Chapter 44

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‘I knew it.’

Liarte thought.

In the past, she heard that Birce also tried to bother Elheim.

Did Elheim say it was because they touched Birce first?

‘I never had a place to belong to.’

She never got used to the prison-like room that she was confined to in Elheim when she was still an unawakener.

 Perhaps the reason was that it didn’t belong to Liarte.

She never had anything of her own in her life.

Family, love, people on her side, a room, or even the smallest things.

After coming to Birce, her heart melted.

Without realizing it, Liarte herself was lowering her vigilance and fear that she would be abandoned.

She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t hurt.

Liarte looked up.

Dark clouds were hanging over the clear sky.

Raindrops fell one by one, and soon, it began to rain.

Rain trickled down Liarte’s white face. Her black hair gradually got wet.

‘Why did he get confused?’

She liked Michael a lot. She liked Carmen too.

They also said they liked Liarte.

Why did she think Aaron would also naturally welcome her?

If this were another time, Aaron wouldn’t care if he liked Liarte or not. 

But now, Liarte knows about the man’s conservativeness.

Once she knew of the people’s warmth, she couldn’t leave here unlike when she was abused in Elheim.

She was already living in Birce without knowing that her heart was opened.

She wanted to be here.

“Young Lady.”

White clothes were hung over the rain-soaked Liarte.

“You’ll catch a cold when you get rained on.”

Merlin was somehow covering Liarte up with the apron of her maid’s uniform.

“You have to go in.”

“No, I have to leave this family now.”

She felt like she couldn’t stand being abandoned again.

“You might catch a cold when you get rained on.”

“It’s fine. I’m a water awakener.”

The rain could not affect the water awakener. Despite hearing that, Merlin was adjusting her apron around in fear of Liarte getting rained on.

She saw a person who was usually indifferent, with a worried expression on her face.

Then, a large man came running through the rain.

His clothes, which were scratched by chains and messed up, were soaked, and he found Liarte without knowing that his feet were met in the rain.

“My savior.”

“I’m sorry, Aaron, I’ll leave Birce now.”

She didn’t want to be hurt anymore when she ran into Aaron again.

“I am sorry.”

With a voice that is loud and clear, Aaron said, choking up.

“I couldn’t recognize my savior because I didn’t remember her very well.”

Aaron approached with a tearful face because he was worried that Liarte would be hurt.

“Thank you for visiting me when I was suffering from madness.”

The elderly man wept little by little. Thick teardrops mixed with the rain water.

“Thank you for saving me. Thank you for being with my son and my grandson.”

His big wrinkled hand could be seen. Without holding Liarte by the shoulder, Aaron said earnestly.

“I did not mean what I said before, now I finally woke up and came to my senses. I‘m very happy to have my savior stay in Birce.”

The tears of the helpless old man fell down.

“I am sorry, this old man made a mistake. I won’t ask you to forgive me, but please don’t leave.”

Liarte turned her head.

She could see Aaron’s crying face.

She never thought anyone would try to hold her back.

“Why are you crying so much?”

“Because I have hurt my savior.”

Aaron shed tears.

“I remember everything I heard when I was a madman.”

At first, Aaron had given up.

Unlike his whole spirit, he had no control over his body, which tried to bark at and bite people like a beast.

He was ashamed of his body that was struggling badly after behaving animal-like.

He also thought that he wanted to die because his life was as ugly as a beast.

However, he also thought that he didn’t want to die just as much as that.

He didn’t know how many times he saw his son trying to kill him every night but just ending up turning back.

Then suddenly, a person from Elheim, whom he saw for the first time, came to visit.

Her name was Liarte.

He already gave up on his life, so he didn’t listen to her.

He sensed that Liarte was doing something, such as pouring water energy into him and talking to Carmen, but that was it.

There was no result.

He would’ve given up, but Liarte came every day.

Only then did he feel like listening to her conversation with Carmen.

She was said to have been locked up her whole life in a prison.

She said it was the first time she and Michael had seen the sea.

She said it was spacious and beautiful here, so he thought it wouldn’t be bad to keep living.

So Aaron gradually listened to Liarte’s story.

He was proud that she didn’t lose her kindness for others even though she lived a miserable life.

He was comforted by the existence of Liarte, who continued living on.

After Carmen told the story that he loved his father, Aaron said to himself he would be happy.

