Chapter 7


It’s been more than four months since I was born and, during the fifth month. 


I was able to have a wider area of ​​​​activity other than the cradle. 


I finally succeeded in flipping over, and it’s more like a snake, but now I can crawl a little bit. 


Not only that, but now I can also babble instead of just crying. 


Well, it was still the same as not being able to communicate. 


‘I’m really like a normal baby.’ 


It was fascinating. 


It wasn’t about being chased with threats to my life, it was about struggling to flip over peacefully, and putting all your energy into crawling like a snake. 


‘What’s even more interesting is……’ 


The fact that it was the presence of my family that made me so comfortable. 


A few weeks ago, when I succeeded in flipping.


“Shasha flipped over! Swoosh! She flipped over!” 


“Oh my, is that so?” 


“Mother, our youngest must be very agile. I think she flipped over faster than normal babies.” 


“I think you’re right, Damian. We should throw a celebration party to celebrate Anastasia’s flipping over.”


From my sister to my mother, brother and father. 


They clapped their hands, made a fuss and cheered. 


And they really had a party……. 


‘Although, it was a family-only party, considering that I was still a baby…’ 


But it was a separate matter whether it could be called a small party. 


I wore a fancy dress for the first time that day. 


It was a baby dress the size of a palm, and it was so fluttery and cute, I don’t know who made it, but it was amazing.


“Kya, our youngest lady is so cute.” 


“Oh my, how lovely, this dress must have been made for our youngest.”


My family members and the maid around me were more impressed by me wearing the dress than the dress itself. 


It was a bit embarrassing, but somehow I liked it. 


‘Because I’ve never worn a dress like that before, even if I was born in an imperial family.’ 


I mean, well…….. At that time, I was thankful as long as I could keep my life. 


Anyway, celebrating the flip, they set up a big dinner, and my parents paid the servants a generous bonus. 


I don’t know how they did it, but in the end, they even had fireworks that colored the night sky. 


All of the servants were very happy and praised me, my face was burning when I remembered that time.


“As expected, the youngest lady is amazing, she did such a great job in flipping over!” 


“It’s worth our service.”


Of course, I knew very well that it was thanks to the bonus from my parents rather than pure congratulations. 


I mean, how can they be so fussy about a baby succeeding in turning over for the first time. 


‘However, I think it’s a little unusual here.’ 


No matter how much they love their children, usually they would just be happy for a bit, I don’t think it’s something for them to make a fuss about. 


‘They’re all overflowing with affection.’ 


Making me worry about the future… 


Still, it was quite fun to see everyone happy. 


Such noisy things passed by, and now snowflake decorations hung one by one in my room as if to announce winter. 


My mother, who saw me wriggling around and pushing around like a tadpole on the floor, smiled and said. 


“Our Anastasia, please grow up like this healthily.” 


I can’t believe this is what she wants. 


‘Not to be submissive, nor be successful.’ 


It was the first time I heard such a simple and motherly remark.


* * * 


It was the last day of the year. 


‘It was really noisy yesterday….’ 


My parents threw me a party saying it was the end of the year. 


From the last day of the year to the second week of the new year, it is said that it is the custom of this ducal residence to divide the employees in half to go on vacation.


“My lady, we’ll be back. What if our lady grows up too fast in a few days?” 


“Can’t you not grow up very fast? You might start to walk in the meantime, so I’m worried that I won’t see it.”


Before going on vacation this early morning, the maids pestered me for quite a long time. 


‘I can walk if I want to right now.’ 


With the support of magic. 


But unless that’s the case, a normal baby wouldn’t normally be able to walk in a week. 


‘At least not in the 99 cases so far.’ 


If possible, the earliest would probably be when my birthday is approaching. 


‘I probably have the biggest desire to grow up faster than anyone else though?’ 


It was so peaceful as I went through the six months since I was born. 


I wish I could enjoy it, but habits are scary. 


‘It’s a different matter than being attached to my family.’ 


It was as quiet as a calm lake on a clear day, so I felt as if someone would hit me in the back of my head. 


‘And not only are there a lot of people on vacation today, but also my family…’ 


Today, my room seemed bigger. 


Maybe because it was the end of the year, both my parents left the mansion. 


It might be natural because they were a ducal couple. 


My brother had an important class and my sister was sleeping in her room because she had a cold. 


There were usually three or four maids and someone from the family in this room, but now there was only one foolish maid standing by. 


