Chapter 46

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The soft sunlight swept over her closed eyes.

When Liarte woke up, she crawled out of the treatment room’s bed she was lying in.

She could see the clear sky through the open window.

‘It stopped raining.’

Aaron apologized to her in the pouring rain and she was asked to stay here.

In Birce.

Her last memory was closing her eyes in the comfort of being in Merlin’s arms.

Liarte has always been wary of others.

But as soon as she thought she was safe in the place that she was in, she lost control and strength over her own body. 

She seemed to have fallen asleep then.

‘I feel light.’

It’s probably because she took a long enough rest.

First off, she was going to go find out if the experiment on the Black Powder that Hans was about to use earlier was over and if Aaron’s condition was better. 

Liarte, who rose from the bed, paused.

There was a quiet, regular sound of breathing coming from somewhere.

She found a chair right next to her bed.

In the chair, Michael sat, with his eyes closed. His long eyelashes shining under the soft sunlight.


Did Michael hold her hands while she was asleep?

Even though Liarte unwittingly reached out and touched his eyelashes slightly, Michael did not wake up.

‘He’s sound asleep.’

As she was listening to his even breathing, she put her hand on his arm.


Liarte shook him carefully.

“That chair is uncomfortable. Get up and sleep in this bed.”

She was going to give Michael the bed because he was fast asleep on the chair.

At that moment, Michael’s red eyes slowly opened.

He looked like a threatening monster you encounter in a very dangerous place. 

The moment she thought she had met his piercing eyes, Michael pulled Liarte.

In an instant, Liarte laid underneath Michael.

It wouldn’t be strange if he pulled out his sword right away, but she wasn’t afraid.

“Michael, are you still sleepy?”

Michael, who was slowly looking down on Liarte, slowly lightened his stare. 

There was no animosity in his mellow appearance.

‘He’s not fully awake yet.’

His red gaze seemed to be hazy.

Instead of being frightened, Liarte reached out.

“Lie down here and sleep.”

Then Michael scooted aside and laid down on the bed.

He was right next to Liarte.

In his still sleepy state, he hugged Liarte and closed his eyes.

He still isn’t fully awake, and he acted like he was drunk.

His shirt, chest, and arms wrapped around her body so firmly that she couldn’t pull herself out.

Liarte could feel Michael’s breath over her head from time to time.

Some of her hair shook due to his breath.

She looked at the white button on his shirt, and slowly reached out.

Holding on to Michael’s sleeve was her best move.

His pulse, which had always been beating fast, was at a moderate and constant pace today.

Michael, who kept pulling Liarte close to him, turned her to his side.

Into a cuddling position.

‘It’s weird.’

Liarte thought, feeling his heart beating again.

Then the door of the treatment room opened.

“Young Master, there’s a caregiver for her. You cannot keep sticking to her like this and interrupt the patient’s rest……”

It was the doctor Liarte saw when she woke up for a short while earlier.

With mint-colored hair and eyes of the same shade, she was under the impression that he looked like a noble prince.

But the thing that stands out the most to her are his unusual earrings.


Their eye contact caused the doctor to shake violently.

“Am I disturbing you right now? That isn’t allowed here though. How could you two get to the bed together…….”

He looked perplexed.

Michael, who was hugging Liarte, opened his eyes.

Unlike usual, he had no killing intent, he looked relaxed.

Michael felt a pleasant scent near him.

A refreshing scent, and a fine, white hand on his shirt’s sleeve.

Only then did he know that he was embracing someone.

Of course, there was only one owner of such pretty, long black hair.


Michael’s heart, which was previously beating at a moderate pace, gradually accelerated.

“You really woke up, didn’t you?”

In his arms, Liarte raised her head a little.

Her seeing how he came to his senses after sleeping shook Michael so much. He struggled to cover his blushing face and ears.


It was a dreamy reality.

He didn’t know why he was sleeping with Liarte in his arms.

‘This isn’t it.’

Liarte was asleep for two whole days. Michael, who has not slept for three days, was sitting on the chair when he finally closed his eyes.

Strangely, he felt relieved and comfortable around Liarte.

“I’m sorry, but you’re not allowed to have an impure relationship in the treatment room.”

