Chapter 16

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The facial expressions of the three people surrounding the corpse couldn’t be more different.


Unlike Blanche, who looked expressionless, Sylvano had a gruesome expression as if he had lost his beloved child, and Illia… He was laughing to the point that you could almost see his throat.


“Kuk kuk… Ahaha!”


Sylvano, who was feeling down, scolded him.


“Illia, you idiot! Why is the boss of the family happy when this happens?!”


“Then should I cry, Sylvano?”


Sylvano’s neck veins protruded.


“I knew you were passive about the peace agreement from the beginning! But since you’re the one in charge of the organization, you shouldn’t be happy about this!”


Illia stopped laughing at the sound of the desperate voice, and raised his hands in the air as if to convey submission.


“Alright. Consilieri. If there is anything you want to say, say it now.”


Sylvano’s sharp eyes landed on Blanche.


“We are handing this girl over to the Scusa family, right now.”




“So that we can live!”


Blanche grumbled then frowned at him.


“That’s too much. Cutting off your tail?”


“So who told you to kill him? Huh?! Your task was not to break the pillar of his neck, but to build another one!”


“I don’t like men who are weaker than me.”


Sylvano was forced to bury his face in his palms at her blatant remark.


“Why didn’t you hate the pawns of the Scusa Family House like Mario?”


Illia burst into laughter again, the conversation between the two was impressive.


Sylvano and Blanche’s mouths opened at the same time.


“Don’t laugh, you b*st*rd!”


“I happened to hate them and that’s why I shut them up for good.”


Illia withdrew his smile, and Sylvano tilted his head a beat late.




She unenthusiastically confessed the truth.


“After you left, I broke Mario’s neck right away. Then a lot of this and that came rushing in.”


“A-After I left, you killed him right away?”


To the stuttering Sylvano, Blanche nodded her head.




In an instant, the eyes of the two men changed.


Illia asked.


“Sylvano. How many people live in the Scusa Family House?”


“At least 50 people as a rule of thumb.”


“Blanche. Did you sort it all out?”


“I did.”


Illia smiled gloomily like a villain. His smile was madness itself.


“If all the executives living in the family house are dead, this is a war worth fighting from now on.”


Unable to hide his excitement, Sylvano added his words.


“We have to finish it quickly though. So we have a chance too. Besides, if other gangs find out that we’ve broken the treaty, we’ll give them an excuse to start a war.”


Illia said.


“Then let no one know that we broke the treaty in the first place.”


“Okay. Leave the evidence manipulation to this Consilieri. This war was waged first by Mario, whose pillars were weak! Ha ha ha!”


With his yellow teeth shining brightly, Sylvano wrapped Blanche’s shoulders with both hands.


“Good job, Blanche! You’re the greatest hitman!”


Sylvano let Blanche’s shoulder go before he could hear, ‘Do you want your wrist to fly off?’ He looked back at Ilya.


“Let’s do it, Illia. With Blanche, we can end this war quickly.”


He was right.


Blanche will be the best weapon of the Giotto family from this day forward.


Illia quietly shook his head. Why? 


“No. Blanche will not participate in this war.”


Sylvano did not accept the boss’ decision and protested.


“Illia! It’s become a fight that deserves to be fought, so why are you making it harder?”


Illia ignored him and turned to Blanche.


“Blanche. Have you ever killed anyone before?”


“No. Today was the first time.”




Unlike Illia, who was silent as he gathered his thoughts, Sylvano couldn’t help but be astonished.


“First time?! You killed at least fifty people in one day?!”


Illia looked down at her with a smirk.


He didn’t know what the heck the story is behind how she entered Digitalis with her pretty face at that, but maybe she was overdoing it.


‘We can’t break a good weapon right away. Besides, it’s difficult to depend on a newcomer. I can’t make Blanche’s presence known here.’


Illia, who was not worried about her, but worried about the future of the family, spoke to Blanche again.


“By the way, I haven’t asked your age yet.”


“I am 17 years old. January 18th is my birthday.”


“… Aren’t you still young? You’re only two years older than Ricardo.”


After a while, he gently patted and stroked her hair.


“Blanche. Good job on your first kill.”


But Blanche did not stay quiet.


Her green eyes shone like gunfire.


“Can you win without me?”


Are there any other gang members like her in the world? She’s a rookie asking the boss if they’re going to be fine without her. Besides, the person she’s talking to is the boss of a mafia family.


Fortunately, Illia didn’t seem offended by Blanche’s arrogance.


‘A child is a child.’


Illia smiled and lifted his hand that was stroking her hair.


Tap. As if playing with a little baby, he touched her nose with his index finger.


“Don’t look at it like that. If we had been an organization that would collapse without newcomers, we wouldn’t have been able to last up to this point.”


