Chapter 18



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“Kya, why did you call me this late! Do you know how long Choco has been waiting for you, Demon King? You didn’t call me last time either, right? Didn’t you miss Choco? I missed you so so much, Demon King!” 


It’s name is Choco, because it’s fur was like a chocolate with it’s wrapper open. 


As soon as my talkative dog Choco came out, he flew around and made a noise in my ears. 


‘If I say that this was why I didn’t call him, he’d probably get mad.’ 


[tn- will temporarily use he/him pronouns for choco] 


Because my dog gets upset easily. 


“Didn’t you need choco? I felt the Demon King using his power at the end, but you didn’t call, so Choco cried a lot by himself! Choco wanted to keep being by the Demon King’s side!” 


Choco was talking in a state of releasing everything to me whom he hadn’t seen in over 20 years. 


Rather than not calling him out on purpose…… 


No, was it on purpose? 


Anyway, on my 99th life, I just didn’t want to do anything since it was tiresome, so I just stayed in my room…. 


‘The family was also satisfied with it.’ 


Should I say that we weren’t interested in each other except for the last moment. 


Still they told me not to starve to death and gave me a piece of bread and soup without any solid ingredients. 


I too, just waited for the time to go by without any motivation. 


As a result, there was no need to collect information. 


My life wasn’t in danger, and I just didn’t feel the need to take care of the crisis of my family, who gave me a small attic and said that I should just stay alive. 


“Demon Kingg!! Why aren’t you petting Choco? When Choco is so happy to see Demon King after 20 years!” 


Even if there were such circumstances, I thought that it might have been lonely from the standpoint of my chatty dog. 


When I raised my hand to pet him, only then did Choco stop flying around and quietly sat down in front of me. 


When I stroked his head with my small hand, Choco let out a purring sound as if he was satisfied. 


[tn- had to search if dogs purr too and yes they do] 


Well it’s true that it’s the only existence whom I can talk to and can stay by my side in this long life. 


Like the power that accumulates every time I live a life, I had one more special ability. 


It was the ability to summon the objects I used in my previous lives. 


Choco has been with me for a really long time. 


For my 13th life, I was born as the heir of the Demon King and he stayed by my side until I met my end as the Demon King. 


I patted Choco on his head until he was satisfied and talked with my mouth, or rather my voice. 


[tn‐ ig it’s like an inner voice or smth] 


– Choco.


“Yes, Demon King!” 


– There’s a guy who stirred up my dreams. 


“Whaaaat?! The Demon King’s dream?!” 


Choco screamed as if he couldn’t believe it. 


– That’s right. 


“Was it a nightmare? Is this the Demon Realm?! Demon King, You’ve only been to the Demon Realm twice so far!” 


– No, this is just an ordinary place. 


“But to think that someone broke into the Demon King’s dream! How impertinent! Choco was quietly staying still. Choco wanted to play with the Demon King in a dream too!” 


In any case, my dog is also quite good at focusing on the point. 


– So….. 


“Choco will just have to find that impertinent bad guy, right?” 


– Yes. 


Thank you very much for telling me instead. 


Because truthfully, using the voice was a bit too much for me, because I had already called Choco out. 


– And information about this world. 




Choco made a very displeased expression at the words I added. 


“Demon King, you said that you would live loosely now! You promised Choco that you would live comfortably! You promised that you won’t be sick anymore, Choco, you promised Choco 100 years ago!” 


Choco rubbed his body in my arms. 


My body was still small so the dog’s fur was rubbed almost all over my stomach and chest. 


“I really endured it even though I haven’t seen you for 20 years, so why?! Demon King, you’re going to do that again, aren’t you?” 


Choco whined. 


“You can’t just leave me alone! Choco knows everything, because Demon King has done this to Choco dozens of times until now!” 


– It doesn’t matter to me. 


“Still, Choco doesn’t like it! Every time, every time, every time….. Only Demon King suffers, and Demon King has to save everyone… Choco, Choco doesn’t like it!” 


I smiled a little inside at those words and gently scratched Choco’s back. 


My dog ​​always got hurt instead of me. 


It really didn’t matter to me. 


I could be betrayed, and to save my life, it was nothing but a little hard work. (gathering information)


However, the family here showed me not a little, but a lot of kindness. 


If so then, until the time of destruction comes, this time, I want to live with my own will. 


It also included the small daily life that I enjoyed for nearly 11 months. 


– This time, I’m doing it because I really want to. 


