Chapter 23

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They were truly beautiful boats with the feel of the touch of a craftsman. 


Perhaps they knew that children would ride it, the craftsmanship of the boats was focused on cuteness than usual. 


The tiger boat even looked just like the doll my brother gave me. 




It was so cool that even my brother exclaimed with fluttering eyes. 


“Right, Anastasia? It’s so cute and cool.” 




When I nodded my head as an answer, my father looked moved. 


It was clear that he was very much looking forward to how we would react. 


‘Because my father liked to see our happy faces after surprising us with an event that he prepared.’ 


Perhaps knowing that my brother and I were not that expressive, my father looked very satisfied with just this. 


And the best reaction master of the duchy is. 


“Wow! Lara wants to ride the rabbit!” 


As expected, she was excited with her arms stretched out. 


When my older sister approached our father screaming, he hugged her tightly and spun her in the air. 


“Wow, Dad, you’re the best, Dad is cool! Lara loves Dad so much!” 


“Dad loves our Laurentia very much, too. Of course, I also love Damian and Anastasia very, very much!” 


It was only after the happy time of the father and daughter, who was expressive, that my father said that he would put them to ride on the boat in order. 


Then, my older brother was a little embarrassed and said to his father. 


“I can now play on the water by myself without getting on a boat, Father.” 


“Of course, our Damian can do it. But still.” 


My father, who put my older sister on the boat first, said to my older brother with his arms wide open. 


“Dad thought our Damian would want to play with his little sisters, am I wrong?” 


Then, my brother shyly blushed and approached his father. 


After stroking my brother’s head once, he lifted him up and put him on a deer-shaped boat. 


‘Wow, still, my brother is alreayd 7 years old, yet he’s so easy-going like that….’ 


Well, it’s not like I felt like my father was like a mountain whenever I saw him for no reason. 


“Now, Anastasia. My youngest, come here.” 


And, of course I didn’t have a choice. 


Of course I didn’t hate it. If I had to say, 

it would be that it tickles my heart a bit. 


‘I’ve only fought with my siblings to slay their necks, I’ve never played with them together on good terms like this.’ 


It’s been a year, I should be getting used to it. 


Perhaps it was because of the many   accumulated years so far, it was strange to see such a harmonious atmosphere. 


An argument? No, If I have to say, it’s a competition… 


“Lara wants to be number one! Dad, faster, push it faster!” 


“My baby, we can’t go too fast.” 


To the point that she was begging her father to go a little further while riding on this boat. 


My sister looked really excited. 


Every time she moved, the rabbit ears above my sister’s head fluttered. 


“Dad, Lara wants to swoosh. Swoosh~!” 


[tn– its a onomatopoeia for something fast or to go fast] 


“I’ll do it soon, my daughter. But right now, it’s Anastasia’s turn to be pushed.” 


“Really? Then Lara will wait! Lara will be splashing water around here!” 


“As expected, our Lara is a wonderful and nice sister, right?” 


“Yeah! Lara is an older sister! She’s a wonderful and nice sister, so she’s good at waiting!” 


At my sister’s words, my father put my sister’s boat on the rock side and then came over to me. 


But then. 




The wind suddenly blew hard when my father came to my side. 




The first one to notice was my brother. 


Perhaps it was because of the wind, the boat that my father had checked over and over again suddenly shook and came out into the water. 


My brother hurried down from his boat and tried to run to my sister. 


However, the current of the river suddenly swept to the point that even the knight who was next to my sister could not catch her. 


“Da, Dad-!” 


My older sister, who was playing in the water, was startled and called for her father. 


My father, who was by my side, ran with a serious face, the knights also chased after her, but the water was strangely fast. 


“No! Laurentia!” 


I heard the sound of my mother screaming. 


Out of all things, there was a large rock in the place where my sister’s boat was headed. 


‘If you bump into it at that speed…!’ 


It was not a time to hesitate. 


Even if someone in my family, even if someone saw me use it, I had to use my power. 


I gave up all of my calculations and reached out to my sister. 


The moment the blue light formed on my fingertips. 


‘D*mn it!’ 


I realized that things were not going to go my way. 


My mana, which had always been precisely controlled, spread like wildfire. 


‘No, I still have to do it.’ 


I had not lived through all sorts of things for nearly 2,000 years for nothing. 


I quickly recalled a long long time ago when my mana was not stable, and I first cast a protective spell that could somehow protect my sister. 


And immediately after, I clenched my fists, using my mana so that it would reach my father, who was at the forefront. 


“Su, Suddenly the wind!” 


