Chapter 64. Abnormal situation


 In any case, Shizuru, seeing that it was time to go, intervened to stop the four squabbling squad leaders.


–There is not much time left before the meeting.

–If  we are late,the punishment would be severe.


When Shizuru said this in a calm tone, all the squad leaders fighting stopped due to the fear of Richeliue and Shizuru’s charisma.


And Then.


“It’s been a while, Shizuru!”


Jeanne, who shook her blue silver hair and colored her good looks worthy of the title of  saint, as she was once called, embraced Sizzle with momentum as she pushed him down while shouting with a sweet voice.


“Oh…yeah. How long has it been Jeanne?”


“It’s been exactly four months this evening! Even though the cities we live in are far apart, I haven’t seen you, my love, for four months! What else could be more painful than this!”


“Yeah … that’s exaggerating …”


Ludmilla muttered this as she looked at Jeanne staring at Shizuru with a lustful smile.

She wondered if this was another one of Shizuru’s handiwork.


 Even though she has fallen, she was still a renowned saint. To say that Ludmilla didn’t feel comfortable at the sight of an unmistakably beautiful woman clinging to Shizuru and speaking to him would be an understatement.


But strangely enough, Ludmila did not feel any kind of resentment towards Shizuru himself.


This was another one of his unique qualities, she guessed.


In other words, she was so completely in love with him that she accepted everything about him.


“Oh, my flower, my moon, my love! The Lord says! He says that I was betrayed by my country so that I could have the honey love-history that awaits me in Act II! Oh, yes, yes, That’s right!”


“Haha, …… the Lord is rather easy-going, isn’t he ……?”


Although it was only a guess, Ludmila had recently reached the conclusion that Shizuru had been assigned by Richelieu to prevent any defections from Black Maria.

Out of the more than 200 people whose names were inscribed on the Black Maria’s list of members, more than forty still remain in the organization.

If one assumes that this is one of the reasons why more than 90% of them are women, then it made sense.


–Sisel was like a fruit. He fills the bellies of the hungry and quenches the thirst of the thirsty.

If you spend time together with him, you can’t help but devour him.


Just as Ludmila herself had.


“Don’t touch Mommy! Get away from her!”


“Hmmm …… I don’t know who you are, little one. I can’t comply with that request, because the Lord said this. Now then Shizuru, let’s mix our magic together.”


Then Jeanne pressed her own chest against Shizuru’s chest more and more.

The twin mounds that were as lush and bountiful as Casca’s were squished and softly reshaped.


Not long after that, a pale haze began to leak from their tightly packed chests.

The light emitted by Shizuru’s white magic and the fire emitted by Jeanne’s red magic. The two different colored magical powers mixed together and turned into a bright pink light.


” Ah,……when we bring our magic circles close to each other like this, the magic power that leaks out will mix and …… the mixture will be useless, but…..It feels so good…”

“Don’t you f*cking dare try anything, you f*cking b*tch!”


A shiver ran down her spine, and Jeanne, who was in a state of euphoria, was kicked away by Casca.


“What the….!?”


No matter what the reason is, it is not pleasant to see a woman hugging a man you love.

So the sight of Jeanne being blown a few meters away somewhat lowered the anger of the women in the area.


“You… How dare you interfere with the Lord’s work..!”


“What the f*uck are you saying?. I’ll smash your brains out again if you don’t get your act together.”


 While Jeanne possessed immense magical power, her physical abilities were on the level of an ordinary person.

She stood up slowly, holding her side, which was damaged but not broken, and stared at Casca with a vicious glare.


“How far and to what extent do you have to be sinful to be satisfied? Should I burn your sinful soul to ashes in the flame of purgatory?!”


“Hmm. That sounds a little better than you making up the word of God.”


Vlad responded to Jean’s words in a dismissive tone as she glared at him from the corner of her eye.



“Fire like that” “Flame of Purgatory” “It makes us laugh.”


Even though it wasn’t an effective blow, the Queen also says that in a mechanical voice, as if she was still upset that she was roasted by fire, which is a major enemy of bugs.


And so, as the atmosphere began to become restless once again, Shizuru, who had decided that it was not a good idea to stay there any longer, hurriedly intervened.


