Chapter 29


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After my sister and Mikhail reconciled casually, my parents invited Mikhail to dinner that day. 


“Eat a lot, Mikhail.” 


“Thank you for inviting me to dinner. I’ll eat well.” 


Even as he politely expressed his thanks, Mikhail was a little hesitant. 


Though It wasn’t too obvious for a six-year-old child. 


However, my parents did not particularly talk to Mikhail or my sister about today’s affairs.


“I don’t think we need to talk to the two. Since it seems they’ve reconciled well.” 


“Is it really okay, wife?” 


“That’s what I think. Because even children have their own time.”


My mother, who watched the process of my sister and Mikhail arguing and making up, thought it wouldn’t be good to interfere with things that had been resolved well with each other.


“Also, we’re the parents of Laurentia. Even if it’s little, you’re disappointed with Mikhail aren’t you?” 


“Th, that’s……” 


“Exactly. Of course, if it was a big fight, naturally we have to intervene, but it’s our job to just keep an eye on this sort of thing.”


When I secretly listened to my parents’ conversation, I was amazed. 


‘What a really good adult.’ 


I can’t believe these people are my parents. 


There are really only a handful of people who play the role of adults like this. 


‘It reminds me of the master from a very long time ago.’ 


It was a short period of less than half a year, but there was a person who could only be called a teacher. 


A person who knows when to be strict and kind seamlessly.


“Remember and swear, my foolish disciple. That I won’t go into the fiery pit alone.”


That was his last will. 


Although I couldn’t make that oath or keep it. 


Somehow my heart ached. 


I even more so didn’t want to make someone precious because of the matter with Teacher. 


If you give your heart even a little, either they will betray you or they will die before you. 


‘It’ll be okay this time. There’s no sign yet either.’ 


I was a little anxious, but I decided not to do anything foolish because I was worried. 


‘I can just get stronger and protect them.’ 


Since the barrier has also been strengthened to prevent that b*[email protected] from *doing anything. 


Anyway, thanks to these parents, Mikhail secretly read the atmosphere at the beginning of the meal, but now he had a casual expression. 


‘Because in the first place, the invitation itself was like a signal to Mikhail that it was okay.’ 


That’s why they purposely made an unexpected invitation in a hurry today. 


Of course, Mikhail Leventis was originally born with a brazen disposition and was not a child who could be embarrassed by *this sort of thing. 


[tn—*the dinner] 


Even right now. 


“Mikhail sat next to Shasha again…….” 


It’s because he confidently took the seat next to me. 


My mother stroked my sister’s head at her whining appearance and quietly spoke. 


“Our Laurentia usually always sits next to our youngest. Our Lara is kind. You even know how to yield.” 


At my mother’s words, my older sister’s face quickly brightened and she rubbed her head against her mother’s arm. 


“Yes! Because Lara is an older sister. Lara is a cool older sister.” 


“Exactly. Will Laurentia sit next to Anastasia tomorrow morning?” 




My older sister’s eyes, which had become shy, became clear and round like usual in no time. 


Well, of course, there was also the fact that mother said it nicely, so… 


‘Because in exchange of not being able to sit next to me, she took the seat next to her mother.’ 


The only one sad about this arrangement was my father. 


“It’s been a while, so eat comfortably. Since it looks like Damian and Mikhail will take care of our youngest’s food.” 


“Yes……. Right.” 


If it had been in front of the family without Mikhail, my father would have pitifully whined a little.


‘But it’s a pity that I missed the chance to feed our youngest, wife.’


His expression conveyed, but my father kept his mouth shut. 


My mother was sending an intent saying, “Don’t act like the children,” with her eyes, even though she was talking nicely. 


Thanks to this, I was experiencing both cold and hot baths this evening. 


[tn— Kr idiom means; experiencing both good and hard time, but in this sentence I think it refers good time= her mother and others, hard/bad time= father, meaning she’s in the middle between the people having a good and hard time] 


“Our Anastasia, you can’t pick it up well can you? Brother will help you.” 


My brother Damian took care of my eating figure as if it were second nature, even while eating his own meal. 


My older sister said she would also help me eat, but my older brother used his hand without a sound whenever I needed it. 


I was also very used to my brother’s help. 


“Baby, do you want to eat this?” 


The problem was Mikhail Leventis. 


It would’ve been nice if it stopped there. 


If my brother does it, whether he wants to copy him or not, Mikhail tries to aid me somehow….. 


“No, Anastasia can’t eat such a big piece yet.” 


“Even though she has her teeth?” 


“But there aren’t that many yet.” 


It’s not like he’s teasing me, but he kept on putting things I couldn’t eat on my plate. 


A steak topped with a large lump of sauce, or a side dish mixed with jalapenos. 


The taste is too pungent for my tongue. 


It was more painful because I knew the taste….. 


“Anastasia is still a baby, so she might cry if she eats this.” 




I can’t even say anything because he honestly looks like he doesn’t know. 


