Chapter 63 Part 2. The Mad Gathering



The majority of its members were essentially uncontrollable psychopaths, and the presence of an absolute head, Richelieu, only barely allowed the organisation to take shape.


It was obvious that this is what happens when two aggressive people meet face to face.


“It’s a mess …… they both might take it too far.”


As Casca and Vlad begin to show signs of intent to kill, Shizuru stepped forward to see if it was time to stop them.


 But both sides were blind with anger and it would be difficult to stop them immediately.


 If he was not careful, he would get involved. There was not much he could do about it.


“Dear. I’ll go stop them. You should stay back.”


“I don’t like it. But it’s the only way I suppose.”


Lady could get hurt, but there is no other way to stop them.


If they didn’t, the whole area would be reduced to a pile of rubble. It had to be stopped as soon as possible.


But then – just as Lady was about to step in- the situation changed.





Rustling sounds.


The unpleasant sound of a myriad of tiny creatures stirring, as if they were scratching directly at the earlobe.


When they suddenly began to hear it from all directions, Casca and Vlad stopped moving.


They looked everywhere, then at the same time looked at their feet. Both their eyes widened at the sight.


Centipedes, snakes, scorpions, ants, spiders, moths and many other indistinguishable creatures.


A great number of bugs and other creatures covered the whole ground, moving around their legs  and climbing up their body.


“What the f**k is this, it’s freaky, get away from me ……!”


Casca’s instinctive dislike and avoidance of them made her try to get rid of them, but there were too many of them for her to shake them off quickly.


And then. The two who had been distracted by the bugs were suddenly enveloped by a pillar of flames as red as lava that rose up in the blink of an eye.


“What’s going on…?”


Ludmila covered her eyes as soon as she saw the pillar of fire that had appeared without warning.


If she were to look at the wall of flames proper, which was over 1000 degrees celsius with her magic eye, especially on a red day, her eye would get destroyed. Instead she only got a glimpse which hurt her eyes.


“My eyes….What the hell is this?”


“…huh. Ludmilla get back!”


 She stumbled backwards, her eyes aching, and Beth pushed her backwards.


A curved sword, drawn with a crunching sound, reflected the hot light from the flames and shone brightly.


“Stay behind me, dear.The flames might harm you.”


“…..Haha. I’m fine with a bit of fire….. Oh well, come on Mary.”




Lady sniffed around as she protected Shizuru from the fire with her shadow, which she had literally peeled off the ground.


Then she looked at the top of the tallest building in the area.


Just then, against the red moon, she saw a figure fluttering the hem of her cloak.


“That woman…. how would she take responsibility if my beloved had gotten burned”


“I can heal that level of burn by myself”


There was no reply to Shizuru’s bitter words.


Before anyone could reply, Casca and Vlad jumped out of the flames.


“Aah! It burns, it burns, it burns, it burns a lot!


“Ug …… this flame …… s*it!


Even though they were exposed to a fire that could burn through their bones, they didn’t seem to have suffered any serious injuries.


No matter how sturdy one is, you cannot withstand flames of that high temperature. But they used the wind pressure from their fists and kicks and escaped the flames.


“Oh how sinful!”


Casca and her squad members brushed off the small fires which were present on their clothes.


The figure standing on top of the building jumped down in front of them.


“How foolish, how arrogant, how sinful to refuse the fire of purification.”


The pillar of flame disappeared as abruptly as it appeared.


The few remaining sparks of fire swirled as if they were alive.


“The Lord’s decision is absolute. Accept your sins in peace and ask for forgiveness by burning.”


“”F**k you, Jeanne! That’s what you get for burning people to death, huh?Get down on your knees and give me all your money! If you do that, I can get my hair and nails fixed, and I’ll excuse you by leaving you half alive!”


“’…… What a vulgar, barbaric, coarse mouth you have. Repent in purgatory, you beast in human form.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I know you’re dissing me, so have some balls and get out here, you rotten saint!”


“We’re already outside”


Casca’s frustration grows at the sight of the shadowy figure, a woman with silver hair tinged with blue – Jeanne, as she is called.

As if everything she did annoyed her, Casca bared her teeth, exposing her sharp canines.


She was already about to explode due to the fight with Vlad earlier.


“”The Lord says. Casca and Vlad, you’re both so disgusting, you really should die.”


“Don’t be a fool, little girl! You twist the god’s words as you please!”


Casca and Vlad.

In the Black Maria, those two were second only to Richelieu.Yet Jeanne looked calm despite the two of them being enraged.


After a while, Ludmila, whose eyes were finally free of pain, looked at her and raised her eyebrows.


