chapter 4

I had no appetite, so I skipped dinner and took a bath right away. Soaking in the hot water made my heart a bit lighter.

Waiting for me to leave the bath was Baron Tail Wizard. He was one of the old aides who worked for Duke Williot. He sat patiently until I came out after changing clothes, and then politely handed out a document.

“What is this?”

“This is an urgent document.”

When I was told that I had to handle it urgently, I hesitated.

This was supposed to be the Duke’s job, so why should I?

In usual cases, I’d only handle it if the Duke wasn’t here or was preoccupied with other work. Philen was going to have dinner with that woman right now, and I had to work?

Just thinking about it made me feel sick and irritated. In an annoyed manner, I pushed away the document and turned my head.

“Baron Wizard. Take this to Philen.”


Baron Wizard looked at me as if he couldn’t understand what I was saying. Well, I had been dealing with it for nearly 10 years and now that I suddenly said to let Philen deal with it, it’s obvious he’d be confused.

“Up until now, the Duke was away, so I took over, but now things have changed.” I smiled and kindly explained. “So, take the Duke’s work to him, he can handle it himself.”

* * *

The Wizards had long been a family who worked for the Duke of Williot. The same was true of Tail Wizard. As soon as he graduated from the Academy, he worked as an aide to the Duke of Williot.

For 30 years, he had been loyal to them. Yet, this was the first time he was this astounded.

‘Take the document to the Duke.’

Would Philen understand this document properly? Tail was sure he wouldn’t. He knew Philen would ask him this and that without knowing what it meant.

‘It’s not a good thing if his questions don’t end.’

It was annoying. He could see she was waving at him to take it back, so he sighed. He just wanted Leila to handle it, but unfortunately, Leila didn’t seem willing.

‘It’s only valid.’

Philen did something outrageous, she couldn’t possibly want to work for him. He fully understood Leila’s thoughts, but he couldn’t help but sigh.

“All right… Let’s go.”

He had to get the approval. Tail sighed and headed to the Duke’s room where Philen was.

And then.


As expected, Tail sighed deeply inside when Philen asked back, thinking that this was annoying. However, on the outside, Tail politely handed out the document to Philen.

“It’s something you have to deal with today. Even though it’s late, I’m here.”

“I see that. Why did you bring it to me?”

“I brought it because it’s a document that the Duke has to approve.”

Even with the words that followed, Philen leaned against the wall without giving a single glance to the document. His beautiful eyes rose with discontent. “You know that Leila did this until now, right?”

“Lady Leila has been acting on behalf of the Duke because you were away.”

“I know that Leila did it when I wasn’t away, so why did you come to me all of a sudden?”

Back then, you didn’t work at all because you were heartbroken and played around in the training ground!

“That’s…” He couldn’t say that. Tail hesitated.

“Did Leila send it to me?”

Tail smiled awkwardly and nodded as Philen hit the target.

Philen stroked his chin, making a small impression. “She seemed angry earlier, is this because of that?”

“Did you know that my lady is angry?”

“There’s no way I didn’t know she was angry. I just don’t know why.”

Oh, he didn’t know why.

Tail sighed.


From the inside, a hand stretched out and touched Philen’s arm.

It was that woman. Tail glanced at the woman’s belly.

He didn’t know when he looked at it from a distance, but from a close distance, he could tell it’s been around 4 months since she was pregnant.

Tail counted the number of months of pregnancy, recalling when his wife was pregnant.

“What‘s going on, Cecily?” Philen asked, caressing Cecily’s cheek affectionately.

“It’s not much, just that I’m bored. Do you still have a lot to talk about?”

“It’s over now. You’re not alone now, so don’t overdo anything.”

At Philen’s advice, Cecily nodded gently and went back inside.

Philen looked at Tail again and said. “Take the document back to Leila.”

“My lady told me to take it to the Duke…”

“Since childhood, Leila was easily upset over trivial things.” Philen raised his body, which was leaning against the wall. “Then the next day, she turned to normal. So, if you take it back tomorrow, she will approve it.”

“But this is something that needs to be done today. So, the approval…”

Philen shut the door and turned around before Tail was finished.

“My Lord, My Lord!”