“Well, calm down everyone. Anyway, let’s head to the meeting place now,Please.”


Shizuru requested in a calm tone.

It was enough to make the stinging murderous energy dissipate in an instant and put an end to the situation.


“The Lord will show mercy if it is your wish. Let’s mix our magic some other time, shall we?”

“Oh, yeah, I’ll do that if that’s what you want….yeah….”

As Jeanne backed off, the other members of the group were also distracted and stopped their killing spree.


However, one never knows what might trigger a repeat of the problem if one is not careful.


“Come on, let’s go….Haha…..I’m really tired….”

“Sorry for the trouble, sweetheart.”

“Mommy, ……Can I stroke your belly?”


He was dealing with a fuse that will remain lit no matter how many times he puts it out.

For Shizuru, the presence of Lady who licked his cheek , caring for him and Mary who stroked his stomach with her small hand was comforting.


–The majority of the members of Black Maria are psychopaths to say the least.

To be more precise, more than 200 people have been listed in the roster since the organization was established ten years ago.

Most of the dozens of people who are still alive today have some sort of mental abnormality.


Although they differed in the extent, degree, purpose, and nature of their madness, they all had one thing in common.

A fatal lack of cooperation.


“What the f*ck? Who the hell are you talking to you, huh?”


In the building designated as the meeting place, there was a large basement that had once been used as a hall or something.


The place was already buzzing with noise, but the sound of loud shouts and blows echoed through the air.




One of the members of the group was punched by Casca, the one who she had yelled at her, so hard that a spiderweb crack appeared on the wall.


Normally, the impact would have been enough to kill her instantly, but she managed to receive the blow well and somehow survived.


[Healing Repair]


Although she had survived, she was almost an inch away from death.Shizuru quickly rushed over and healed her.

A healing light emanated from his palm. It instantly healed the serious wound that would have led to death if left untreated.


“…Thanks. Shizuru…”


“Are you okay now? Do you still feel any pain?”


“Urg….. my heart hurts, can you please hold my hand for a while……?”


And this woman, for someone who had just experienced a life-threatening situation, looked quite comfortable.

Before he could reply, she grabbed his hand like a piranha and smiled.

Then he looked around him


–Die, die, die, die, die, die.

–What’s with all the noise? Why don’t you just die before you say “die”?


–I’m not going to let you get away with this, Oboro. To prevent me from meeting with my beloved — oh, how I hate you.

–It’s so noisy, Alice will wake up. …… Will you all please be quiet now….

–Captain, would you like some tea?

–Mu …… Sometimes you’re so clever, Josette –gah! What is this, poison? ……!

–Tsk! I told you, Josette! If you put fifty times the lethal dose in there, I’ll throw up before I drink it! You f*cking vixen! You’re too stubborn for your own good!


As far as the eye can see, there is a commotion going on all over the hall.

Even though it had only been five minutes or so since Shizuru and the others had arrived there, the number of times he had activated his healing magic had already crossed more than his fingers could count.


Suddenly, a pillar of fire appeared in the center.

It was probably Jeanne’s work. There were several wizards in Black Maria, but she was the only one who could wield fire.


Looking the other way, he saw Hound was on one knee, lightly vomiting blood.

He was poisoned again.


Well there was nothing he could do.


“I figured it out before, but there’s really no sense of unity…..”

“Haha …… haha …… Shizuru’s hands are so smooth, I want them……!!”

“How long are you going to hold on to my beloved’s hand? Let him go.”



The woman who had taken Shizuru’s hand was knocked unconscious by Lady in her wolf form, who stomped on her head as hard as she could.

She was a woman who had a tendency to collect  hands she liked by cutting them off with cutting scissors, so it was a nice attack to stop her.


“Thank you Lady.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s my duty to protect you.”

“… I could have saved mother too…”

Puffing her cheeks up adorably, Mary, who had been clinging to Shizuru’s back, glared at Lady in frustration.


Sorry about that, Lady said calmly.


Even though she was three years old, she had already attained the mental age of an adult woman in human terms.

She was not so narrow-minded as to get angry with a child.


And then.




It was sudden.

In the midst of the buzzing bustle, a voice echoed.

The voice was not loud, but strangely clear.


The moment they heard it, reflexively and instinctively, all the voices and sounds in the hall stopped.