Distinctive blue and silver hair. A tattoo of a magic circle peeking out from the boldly opened chest of her suit.


Above all, the extraordinary flames of hers….


“…Hey Shizuru…. Jeanne,no way…”


“Oh, you know, Ludmila. I think your guess is probably right.”


Ludmila’s eyes widened at Shizuru’s words as she looked on from afar, wondering what to do about the situation that was becoming increasingly out of control.


{Saint of The Silver Flame} Jeanne Anastasia D’Arcissa.(Note: I am not sure about her last name.)

The holder of the magic power of the Crimson Lion, she is one of the five most powerful wizards in the world.


The saint, who was said to have mastered fire, was burned with fire.


Her sarcastic anecdote reached even the foreign land of the Kingdom of Si Levant.


“Well, I heard that the fire couldn’t give Jeanne a single burn. She ran away from her homeland, and now she’s one of us. She’s the commander of the 6th Squad.”


“You’re lying ……we have a saint who wields such great power in our organization …….”


It’s fun, isn’t it?”


She didn’t know what to say. But she understood one thing.


Black Maria is a crazy organisation  


— It was then, while Ludmilla was muttering such things.




rustle rustle rustle


An unpleasant sound echoes in the air from where the flames have gone out.


She looked and saw that where the fire had been just a moment ago, countless bugs had gathered again and were stirring.


“We are” “insects”


A group of bugs that pile up like a small mountain.


More than a thousand bugs move in unison.

–They converge towards one place, a single point.


“That’s why” “Inmortal”

The group of bugs that pile up like a small mountain.


“An individual” “group”


Eventually, the countless bugs began to take shape as a single body.


Hands and feet. Body and head.


That’s right. Just like a human.


“Burn us with fire” “ drown us in water”  “but you will not come close” “to killing us.”


The voice was choppy and unnatural.


Before they knew it, the bugs had joined together and formed a human shape.


“So Jeanne” “Together” “trying to kill us” “is useless”


“”The Lord told me to kill you. He said to kill you because you are disgusting.”


“Yeah , you bastard  ! How dare you come after me! You scared the shit out of me!”


The form of a naked woman with dark brown skin.


A disfigured body with numerous small bugs  crawling on its surface.


“I was hungry” “Even if your flesh is tough” “Meat is meat”


“’F**k you! Then just eat the old man, you stupid bug!”


“Do you know what your saying”


Vlad swung his fist blade down on Casca’s howling head.


As Casca writhed in pain, Mary, shivering slightly, asked Shizuru if he could understand what was happening in front of her.


“Mother… what was that?”


“Yes? Oh, that’s right. Mary and Ludmilla have never met the others before, so I am sure it must be surprising.”


It’s not a surprise. It’s a collection of bugs, mimicking humans.


It went far beyond the level of weirdness or wonder they had ever seen.


But Shizuru didn’t seem to feel anything in particular.


Suddenly noticing that there were  many bugs left at his feet, he picked them up and walked over to the woman, placing them on her left hand where her ring finger was missing and aligned her ten fingers.


“You are” “the only one” “who can touch us” “ugly ones.”


“….is that a complaint?”


“No.” “That’s fine.” “I’m very satisfied.”


A snake slithered off the woman’s arm and wrapped itself around Shizuru’s neck.


He stroked the snake’s head, while also calming Mary down as she tried to pull out her knife.


A moment later – the woman’s body collapses and countless poisonous bugs cling to Shizuru.


A sight that made even Mary turn away from him reflexively.


“Haha, that tickles.”


“Sorry” ”Sorry”


None of the bugs harmed Shizuru.


Shortly afterwards, they once again merged into the shape of a woman, with a face that looks as if it is about to cry.


“I don’t like it” “no” “I don’t like it” “don’t hate us”  “please don’t hate us” “if you avoid us” “if you ignore us” “we’ll die” “we’re dead.”


“I don’t hate them. I like bugs.”


“………… Oh.”


The woman was so overcome with emotion that she collapsed and broke into countless bugs.


“……ah, what?”


Her reaction was unexpected.


He tilted his head, his smile twitching as he looked at his weakly stirring feet.


Queen, Captain of the First Division of the Black Maria.


She is a heretic who ate Orpheus, the former commander of the unit, and was favored by Richelieu for the peculiarity of her abilities.


Her true identity as a human mimic is that of a Legion, a low-ranking magical beast that parasitizes small creatures such as bugs, taking over their bodies and multiplying.


She is a former human being who was parasitized by the Legion and turned into a magical beast by taking over the Legion.