The wind blew in the complete opposite direction from before, so the knights covered their faces with their arms. 


Even though the wind was too strong because it was not properly controlled, my father only looked at my sister. 




The moment my father grabbed the boat, I was barely able to release my power with my body. 


“Uh, Uwaaaaah! Dad, Lara, Lara just suddenly, suddenly moved, Lara, Lara didn’t do, anything bad……. Uwaaah! Waaah!” 


“Yes, yes. Our Laurentia is not bad at all. Our baby just did as dad said and quietly stayed put.” 


My sister was terrified and cried loudly. 


When her father comforted her, she hugged her father’s neck and cried even louder. 


That cry was not from the fear of a while ago, but from the burst of relief of the present. 


My older brother, mother, and the knights all focused their eyes on my older sister. 


Even the knight who grabbed my boat seemed to have no idea what I had done. 


‘…… What a relief. Really.’ 


An accident happened like this, if their youngest child felt strange my parents would definitely be worried even more. 


After all, they’re parents who, even if a fever rises a little, they would call the doctors and priests with a fuss. 


‘That’s why I don’t want them to worry about me well…..’ 


Oh, it would’ve been okay if it had been the usual. 


Because of the explosion of power, it felt like the mana that I could use right now was being squeezed out. 




I tried to hold it in, but a whine came out of my mouth without me realizing it. 


“Youngest Lady!” 


When the knight who was embarrassed called me, my sister, who was crying in her father’s arms, stopped crying like a ghost. 


“Sha, Shasha, are you hurt somewhere?!” 


I could see my sister beckoning to go to me. 






My memory was cut off at my mother’s worried voice.


* * * 


Having lived a total of 100 lives so far, I never imagined even in my dreams, that I would have the signs of being sick. 


When I’m the one who has been proud of my tenacious vitality in any world so far. 


Just how many times did I collapse? 


‘That b*[email protected]… This kind of trickery.’ 


I hurriedly regained my consciousness and immediately cursed the cause of the accident. 


‘I’m sure of it, the moment my sister’s boat came out, I felt a grain of mana.’ 


And when I used my power, the unpleasant traces of trying to invade into my body. 


It was all the same feeling as when I met that b*[email protected] in the dream. 


‘Just what are you thinking?’ 


Is it because its absurd for me to live with an ordinary family unlike usual now? 


I mean, I also think of it as amazing luck. 




‘My sister could have died with a slightest mistake.’ 


No, that was an act to kill my sister. 


Whatever his real purpose, I had no reason to interpret it nicely. 




“Thank goodness. Anastasia, oh, our youngest, our baby.” 


I saw my mother let out a deep breath as I opened my eyes faintly. 


My mother hugged me tightly, swept across my forehead, and checked again to see if the fever had gone down. 




“Yes, my baby. Mom’s here.” 


In contrast to my voice I had let out to reassure my mother, she rubbed my back. 


[tn– she called out to her mother to assure her but, her mother reassured her instead; possibly perceiving her action as being anxious/nervous] 


“My baby, you were in a lot pain huh? Our youngest is still young, I must’ve left you outside for too long.” 


That’s not it. 


Because of that b*[email protected], why should my mother blame herself. 


I almost couldn’t get it together and my murderous spirit evidently burst out. 


I clenched my teeth inside and made up my mind that I would feed that b*[email protected] taffy. 


[tn– feed someone taffy (literally means 

f/ck you) but here its used as a profanity used when secretly planning to mistreat others. In english its literally “eat sh/t”.] 


You dare try to ruin my cozy family trip?!


* * *


But after that, disaster came to me in a very different way. 


“Wow, this b*[email protected] really….!” 


No matter how much I thought about it, it seemed that the day when the title of the uninvited guest in the dream would change to a mild one, would never come. 


[tn– meaning his title of ‘b*[email protected]’ wont be changing to a milder one anytime soon] 


I blinked as I looked at the baby food bowl that was spilled with a blank face. 


I was really planning to eat the baby food my mother gave me without doing anything. 


But the moment my mother put a spoon to my lips. 


The magic of moving the wind was arbitrarily invoked and I splendidly turned over the bowl of baby food. 


…….ck, I had no intention of becoming a troublesome baby at all. 


[tn– yes, she cursed in the first part but author censored it themselves.. literal meaning would be ‘seed’ but same pronunciation as ‘f/ck’] 


“My youngest, you don’t like the baby food?” 


My mother blankly stared at me and asked. 


No, It’s absolutely not like that! 


I’m not that kind of arrogant baby who grumbles about my food you know?! 


It’s unfair! I’m being falsely accused!