his water.

He had a tendency to not care about drowning and killing the subjects.

In other words, the powder can be removed only when the water that controls the presence of the Black Powder inside the heart is spilled out.

Then Liarte thought.

‘We can just drop him in the water.’

All she had to do was soak Aaron’s entire body in the water she had control of.

It would be faster to put Aaron in a large body of water than to rummage through his heart by spilling water.

It was a hypothesis, so she didn’t know if it would work.


Liarte called Carmen.

“So do you mind if I start now?”

“You’re going to take the Black Powder out of my father now?”


Aaron barked hungrily in the meantime. (e/n I don’t know why this is so fucking funny to me lmao, just this old grown-ass man barking sksksksk) 

Liarte now showed him her palm comfortably.

“Hold still.”

For a moment, Aaron went quiet.

When she gave him the candy, the crackling echoed inside the mansion.

“You have to promise me something. Promise me you won’t step forward even when it looks dangerous.”

“Yes, I promise.”

Carmen, who held out his pinky finger, smiled with his eyes.

Now he knew how reassuring this little promise could be for Liarte.

Liarte cautiously held her pinky finger out.

“Yeah, you can do whatever you want now, Liarte.”

In the meantime, some Black Knights, whom they did not know when they came in, moved the fainted Hans outside.

Liarte didn’t care about Hans.

Not only was she not interested in what would happen to Hans, but Aaron’s was more urgent.

“Let’s get started.”

An awakener can resist the abilities of another awakener.

She had to use water that was strong enough to power through Aaron’s resistance.

A stream of water gathered along Liarte’s hand.

At first, the water, which was the size of a cup, began to grow.

“Do you remember Aaron’s height or size?”

How much water should she make to soak Aaron as a whole?

Now he was tied to a chair in a sitting position, but Aaron’s body looks big at a glance.

“How about this?”

The water that gathered and fluttered like a monster floated in the air.

“You want to make a pond?”

Carmen saw it and realized why the Imperial Family and various nobles could not give up on Liarte.

However, she was regarded as an unawakener so it was very fortunate that she came to Birce.

‘Not even the Duke of Elheim could do such a thing.’

Liarte calculated the amount of the water by eye.

“How about this?”

She heard that the act of removing or releasing the water that the awakener is seized in has an effect on them.

 Effortlessly, Liarte parted the water neatly.

“I think that’s fine.”

Carmen nodded.

Maybe he felt threatened, but Aaron screamed like a beast.

“From now onwards, I am going to soak Aaron in this water. Please don’t be surprised.”

Liarte explained quietly.

Then she reached her hand out.

‘You told me not to be surprised, but you worried about me.’

Carmen leaned against the wall as he watched the scene of the overflowing water on Aaron.

Aaron roared around with a louder noise.

The water swallowed Aaron whole. It looked as if it was trying to kill him.

However, Carmen did not step up while watching the water weigh on Aaron.

‘He’s not very lively.’

Carmen knew that even though Aaron was suffering from madness, he was relatively unresisting.

If he had resisted more, he would have been a more difficult opponent than now.

‘As expected, Father still doesn’t use his hands.’

Currently, the Aaron seen by Carmen was close to a beast.

He was tied up, but he didn’t think about breaking the chain with his hands.

He doesn’t even realize that he has to use his hands.

Nor could he use the Power of Death.

Because of that, Birce has so far only considered that symptom to be a madness that had him lose his humanity.

Someone said that the karma gained by using the Power of Death was madness.

The peculiar thing was that Carmen believed Liarte’s explanation about how the madness was actually caused by the Imperial Family’s Black Powder. 

After a while, something unexpected happened in the water.

Aaron’s movements, which were erratic and struggling, gradually decreased.

Carmen’s hand, which was in a clenched fist, loosened.

The red eyes of the savage beast were dotted with sanity.

His face, which had been distorted by frowning and showing teeth, slowly unfolded like a human being.

Aaron, who resisted, gradually began to accept the water calmly. 

The old man, who used his teeth instead of his hands, gradually straightened his body and closed his lips tightly.

‘She’s really trying hard to save a person. That kid.’

Wherever Aaron was, he had a bigger head than others and his physique was large, so he had an impressive appearance. 

Liarte, who was much smaller than Aaron, moved to save him, which gave Carmen a strange feeling.

From the beginning, Liarte tried to help Aaron instead of being scared.

It wasn’t enough to have given Michael the grace of restoring his sight, enabling him to live life normally, she was also saving Carmen and Aaron.

“Aaron Birce. If you can hear me, please blink. If you can’t move, hold on to your consciousness as much as possible.”

Liarte whispered.

Aaron, who was in a mess, gradually stood on two feet, not four.

It was originally how Aaron had looked.

An upright posture.

Extraordinary muscles at a glance.

His unruly tangled white hair became neat.

Above all, his overall appearance, which was like a beast, now looked like a human being.

‘He’s quiet.’

She heard that the process of driving out the poison was painful, but Aaron did not scream.

He just had to persevere with his lips tightly closed.

The blue light finally spread and enveloped Aaron.

The water seeped to the ground. The remaining stream supported Aaron’s body.

Aaron stood on the ground on his two feet.

He ran wild for a long time and was in a bad physical condition, but his posture was not disturbed.

Carmen felt himself shaking.

“Are you feeling well, Aaron?”

Liarte asked him in the way Michael would.

But soon Aaron’s body collapsed.


“It’s fine. It’s because he hasn’t come to his senses yet.”

Carmen approached.

Aaron’s red eyes seemed empty. Although the focus has not returned yet, she was able to see his intellect.

“Don’t worry. If we leave him alone for a while, he will come back to his senses.”

Carmen continued speaking in a deep voice.

The sight of Aaron’s eyes blinking and his fingers moving little by little was new.

“My father really woke up.”

“He won’t ever suffer from madness again.”

A small amount of Black Powder from Aaron’s heart was placed on the palm of Liarte.

“I’ll take it.”

Carmen put the powder in a paper wrapper that he took out from somewhere.

Aaron was conscious, but he looked distant.

His madness was long gone, like a lie. Liarte was right.

“Thank you, Liarte.”

Carmen put one hand on his chest and bowed politely.

“You saved both my son and my father. It’s a miracle to me that Michael’s eyes and my father’s madness were both cured.”

Just looking at Carmen shaking, she could see how happy and moved he was.

“You gave me everything back.”

Carmen was smiling at Liarte.

He was smiling broadly, but he felt fascinated and ecstatic.

Still, Liarte could tell Carmen was smiling with real joy.

“Thank you. I can never pay you back for everything you did for me, so I’ll pay you back by being a father to you for the rest of my life.”

The last sentence, of course, was in Carmen’s self-interest.

“You can call me father. But if you don’t want to, you can call me Carmen.”

Carmen has been watching Liarte all along.

Including the time he heard her story from Michael, he had known Liarte for a long time.

He wanted to be the guardian of this child, whom he became attached to and thought of as his child, not just because she saved Michael and Aaron.

“Oh, I thought of a better nickname than Liarte.”

Carmen smiled with his eyes.


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