Tail anxiously waited for him from outside, but Phil ignored him neatly and sat on the sofa where Cecily was.

“That man… is it okay to leave him?”

“If he’s smart, he’ll go to Leila on his own.”

“Leila… is that the young lady’s name? Your fiancée.”

As Philen nodded, Cecily tilted her head a little.

“Calling names and speaking informally to each other, the young lady and Phil must be very close.”

“We’re close. We’ve grown together.”

“Well, still, isn’t that too informal?” Cecily straightened her head and asked, while Philen looked at her with wonder.

“What are you saying?”

“That young lady is the daughter of a Count and Phil is a Duke. I don’t think even a childhood fiancée should speak informally to Phil. If the other nobles saw it, wouldn’t they think it’s weird?”

“Is that so?”

Cecily hugged Philen’s arm and continued. “So, wouldn’t it be nice for the lady to speak formally to Phil? If not, either Phil or the lady might be greatly humiliated by other people.”

“It’s all for you and for her.” Cecily whispered in a sweet voice, with her slender fingers sweeping Philen’s bare skin.

* * *

I was quick to tell him to go to Philen, but I already knew he would come back. The Duke’s seal was in my office. Even if Philen tried to work, it was impossible without the seal. So I didn’t sleep and waited for Baron Wizard. Some were unable to sleep while doing the rest of the work.

As expected, Baron Wizard returned soon after.

“Give me the document.”

“My lady…”

At my words, Baron Wizard looked at me with tears as if he had met his savior. From the behaviour of Baron Wizard, I could have expected Philen’s reaction. Philen wouldn’t do it, huh.

Well, there’s no way he would do what he had been thrown away for 10 years now. I would have to do it though.

Since he was the Duke, he couldn’t let go of his duties as a Duke forever… There was also a limit for me to do his job for him.

I needed to talk seriously with Philen about this issue…

‘While talking, I’ll also mention her.’

When I thought about that woman, my head was pounding. As I touched my forehead, Baron Wizard asked anxiously.

“Are you okay, my lady?”

“Yes, I’m okay.” I smiled attentively and checked the document.

My head still hurt, so I couldn’t see the document well, but I tried hard to concentrate on correcting the wrong parts and stamp the seal.


There was a loud noise.


I looked at the window in surprise. I couldn’t see outside because of the curtain, but I could see the outside of the window flashing.

Swaaa, the pouring rain was relentless. Baron Wizard looked at the window and said. “It’s been cloudy all afternoon and now, finally, it rained.”

“…I know, right.” I hurriedly stamped the seal and handed it over to Baron Wizard. “I’ve fixed the wrong parts. Please revise it and implement.”

“Yes, my lady.” Baron Wizard held the document in his arms and bowed down. “I apologize for bothering you late.”

“No. I…” …It’s something I have to do. As I tried to add these words, but swallowed them and laughed awkwardly. The words that were usually taken for granted didn’t come out today.

Baron Wizard also had an awkward face as if he knew what I was trying to say. “Well, then.”

After Baron Wizard left, I, who was here alone, stood up to go to bed.


“Ugh.” Another thunder shook my eardrums. I closed my ears and sat down.

As if laughing at me, more lightning struck. It flashed in front of me and the day when the Duke and Duchess died naturally came to mind. The day that took away my happiness at once.

It was painful to recall the vivid appearance of the two returning as cold bodies. I couldn’t breathe.


I grabbed my chest and fell. The fingers that were grabbing the blanket became tighter.

“It’s okay, Leila.” It’s just thunder and lightning. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I tried to comfort myself and control my emotions, but it was in vain.

Well, if it was that easy to get rid of, I wouldn’t have suffered for 10 years.

Thunder continued to strike. Covering my ears with a pillow was useless. Tears run down my cheeks, soaking the blanket.

“Misa, Misa…”

If she were here, I would have been able to sleep comfortably after taking sleeping pills. I regretted sending Misa to that woman.

I thought I should ask another maid to bring me sleeping pills to pass this night. But… I didn’t want to show this weak appearance of mine to others, so I didn’t ask for help.

I had an ominous feeling that the night was going to be much longer than usual.