‘She’s also half asleep.’ 


In her early to mid teens, due to the vacation the maid who was temporarily assigned to my room, started playing with me and in the midst of playing with me, she began to doze off as if she was exhausted. 


Of course, I was practicing crawling alone without any intention of waking her up. 


‘There are very few opportunities like this, so I have to work a little harder at times like this.’ 


People around me were so protective that they were busy putting me to sleep or feeding me if I moved for a little while. 


I crawled to the front of the sofa. 


To build strength in my legs, I have to practice standing up first. 


‘Is it supposed to be this high……?’ 


I looked at the sofa that was still too high for my body and stretched out one arm while whining. 


I intuitively realized that climbing this sofa was my new assignment. 


No, it’s better to stand up first. 


The maid was busy making up for her lack of sleep while I was groaning for a while. 


Of course, a child still needs to sleep well to grow up. 


While I was calmly focusing on my own tasks, the door to the nursery opened carefully. 


‘Who is it?’ 


It was a strange feeling. After staying here for about half a year, I knew the feeling of frequent visitors. 


But the person who came into the room right now, was a person I was seeing for the first time. 


“Are you having fun, my lady?” 


It was a middle-aged woman with a nice face. 


She crept in like a thief and hugged me tightly. 




Meaning to say ‘What’, I pronounced it like that. 


Because I can now distinguish only a few vowels and describe them in babbles. 


Then, the woman said, ‘Shh, shh’ as if to  soothe me. 


“The madam asked me to bring you.” 




If that’s the case, shouldn’t you wake up the maid and talk to her? 


I’m sure she’ll be surprised when she wakes up. 


I babbled loudly with that thought. 


But the middle-aged woman told me to be more quiet and said. 


“It seems that she’s sleeping, don’t wake her up. I’ll escort you well.” 


‘Escort me well?’ 


I was dumbfounded. 


There was a suspicious smell. 


If my mother wanted to bring me, I’m sure she would have sent her maid. 


‘She’s not a maid, she’s someone I’ve never seen before.’ 


When I struggled and tried to scream, the woman covered my mouth roughly. 


“Umph, euk.” 


Crazy, this person—. 


After that thought, I lost consciousness.


* * * 


“Ha, ha, ha….” 


There was a sound of hard breathing coming up to my chin. 


When I came to my senses, I was in the arms of a strange man, not the woman I had hugged a little while ago. 


‘I couldn’t even use my hands and ended up fainting.’ 


It was so peaceful that I let my guard down. 


It wasn’t that I was wary of being hit in the back of the head, but actually, I felt more relieved.


‘…….Though it’s true that I had no time to resist because I was a baby.’ 


But those were all excuses. 


I shouldn’t have done it considering my life so far. 


I’m glad these guys were just trying to kidnap me, what if they came to kill me? 


If so, I would be watching a tragedy in 4K surround sound by now. 


‘It’s only been half a year,  you can’t do this.’ 


Well, whatever it may be, there will be a way once my life is on the line. 


The man who was holding me was running as if he were being chased. 


‘Should I get kidnapped like this and find out who is behind it? Or should I use my powers to escape.’ 


It may be a bit tiresome, but it wasn’t to the point of not being able to teleport. 


‘As expected, a duke is a duke, or are there people who found out about my identity?’ 


Either way it was worth checking out. 


‘It depends on the travel time, but wouldn’t it be possible to get rid of it in up to three days?’ 


In the meantime, the family may be a little worried, but….. 


Wouldn’t it be convenient to solve this in one go? 


However, the faces of my family members who had a lot of concern and affection came to mind one by one. 


‘….I will have to convey a message that I will come back soon even if it’s in dreams.’ 


Then you’ll be a little relieved. 


This is the best way to get information about this world and what kind of trouble this family is in. 


That’s what I thought and made up my mind. 




“A, aaack!” 


An arrow was shot in front of the man who was running. 


Ouch, a slight shock was delivered to my soft body because the man fell on his butt. 


“I, I, I…!” 


“Shut up, what do you think you’re doing right now?” 


It was a young, but murderous voice. 


As soon as I turned my head, I saw a boy enveloped in the glow of the sunset. 


Beautiful blonde hair dyed in the scarlet color of the sky and cool dark purple eyes that don’t match the pale body. 


The boy stood in front of us with an upright posture, pointed his sword at the man, and spoke in a cold tone. 


“That lady has plans with me today.”