Sylvano reluctantly agreed.


“Yes. Illia is right, rookie. Rest. But only for today! It’s your first murder, so we’ll give you a break!”


Blanche blinked and understood the situation.


‘Usually, people who commit murder for the first time are shocked, so they seem to be very considerate.’


It’s surprising. Both had morality close to the bottom.


‘No. They have low morals, so they’re not trying to be considerate.’


If she was a flower in a pot that they could raise, it was obvious that Blanche would become the ace of the Giotto family in the future.


She nodded her head sullenly, and she soon confirmed what she should have already checked.


“Okay. But what about Ricardo?”


Did Blanche say something strange?


Silence suddenly fell.


She could feel something going on between the two men.


Blanche’s eyes narrowed with suspicion.


“When am I going to meet Ricardo?”


Illia gave a refreshing smile.


“… You will meet him after this war is over. He’s pretty busy too.”


“I guess Ricardo isn’t here? Fine.”


Even though she said so, Blanche did not extinguish the sparks of doubt. Looking at her like this, Sylvano asked.


“But why do you keep looking for Ricardo?”


“Well, I came here to be his subordinate.”


The two men’s eyes widened. Even if it snowed in the middle of summer, that would not surprise them more than this.


Illia, who did not understand at all, muttered to her.


“You, Ricardo’s? As his father, it’s a bit harsh to say this, but Ricardo is much weaker than you.”


“It’s okay. He can do it.”


As Blanche nodded happily, Illia couldn’t hide his suspicions even more. Of course, he didn’t know the future.


Meanwhile, Sylvano smirked.


“Blanche. How about becoming his wife rather than a subordinate? Illia, it’s okay right? She’s 17 and he’s 15, so the age difference is fine!”


Illia shrugged his shoulders.


“That’s beyond my choice.”


Blanche looked at Sylvano, who was doing well but had a sprain, with pathetic eyes.


“I’m not like that with him.”


“Ahaha! ‘For the meantime’, but you can do that in the future! As you know, Ricardo isn’t good at anything else, but he looks like this b*st*rd Illia, so I can guarantee, his face is top notch. Blanche! Unlike Illia, who will shrivel up in the next few years, Ricardo is now in full swing! Besides, as his godfather, I assure you, he doesn’t have a woman right now! Poor him! He’s so pure!”


Sylvano was so excited, he was like a show host shouting ‘Just for $34.99!’ at a home shopping network. Not surprisingly, he introduced his second product.


“Or do you like younger guys? Illia has a very cute 11-year-old son called Giulio!”


Illia put a hand on his waist looking dissatisfied.


“Sylvano. Selling someone else’s two sons at a cheap price is not good.”


However, Sylvano did not give up easily. Apparently he was worried that Blanche would leave the family.


Sylvano scratched the back of his head.


“But Blanche. I think your outfit has changed?”


She nodded her head.


“After working hard for five hours, I sweated a lot, so I borrowed it from the Scusa Family House. I like that house. There was also hot water coming out of the shower room.”


Blanche only learned after running away that not all houses had hot water. It turned out that hot water used in a house was almost like a measure of wealth.


This was because it was not possible to install water supply in any house, and to use hot water at any time, you have to spend a lot of money to install magic tools.


Sylvano scratched the back of his neck as if hesitating. In fact, the Giotto Family House did not have hot water and there was no running water either.


As if he had made up his mind, he vowed.


“Hot water… Okay. When this war is over, we’ll install something! Isn’t that right, Illia?”


“If we don’t die.”


It was a calm tone as if he was not talking about death.


Shaking his head, Sylvano looked at Blanche again.


“Blanche. It’s a bit awkward to say things like this now, but would you like to fight with us too?”


She was silent, and Illia patted Sylvano on the back and walked out of the drawing room first.


“Come on. Sylvano. Wake up the gang.”


“Okay. I got it. Anyway, you don’t even know an old man’s heart…”


* * *


There were a total of 26 members living in the Giotto Family House.


Among them was Illia’s second son, 11-year-old Giulio Giotto.


A boy with long bangs covering his eyes because none of the adults around paid him attention.


He was very small for an 11-year-old and looked like he was 9 or 10. Giulio’s wheat-colored hair, like Illia’s, glistened with gold in the early morning sunlight.


Even though the adults were busily going back and forth from early dawn, Giulio stood still at one side of the hallway without showing any signs of surprise. It seems that this kind of situation is familiar.


Blanche was surprised by his beauty and stood in front of Giulio, ignoring a member of the gang who stumbled and fell in the hallway.


Though the wheat-colored hair covered his eyes, she could feel the red eyes behind them shining brightly like rubies.


Blanche greeted the child.






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