He was happy.

He was grateful even though his body was not under his control like death, out of the light in the dark mansion.

Tears later came to Aaron’s eyes when he heard that Liarte would treat him.

A body that couldn’t cry was cruel.

However, he was not as ashamed as before.

Then it finally became today.

Aaron wanted Birce to be where Liarte would be.

“The rest of my life belongs to my savior.”

Liarte saved Aaron, who lived a life that was pure madness and could have only died or lived a life that was almost impossible to live.

“So please, stay here.”

Liarte looked up at Aaron.

The words ‘stay here’ were so sweet.

It was the warmth that she might have hoped for all her life.

The appearance of Aaron holding on to Liarte with a twisted face might be an illusion.

Miracle fantasies that Liarte used to create, hoping for someone.


Dizziness came to her eyes and her eyes went black.

“Can I stay here?”

“You can stay here and take root here forever, my savior.”

Aaron heard Liarte’s breathing become smaller.

“Am I seeing an illusion?”

The whispering Liarte closed her eyes.

Aaron picked up the body of the falling Liarte.

“Savior! No, uhm, the infirmary! Where’s the doctor?”

Aaron asked Merlin hastily.

Aaron, who was wet all over, ran with Liarte in his arms.

* * *

“Her fever has dropped considerably.”

The rain stopped shortly after.

Michael was sitting next to Liarte’s bed while holding her hand.

The fainted Liarte was diagnosed with a fever.

“It dropped?”

“Maybe it’ll go away soon.”

John, the doctor of Birce, was surprised when Aaron, who was a madman, first appeared.

Before he even took out his rifle, Aaron laid down a woman in his arms and cried to save her.

Carmen and Michael, who came in wet after them, were in a furor.

Her symptoms were of simple gastritis and a fever.

However, when he heard that the woman who was lying down now was the girl Michael brought, he had no choice but to pray to the unbelievable god.

It was a relief that it was just a fever.

Just once again, he prayed that her fever would go down quickly.

‘Otherwise, those three rich men will kill me.’

With his life depending on God, he randomly drew the holy sign of the God of Light.

“Anything else?”

Carmen had forgotten his usual slick manner and folded his arms.


Aaron was simple and easy to deal with, but Carmen and Michael were never easy.

“She seemed to have been mentally overloaded. I guess it wasn’t just one instance….”

John was under the pressure of being killed if he told him the obvious.

In the end, he put his hands up in prayer and used the ability he had saved up.

With his feeble but mint-colored hair and eyes, he was a bit of an awakener.

He was a useless awakener who could only use his ability once a year.

His Light God earrings dangle next to his glasses.

‘God, please.’

Although he was lazy, John prayed desperately.

Walter, who looked ridiculously at the scene out of the window, ignored it.

Soon, a light blinked faintly.

The doctor, John, sensed an unbelievably large vessel at that moment.

“Is this girl really a person?”

“You’re talking as if Lili isn’t a human being.”

“Father, who’s Lili?”

Michael’s strange gaze reached Carmen, who was pressuring the doctor.

It was a complete mess.

Still, John had at least a sense of responsibility because he was a doctor.

“Masters, please be quiet for a moment.”

Surprisingly, as soon as the word masters was mentioned, the three men became quiet.

“Her vessel is almost empty. It’s a combination of gastritis and excessive use of abilities as the reason for the fever.”

“Too much ability use?”

“I think she moved a lot of water directly.”

Carmen said ‘I don’t know what you mean.’

“Say it clearly.”

John was courted by Michael’s words.

“It’s not the application of her abilities on the detoxification, it’s literally moving a big form of water. The cause should be around, like that rain.”

Just then, the butler Alef rushed in and opened the door.


Then he looked surprised when he saw Aaron.

“Great Master?”

“What brought you here, Alef?”

“It rained all over the empire at the same time. I think it’s the Young Lady’s ability.”

The eyes of the people in the room turned towards Liarte all at once.

Aaron, lying in the bed next to Liarte, could not hide his guilt.

It was his fault for pushing his savior away.

He still couldn’t forget her standing in the rain, hurt.

“It’s my fault. All of it.”

It was all his fault.

Aaron blamed himself and couldn’t hide his sorrow.

And at that moment, Liarte’s eyelids trembled a little.

* * *

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