Chapter 15

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Blanche, who  was wearing the wretched red dress as if it were a sackcloth, came out of the room and stood in front of Sylvano.


“I’m all dressed up.”


He guided Blanche with a stiff face.


“Let’s go.”


The two left the mansion. Blanche only briefly answered Sylvano’s questions from time to time, but she never spoke first.


They arrived in front of a three-story mansion made of white marble in a black wagon that looked like it could be used for moving bodies.


The mansion they arrived at was the family house of the Scusa family, the influential Eastern power. The carriage stopped in front of the main door of the mansion with the sunset as its background.


A man who looked too brutal to be called a footman opened the door of the carriage and checked the occupants. As if it was a natural order, his gaze rested on Blanche.


Sylvano spoke, as he pulled up his glasses, towards the bewildered footman.


“Tell Mario that Sylvano of the Giotto family has brought the gift of peace.”


Blanche could only read the situation after being guided to the drawing room with Sylvano.


She raised an eyebrow as she felt the two men standing guard at the drawing room door looking at her.


“So am I the bed-warming fighter?”


“It’s too late to regret it, little girl. Now you can’t turn back.”


Despite his heavy and gloomy voice, Blanche still had expressionless eyes.


“I have no regrets. I’m not even scared. Because I am such a fighter. Am I not?”


Sylvano looked at her reaction suspiciously, it didn’t make sense no matter how much he stared. But he soon nodded his head indifferently.


“I’m glad you know. Remember, Blanche. As you said at the casino, what matters is what you can do for your family.”


“Yes. I will sacrifice this body and deliver certainty.”


Sylvano swallowed the words that had risen to the top of his throat at her confident speech.


He felt pity towards Blanche.


‘If you become family like this, you will only be used in the same way next time. Tsk tsk.’


Perhaps the news had come that a beautiful woman who could open the eyes of the blind had come, the proud Mario appeared faster than usual.


[Mario Scusa LV 17

Age 49 / Male

Health 170/170

Mana 20

Fame 521

Morality 16

Stress 0]


“Now who’s this! Isn’t that Sylvano?”


“Long time no see. Mario.”


Sylvano bowed his head coldly, making up a pleasant smile as if it was painted. Mario looked at Blanche up and down with lustful eyes as he was greeted by Sylvano.


“Who is this lady?”


“It’s a gift from the boss. It’s a commemoration of the end of our war.”


“It’s been a while since that foreign guy prepared something right. How old are you, lady?”


“I am seventeen years old. Mario.”


“You’re young. Very good.”


Mario lightly grabbed Blanche’s hand and kissed her fingertips, like an octopus sucking a straw.


Blanche looked at him without raising an eyebrow.


Mario stood next to her. He nonchalantly wrapped his arms around Blanche’s waist and pulled her towards him. Mario giggled.


“Sylvano. Tell Illia. If it continues like this in the future, our peace will last for a decade, no, a hundred years. Ha ha ha!”


So Sylvano returned to the family house, leaving Blanche behind.


* * *


Eight hours had passed before Blanche returned. When she returned to the family house, Sylvano was already sleeping.


When he was forcibly woken, he felt his sleep run away as if he was splashed with ice water. And it wasn’t because of his age.




Blanche stared at Sylvano. A corpse was thrown onto the sofa table in the living room where they were alone.


It was the body of Mario, the boss of the Scusa family.


Mario’s neck was mercilessly broken, shaped like the letter “A”.


Blanche looked at Sylvano who appeared as if his soul had left his body. She was wearing a neat black dress, then whispered like a butterfly flapping its wings.


“The pillar was very weak. This man. Oh. I was talking about the pillar in the neck.”


A war in which the Giotto family surrendered to the Scusa family after two years of indecisive battle.


At this moment, that painstakingly achieved peace was shattered.


[System/ Sylvano’s stress is increasing.]


“Are you, are you crazy-?!”


Sylvano let out an ear-shattering scream. Blanche let out a silent sigh. As if Sylvano was weird.


“Why are you angry?”


“Oh, my God. From the first time I saw you, I knew that you were a b*tch because of your hair, but I didn’t know you’d mess things up this much!”


Surprised, Sylvano’s mouth gaped open.


“You know what you did?! You broke the peace treaty now! You turned the Giotto family’s honor into rags!”


There was a sound of wind coming out of Blanche’s mouth.


“Honor? That’s weird. From what I know, honor belongs to the strong.”


Sylvano’s face heated up as if it would explode if poked.


He was so angry that his shoulders were trembling.


“How dare you! You can’t even follow a simple order! Get out. Leave the city right now! You will not be part of the Giotto family!”


