Chapter 28

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Mikhail approached my sister with a confused face.


“It’ll be helpful if I’m there.”


Mikhail appealed with his competence.


However, as Mikhail approached, my sister faltered and stepped back.


‘I knew it.’


It looks like my sister is still scared and unfamiliar with Mikhail.


“I, I don’t need it!”


“Lady Laurentia.”


“Me, me and Shasha are the only ones that need to go!”


“Then you can let me in, too. Why can’t you?”


Hey, are you picking a fight with my sister right now?


I opened my mouth while looking at Mikhail with unpleasant eyes.


“Don’t buui mai sister.”


“I’m not bullying her.”


“Woo aw.”


“No, I’m not. Do I look that bad?”




Mikhail’s face became sullen at my immediate answer.


When it was dry to the point of being cold towards my sister.


[tn— talking about his face which was dry/cold towards Lara but then became sullen at her answer] 


I mean, don’t you have eyes?


My sister is this cute and lovely, can’t you be kind to her as much as you are to me?


‘Well, my sister is only a year apart from Mihail.’


Normally, babies with a one-year difference had the most awkward relationship.


Normally, a one-year difference between babies was the most awkward.


No, but considering that, MIkail plays well with my brother.


They also have a one year difference though?


Thinking like that made me feel unpleasant again.


Because I felt like Mikhail is being really mean to my sister for some reason.


“I down wike you.”


“You don’t like it again?”


Mikhail, even though looked sullen, let out a sigh, as if he had gotten used to it now.


“I’ve been trying very hard all this time to act like an older brother to you. I also learned a lot from Damian on how to be an older brother, but it’s still not working?”


Mikhail appealed to me, using his pretty face to the fullest.


While imitating my brother’s smile again.


Is that important right now?


But at the next moment, it wasn’t me, but it was my sister who opened her mouth.


“Mi, Mikhail! is not older brother!”




Ha, that, that mean face towards my sister again.


[tn— repeat of ‘that’ here is showing her frustration, in Kr I think this is common? like ‘That, that little brat really!’ sth like that] 


That’s why I hate him even more.


Unlike me, my sister’s heart is like a feather’s.


Because she’s a real baby, if you act like that she’ll be hurt and scared.


“No matter how much Mikhail copies our older brother, you’re not Shasha’s older brother!”


“Why? Why not?”


Mikhail attacked my older sister again with a ‘why’.


My sister frowned as if she had a lot to say and held my hand tightly.


“You’re not, so you’re not! You don’t even know that?!”




Mikhail looked as if he really didn’t know what she was saying.


I think that expression is very rude.


“Shasha said she doesn’t like you!”




Mikhail shut his mouth at those words as if he had nothing to say.


Because up until now, I had often said I hated him.


“Why, why. Shasha says she doesn’t like it, why do you keep playing with her?! Shasha likes me more! Because I’m Shasha’s older sister!”


Her words were so aggressive that it was hard to believe that she was my soft-hearted elder sister.


Mikhail looked at my sister and me alternately for a moment.


He looked like he felt that he had to refute something, but didn’t know what to say.


‘He couldn’t say that the words ‘I don’t like you’ was just something I’d say, because I continuously said ‘go away’, ‘I don’t like you’ and words like these a lot.’



Well, actually, rather than being really meaning it, it was closer to implying not to bother me too much……


I felt a sense of deja vu.


It was like the feeling of when my brother was fighting with Mikhail.


Of course, this was simply a childish fight, but…


‘Do I have to cry again?’


I was conflicted for a while.


However, on the other hand, I also thought that it could be an opportunity for my sister to overcome her fear of Mikhail.


Mikhail is blunt and unkind to my sister, but truthfully he wasn’t that kind of person to be afraid of.


So I wanted my sister to overcome it.


In fact, the reason why my sister or brother gave up their playtime with me to Mikhail was fundamentally because of my sister’s shyness.


‘My brother was okay, but he was also considerate of Mikhail and couldn’t leave my sister alone, so he purposely yielded.’


In fact, there is also an option where the four of us can just play together.


But Mikhail was a more brazen child than I thought.


“Shasha doesn’t hate me.”


“Wh, what?”


“It’s true, even if she said she hated me, she never really told me to leave. Right, baby?”


Why are you asking me that?


I told you to go away, you know?


“Look at this. She’s saying ‘yes’,” said Mikail.


I didn’t answer though?!


Then my sister’s face quickly became sullen.


“No, it’s not true, right? Shasha likes big sister more than Mikhail, right?”




If you ask something incomparable, of course I would answer it right away.


“L, look at this!”


“I didn’t say that the youngest lady likes me the most though? I said that she doesn’t hate me.”


Then Mikhail spoke to my sister with a proud face as if he had won.


“So, let me join in the exploration.”


He really is a child who doesn’t know how to yield.


Still, Lara is a year younger than Mikail.


But my sister mustered up her courage once again.


“No! It’s a secret between us two, Shasha and I!”


“Then you can make it a secret between us three. I won’t tell Damian.”


“I said no! Lara says she doesn’t want to, why, why do you keep on doing this!”


Eventually, my sister burst into tears.


She had a very sad face.


