Chapter 21





The guy in front of me wasn’t as small as last time. 


Seeing how the baby grew up a little compared to last time, I am convinced that he too was born and lived in this world. 


– What do you mean by b*[email protected], your words are too harsh. 


I frowned at his words. 


As if it wasn’t enough to intrude into someone else’s dream, you even read my mind? 


“You have no manners.” 


I bluntly replied and tried to probe at him. 


– I’m glad you’re interested in me like this. 


Are you a pervert? 


– I’m not. 


If you’re not a pervert, why would you read a person’s mind? 


I was too lazy to make a sound, so I just replied in my mind. 


– Because you’re showing it to me? 


I never intended to show it to you though. 


– I thought you invited me, because the door was wide open after a long time. 


I wonder, since when was it considered an invitation if there was no barrier. 


He sighed at the very selfish remark. 


“Who are you?” 


– Did you forget me? You’re making me sad. 


I was speechless. 


I don’t buy voice phishing, you know. 


– You really don’t know me? 


I said I don’t know. Tell me your name or something. 


– I can’t do that, if I do then you’ll come and kill me right away. 


I didn’t even think that far. 


– Really? Then can I assume that you like me more than I thought? 


What’s with this axe disease patient? 


[tn: axe disease– its a slang for someone who thinks everybody likes/ has a crush on them] 


The moment I frowned, the baby smiled and approached me in the form of a grown man. 


Curly hair, the color was difficult to identify, and slightly droopy eyes that were strangely dark and deep. 


His eyes seemed to mirror the me who gave up on her 99th life because everything was tiresome. 


– I hoped so, because you should recognize me. 


What confidence, on top of that, you want me to recognize you without even a hint? 


– I already gave you a hint. 


The man gently tapped my shoulder. 


At that moment, I also realized. 


That my appearance right now, is not of Anastasia Endeblanc. 


Right now, I had the appearance of my first life, the me who didn’t know anything. 


“You really are a crazy b*[email protected]” 


I didn’t know you’d see me like this. 


– Because I’m the only one who understands you. 


Saying so, he smiled brightly. 


– I’m sorry for being violent last time. 




– I’ll be waiting, —— for that day when you come to see me. 


There was white noise in his words. 


The man showed a languid smile. 


At the sound of his hands snapping without warning, my vision suddenly turned black.


* * *


Ha, b*[email protected] 


What a really terrible ride.


[tn– meaning: terrible experience/situation]


As soon as I opened my eyes, I felt a sharp headache and a high fever. 


‘But this time, it seems to have been just a night’s dream.’ 


[tn– if you can’t remember; last time this happened, 1 week passed] 


Otherwise, how could the maid doze off so comfortably? 


Clearly the Duchy would’ve made a fuss if I didn’t even wake up on time for just a day. 


‘By the way, that b*[email protected]… he said my name didn’t he?’ 


At the last moment, though, it was a muffled noise. 


I noticed it instinctively. 


That it was my first name. 


[tn– her name in her 1st life] 


‘Oh, I shouldn’t forget it.’ 


Maybe it’s because of the high fever, or because that b*[email protected] approached me in a dream. 


‘The face and the content, everything was already blurry.’ 


[tn– content of the dream] 


No, even though he didn’t allow his face to be recognized properly even in dreams. 


I let out a shaky breath and hurriedly guessed his identity.


Firstly, he’s also a reincarnator just like me. 


It might be possible that he was a reincarnator who had lived much longer than me. 


Maybe he met me in person, or he had lived longer than me or he had skills that were different from mine because he had also accumulated his abilities well. 


Assuming that, it was understandable to some extent that he could change my appearance to the me of my first life. 


‘It was also understable why he’s been talking about being the only one who understands. I think I would also want to approach a reincarnator when I meet it.’ 


Because, it would feel like having a comrade in a world where you think you’re the only one. 


‘But if you’re not a reincarnator….’


2nd. He’s the one reincarnating me. 


In other words, it could be said that the b*[email protected] really is a b*[email protected], I mean, it  could be said that he was some kind of absolute god. 


‘Then you shouldn’t say that you can understand me.’ 


I don’t even know if you’re the culprit or an enemy. 


Oh, is that why you said I’d go and kill you? 


‘I’m not sure either way. If it’s the second one, I don’t know why you came to meet me now.’ 


I tried not to lose consciousness by clenching my hands. 


If I faint right now, I think my family will make a big mess again. 


‘Ah, but I really can’t endure it anymore.’ 


Even though I already had my first birthday, a baby’s body was still inconvenient. 


‘Yeah, since I’m going to faint.’ 