As if dissatisfied, she pulled her lips tight.


“Who are you to decide that? Move. I need to meet Illia. Where is Illia’s room?”


Without waiting for an answer, Blanche moved.


Sylvano, unable to bear it any longer, pulled out a butterfly knife from the inside of his pajamas. He swung his knife aimed at Blanche’s stomach.


“Get lost. Right now.”


It was strange. Even when the cool cut of flesh flowed with blood, Blanche remained calm.


No, that wasn’t all. She glanced down at the cut in front of her own belly and in an instant, held the hand that gripped the handle of the knife.


In the blink of an eye, the knife was flipped the other way. As if it was natural, the tip of the knife Sylvano was holding headed towards him. The true value of her physical strength at 248 was demonstrated.


Unlike Sylvano, who opened his mouth in surprise, Blanche still had a grim expression.


Sylvano stammered incessantly.


“You, what the hell are you…?”


“Move. I’m going to see Illia.”


Instinctively, Sylvano aimed the knife at her stomach again, but quickly realized that it had been broken. He threw the knife to the floor.


“Boss is not something you can meet just because you want to meet him! Organizations have procedures!”


“Move away, old man.”


Because of his nagging that she didn’t want to hear, she pushed him. Weakly, by Blanche’s standards.


Sylvano couldn’t resist and fell on the floor.


He accidentally hit his back on the floor, moaning and shouting at her back as she exited the drawing room.


“You don’t even respect an old man!”


Sylvano shouted, someone who specialized in stealing only the wallets of old people with slow feet in the past.


Blanche went looking for Illia without hesitation.


‘The typical house’s first floor is a guest space or a drawing room. So Illia will be on the second floor.’


Her prediction was correct. Illia’s room was on the second floor.


It was the largest room in the family house and looked like it received the most sunlight. However, his room, contrary to its good location, was decorated with old-fashioned décor that looked like it was at least 100 years old.


Thick tapestries adorning the walls, old stuffed animals, etc.


Above all else, no matter how much she thought about it, it was in bad taste to decorate one side of the wall with the heads of bears, deers, tigers, etc.


Even the bottom row had six head shapes. They were busts of the previous bosses.


Also, his room had nothing but a bed, a fireplace and an old sink. Blanche frowned as she scanned the interior where even the trivial things necessary for daily life were hard to find.


She wasn’t particularly interested in how other people lived, but she didn’t think this was right.


‘It doesn’t look like a room where people live.’


As she was wrinkling her forehead involuntarily, she found Illia, undressed and barefoot on the bed, staring straight at her.


‘Even with the same physical strength as Illia of 170, Mario didn’t look as good as that.’


Not to mention his large, broad shoulders, and tight abs under his well-shaped chest resembled a statue. Indeed, it is a beauty that suits the final boss’ biological father.


Blanche approached Illia.


“Are you awake?”


Illia smiled languidly, stroking his stiff neck muscles with one hand.


“Can you sleep with all the fuss tonight? So what’s going on, girl?”


“My name is Blanche. Not ‘girl’.”


He laughed bitterly.


“Oh yeah. You’re also a part of the Giotto family now. I’m sorry. I will definitely call you by your name from now on.”


Slowly, Illia raised his head. His eyes narrowed between the wheat-coloured hair that fell on his forehead.


He was like a beast ready to hunt.


“Blanche. Did you finish the job properly?”


“Of course.”


Illia scoffed at the confident answer. At the same time, Sylvano appeared from behind Blanche.


“Illia! It’s a disaster, this girl killed Mario!”


“… What?”


“Mario’s body is in the first-floor drawing room!”


Illia’s face, who had been relaxed, contorted.


* * *


In the lawless city of Digitalis, large and small organizations share the area. It was an eat or be eaten kind of world.


The last two years of war that the Giotto family had been through were like that.


Two years ago. The Giotto family started a war with the neighboring family to expand their territory, and they were winning without a hitch.


Had it not been for the sudden appearance of the Scusa family, the winner of the war would have been the Giotto family. The Scusa family attacked the Giotto family in the name of merging with the family they were fighting.


The Giotto family belatedly sought an alliance, but failed. In the first place, there was no boss in Digitalis who was kind enough to intervene in a fight that was almost lost.


In the end, Illia, who had failed to secure funds to continue the war two months ago, had no choice but to bow his head to the Scusa family.


He promised to pay a humiliating protection fee of 20% of their gross income every month.


So Illia and the Giotto family made a promise for their future. Well, that humiliating peace is now broken.


The three moved to the drawing room where Mario’s broken body was.




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