“Lara says, she doesn’t like you. Why are you always the only one playing with Shasha! Even though I… I’m Shasha’s older sister. Hiccup.”


“Big swister.”


I tapped my sister’s shoulders to soothe her.


Then my sister hugged me tightly and began to cry in earnest.


“Shasha is, is my little sister, hic, not Mikhail’s little sister! But my little sister!”


My sister began to wail exceedingly as if she would never let me be taken away.


To the point that Mikhail, who doesn’t get embarrassed no matter what, hesitated not knowing what to do.


“Uwaaaa, Moom, Shasha, is my younger sister but. Mikhail, just, cuts in. Even though Lara also wants to keep on playing with Shasha. She’s my younger sister!”


The moment my sister, who was hugging me, shouted for her mother, I realized that my mother was near the door.


However, instead of going straight into the room and comforting my sister, my mother seemed to have planned to watch her for a while.


Not only my mother, the other workers who ran at the sound of my sister’s cries, as well as my father and my brother as well, because they were stopped by my mother.


‘As expected, my mother wants my sister to overcome her shyness with Mikhail.’


On the other hand, it might also be because there was no one here to side with Mikhail.


I looked at Mikhail by turning my head in my sister’s arms.


An upset yet lonely feeling was expressed again.


Sigh, this is why I can’t completely abandon him even though I say that I hate him.


He’s only a young six-year-old child.


To Mikhail, his feelings about family were rooted in both longing and loneliness.


I learned more about Mikhail through Choco.


Mikhail lost his parents when he was a baby.


That’s why the blunt grandfather, similar to Mikhail, had a good reason to let him hang out often in the Duchy of Endeblanc, which had many children his age.


Because he himself could be a respected grandfather, but he couldn’t be a friendly grandfather.


However, Mikhail is still an outsider in the duchy, and there was a fence he could not enter.


I don’t know if he would rather be a sociable and outgoing person.


As he’s a child with strong likes and dislikes, even when he first met my sister, it seems that he was more on edge because it hasn’t been that long since he lost his parents.


‘Because my brother is a mature person by nature, I think he understood that and let it pass.’


He had been staying in the duchy since before I was born, and his heart has now healed to some extent.


Mikhail would not have known.


The fact that he himself must’ve hurt my sister.


Because usually, the person who hurts you is bound to forget that fact.


It’s usually because the person who hurts you is bound to forget that fact.



‘My older sister is really big-hearted so she doesn’t say her dislikes to others.’


Even when the maid spilled the soup on her favorite deer doll, she was a little upset, but she quickly smiled and comforted her.





“It’s okay! Instead, you can just clean my deer. The deer must have wanted to take a bath!”




My sister really had an angelic temperament.


And she reached out a lot more than Mikhail remembered.


But he was the one who turned it all down.


I spoke to Mikhail with the shape of my mouth only.








The baby’s uncertain mumbling would usually never be understood, but for some reason I thought that he would understand it.


And somehow.


‘…..Because he really seemed to not know what to do.’


Mikhail was born really bad at human relationships, so what can I do?


Even I know what to do in times like this.


As if he really understood the shape of my mouth, Mikhail smiled modestly as if thanking me.


Then he immediately bowed his head towards my crying sister.


“I’m sorry, Lady Laurentia.”




“I don’t know a lot of things, because I don’t have a younger sibling.”


Look at him. He’s using what he used on my brother?


Well, he’s not lying but,


“I’m really sorry. I don’t know why Lady Laurentia hates me. Can’t you tell me?”


Then Mikhail looked at her sister in a very polite manner.


Before I knew it, he lowered his body with one knee on the floor.


That guy, he’s really good at drawing things like this.


Perhaps not expecting Mikhail to apologize, my sister’s crying stopped.


“Hm? I’m really sorry. Lady Laurentia.”


He added another apology to that.


That’s why I couldn’t really hate Mikhail.


Because he didn’t stubbornly save his pride by apologizing.


Although my older sister still gave Mikhail a very wary gaze, she hesitantly opened her mouth.


“Lara is Lara.”




“I don’t like being called Lady…… Even knights and maids call me Lara, but Mikhail calls me the second lady or Lady Laurentia.”


Mikhail tilted his head for a moment.


Then, he looked at me with a face as if asking if I also didn’t like to be called the “youngest lady.”


No, it doesn’t matter to me.


I don’t even have a desire to be that close with you.


Please focus on my sister!


“Then will you forgive me if I call you ‘Lara’?”


“……..If Shasha says okay.”


My sister thought about it for a long time and nodded.


My sister has a really big heart.


Two pairs of eyes turned to me.


Of course, my answer was decided.


“Ith okey.”


Mikhail’s face regained a look of peace at my answer.


Instead, my sister’s face became a little sullen.


So I thought about it for a while and I conveyed my feelings to my sister through actions.


After all, the words were delivered properly through Mikhail’s mouth.




The moment I kissed my sister’s soft and tender cheeks.


My sister’s green eyes widened.


Then she hugged me tightly again and smiled broadly.


“As expected, Shasha likes me the most right? Because I’m your sister!”


It was my sister’s clear voice as if she hadn’t cried just a little ago.






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