Chapter 26



“Oh, really? We’re also very curious about your exploration, though?” 


Then, my sister’s maid opened her mouth as if to coax my sister. 


Of course, maybe it’s because she’s always by her side, she seems to know how to attack my sister well. 


In fact, my sister’s eyes shook for a moment. 


But soon she shakes her head, holding my hand tightly. 


“No, today, only Lara and Shasha will explore.” 


“Why? Are you going to find some treasure?” 


This time, it was one of my sister’s escort knights who opened their mouth. 


Then, my sister said “shh” putting her finger on her lips and opened her mouth as if she wouldn’t tell. 


“It’s a secret! What we’re going to do today will be a secret only between us!” 


“Eyy…… But if we don’t go with you, we won’t be able to bring you snacks though?” 


“Tha, that’s…..” 


My sister’s maid enticed her once more. 


The eyes of my sister, who was weak with food, shook one more time. 


However, my older sister shook her head with a determined look. 


“It’s okay! Originally exploring is something that can sometimes make you hungry. Lara, Lara can..….can endure it because she’s the older sister.” 


The older sister who said that, demonstrated a look of great patience, so everyone around her tried to hold back their laughter. 


Even for me, my sister’s face right now is very cute. 


Oh, to the point that I wanted to take out a camera and take a picture. 


‘It’s a shame that I’m acting like a normal baby at times like this.’ 


Originally, I had to record every single memory of when I was young. 


‘Hm, should I summon the camera soon and change the shape to something that can be excused?’ 


[tn— like something that can be justified with an excuse] 


If I disguise it in the shape of a marble that I play with, wouldn’t it be passable and not noticed?


But of course, I am a little worried about Mikhail. 


‘Because he recognized Choco.’ 


Thanks to that, when Mikhail went in and out of the mansion, I can’t even carelessly call Choco. 


I can only see him for a brief moment, either in the early morning or just before I go to sleep. 


And of course, my puppy was displeased.


“Hiiing, Choco, wanted to constantly stay by Demon King’s side! Can’t you just tell that Little Duke to go away? Choco is the cutest for the Demon King, if you give the orders to Choco, I will make him unable to approach Demon King’s side. Kyang!”


Of course, I didn’t approve of Choco’s passionate suggestion. 


No matter how mean he is, he is my brother’s closest friend and a child that my parents had been asked to care for, so how could I do that? 


On top of that, Choco’s ‘unable to approach’ will never be a gentle way. 


At least in this life, I didn’t have the desire to shoot a tragedy or horror blockbuster. 


Anyway, for a few minutes after that, the maids and knights worked hard to convince my sister. 


But my sister was unexpectedly determined. 


“No! No matter what you say, no!” 


My sister turned her head with a ‘hmph’ and asked me this time. 


“Shasha also wants to be alone with her sister, right?” 


“Wo, Woong!” 


I replied straight away at the strange forcefulness. 


For some reason, I thought that my sister would be hurt if I said no. 


“Then let’s go, Shasha!” 


My sister said so, and then grabbed my hand while carrying the deer-shaped bag she had prepared in advance. 


[tn– the word used for carrying here, means to carry smth on the shoulder.] 


Seeing that it was quite thick, it looks like the maid had packed snacks in the bag beforehand. 


While walking out of the room holding my sister’s hand, I thought. 


My sister really doesn’t know. 


A number of presences began to sneak up from behind. 


It was absolutely impossible for me and my sister to explore the house by ourselves. 


[tn– this sentence means– it was as if the presences behind them were implying this] 


I went on a mansion exploration with my sister, hoping that the following crowd behind would not increase further.


* * * 


[—Lara’s pov and thoughts here] 


Three days from the day she decided to save the lovely princess Anastasia from the Demon King Mikhail. 


Laurentia worked very hard to prepare for this exploration. 


‘Lara is a warrior!’ 


Laurentia absolutely loved the fairy tales about saving the princess who had been kidnapped by the demon king. 


Of course, Laurentia wanted to be a princess—because the dress on the drawing was cute— that was what she thought, but if it was for Anastasia she could become a hero as much as she wanted. 


‘I can offer everything to Shasha! As an older sister!’ 


It was written in the picture book that the cool sister was good at yielding to her younger sister and getting along well with her younger sister. 


Laurentia certainly wanted to be a cool older sister to Anastasia. 


That way Anastasia will like her more and more. 


‘It would be nice if Shasha would say ‘Sister you’re so cool’.’ 


Laurentia grinned and put the cookies she had asked for from the chef, in her most cherished deer bag. 