John said softly, looking at Michael’s countenance. 

Michael, who thought he didn’t want to fall, woke up right away.

“I’m sorry. You must have been surprised, Liarte.”

“No, I wasn’t.”

Liarte shook her head a little.

“It was comfortable and nice.”

At those calm words, Michael impulsively climbed down from the bed.

He wanted to hug Liarte one more time.

Had it not been for the unexpected guest who came out of nowhere.

John sneaked to the side to avoid the Young Master who seemed to be upset.

“How are you feeling, my lady?”

“I’m in great condition.”

“That’s a relief.”

Fortunately, when John checked Liarte’s physical condition, he escaped from Michael’s fearful gaze.

On top of that, there were two more men of Birce who would kill John if Liarte died under his care.

It was fortunate in many ways that Liarte was in great condition.

“I’m glad you made a full recovery. I’m John, the doctor.”

Earrings that symbolize the God of Light were dangling from his ears.

“I’m Liarte.”

Even though he may already know, Liarte also greeted.

‘He looks strangely familiar.’

Liarte recalled the usual doctor in Elheim.

A family of doctors who have only treated Water Awakeners for generations since the founding of the Duchy of Elheim.

It was this family doctor who diagnosed that Liarte might have sucked away Lian’s powers.

They all had a unique mint color like John.

“The Young Lady must have already seen my family while she was in Elheim.”

Maybe she stared at them for too long, but John awkwardly touched his earrings.

“My abilities are just enough that I can use them only once a year. My family kicked me out early. Well, it’s all in the past.”

“I see.”

“Anyway, you need to relax a little bit. You’ve caused heavy rain all over the empire, and you’ve been asleep for two days.”

“Two days?”

Furthermore, there are currently no awakeners capable of making rain pour.

Except for the first Owner, Jurien.


Didn’t the Water Spirit King say Liarte was the reincarnation of the First Owner, Jurien?

When she was about to leave Birce, the rain fell on her and her thoughts went crazy.

“Did I make it rain?”

“Yes. The Masters have been very worried since you collapsed.”

John said, looking shrewdly at Michael.

“I see.”

Liarte looked at Michael.

“In particular, the Young Master stayed by your side and cared for you all the time.”

He left out the story of when they all looked at him like they were going to eat him up.

“Thank you, Michael.”

Liarte took Michael’s hands.

“That’s a given.”

Who was this man who was smiling softly?

John shook his head thinking of the three crazy men of Birce.

Walter, an escort of Michael, thought “just don’t think about it”. 

‘I’d rather be on the other side.’

John thought there would be a lot of trouble due to the Young Master’s Lady.

* * *

After taking her medicine, John confirmed that her fever did not rise any further.

Then Michael came out with Liarte.

“I’m really feeling well, Michael.”

“Still, I’m worried if you might fall or faint. I’m concerned about you, Liarte.”

“Then I’ll say something else. Thank you for your concern.”

Liarte smiled softly.

Michael’s urge to spend time alone with Liarte rose from the inside.

“Aaron and Carmen have already arrived, right?”

“Maybe thirty minutes earlier.”

The two had decided to drink tea with Carmen and Aaron.

Liarte suddenly remembered Aaron’s madness.

“Has Aaron’s condition remained stable?”

“Don’t worry about him. He’s healthy and is in great condition. Grandpa didn’t fall into a crazed frenzy again.”

“I’m glad, then.”

She felt relieved that the Black Powder seemed to have been removed and extracted properly.

On the way to the white table outside, Liarte suddenly asked.

“By the way, what does Lili mean?”

A nickname made by Carmen.

Michael made a complex expression and laughed for a moment.

“Do you know the story of your grandmother from another small kingdom?”

“I heard from Carmen. Lili is a word used in the kingdom?”

“That’s right. And the meaning is…”

Michael looked down at Liarte.

“It means ‘very pretty’. The lovely, noble, shining, and brilliant people are all called Lili in their language. Maybe that’s what you look like to my father.”

It was a friendly nickname.

“On top of that, my father uses the word ‘Lili’ when he likes something very, very much.”


A word with all the good meanings for Carmen’s favorite.

Liarte realized that the unfamiliar feeling she felt was joy.

* * *

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