Come and see me again. I’ll talk to you properly this time. 


‘If you’re a stronger perverted stalker than me, you’ll probably understand the current situation.’ 


This time, I’m really leaving the door open for you to come. 


Just like that, I let go of my fading consciousness by the heat, without holding on to it further.


* * * 


‘Wow, he really is a mannerless b*[email protected]’ 


It’s been two weeks since the day I suffered from a high fever. 


I did not put a barrier and waited for ‘him’ to appear in my dream. 


‘They say that even dog poop is hard to find when needed as medicine.’ 


[tn– kr idiom meaning: something is not there when you need it.] 


‘Thanks to that, I know for sure.’ 


That he did something wrong to me. 


How can I not see even a single strand of hair! 


‘Since you appeared as you pleased, my sister cried again as soon as my birthday passed!’ 


After losing consciousness from a high fever, of course, the mansion was turned upside down again. 


Because of that b*[email protected], perhaps my body was strained, I was terribly sick after catching a summer cold that even dogs didn’t catch. 


Reincarnator or an absolute being. 


‘Either way, you must’ve caused a terrible incident to me.’ 


If he’s a reincarnator, he could be one of the ten who betrayed me. 


If he’s an absolute being, his existence itself is that of a bad guy. 


But why did he appear with a topic that would be uncomfortable for him? 


‘Why else, originally, b*[email protected] like him say things in a way as if I needed them.’ 


I thought that it was probably more likely that he needed me, contrary to me needing him. 


Still, that guy’s second intrusion wasn’t just in vain.


* * * 


“I’m sorry, Demon King. I couldn’t find out who it was. Whimper…” 


Choco appeared in front of me, flapping his wings. 


Choco rubbed his chin on my lap the fullest. 


I patted Choco’s hair as if  praising him and asked in my inner voice. 


– It sounds like you’ve found out where it is. 


“Of course! The Demon King gave Choco such clues, but if he still hadn’t found it, he would’ve been too ashamed to come, Kyang!” 


– Good job, my puppy. 


At my compliment, Choco purred as if his sulking just a while ago was a lie. 


“Right? Choco did a good job, right? Kyang! The smell was very faint, but Choco worked really hard! I went over the mountains! I diligently moved my wings and came back! Please compliment Choco more!” 


– Did you cross the mountain range? 


“Of course! hiing, it was very far. Because of the mountain range the smell spread even more! Choco diligently followed it!” 


– The Axion Empire? 


It was the only place that was located beyond the mountain range here. 


“Yes! That’s right! But Choco doesn’t like it there because it’s weird, hingg.” 


– You don’t like it? 


It felt odd. 


The Axion Empire was a country with ambitions to devour this continent. 


Naturally, he paid attention in many ways in terms of power, and he was particularly focused on nurturing wizards and developing weapons using magic. 


But Choco, who was my vassal during my days as a Demon King, doesn’t like it? 


‘I thought you’d naturally like it…….’ 


As I was puzzled, Choco whined as he rubbed his cheek against my lap. 


“Choco likes the Demon King’s mana the most! It is the greatest and most beautiful mana of all, it isn’t mixed with anything and is pure!” 


– Yeah yeah. 


As I nodded my head, I fell into deep thought. 


Over the past year, I had never forgotten it; my fate which had been blurred by a very soft atmosphere. 


‘A time of destruction will come to any world where I am born.’ 


And the place where I was born was one of the countries that b*[email protected] Axion Empire wants to devour. 


‘I need to be a little nervous and prepare.’ 


The next time I meet that b*[email protected], I shan’t be helplessly eaten again. 


[tn– like being defeated or overpowered, smth like that.

ed/n: shan’t is short for shall not] 




‘It’s not just about stopping the time of destruction.’ 


Until the last moment, I want to protect the daily lives of my family members. 


Because that would be the only way to repay the affection they gave me.


* * * 


As my birthday passed, the long rainy season ended and the weather became hotter. 


My parents prepared ice, shade, and various heat measures before August. 


The Duchy of Endeblanc’s encouraging summer festivals actually continued for a couple of months after the rainy season was over. 


However, instead of just paying for the goods, my parents were willing to take the time to look around the territory. 


“We have to travel with our babies, because the royal family is quiet for a change.” 


“That’s a good idea, because our babies are growing up so fast.” 


It was an unexpected summer family trip. 


‘A summer vacation with a family……’ 


Even in my first life, I’ve only heard about it from friends. 


I started to feel excited which was unbecoming of me. 


Without even knowing that I was going to encounter more unexpected things during this summer vacation.