Chapter 17

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Giulio answered timidly, with a voice as small as his size. She willingly lowered her knees.


She would take this opportunity to dig up information about the current Ricardo from Giulio.


She smiled skillfully.


“You are Ricardo’s brother, Giulio.”


Giulio raised his head in surprise.


“Do you know my brother?”


“A little.”


Giulio licked his lips at Blanche’s sweet voice.


Sylvano, whom they did not know had appeared, intervened between them.


“Now, isn’t this a good start to already be acquainted? Giulio. You have to look good to this sister. She will become your sister-in-law or perhaps your wife later.”


“… H-Huh?”


Blanche stood up from her kneeling down, and waved her hand at the bewildered child.


“It’s not like that. Sylvano was just joking.”


Sylvano giggled and beckoned to her.


“Blanche. Follow me. I’ll introduce you to the guys who will stay in the family house with you.”


“See you later, Giulio.”


The boy nodded without a word. Blanche went down to the drawing room on the first floor with Sylvano.


The three men who stood in the drawing room were also the same as the men in the hallway with guns and gunpowder in their arms that came and went. However, they quickly melted away when they came face to face with the beauty of Blanche.


Sylvano introduced them one by one, starting with the man on the right.


“From this side, Tommy, Felice, and Severo.”


[Tommy LV 9

Age 29 / Male

Health 90/90

Mana 0

Fame 17

Morality 50

Stress 150]


[Felice LV 7

Age 31  /Male

Health 50/60 

Mana 70

Fame 8

Morality 42

Stress 80]


[Severo LV 9

Age 28 / Male

Health 90/90

Mana 20

Fame 21

Morality 32

Stress 0]


Tommy had light brown hair and golden eyes.


Felice was a man with auburn hair and black eyes.


The last one with brown hair and brown eyes was Severo.


Sylvano introduced Blanche.


“This is Blanche. From today onwards, she is a member of our family, so take care of her. Do you understand?”


Felice came to his senses late, but Tommy and Severo were still intoxicated with Blanche’s beauty and nodded their heads.


Sylvano turned to Blanche.


“And Blanche. You too must take good care of this house. If it becomes known that our family broke the peace treaty first, there is a chance that other guys will come barging in.”


Blanche could hardly understand him.


“Do we have to defend this place? We will be moving soon.”


Sylvano hated what she said as if there was a slice of lemon in his mouth.


“And why is that?”


“We got a new house, won’t we move out? Besides, that house has hot water. Here, the water pipe must be installed separately.”


Perhaps because it was in front of his subordinates, Sylvano looked serious.


“Don’t say such nonsense Blanche. This is a house with a 100-year history of the Giotto family. If you are going to leave this place and move, go alone.”


“I don’t want that. The house is too big to live alone.”


However, she could not give up the mansion made of pure white marble.


‘Should I tell Ricardo and ask him to move there?’


Ricardo was still unaware of her existence, but Blanche was sure he would obey her.


Because to her, the villain Ricardo was cold-hearted but a reasonable man.


That was when Illia, who had already armed himself, shouted as he passed the drawing room.


“Sylvano! Depart!”


“Okay! Here we go!”


When Sylvano answered, she gave her last goodbye to him.


It was a dry greeting that was too concise for sending off someone.




“Let’s see each other alive. Blanche.”


Soon the eight wagons that had been parked outside the mansion left.


The weather was very cold today.


* * *


After the gang members left, the four decided to have breakfast. Cooking was, of course, the responsibility of the three men, not Blanche.


When Blanche came down to the kitchen with Giulio, Severo showed manners and pulled out a chair for her in front of the table.


After she sat down and grabbed a knife and fork, the others began to eat.


The breakfast menu was lamb, beef and chicken.


There were no vegetables or fruits in sight.


Blanche said as she was cutting the meat of the lamb attached to the bone.


“It’s too greasy in the morning.”


Severo, who had been looking for a chance to talk to her the whole time, answered eagerly.


He smiled softly as if his lips would melt at any moment.


“You have to eat like this so you’ll have strength all day.”


“Really? I prefer fruits and vegetables.”


Suddenly, Giulio pulled the sleeve of her dress. As Blanche looked up, the boy mumbled, his face turning red.


“Me too, sister. I hope spring comes soon. Then we can eat more vegetables.”




It was a friendly atmosphere.


Then a window in the kitchen shattered from a sudden gunshot.


Giulio, who understood the situation first, exclaimed.


“Everyone get down!”