“That’s what you always say, hiing……” 


– You can just watch over me, because this time I’ll keep you by my side. 


“Really, Demon King? Really? You’re not going to tell Choco to go back? I’m going to keep being by your side?” 


– Yeah, I want you to do it that much, so I’m letting you do it. (stay by her side) 


[tn- the first part, she’s referring to what she asked him to do] 


Choco drooped his ears at those words. 


Then, after rubbing his face on my stomach again, he flew up as if he understood. 


“Okay! Choco will listen to the good Demon King because he’s the subordinate! Choco will cheer up! Kya!” 


My good dog left a lot of noise in my ears and went to carry out my orders.


* * *


Choco searched for the dream intruder based on the traces left on me, and gave me information about this world one by one. 


This world had one empire, two kingdoms, and a holy country with the pope as its monarch, and there were also other countries, both large and small. 


‘There is no place here that uses inner power, but there are those who use holy power and mana.’ 


[tn- i think inner power here is like Qi, the power often seen in martial arts novels] 


It was a familiar form of world. 


Fortunately, my family, the Duke of Endeblanc which belongs to the Parsian Kingdom, had a middle position so they did not reject wizards and also respected the Holy Country. 


Perhaps that’s why it’s said that the Wizard’s Tower exists near the Duchy of Endeblanc. 


‘But the empire is the one famous for its magic.’ 


The empire, which was separated by one mountain range, seemed to be pressuring several countries while waiting for an opportunity to dominate the continent. 


This place, the Kingdom of Parsian was, of course, one of the countries which were a thorn in the eye of the Empire. 


[tn- thorn in the eye is the korean equivalent of thorn in one’s side, meaning something annoying or a nuisance] 


‘Somehow, it makes me uncomfortable.’ 


Seeing that Choco can’t find the intruder while he was asking for information. 


‘…….There’s a possibility that its in the Empire.’ 


Because Choco said that he couldn’t find it within the area he could search. 


If I searched more widely, my body wouldn’t be able to stand it. 


“I’m sorry, Demon King. Choco wanted to do better but.” 


– It can’t be helped. And even now it’s enough. 


I ate the baby food from the maid and answered Choco as if it was okay. 


Since it’s not like the intruder is attacking me right now, it was helpful just to have Choco search the surroundings. 


Because I was in a state of lacking information to the extent that I was able to find out the title of this family only a few months ago. 


‘Let’s not rush too much. My mother also said the same thing.’ 


Whenever I woke up, I always strived for rapid growth and development. 


I diligently walked, climbed the sofa, and now I did my own routine to the sound of the applause of maids and knights like a BGM. 


Of course, I didn’t forget to practice my pronunciation. 




Although it was a speed that I thought I could improve.


Most people saw my behavior as a lively baby, but my mother was different.


“Why is our youngest in such a hurry? Mom told you to only grow up healthy.” 




“If it’s really just fun to play, Mom also wouldn’t worry but.”


Even though I pretended not to know, my mother reacted sharply. 


Maybe it was because Mikhail had said a few times that I was pretending not to know.


“Mom really wants nothing more if Anastasia grows up healthy. And I want you to be mom’s baby for a long time.”


Those words seemed to see through my behavior. 


Perhaps that’s why I wasn’t too impatient with the slow search for the dream intruder. 


Thinking ‘it’s been okay for over two months, so it’ll be okay in the future’, if it was the usual me I would’ve never thought like that. 


Perhaps Choco felt it too, instead of feeling sullen, he chose to like it. 


“As expected, Demon King is the best, Choco loves you the most! Choco is also the most useful for Demon King, right?” 


My dog ​​gently wagged its tail as if asking for a compliment. 


When I openly smiled at the sight, an exclamation flowed out from the maid feeding me the baby food. 


“Oh my, I guess you like the baby food today!” 


Although it was because Choco was cute. 


It was a misunderstanding that didn’t need to be solved. 


Since, the maid will feel good, and the chef who made the baby food will also feel good. 


Choco, who is a puppy, was in an illusion like state so he was invisible to anyone except me. 


Just in case, I asked Choco to walk around on purpose, as expected no one saw him. 


‘Even the wizard.’ 


The Demon King was in fact the highest authority in the magical field, so it might have been natural. 


So I put my mind at ease and let Choco play by my side. 


After all, I’m the only one who will suffer from his chatter, no matter what he says next to me.


* * *


I was sure of that. 


“Baby, did you get a puppy?” 


Mikhail Leventis was the problem again. 


No, why do you only see and hear strange things?


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