“It’s time.The meeting shall now begin.”


Exactly at the specified time.

Before anyone knew it, Richelieu had appeared, and in a matter of moments, her presence permeated the entire area and took control of the atmosphere.


–The members of Black Maria were a particularly uncooperative and abnormal group of people.


But there was one thing they had in common.


It was absolute obedience to the boss, Richelieu.


Everyone was crazy in the organisation, but in front of her, they all bowed their heads.


They understand it instinctively. They know instinctively that they must not go against her, the superior being.


The proof was witnessed in the current scene.


“Well, it looks like everyone’s here, but let’s take a roll call, shall we?”




There is beauty in formality after all, Richelieu continued.


Shizuru had some doubts about what she said, but he didn’t let that stop the flow.


“Squad leaders, Step forward.”


At the soft command, Six people stepped forward as they were told without a sound.


A few people besides Shizuru noticed this and tilted their heads,no one let out a sound.


“Name and Squad, in numerical order.”


The words were said without hesitation.


Among the six people standing side by side, Queen, wearing a mimic-created suit, stepped forward.


“Captain of the First Division” “Queen” “Four members”


In response to the mechanical voice, four subordinates follow behind Queen.

If one were to look carefully, they would see that the girls had small snakes wrapped around their necks, containing deadly venom.


The ability required of a Black Maria squad leader is to be able to control all members of the squad.

In other words, they must do what they are said to do.


“Captain Hound, Second Division. Three members.”


The next to step out was Hound, carrying a large sword with various gimmicks built into it.

He stroked his orange all back*, blood spilling from the corner of his mouth.(Tl note: all back is a hairstyle)


Behind him, three women reluctantly followed.

It didn’t look like they were obeying him, but he was able to maintain the minimum order required.


“Oh, Captain Casca of the Third Division uh……? Hey Shizu, how many of us are there?”

“Huh,……me, Lady, Elisabeth, Ludmilla, and Mary. Four people and a beast.”

Shizuru replied with a sigh as Casca answered the roll call.

In any case, Richelieu didn’t say anything and seemed to be fine with this.


“Captain of Fourth Division, Cheshire. I have three friends.”


Three people stood behind Cheshire, who smiled as she stroked the doll in her arms, her daughter Alice.


Carmilla, bound in chains, gazed lovingly at Shizuru with cavernous eyes.


“Hey there, Shi-kun. Hi, it’s me, Ilse*.”(*Her name is ilse)

“Hello, Il. It’s been a while.”


A small girl waved affectionately at Shizuru, probably because she was standing close to him.

A face unknown to Ludmila, who had stayed with the Fourth Unit for a while.

Ludmila wondered if she was the Ilse who had been helping the fifth unit.


At the same time, Vlad, the fifth division captain, stepped forward.


“Vlad, Captain of the Fifth Division. Eight servants.”


The members who followed behind him looked like they were skilled fighters, perhaps because they belonged to the division assigned to the gladiatorial city with the world’s largest arena.


Probably more than half of them are at least as competent as Beth.


“Captain Jeanne, Sixth Division. Also, eight members.”


The six members of Jeanne’s division each carried a shield with a cross engraved on them.

From the eyes of each person, one could see a sense of obedience that went beyond loyalty.


It was akin to a martyr, or a zealot.


–The number of men was extremely small.

As far as one can judge from their appearance, there were only three: Shizuru, Vlad, and Hound.

The ratio of men to women was a little odd.


“…… fine. It seems all are present.”

“Um, Ms. Richelieu.”


Richelieu nodded in satisfaction and tried to proceed.

As he took a few steps closer to her, Shizuru lightly raised his hand.


“What’s the matter, Shizu?”

“Everyone in the Seventh Unit hasn’t arrived yet.?”


It was a question that not only Shizuru but some of the other people in the room had as well.

The question was met with a few seconds of silence from Richelieu, whose expression did not change at all.


“Let’s talk about why we’ve gathered here tonight. It will answer some of your questions.”


Eventually, in a voice that contained a hint of anger, she said.

A sense of nervousness washed over the place.


Inevitably, Richelieu’s subsequent words penetrated deeply into everyone’s ears.


“The 7th division has been wiped out.”