Chapter 17



With the end of the Martial Arts Competition, the schedule for the April festival ended. 


My father was in a good mood, so he gave out a lot of alcohol and meat to the people of the duchy. 


“We can’t just skip the celebration for our lovely daughters who became presenters.” 


“Long live the Duke!” 


“Thank you, My lady!” 


Is there someone who doesn’t like free meat and alcohol. 


The knights cheered more than usual. 


My father even paraded in a carriage without a roof. 


“My babies are so pretty and mature like this, that they even presented flower prizes, how could we just ignore them!” 


Haha, I thought that he made a good excuse, but it’s okay if my father is satisfied. 


“It’s like Lara became a princess!” 


My sister also cutely liked it. 


Well, It’s up to me and my brother to be ashamed. 


Anyways, whenever he met the people of the duchy while in the carriage, they also thanked him with a bright face. 


“I’ll work hard this year too!” 


“Where else will we find a lord who takes care of us like this every spring!” 


“Because the Duke takes good care of us, the young master and the young ladies are this cute.” 


“Of course, where else can we find such lovely babies.” 


Everything was a fascinating sight. 


‘So far, I’ve never seen anyone interact with a Duke so casually like this.’ 


They really didn’t feel uncomfortable, even though they wouldn’t normally meet all the time. 


‘Well, it seems that there are quite a few festivals here in the duchy…’ 


I thought it would be reasonable if my parents showed their faces every time. 


It is said that holding the festival in mid-April when it’s generally the time when the farming is almost ready, means to take a breather. 


In summer, the festival is held to cool off and cheer up. 


During that time, rather than a festival, it was more like giving out cool ice and making a holiday so that they can take even a short break. 


Of course, the harvest season also included Thanksgiving. 


In addition, my parents seemed to be taking care of the small things so that the duchy people could take a breather. 


‘That’s why everyone’s face is so bright.’ 


I learned all of these stories thanks to the duchy people who enjoyed this year’s festival or last year’s. 


* * *


After the parade, I sat down in the reserved seat to watch the fireworks. 


The joyful faces of the duchy people seen from the carriage, strangely enough still remained. 


They sent friendly glances as if thanking the ‘youngest lady’ they saw for the first time. 


‘My parents were really affectionate people.’ 


Thanks to this, the theory of my father being a pushover still hasn’t completely disappeared from my mind…. 


It’s been a long time since I’ve met a leader who works so well. 


Except for when he was separated from the leadership ranks, I don’t think I’ve seen much of him. 


[tn- direct trans since i couldn’t find any other trans, sorry but i think she’s saying that except for when her dad is not working she hasn’t seen much of him or smth] 


As I was spinning the milk bottle in my hand feeling both happy and complicated, I heard a small laugh next to me. 


“Why do you have such a serious face, baby.” 


When did he get here again. 


Oddly enough, compared to the others, he doesn’t have much of a presence. 


I think I’ll notice it when my senses develop a little more. 


“I won the first round today.” 




I pretended not to know. 


Well, I didn’t even make a promise in the first place. 


“Was I not cool today as well?” 


Turning around at his words, I put my milk bottle in my mouth. 


Mihail burst into laughter once again as I was sucking the bottle of milk. 


“What can I do to hear that I’m cool like your real brother? I’ve been practicing feeding and holding babies.” 


What? That was your skill after practicing a lot? 


I was so startled that I dropped the milk bottle. 


“A baby is still a baby.” 


But instead of rolling over to the floor, the bottle fell into Mikhail’s hands. 


Mikhail carefully squeezed the milk bottle back into my hand and spoke with his unique slightly cheeky smile. 


“I’d also like to hear that I’m cool, if I beat the duke, will you say that I’m cool, youngest lady?” 


No, I mean which daughter in the world would say that it’s cool because her dad was beaten. 


I let out a small sigh, and pretended not to hear Mikhail again.


* * * 


The festival ended well and after time passed by slowly, it was already the middle of May. 


In the past month, my sister Laurentia’s birthday party was held and there was a small change in the look of my room.


“N, no. My lady!” 


“Master, if you give us orders, We shall obey you, however how can we show you our rough side!”


After the festival, the knights seemed to have done some kind of training, as they all looked like they had scars on their faces. 


One of the two (knights), properly hid their scars and guarded my room. 


As I reached out to the mask as if I was curious, the knights bowed to me as if they had become the most disloyal in the world. 


‘Are all the duchy knights overly faithful and serious….?’ 


Suddenly, my conscience pricked me as I was a moderate knight in my former life. 


‘I thought it was okay as long as I didn’t betray.’ 


Of course, I have never neglected my duties. 


There was never a time when I couldn’t protect anyone. 