Blanche hid under the table with everyone. An unknown man shouted outside the broken window.


“Illia! You f*cking foreign bastard!”


Felice, the oldest of the people under the table, mumbled seriously.


“It seems they’ve found out that our organization broke the peace treaty first.”


When no other shots followed, Severo carefully crawled under the broken window and peeked outside. He quickly counted the number of members from the other gang.


“Ten, eleven, twelve… Fourteen! Fourteen in total!”


Tommy cursed at their situation.


“D*mn. There are only three of us who can fight here!”


Blanche was about to say that she would fight as well.


Another shout came from outside.


“Come on, Illia! Today I will cut off your head! D*mn alien b*st*rd! How do you even manage the members of your organization?! Hey, you f*cker! I don’t know what you did, but your gang broke the roof of the whole town!”


Tommy grumbled.


“Those wretched twerps. Where did they get that nonsense! The members here are gentle so I know they’re innocent. The Family House is empty and they’re just using this as an opportunity!”


At those words, even the youngest Giulio couldn’t hide his anger. A short exclamation came out of Blanche’s mouth.




Naturally, four pairs of eyes focused on Blanche. She blinked her eyes in surprise.


“I didn’t do it on purpose, it was hard to find this place in the middle of the night, so I tried to search from a high place.


That’s what happened last night. With a physical strength of 248, she ran around the roofs of the city for three hours, damaging properties.


Everyone was at a loss for words at the appearance of the culprit, whom they would have never imagined even in their dreams.


He couldn’t believe it, so Tommy laughed with a staccato.


“Ha. Ha. Ha. That’s a really funny joke.”




Severo muttered and nodded his head.


Blanche murmured bitterly.


“It’s not a joke.”


Severo, who had forgotten the situation for a moment, squeaked.


“That can’t be possible!”


“Why not?”


“Yes, Blanche is a woman…”


Tommy added to Severo’s comments.


“Besides, Consilieri told us to protect Miss Blanche!”


Swallowing his sigh, Felice crawled to the kitchen sink and grabbed a cleaver.


“You’re dainty too.”


Blanche raised one corner of her mouth.


“If you don’t believe me, that’s fine. After all, whether you believe it or not, the facts do not change. But. I will give you one piece of advice.”


The dry voice sounded quite serious, and Tommy swallowed aloud. Blanche continued.


“From now on, it would be better not to spit out unsavory words like ‘Women are weak’. Even if I am generous with it now, from next year onwards, there will not just be one or two women on the continent who will not stay still.”


Early spring next year. Within a year of the appearance of dungeons, roles based on gender will begin to blur on the continent.


This is because the world will change where women can become stronger by raising their levels.


Severo stuttered and noticed what he felt in her solemnity.


“B-But Miss Blanche is the boss’ woman, so you can’t be strong.”


“The boss’ woman. Who?”


“Yes? No…. That’s? That’s weird. Then why did Consilieri tell us to protect Miss Blanche?”


She tilted her chin to a slanted angle as she watched Severo dripping with sweat.


“I was curious about it before. Is Consilieri Sylvano’s last name? Or a nickname?”


Severo was belatedly suspicious of her who did not even know this basic common knowledge.


“It’s not a nickname. Consilieri is a word that refers to the second highest person in the organization!”


“Oh. Ah yes.”


Blanche’s eyes, which nodded as if she knew, rolled to one side. Later, when Ricardo becomes the boss, it would be perfect if she becomes Consilieri.


That way, it would make it easier for her to sell the family to the heroine, Anastage.


Blanche asked.


“How does one become a Consilieri?”


Felice was stunned.


“It’s going to be tough. The Consilieri can only be the oldest or the smartest person in the organization.”


“Okay. It’s kind of like an assistant.”


“Anyway, I knew for sure that Blanche was an outsider.”


Felice narrowed his brows looking displeased. As if they didn’t like the silence of the Giotto family, there was another gunshot outside the broken window.


This time, seeing that the windows were intact, it looked like it was shot into the sky.


“Illia! Will you just stop trying to trick us and come out?!”


Blanche snorted with an indifferent expression.


“Hmm. What do we do now?”


Tommy cried.


“How can you ask us that?”


Around that time, Giulio looked up at Blanche.


“Sister. Did you really damage the city’s properties?”




He couldn’t find any hesitation in the answer that came out as soon as he asked the question.


Giulio, who opened his mouth in surprise, was answered by Felice, who still did not believe what Blanche said.




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