Chapter 25


The summer vacation, which had been eventful in a way, ended. 


I dozed off in my mother’s arms, and when I saw the duke’s mansion outside the carriage, I was relieved. 


Fortunately, by the end of the trip, I had no accidents that had nothing to do with my will. 


First, it was because I really didn’t just still whenever he tried to mess with me. 


Its not like he’s a pervert, I don’t know if that bastard did it on purpose but he left his traces little by little. 


So, I made a boundary based on those traces. 


Since I also *hit back several times, surely he must have gotten ill for a few days. 


[tn– ‘hit’ in here means more like a ‘response’ to that guys attacks] 


‘My family also suffered damage, of course I should do this much!’ 


And secondly, it was because he gave up. 


To the extent that I thought it was amazing, my family showed no signs of hating me or pushing me away no matter what I did. 


‘As I had guessed, him trying to isolate me must’ve been correct.’ 


Even if he tried more, it wouldn’t have worked for my family, and now I even hit him back, so from his position it would’ve been impossible to continue. 


[tn– again hit in here can also mean like ‘responded back or responded to his attacks’] 


‘What a relief, really.’ 


If it weren’t for my current family, this kind of result would’ve been impossible. 


It wasn’t me, it was a victory made by my family. 


‘For the first time, only after reaching the 100th……’ 


[tn– means that it only happened for the first time after reaching 100 lives] 


The very happy firsts were piling up.


* * *


If you ask Laurentia Endeblanc, the second child of the duchy, who she likes best in the world, she will answer right away without any hesitation. 


“Mom! Lara likes you best!” 


He father would be upset if he heard, but Laurentia liked her mother a lot to that extent. 


Laurentia liked her father second and her brother Damian third. 


However, in the last year, there has been a slight change in Laurentia’s favorability ranking. 


If you ask her now, who she likes next after her mom. 


“Shasha, Lara likes Shasha next!” 


Because she would say she liked her little sister Anastasia Endeblanc. 


From the time her mother’s belly was bulging, Laurentia looked forward a lot to the birth of her younger sibling. 


Just as her brother always takes care of her, Laurentia made up her mind over and over again to be a good sister. 


“Wook at this, an older shister holding hands with her little shibling! Lara will dwo the same!” 


[Look at this, an older sister holding hands with her little sibling! Lara will do the same!] 


Even during the time when she couldn’t speak much compared to now. 


Looking at the relationship between the sisters in a fairy tale book, Laurentia eagerly looked forward to that day. 


“This one, This too! I’ll give it all to my little shibling! Since it’s Lara’s little shibling they’re probably going to be very very pretty right?!” 


Laurentia watched her mother’s belly swell and brought her favorite ribbon and necklace one by one. 


As if she was sure that since it was pretty in her eyes, surely her youngest sibling would like it. 


After a few months of anticipating like that, Laurentia was so fascinated when she first saw the youngest, Anastasia, that she just stared blankly for several minutes. 


“Lara, it’s Lara’s little shister?” 


“That’s right.” 


“Swo cute! My little sishter!” 


Laurentia’s eyes were sparkling. 


Because she looked just like her favorite mother. 


Her hair was fluffy and shiny black, her eyes were slightly paler than her mother’s, but it was as pretty as a ruby, like red flowers blooming in springtime. 


In addition, it was none other than herself who saw her youngest sibling’s first smile. 


‘As expected, Shasha likes Lara as well!’ 


[tn– first person pov in this part will be Lara’s thoughts] 


As she grew up, and her hair grew longer, She (Lara) felt that she looked more like their mother. 


She also enjoyed putting her fingers in and fiddle with her smooth, dark hair, which was different from herself or her brother. 


“Big shister will comb Shasha’s hair okay?” 




Even Anastasia herself liked it. 


Anastasia often had a sullen expression on her face, but there were many times when she would wrinkle her eyes and smile when playing with her. 


Laurentia loved those moments. 


That she’s Anastasia’s older sister, and Anastasia’s her younger sister. 


But then. 


‘Hing, I liked it when we were traveling!’ 


Returning home after two weeks of vacation, her biggest obstacle. 


Mikhail Leventis was taking away her playtime with Anastasia again. 


‘But Shasha is, Shasha’s my little sister!’ 


Laurentia quickly became sullen. 


She was her younger sister, who got cuter as she grew up little by little. 


She looked like her mother, but she was a baby! 


Her cheeks were plump, so they felt soft once your fingers touched it. 


Her hands were also very small. 


In fact, when Anastasia slept, Laurentia would secretly put her finger on her palm, and she liked it a lot each time she held it tightly. 


[tn–the pronouns here were so hard to distinguish wtf– anyways, Laurentia would put her finger on Anastasia’s palm and she would hold it tightly] 


On top of that, Anastasia knows how to talk now. 


