Chapter 62. You don't know tomorrow's weather today


[O,White Goddess]


 The small, clean room of the clinic was filled with the sound of quiet, yet cheerful chanting.


[El Poisé Notra Hamo Iste]


A pale white light poured out of Shizuru’s hand.


[Clear Harm] (Extinguish Damage)


The magic power, directed by the magic circle inscribed in the heart and given detailed effects by the chanting, gently enveloped the patient who sat at the point where it was released, healing his body while providing warmth.


 After about 20 seconds, the cancer patient’s body was completely healed, leaving not even a trace of the disease.


–Healing System Medium Magic, Clear Harm.


 It is a spell which selects and eliminates only those parts of the body which are harmful to the body, such as malignant tumours and cancer cells.




After seeing off the patient, who thanked him while bowing repeatedly and then left the clinic with a look of relief, Shizuru exhaled quietly and sat back in his chair.


Medium-level magic consumes several times as much magic power as low-level magic because of the increase in chanting from three to five verses.


Using a large amount of magic at once was quite tiring.


“Here you go Mother.”


“Thank you Mary.”


He smiled at Mary as she offered him a steamy cup of coffee and took it from her gently with both hands.


The aroma of freshly brewed coffee was very fragrant.


As soon as he took a sip, the taste of coffee spread across his tongue, not too bitter.


It was the kind of taste that Shizuru liked.


“It’s delicious. You’re getting better at making coffee.”

“Hehe…… I worked really hard to make sure it tasted good, didn’t I?”


He patted Mary on the head, her light green eyes sparkling due to the praise.


Shizuru placed the cup on the table, hugged her little body and whispered in her ear that she did a great job.




Mary was filled with euphoria, as if she were in a dream.

She loved Shizuru’s praise more than anything.


Every time Shizuru told her that she was doing well or that she was a good girl, it warmed her heart.

Every time his gentle fingertips stroked her head, a sweet shiver ran down her spine.

Feeling the warmth from Shizuru’s body in her arms made her feel warm and numb below the navel.

[Note: WTF!]


She was very happy. If happiness could kill, she would have died several times by now.


“Here, come on”



He gently picked her up and put her on his lap. It was sudden, but she didn’t resist. She couldn’t, she didn’t even think about it.

It was Shizuru, the one she loved, who was touching her.


“It’s time for a snack. Mary, would you like something to eat?


“I’d like some …… pudding. I want to eat pudding, because Mother makes it and it’s so fluffy and melty and it makes me so happy.”


Mary squirmed in his lap and said this in a debauched voice.


Looking at her, Shizuru wondered why each and every word and action of her were so cute.


 On top of that, if he gave her what she wanted, she always gave him a big smile.


 It was really worth indulging her. She made him want to do everything she says.


 He was sure that she would become an amazing woman in the future.


“….So cute”


“Unyu..?” (Note: She makes this sound in confusion)


He smiled affectionately and stroked her soft white hair.


She also smiled lovingly at him as he stroked her hair. His touch was gentle, and Mary’s eyes squinted in satisfaction.


“Whenever I’m with you, I don’t have to worry about anything.”


“Mother, are you worried about something?”


Mary tilted her head and asked Shizuru.

She shifted her posture and faced him directly while still seated on his lap.


“Is someone bothering mummy? Do you want me to tear them apart?”

“Hahaha …… It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s just that…”


Shizuru, who didn’t want to cause Mary any unnecessary worry, briefly considered whether to lie to her.

She often has a different kind of intuition compared  to someone like Casca, perhaps because of her childlike innocence.


So, it was better to be honest with her than to lie to her and make things worse.


“……Didn’t you receive a letter from Ms. Richelieu at lunchtime today? That doesn’t happen very often, does it?”


That was the reason Shizuru was concerned about.


This was a direct order from Richelieu, which has rarely been given since Black Maria became a unit-based organisation.


On top of that, calling in all the troops was clearly not an ordinary thing.

 It was about three years ago that the number of people in the organisation increased and the organisation was divided into seven units.

 Until then, there were two or three members in each of the hideouts scattered around the capital, and Richelieu ordered them directly.


Most of the places used as the Zero Unit bases are the remnants of those hideouts.

–From three years ago till the present day there has never been a call for the whole force.


A few people from other units would come out to help others, but that was it.


There was no mention in the letter about the purpose of the meeting.


Was it that there has been an unprecedented amount of work, or was it that there has been a situation that is critical to the survival of the organization? At least that’s what Shizuru thought.


But whatever it is, it was bound to be a  problem.


‘I really don’t want to attend’


He began to think that he had to leave.

Moving away to the countryside with Lady and Mary and living far from the land.

Shizuru has always been a little bit fascinated by the slow life other people lived.


‘haha…No way that would happen’


However, it was impossible to escape from Richelieu’s pursuit, unless you go to another world.

 If he was not careful, she might even follow them across the world.




Another sigh.

A tiny hand stroked Shizuru’s cheek.


“Are you sad, Mother?Has someone been troubling you?”


Her face looked as if it was about to burst into tears.


The child can sense the parent’s anxiety. Shizuru suddenly remembered that there was such a line in the parenting book he bought when he took Mary in.


While it didn’t help much with Mary, who didn’t fit the general criteria in many ways, it wasn’t completely useless either.


“It’s all right, Mary. I’m sorry I made you worry.”


He patted her head and smiled.


–It’s no use worrying about tomorrow’s weather. He didn’t know why all the members had been called up, but there was no point in raising concerns now.

He decided to act naturally. If he shows his distress, he would make others uneasy.


“I’m all right now. I think I’ve been thinking too much.”



 When she looked up, there were no bad feelings present in his smile.


So Mary, too, felt relieved and relaxed her shoulders and gave a small nod.


“Come on, let’s have a snack. I’ve got some pudding leftover, so it’ll be ready in no time.”



The date and time of the meeting, as stated in the letter from Richelieu, was nine days from today.


Is it a demon or a snake that awaits?(Note: This is an idiom which means “It is difficult to predict the fate of the future” and “It is difficult to predict what the next possible situation will be and what it will be like”)







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