That’s why, when I was living as a knight, there were many powerful people who were afraid of me but wanted to keep me by their side. 


‘Oh, come to think of it, there was even someone who cried saying “no” when I said it was time for me to die.’ 


Although it was for a very selfish reason.


“If you, if you die, who will protect me?” 


“If I don’t die, you’ll die, are you okay with that?” 


“That’s, uh…….. That’s scary.” 


“Hahaha, it’s okay. The princess will grow up well.”


The princess’ face seemed to have paled as I laughed while saying the words. 


As if she didn’t know whether I was serious or if I was teasing her. 


She had a grumpy and mean personality, but she was only a teenage princess, so it just felt cute. 


To be honest, she was quite decent too. 


‘She cried because she was afraid to die at the end, so I was more easily prepared to die.’ 


Instead, just before I died, I put a lot of protection magic on her so she could stay safe until she became an adult. 


‘I wonder if the princess grew up safely and became an adult.’ 


Well, if I think about it, it was already a long time ago and there’s no way to confirm it. 


I ignored the slightly throbbing feeling of discomfort in my heart. 


‘It’s really strange, until now, I rarely think about the past like this.’ 


I wonder, why of all things am I reminded of the faces of the people who were worried at the moment of my death. 


Making me feel uncomfortable. 


‘Is it to celebrate the 100th (life)?’ 


Well, that’s how it is in variety shows. 


Saying it’s a special feature, but they collect and show only the major scenes from the previous episodes, something like that. 


‘Those are things that I don’t really need.’ 


It was much better for the future to have no memories to dwell on. 


‘I really need to hurry up and find that child…..’ 


I already thought that I would be able to use my power soon. 


Because, I was gradually able to walk close to ten steps by myself.


“Anastasia, you now have two lower teeth?” 


“The upper part also came out!”


In addition, my teeth, though small, gradually emerged. 


Thanks to this, my gums feel ticklish, but I was used to it, so I was able to calmly endure it. 


No, I had to endure it. 


“Look here, my lady!” 


“Look at this. I gave my second child something just like this, and she played with it well.” 


“We also made a toy out of leather that the lady can play with!” 


The maids and the knights who now took off their masks, for some reason, brought toys to bite and play with, then looked at me with anticipation. 


Of course, I didn’t even look at anything. 


About last week, without thinking about it, I paid attention to a soft yellow toy. 


‘Really, I mean I was just curious to see what it was.’ 


Because it looked too soft to be called a toy. 


Then, the duke’s house was once again excited for nothing.


“The princess seems to like yellow!” 


“Didn’t the chick-like dress last time look very cute?” 


“Next time, why don’t you wear a puppy-like dress?” 


“Puppy? You don’t know anything, the lady should wear a cat-like dress.”


For some reason, the conversation moved on to dresses rather than toys. 


What was even more scary was.


“Everyone is saying such funny things. For Laurentia, she wore a dress that looked like a rabbit and a sheep, so wouldn’t Anastasia be okay with a cat and dog concept.”


My mother listened to all those conversations. 


I thought she was just an elegant and calm person. 


I heard couples resemble each other…… 


I turned away from the eyes full of anticipation and quietly reached out to the book selected by my brother. 


Even so, it’s my 100th baby experience, how can I chew on a toy because my gums are ticklish!


* * * 


It was the last night of May. 


I quietly lifted myself up in the crib as I heard the sound of the maid beside me dozing off. 


It was very noisy during the day today as well.


“Wow, Shasha went up! She went up! Brother did you see that?” 


“Isn’t Anastasia really amazing?” 


“Yeah, she’s my little sister, brother! My little sister is amazing!”


After waking up from a nap with my sister and brother, I finally succeeded in climbing the sofa after a long time. 


Obviously, another celebration dinner was held in the evening. 


‘Thanks to that, the maid is dozing off like this now.’ 


Because she had to stay by my side, she didn’t drink, however her stomach was full. 


10 months had already passed in the Duke’s residence and the 11th month was approaching. 


[tn- this is referring to since she was born in the duke’s house, basically she’s 11 months old now]


I still didn’t understand it, but I knew my parents’ personality of liking celebrations very well, so I planned it on purpose. 


‘Because I can finally call you.’ 


After working hard, I was finally able to use the power I needed, to the point of a slight fever. 


Just in case, I reached out and hid against the lace curtain, half hidden by the crib. 


A faint blue light hovered in my right hand. 


Around the time when my still soft arm trembled slightly. 


A Maltese with black and gold fur appeared with its wings flapping. 


“- Demon King! I missed you!” 


He was my chatty, information-gathering dog whom I haven’t seen in a long time.