How cute her voice was when she would say, “Bwiig– shwister” 


Laurentia thought that her little sister’s voice sounded like a clear bell. 


Whenever she looked for her with that resounding voice, Laurentia felt her heart swell. 


When she (Lara) would read a book, she (Shasha) sticks by her side and focuses, and then falls asleep when she is sleepy, whenever that happens, Laurentia would rest her hand on her chin and watch her little sister sleep. 


‘All, I can see it all because I’m her older sister!’ 


Because these days, she’s been doing outrageous things and she has been having things she doesn’t like, do you know how much I liked doing this and that as her older sister! 


[tn– i think she’s referring to Shasha’s recent accidents and how she (Lara) has been helping her based on the flashback last ch]


It felt like Mikhail kept taking her away. 


“Hmm? You don’t want me to do it for you?” 


“Woo, gwo awai.”

[Yeah, go away.] 


“What do you mean by go away, I haven’t seen you in a long time, aren’t you being too cold-hearted? I came running because I wanted to see you. I also brought a present for the baby.” 


“Dwon nee i.”

[I don’t need it.] 


“What do you mean you don’t need it. I think it’ll look great on the youngest lady though.” 


Evil Mikhail! 


Laurentia shouted inside. 


‘Our Shasha said she doesn’t like it! Tsk.’ 


But what she hated more was that she couldn’t approach her even though she could see that Anastasia didn’t like it. 


‘But still, still…… Mikhail is scary.’ 


He smiled like that to Anastasia, but if I was the only one around, a cold wind blew. 


‘Even though Lara tried so hard to get close to him!’ 


At that moment, an idea crossed Laurentia’s mind. 


‘No way, surely…….’ 


What if Mikhail bothers Shasha when we we’re not looking?! 


Maybe that’s why he’s scaring me even more? 


To make sure I don’t approach Sasha while I’m around! 


‘Otherwise, our kind Shasha wouldn’t hate him that much!’ 


Because Mikhail was scary and unfamiliar, Laurentia’s face, which was peering into the room from behind the door, became serious. 


Her heart pounded wildly with tension. 


Laurentia embraced her deer doll and decided. 


‘I, I have to save you! Because I’m Sasha’s older sister!’ 


In Laurentia’s eyes, Mikhail now looked like a terrifying demon king. 


And Anastasia was a poor princess. 


‘Our Shasha, because you can’t be in pain or be scared! Lara will save you!’


* * * 




One day, about a week after returning to the duke’s residence. 


After finishing my baby food lunch, I wandered around the room and worked hard on training my muscles, and received an early visit from my sister. 




When I replied with a clumsy pronunciation, my sister ran to me with a wide smile. 


“Shasha, did you miss your sister?” 




I had to give my sister immediate answer. 


If I don’t, she will quickly sulk 


Of course, that expression was also very cute. 


Perhaps because she liked my answer, my sister hugged me tightly and rubbed my cheek. 


‘But don’t you have to take a nap right now?’ 


My sister would usually come see me late in the afternoon. 


When Mikhail was around, she often came to see me during dinner. 


‘Because my sister was afraid of Mikhail.’ 


Just how cold did that mean punk treat my sister, that my sunshine-like older sister would hide. 


I accumulated a dislike for Mikhail today as well. 


My considerate sister and brother yielded to Mikhail their time to play with me. 


‘That guy shamelessly stays here every day.’ 


Even though I said that I hated it over and over again! 


Well, if it was in your nature to get hurt by such words, I wouldn’t have said “go away” or “no” considering that you’re a child. 


These days, Mikhail regarded my words as some sort of amusement. 


He came yesterday as well and gave me a hair accessory made by a craftsman as a gift. 


When I told him to stop bringing something, he never listened to me. 


Today as well, my sister repeated her routine of stroking my hair, rubbing my cheeks, then hug me tight over and over again, and kiss my forehead and cheeks. 


She does this every time she sees me, so I had no choice but to see her affection even if I didn’t want to. 


After her routine, my sister would put her finger on my palm. 


When I clenched my finger reflexively, my sister would burst into laughter. 


“You know, Shasha. Let’s go play with big sister!” 




“There are many rooms Sasha hasn’t been to yet! Sister will take you there! We’re exploring the house!” 


An exploration of mansion. 


In fact, the next time I called Choco, I had him figure out the structure of the mansion first, but I’ve never actually been there on my own feet. 


When I glanced around at the maid and knights, they all also nodded as if it was a good idea. 


“Please let us go exploring with you together!” 


“That’s right, my lady. I’ll be right back with a lunch box for the exploration!” 


However, my sister firmly shook her head at those words. 


“No! Lara will explore with Shasha alone!” 


For some reason, my sister’s eyes was filled with firm determination, as if no one should interfere with our time alone.