On the same day she carried out her little sister’s rescue exploration, she was very surprised to see that her deer bag was full but. 


‘Because Lara adores her little sister, the fairy must be helping her!’ 


She was certain. 


Because, if you think about it, the warriors also receive special gifts from a cool fairy grandmother. 


‘As expected, Lara has to save Shasha!’ 


Truthfully, the maid had prepared it for Laurentia, who sang (the word) ‘exploration’ for three days. 


Laurentia took a look at the places to explore in the mansion in advance, cutting back on her nap time. 


‘Because our Shasha is still a baby, her legs would hurt if she walked for a long time.’ 


Her little sister was still small and smaller (than her), so whenever she took one step, she had to take a quick one and a half step to catch up to her. 


Laurentia still remembers the incident a few months ago that caused her little sister to fall down because she didn’t know she was small.


“Lara, Lara didn’t do it on purpose……”


When Anastasia fell forward, even Laurentia herself was so surprised that she made excuses. 


Neither her father nor mother scolded Laurentia as well.


“I know, my daughter. But Anastasia is still a baby and she’s small so you have to walk a little slower. Our second oldest, you can do it, right?”


Laurentia never forgot what her mother said. 


After that day, Laurentia walked very, very slowly every time she walked while holding her little sister’s hand. 


She didn’t want her to fall down again. 


‘At that time, even though Shasha scraped her knee, she didn’t cry.’ 


The kind little sister even came to her, who on the contrary, was startled, and patted her on the shoulder. 


She didn’t look hurt or cry. 


‘Lara wasn’t a cool sister that day….’ 


It was so sad. Even when her cute little sister patted her, for some reason, she was so sad to the point that she shed tears. 


‘Anyways, I can’t show such an uncool appearance in front of Anastasia again.’ 


So Laurentia meticulously asked the maids and knights and even made her own exploration map. 


Although she didn’t draw as straight as her brother Damian, Laurentia was confident that it wasn’t a bad map.


* * *


The first place my sister went to while holding my hand was our father’s office. 


“My ladies, what brings you here?” 


The grandfatherly butler with a friendly face asked. 


“I’m here to see Dad! Shasha still hasn’t seen Father working. Can’t we go in?” 


As my older sister hesitated, she opened her mouth with a hopeful face. 


Before the butler could say anything, the door of the office opened widely. 


“My babies! Did you come here because you missed Father?” 


“Yeah! I came with Shasha!” 


“Oh, my beautiful daughters. Come here.” 


Huh, I’m sure there was a lot of killing intent in the office just before the door opened. 


But right now, my father’s face was only full of wide smiles. 


But as soon as I entered the office, I could tell that the killing intent I felt was real. 


‘The poor aides…..’ 


The lower part of the eyes of the aides who were working beside my father were darkened, and even pale with fear. 


They hadn’t slept properly for about a few nights, because they couldn’t resolve something properly, it was obvious that my father firmly *cracked down* on them. 


[tn– *forcefully regulate a process or disciplinary action or being more strict in the rules and such] 


“We, Welcome. Young ladies.” 


“Do you want me to serve you delicious snacks? There’s also flower tea that the second lady likes.” 


The aides looked at me and my sister with  faces that looked as if they were looking at their saviors. 


My father held me and my sister in each of his arms and looked at the aides as if they were a nuisance. 


“Tell the butler to bring the tea.” 


“Understood, Your Grace.” 


“Come back in two hours to report.” 




The aides answered with stiff shoulders. 


But what appeared on their faces was relief, so I realized that my sister and I came to the office at perfect timing. 


“By the way, my daughters, what have you been up to?” 


“You know, because Dad is the coolest when he’s at work!” 


“Our Laurentia, Dad is the coolest when he’s working?” 


“Yes! And, and. You’re cool when you swing the sword like swoosh!” 


“Shall we go to the training grounds?” 


My father said as if to demonstrate said swordsmanship as much as she wanted, my sister suddenly became sullen and shook her head. 




“Why? You said it’s cool when Dad swings the sword like swoosh so I was going to show it to you though?” 


“That’s because Shasha and I are exploring the mansion today!” 


“Exploring the mansion?” 




My sister said that, and firmly said to father, as if she wouldn’t be going to the training grounds. 


“So, we can’t go outside the mansion! Because the place we’re exploring is here.” 


Come to think of it, isn’t Mikhail in the training grounds right now? 


My sister’s serious objection to exploring the training grounds was not uncalled for. 


Father should have noticed as well.