“I’m sorry, baby.” 


Mikhail Leventis apologizes gently again. 


‘I cursed inwardly though…..’ 


Making me feel sorry. 


Really, unlike his outer appearance, he laughed so well in front of me and was quite honest. 


“So, will you forgive me?” 


At his big smile, I just sighed. 


When I’m with him, I feel like I become quite narrow-minded.


* * *


Before I knew it, the weather was also getting cooler, and in October, I entered the 16th month since I was born. 


There were many events in October. 


In the middle, there was Thanksgiving Day, and the 28th is my brother Damian’s birthday as well. 


In addition, at the end of October, it looks like there’s a similar event to Halloween. 


‘A long time ago, God sealed the Great Devil and brought light to the world or something.’ 


Anyway, thanks to this, the mansion has been very busy preparing for the various events since early October. 


In times like these, it was helpful [to the adults] for the children to play by themselves without causing trouble. 


A month ago, after the minor quarrel, Mikhail did not call my sister ‘Lady’. 


He called out her name just as she wished. 


Of course, calling her “Lara” was very awkward, so “Laurentia” was his limit. 


My parents also tend to call her by her given name rather than the nickname, so my sister generously let it pass. 




‘Why do I keep not having a name?’ 


Of course, it’s not like I wanted my name to be called by Mikhail, I didn’t have that kind of feeling. 


Still, it’s just…. 


‘Then why did you make that kind of face at that time……’ 


You looked at me as if asking if I also didn’t like being called the youngest lady. 


For some reason, I felt like I was the only one being left out. 


“Hyu.” (sigh) 


“Baby, is something concerning you?” 


Yes. You. 


No, what concern. What am I thinking? It was definitely not to the point of concern. 


“Thers nwo sush thwing.” 


[There’s no such thing.] 


“There’s nothing like that? You say that, but the baby’s expression is too dark.” 


I usually don’t change my facial expression that much. 


Seeing Mikhail sit next to me as if it was his own, I let out a deep sigh. 


Then he smiled slightly. 


“You don’t like me being next to you that much?” 


“Ish botherthom.” 


[It’s bothersome.] 


Then Mikhail looked at me with an arm and his head on one knee and smiled as if he was happy. 


I just said you’re annoying you know. 


“Still, you don’t say that you hate me anymore.” 


No, is that something to be happy about? 


Making the person feel sorry again…… 


When I looked at him with a sour face, Mikhail burst into laughter. 


“You also didn’t tell me to go. Do you feel like being my little sister now?” 






The words came out reflexively. 


Since it’s become a habit.…. 


“As expected, no?” 




Looking at Mikhail saying that, I felt a thump in the corner of my heart. 


Why doesn’t he look disappointed? 


I mean, shouldn’t you be disappointed with me? 


‘I don’t know if he’s shameless or indifferent..’ 


You’re a child, but why……. 


A month ago, after the incident, I stopped telling Mikhail ‘go’ or ‘i don’t like you’. 


It’s because I came to my senses.


“Shasha says she doesn’t like it so why, why do you keep-keep on asking to play?”


The moment the words I blurted out like a habit because I hated him became an attack towards Mikhail from my sister’s mouth. 


I realized that I was very wrong. 


‘Just because he looked unbothered it doesn’t mean that he was really okay.’ 


Even though I know it best. 


After being lonely and living without anyone by my side for such a long time, I spoke too easily to Mikhail, who was just a child. 


And the moment I realized this, I felt out of place again. 


‘Why did I act more like a child than him….?’ 


It’s not even a big deal, but I was disappointed for no reason, and my sister and brother solved it, but it strangely remained in my mind. 


It was an action that wasn’t like me. 


It’s not even like I really became a 16-month-old baby. 


‘He’s been treating me with kindness since the beginning.’ 


He wasn’t even family. 


I think I had been too mean towards a child who treated me well simply because he wanted a little sibling.


‘…….It might’ve also been because of the feeling of déjà vu when we first met.’ 


Because of the feeling that I’ve seen him somewhere a long time ago. 


“Your expression became serious again.” 


Mikhail talked as if muttering, carefully fiddling with my hair strands. 


“If you tell me what you’re concerned about, I will diligently listen to you.” 


At those words full of anticipation, I looked at him for a moment, then sighed only on the inside this time. 


This guy has a sharp intuition when it comes to my affairs. 


Is that why? 


‘That may be when I really have to hide it, I won’t be able to hide it?’ 


But it’s still at least 10 years from now…. 


I just covered up my thoughts and left Mikhail be, who was fiddling with my hair. 




“You want to play? Really?” 


He’s a child who’s so excited with just this. 


Yeah, rather than worrying, let’s be kind as much as we feel sorry for him right now. 


Since that would be much better. 


For that reason, I nodded my head and grabbed Mikhail’s hand. 


“What should we play?” 


The six-year-old child couldn’t hide his joy and shook his hand that was grabbed.