Chapter 59 Part 2. Sweet fruit for a thirsty woman




All of a sudden, she felt that she didn’t want to talk.


“…are you going to pity me? Are you going to cry for me?”


“That’s all I can do.I can’t take away your pain.”


In the course of his business, Shizuru has known many avengers besides Ludmila. And every avenger, sooner or later, has faced the exact same problem as her.


Only she can end it.


“It’s hard when i can’t do anything for my fellow sufferers.”


Shizuru, who has spent seven years in Black Maria, is a madman from Ludmila’s point of view.


But there is no doubt that he is a good man, whether he is a madman or not.


So, she did not think that the words he had spoken just now had any truth or falsehood in them.




“I wish I could help you, I really do.”


She knows he’s a nice man no matter how he is. However, everyone knows he is someone who sweet-talks, misleads, and deceives.


“So …… if there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.”


She knew it all too well. She knew that if it wasn’t her, if the situation was the same, Shizuru would say exactly the same thing. But even though she knew, she couldn’t resist it.


The sweetness of his compassion and kindness towards her at this moment.The feeling of superiority that his eyes, which even the jewels are hazy in, were only looking at her.


———I want him.


Her heart skipped a beat.

Ludmila felt a silly feeling rise in her heart.


His eyes, which are mistaken for black, shed tears for her foolish self, who didn’t even know what revenge would bring.


His breathing was slightly ragged from crying, and his body temperature was a little higher than usual, according to her magic eyes.


He has a perfect figure, with beautiful eyes and nose, and three sets of weeping moles that add a touch of glamour.


The balance of skeletal structure, muscle and fat is formed in the golden ratio.


The more she saw, the more of his beauty was etched deep into her brain.


Ludmila’s heart was beating fast and painfully as if filling a deep scar in her heart.


Suddenly, she remembered the other day when she ran into him in the bathroom, and she held her breath.


“You’d do anything for me……?”


He gently cupped her face in his hands and said, “I’m sorry.” The weak heart, the thread of reason that was thirsty and tattered. It has been taught to her ever since her parents were killed. It snapped into a thousand pieces.


——-I want this man.




Ludmila impulsively pressed her lips to Shizuru’s and intertwined her tongue with his.


The saliva was slightly sweet, as if she was playing with the ingredients in his body.


She was so excited that he did not show any resistance at all, and enjoyed it with enthusiasm.


This violent kiss lasted more than a minute.


“Hah …… what is this …… why is it so sweet ……?”


Ludmila has never even held hands with the opposite gender in her life, but at least she  knows that this sweetness is unusual.


The numbness that tingles on her neck was almost like an itch. It’s like a drug, an addictive one at that.


“…… Ludmila?”


Shizuru, still pinned down, showed no sign of resistance, and looked up at Ludmila. There were no signs of rejection in his gentle gaze, and it seemed as if he wanted to continue.


“Shizuru……, you’ll do anything for me, won’t you?”


Before long, Ludmila’s tears had stopped flowing. Instead, her eyes were wet with uncontrollable lust.


Her heart, which had been full of emotions, had now been replaced by all of them.


“If so, will you comfort me?”


The plea of a weakened woman, filled with sensuality and decadence. 


Shizuru, on the other hand, after a few moments of silence. A gentle smile appeared on his face.


“If I can ease your pain in any way …… I’d be delighted”


The pain that’s eating up her chest. As if to vent her pain, Ludmila devoured Shizuru as if she were presented with a fresh fruit when she was extremely thirsty.


She kept devouring him till dawn.







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